Whip Up Healthy Meals With The 11 Best Slow Cookers

best slow cookers singapore bear slow cooker with porridge inside

Have no time to be in the kitchen but still want to enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals? Cue slow cookers – a nifty countertop kitchen appliance that allows you to put together a nutritious, piping hot meal without having to supervise it at all. If you’re sitting on the idea of getting one, read on for our roundup of the best slow cookers in Singapore.

Overview of the best slow cookers in Singapore (2024)

Type Slow Cooker Capacity (L) Price (SGD)
Large Capacity IONA Purple Clay Auto Slow Cooker with Double Boiler 6 $99.90
TOYOMI Slow Cooker with High Heat Pot 1.2 $69.90
Aerogaz Slow Cooker 4 $39.90
Mayer 3.5L Electric Slow Cooker MMSC35 3.5 $89.00
SONA Digital Slow Cooker 3 $99.00
Mini Bear Digital Slow Cooker 1 $89.90
PowerPac Ceramic Slow Cooker Cup 0.6 $29.90
Mayer Mini Slow Cooker 1.5 $69.90
Multi-use Simplus Multi-functional Rice Cooker 2 $129.00
Ninja Foodi 11 in 1 Multi Cooker 6 $558.00
Instant Pot Duo PLUS 9-IN-1 5.6 $317.00

Best slow cookers in Singapore: Large-capacity

Prep your weeknight dinners in advance: these are the best slow cookers in Singapore that can whip up healthy, flavourful meals for the whole family. Just toss in the ingredients, set the timer, and go about your day. By dinnertime, you’ll have a fresh, hot, and healthy meal that’s ready to eat! 

1. IONA Purple Clay Auto Slow Cooker with Double Boiler

IONA Purple Clay Auto Slow Cooker with Double Boiler best slow cooker singapore
(Credit: Iona Official Store)

Live with a large family or often host guests and need to cook for an entire village? Then you’ll need the IONA Purple Clay Auto Slow Cooker with Double Boiler (available on Iona Official Store) which sports a huge capacity of 6L! This is one of the best slow cooker in Singapore that features a purple clay inner pot, also known as zisha – a mixture of kaolin, quartz, mica, and a high content of iron oxide. It is a common material found in teapots, and is one of the highest quality clays that is durable and helps to retain flavour of food. 

The IONA slow cooker also boasts a patented suspension type circular heating system which ensures that your food is evenly heated, which results in delicious, flavourful meals for the whole fam! This is one of the popular options for crock pots in Singapore as it also comes with a double boiler feature, which allows you to do some gentle cooking with sensitive ingredients like chocolate, sauce and custards!

  • Capacity: 6L
  • Price: $99.90

2. TOYOMI Slow Cooker with High Heat Pot

toyomi slow cooker with glass lid
(Credit: Toyomi Singapore Official Store)

Smaller households can consider getting the TOYOMI Slow Cooker with High Heat Pot (available on Toyomi Singapore Official Store) instead, which is just the right size for preparing meals for three to four people. It uses a high heat crockery pot which can be doubled as a stovetop pot on days when you want to dedicate time to the kitchen. This crock pot slow cooker also lets you choose between automated mode and high mode, which allows you to adjust the duration of cooking according to your schedule. 

  • Capacity: 1.2L
  • Price: $69.90

3. Aerogaz Slow Cooker

brown aerogaz slow cooker with clay opaque lid best slow cookers singapore
(Credit: aerogaz Official Store)

If you’re looking for a traditional, old-school looking slow cooker to add to your countertop, the Aerogaz Slow Cooker (available on aerogaz Official Store) is the best crock pot in Singapore for you. Within its antique design lies a purple clay pot which allows you to retain the natural flavours of your food. There are three levels of power that you can choose from, which allows you to adjust the duration of cooking. However, do take note that the Aerogaz slow cooker comes with an opaque lid so you will have to open it up to check on your food.

