Under Cover: 11 Best Multi Cookers For One-Pot Wonders

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Hands up if you’re a busy working individual who’s tired from the day and still finds yourself spending too much time whipping up dinner! Whether you’re a new homeowner or want to start cooking at home without the hassle of using too many appliances, multi cookers will become your new best friend. As their name suggests, multi cookers can prepare a variety of dishes in just one pot. From the popular Instant Pots and trusty Tefal multi cookers to powerhouse Ninja cookers with air fryer functions, discover some of the best multi cookers in Singapore with us!

What is multi-cooker used for?

best multi cooker on kitchen top singapore
(Credit: CUCKOO Westgate)

Perfectly fluffy steamed rice, slow-cooked curries, tender pressure-cooked meat… whatever delectable dish you want to whip up for your meals, there’s a good chance a multi-cooker can assist you. It’s a one-size-fits-all appliance that can replace your slow cooker, pressure cooker, yoghurt maker, steamer, and rice cooker. It can also free up space in your kitchen cabinet while also saving you time.

How do I choose a multi cooker?

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  • Capacity

The best multi cooker is dependent on the size of your family in Singapore. If you’re cooking for one to two people, a 3 – 4.5L multi cooker will suffice.  A 5 – 8L multi-function cooker is more suitable if you’re cooking for a larger group or like to have leftovers for the next day’s lunch!

  • Pressure

Different pressure settings let you adjust the amount of time it takes to cook different dishes. Choosing a multi cooker with higher pressure would mean a quicker cooking time. This is best suited for those who usually need to prepare their meals in a hurry!

  • Material

Although both ceramic and stainless steel multi cookers are available, each has benefits and drawbacks. Toxin-free ceramic cookware is made of all-natural materials that prevent harmful substances from leaching into your food. Some ceramic cookware is also nonstick, making cleanup a breeze after a meal! It is, however, only suitable for cooking foods that require low or medium heat. Ceramic cookware can be damaged by high-heat cooking. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is extremely durable, sturdy, and evenly distributes heat, ensuring that your food is always cooked to perfection. However, it is not as nonstick as ceramic, making cleanup a little more difficult.

  • Cleaning

We all despise cleaning up after a meal, so it’s important to find a multi cooker with parts that are easy to disassemble and clean. To ensure optimal and safe use, all pressure cooker lids require extra effort to clean after each use. Keep in mind that stainless steel exteriors do require more time to clean.

  • Cooking settings

If you’re a beginner cook, we recommend getting a multi cooker with a larger variety of pre-settings for convenience. These machines are easier to use when they have pre-programmed cooking times. Some models even have pre-programmed food settings, such as pot roast, curry, rice, and more! You don’t need to read a bunch of recipes to make a simple meal with these settings!

Multi cooker vs pressure cooker vs slow cooker: What’s the difference?

Multi cookers, pressure cookers and slow cookers — what’s the difference between these three kitchen appliances? These cookers have one similarity in that they use less energy than ovens or kitchen stoves. However, they do have some big differences too. Here’s a quick snapshot of how their functions differ:

Type of cooker How it works Type of dishes Pros
Multi Cooker Cooks according to pre-installed programmes without much supervision needed Rice, soup, poultry, grains, yoghurt, cakes and even fried chicken wings
  • Replaces kitchen appliances like: rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, yoghurt maker and steamer
  • Has several pre-programmed cooking settings
  • Depending on the model, you can remove the lid to stir the dish or add ingredients
Pressure Cooker Liquid in the cooker will turn to steam and create high pressure and temperatures that will be ideal for cooking Tender meat, vegetables, legumes and even cakes 
  • Cooks food in a sealed pot with liquid and steam
  • Cooks food in a shorter amount of time

Slow Cooker


The longer you leave it cooking, the better. Slow cookers depend on the steam collected in the cooker to moisten the food further Almost anything from stews, soups to spaghetti and curry. Avoid using dairy products in a slow cooker as those can curdle
  • Retains flavour by cooking food for a longer time at a lower temperature
  • You can remove the lid to stir the dish or add ingredients

Realised the genius of multi cookers? Multi cookers help you whip up whatever you want in a lesser amount of time while combining the prowess of pressure cookers and slow cookers. We give you a rundown on the best multi cookers to get in Singapore so you’ll be one step closer to becoming your family’s MasterChef!

Best multi cookers in Singapore for big families

1. SONA 6.0L Smart Multi Cooker SPC 2503

SONA best multi cooker singapore
(Credit: Sona_Official_Store)

SONA is without a doubt one of the top options that come to mind when it comes to the best multi cookers in Singapore. In fact, with 15 pre-programmed functions ranging from poultry, vegetable, and brown rice to broth and curry, the SONA 6.0L Smart Multi Cooker SPC 2503 (available on Sona_Official_Store) clearly leads the pack across the various models! With its thick and nonstick coated inner pot, it can also accommodate multiple cooking methods such as steam and saute. Now, you can prepare great family meals in a fraction of the time with this all in one cooker! If you’d like some form of aesthetics, the digital controls and overall design can also add a contemporary yet classic layout to your modern kitchen! 