  • Capacity: 4L
  • Price: $39.90

4. Mayer 3.5L Electric Slow Cooker MMSC35

Mayer 3.5L Electric Slow Cooker
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

Having a ceramic inner pot can help distribute heat evenly, optimising your cooking time which results in tender, flavourful food. Mayer is a brand to look out for the best ceramic crock pots in Singapore that are easy to clean and aesthetically-pleasing! The Mayer 3.5L Electric Slow Cooker MMSC35 (available on Mayer Official Store) features a 3.5L ceramic inner pot, simple slow cooker functions, and low-energy consumption heating that won’t spike your electric bills. It’s a great kitchen appliance for cooking simple meals or making a batch of broth!

  • Capacity: 3.5L
  • Price: $89.00

5. SONA Digital Slow Cooker

SONA 3.0L Digital Stew Cooker
(Credit: Sona_Official_Store)

The SONA Digital Stew Cooker (available on Sona_Official_Store) is a precision cooker that comes with eight slow-cooking modes for every type of soup or stew. Get the most out of your bone broth, create hearty beef stews packed with flavour, or stir up the perfect porridge that doesn’t burn at the bottom of the pot. The SONA electric cooker is one of the best slow cookers in Singapore for busy households that just want to set it and forget it.

  • Capacity: 3L
  • Price: $99.00

Best slow cookers in Singapore: Mini slow cookers

These mini slow cookers do everything your standard crock pot can, but on a smaller scale. Throw in your ingredients, set it on low, and come back to a delicious and home-cooked meal ready to enjoy. This way, you’ll have the perfect, healthy meal at just the right portion size – no more fussing over leftovers!

6. Bear Digital Slow Cooker

Bear Digital Double Boiler
(Credit: Bear Official Store)

You might already know Bear for some of their best lunch boxes in Singapore. Well, they’ve got some of the best slow cookers in Singapore too! The Bear Digital Slow Cooker (available on Bear Official Store) is a popular choice amongst parents thanks to its adorable design and its perfect size for cooking baby food recipes. It takes away the guesswork for how long to cook a dish with its multiple pre-set cooking programs for food like baby porridge, bird nest, dessert, and soup. You can also use the timer function if you already know the ideal duration for your recipe. 

  • Capacity: 1L
  • Price: $89.90

8. PowerPac Ceramic Slow Cooker Cup

powerpac ceramic cooker cup best slow cooker singapore
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

Moving into a hall for university or going on an overseas exchange? Don’t neglect your health by eating out all the time! Equip yourself with the PowerPac Ceramic Cooker Cup (available on PowerPac Official Store), one of the best mini slow cookers in Singapore that’s just the right size for individual use. Its cup design also makes it portable and easy to carry around. 

This mini PowerPac slow cooker sports a ceramic pot which helps to extract and retain the flavour of your ingredients, ensuring that you get the best taste and nutrition from your meals. There are also pre-set functions for cooking herbal teas, herbal soups, and chowders! Simply prepare your ingredients, put them in, turn it on and go about your day.

  • Capacity: 0.6L
  • Price: $29.90

9. Mayer Slow Cooker

mayer slow cooker white and pink and white and black
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

How adorable is the Mayer Slow Cooker (available on Mayer Official Store)? We love its clean, minimalist design with just two colours. It’d definitely be a great addition to any kitchen countertop – whether you’ve got a Scandinavian or a Muji aesthetic going on. Looks aside, the Mayer Slow Cooker has multiple functions to choose from, such as for cooking baby food, nutritious soups, stews, steamed food, or even fondues! You can also choose between low and high heat, which makes it a versatile appliance. That’s why the Mayer Slow Cooker is one of the best crock pot options in Singapore. 

  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Price: $69.90

Best slow cookers in Singapore: Multi-use

Looking for a kitchen appliance that can do more than just slow cook? These best multi cookers in Singapore are versatile pieces that can replace single-use appliances to free up more space in your kitchen!

9. Simplus Multi-functional Rice Cooker

Simplus Electric Rice Cooker
(Credit: Simplus Official Store)

The Simplus Multi-functional Rice Cooker (available on Simplus Official Store) is sleek, compact, and most importantly – functional. It features eight functions for soup, rice, porridge, or slow cooking, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen. You can even use it to keep your food warm before serving, so you and your family can have fresh, hot meals every time! It’s one of the best slow cookers in Singapore with multiple functions.