Capacity: 6.0L
15 Pre-programmed functions
Material: Stainless steel

2. Tefal Express Induction Multi Cooker 5L – CY638

tefal express induction best multi cooker singapore
(Credit: Tefal Official Store)

This Tefal Express Induction Multi Cooker 5L – CY638 (available on Tefal Official Store) has a whopping 19 pre-set programs and safety features, making it one of the best multi cookers in Singapore! Some of the programs utilising pressure include: porridge, chicken, lamb, soup and abalone. While sauteing/searing, sous vide and baking, do not include the use of pressure. Don’t want to follow the preset programmes? Simply adjust the cooking time and temperature to customise the cooking process. This Tefal multi cooker also boasts a 24-hour keep-warm and pre-set timer functions, a family-friendly 5L capacity and easy to clean design with removable parts so you can be in and out of the kitchen in a jiffy!

Capacity: 5.0L
Settings: 19 Pre-programmed functions
Material: Stainless steel

3. Philips HD 2137/62 Viva Collection All-In-One Multi Cooker


philips best multi cooker singapore
(Credit: VIPL Online)

Full-time housewives can’t always be doing it all! The Philips HD 2137/62 Viva Collection All-In-One Multicooker (available on VIPL Online) will make for the perfect kitchen ‘helper’. This Philips cooker can reduce cooking time with minimal watching needed so you can continue with other chores. From stewing meat to brewing soups, making claypot rice and even yoghurt, leave it all to this Philips multi cooker! The saute function is also very useful for quickly whipping something up without having to use a separate saucepan. With its 6L capacity, it’s also one of the best multi cookers in Singapore for a larger group or for your own meal preps!

Capacity: 6.0L
Settings: 14 Pre-programmed functions
Material: Stainless steel

4. Zojirushi Multi Cooker EL-CAQ60

zojirushi best multi cooker singapore
(Credit: Kitchen+Ware)

Zojirushi may be famous for their rice cookers but did you know that the brand also manufactures some pretty decent specialty cookers? The Zojirushi Multi Cooker EL-CAQ60 (available on Kitchen+Ware) is one such multi function cooker. It boasts nine menu settings including saute, slow cook, steam, quinoa and sear. With a 10-inch large cooking pot and a 6L capacity, you’ll have no problem preparing meals for family and friends quickly. With its accessible low height, this Zojirushi multi cooker will also make it easier to keep a closer eye on your cooking. The tempered glass with a self-standing lid is another thoughtful feature we like about this cooker. It’s no wonder that many consider Zojirushi as one of the best multi cooker brands in Singapore! 

Capacity: 6.0L
Settings: 9 Pre-programmed functions
Material: Stainless steel

Watch the video below and check out its other features:

5. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

instant pot duo 7-in-1 multi-use pressure cooker best multi cooker singapore
(Credit: Instant Pot)

You would have come across pressure cookers that can do much more than pressure cooking, which makes them a multi function cooker too. This Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker (available on Instant Pot) can pressure cook but it can also saute, steam, slow cook, heat food and make yoghurt! It boasts 14 standard Smart Programs with recipes for soup/broth, meat/stew, beans/chilli, porridge and more. The Instant multi function cooker is as robust as it looks. The cooking chamber is sealed so that it gives off no noise and smell when cooking. Its inner pot is also coated with 3-ply stainless steel to eliminate the health concerns which non-stick pans may pose. Coupled with an advanced microprocessor that automatically adjusts heating intensity and duration, this is one of the best multi cookers in Singapore to own!

Capacity: 5.7L
Settings: 14 Pre-programmed functions
Material: Stainless steel

6. Ninja Foodi Ninja Multi Cooker and Ninja Air Fryer

ninja foodi mult cooker and air fryer best multi cooker singapore
(Credit: Ninja Kitchen Official Store)

If you thought the best multi cookers in Singapore couldn’t get more awesome, this Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker and Ninja Airfryer (available on Ninja Kitchen Official Store) will prove otherwise. From steaming, sauteing and slow cooking to tender-crisp modes like broil, bake/roast and air crisp or air fry, there are many options you can do with this Ninja cooker. In particular, we love how they make chicken wings extra yummy. Simply place the frozen chicken wings (no thawing is required) into the cook and crisp basket and press the pressure cooking mode on the cooker. Once the timer is up, remove the pressure lid and close the air fryer lid. Select the air crisp mode, set the temperature and let it air fry. Your chicken wings will come out tender and crispy in no time at all! With a useful air fryer feature on top of the usual cooking modes, you’d be hard-pressed to find another cooker that can compete with this.