  • Capacity: 2L
  • Price: $129.00

10. Ninja Foodi 11 in 1 Multi Cooker

Ninja Foodi 11 in 1 Multi Cooker
(Credit: SharkNinja)

With 11 functions and a 6L inner pot capacity, the Ninja Foodi 11 in 1 Multi Cooker (available on SharkNinja) is one of the best multifunction slow cookers in Singapore for busy households. Besides being a slow cooker, the Ninja Foodi can also sear and saute, bake, steam, dehydrate, sous vide, and more! It also comes with a pressure lid, so you can use the pressure cooker function to make a quick dinner.

  • Capacity: 6L
  • Price: $558.00

11. Instant Pot Duo PLUS 9-IN-1

Instant Pot Duo PLUS 9-IN-1
(Credit: Instant Pot Official Store)

Instant Pot has become a household name for pressure cookers, but did you know it can be used as a slow cooker too? The Instant Pot Duo PLUS 9-IN-1 (available on Instant Pot Official Store) has one of the best slow cooker functions on the market. It optimises steam and heat distribution for even cooking while locking moisture in for flavourful food. Plus, this instant pot comes with a removable inner pot and silicone lid so you can keep any leftovers directly in the fridge!

  • Capacity: 5.6L
  • Price: $317.00

What is a slow cooker?

person scooping soup out of a slow cooker
(Credit: YURI Official Store)

A slow cooker (also known as a crock pot) is a cooking appliance that uses low heat to cook food over a long period of time, typically over a duration of three to eight hours. It allows for unattended cooking due to the use of low heat. They consist of a pot made of heavy stoneware such as clay, and a lid. It is best for making soups, stews, casserole dishes, and desserts like bird nests.

Is it worth buying a slow cooker?

pink crock pot on a stove
(Credit: Cooker King / Unsplash)

Slow cookers started gaining popularity when women started going out to work, as it allowed them to start cooking their food before leaving their house, and arrive home to dinner that’s ready to eat. That’s why slow cookers are a great help in the kitchen for busy working folks who don’t have the time to spend hours cooking. It is definitely a worthy purchase as it helps you whip up nutritious meals with minimal effort. Apart from hands-off cooking, slow cookers make it a breeze to tenderise meats such as beef and pork. Furthermore, slow cookers use low heat which allows ingredients to retain their nutritional value. It also helps to conserve energy and helps you save some electricity bills!

That said, slow cookers have their limits. They are not suitable for all recipes. It also takes at least three to 12 hours to prepare a meal so you’ll definitely have to plan way ahead. Another thing about slow cookers that you should know is that it traps steam which condenses to water. Therefore, foods can get soaked, especially those that weren’t meant to be soupy.

How do I choose a slow cooker?

woman cooking with an orange crock pot best slow cookers singapore
(Credit: Jason Briscoe / Unsplash)

Before diving into our recommendations on the best slow cookers in Singapore, here are a few factors to consider when finding the most suitable one for you.

  • Capacity

The most important factor to note when choosing the best slow cooker in Singapore is its capacity. Consider how large each meal you have to cook regularly according to the size of your household. For those who live alone or with your spouse, a mini slow cooker would suffice. For three to four pax, 1.2L is a good capacity to go for.

  • Size

Also consider the limitations of your countertop space and check the size of the crock pot slow cookers to ensure that they’ll fit nicely in your kitchen without overcrowding it. 

  • Additional functions

If you want to maximise space, consider buying slow cookers with additional functions. There are multi-cookers that allow you to both slow cook and pressure cook, as well as ones with additional features such as a double boiler.

Enjoy healthy meals with the best slow cookers in Singapore

Whether it’s slow cookers with additional functions or portable mini slow cookers, having this kitchen appliance in your home can save you time and effort in making healthy and delicious meals for you and your family. For more kitchen appliances, check out our roundup of the best airfryer in Singapore or cook up a storm with premium ingredients, like the best manuka honey in Singapore!