Capacity: 6.0L
Settings: 8 Pre-programmed functions
Material: Stainless steel

Best mini multi cookers in Singapore for singles/couples

7. Mayer Digital Multi-Cooker MMMC28D

Mayer coloured best mini multi cooker singapore
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

If you want an all-in-one cooker that will brighten up your dull kitchen, Mayer’s Digital Multi Cooker MMMC28D (available on Mayer Official Store) is the way to go! This device, available in mint green or pink, has a digital control panel with LED display and sensor touch buttons, as well as an adjustable timer between 10 – 99 minutes. It also serves as a portable lunch box, with a handle for easy transport and side locks to ensure your food doesn’t spill over. It has four functions: rice, soup, dessert, and reheat. You can now easily enjoy a hot lunch at your work desk with this Mayer multi cooker. Time to purchase this best multi cooker in Singapore today! 

Capacity: 2 x 0.5L
Settings: 4 Pre-programmed functions
Material: Stainless steel

8. Cornell 1.5L Mini Multi Cooker CMC-S1500X

cornell best mini multi cooker singapore
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official Store)

If you live in university halls, the Cornell 1.5L mini multi cooker CMC-S1500X (available on Cornell Singapore Official Store) is a must-have for preparing meals with your roommate! The cooking capacity is adequate for two people, making it ideal for preparing some pasta or ramen. It also comes with a steaming tray where you can steam some corn or even boil some eggs to pair with your noodles. With a simple dial operation and measurement markings on the inner pot, even inexperienced cooks will find it simple to use. There is no need to be concerned about overboiling as it comes with overboil protection!

Capacity: 1.5L
Settings: No Pre-programmed functions
Material: Stainless steel

9. CUCKOO White 1010 Multi Cooker

cuckoo best multi cooker singapore
(Credit: CUCKOO Westgate)

With several functions rolled into one, multi function cookers can be understandably a little bigger and bulkier. If space saving is one of your top priorities or if you’re concerned about kitchen aesthetics, then this sleek and compact 4.5kg CUCKOO White 1010 Multi Cooker (available on CUCKOO Westgate) is the best mini multi cooker in Singapore to own. With 13 cooking modes, including Korean recipes like nurunji, baby food or even GABA rice (or germinated brown rice). It’s time to whip up some of these K-drama recipes for drama night with this awesome cooker! You can also customise the rice texture by choosing the soft or sticky setting. This Cuckoo multi cooker has a very useful auto-clean function that activates a steam cleaning function so you need not worry about deep cleaning it after every use. 

Capacity: 1.8L
Settings: 13 Pre-programmed functions
Material:  Non-stick fluorocarbon carbon

10. Aerogaz Multi Cooker (AZ-2022MG)

Aerogaz best mini multi cooker singapore
(Credit: aerogaz Official Store)

If you want a multi cooker without too many frills then the Aerogaz Multi Cooker (AZ -2022MG) (available on aerogaz Official Store) might just be the best one for you in Singapore. It’s also affordably priced at less than $100, so you won’t have to bust your budget to own a multi cooker too. Lower price does not imply lower quality — this multi function cooker is made of high-quality stainless steel that can withstand high temperatures and conducts heat evenly, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection. It includes a nonstick grill pan and is ideal for enjoying some shabu-shabu on the side. More importantly, it has a cool touch base and handles, which prevent you from burning your fingers. Check out our baby food recipes that you can use for this cooker!

Capacity: 2.0L
Settings: No Pre-programmed functions
Material: Stainless steel

11. Iona 1.2L Mini Multi Cooker (GLMC1812)

iona multi purpose cooker best singapore
(Credit: Iona Official Store)

When it comes to the best mini multi cookers in Singapore, Iona is without a doubt a brand that comes to mind because it is known to provide a wide range of high-quality, low-cost appliances. The Iona 1.2L Mini Multi Cooker (GLMC1812) (available on Iona Official Store) is ideal for couples who need a quick meal fix as it includes a multi-purpose ceramic nonstick pot for steamboat, stir fry, deep fry, stew, and also a steam rack for steaming. Furthermore, it also has dual heat settings for quick boiling. Most importantly, the ceramic surfaces ensure easy cleaning up so that you can quickly head off to rest for the night!

Capacity: 1.2L
Settings: No Pre-programmed functions
Material: Ceramic

Change the way you think about cooking with the best multi cookers in Singapore

Save time and learn to enjoy the process of cooking without tiring yourself out! If you’re keen to buy the best multi-cookers in Singapore, don’t miss out on great promos and deals during our 10.10 Brand Festival! Already own a multi cooker? Check out other speciality cookers like the best induction cookers, best rice cookers and best slow cookers for nutritious meals at home. Bon appetit!

This article was updated on 1 October 2022. Additional research done by Shermyn Tan.

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