15 Best Steamboat Pots For Your CNY Gatherings

More than just a Chinese New Year staple, steamboat is widely loved by Singaporeans of all ages. Just check out the long queues outside Hai Di Lao and Beauty In A Pot! While it’s certainly convenient to dine out and have your soups and meats prepared for you, organising a hotpot party at home can be easy too — you’ll get to beat the queues and indulge in all your favourite ingredients. Not sure how to begin your hotpot party at home? The first and most important step is finding the right steamboat pot. Check out this guide to learn how to pick the best steamboat pot in Singapore!

What is steamboat?

steamboat hotpot raw ingredients meat fish vegetables
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Steamboat, also known as hot pot, is extremely popular in South East Asia. In Singapore, steamboat can be enjoyed all throughout the year, but is most commonly eaten during Chinese New Year. At a steamboat party, a steamboat pot is heated up and filled with boiling broth. Guests at the dining table can help themselves to a wide variety of raw ingredients including thinly sliced meat, seafood and vegetables. These ingredients are cooked in the hot pot and then dipped into a dipping sauce for a flavour boost! Steamboats are a favourite for many families as it’s easy to prepare (no pre-cooking involved) and can cater to different palates. In addition, it slows down the eating process so there’s more time to catch up with one another across the dining table!

Which steamboat pot is the best in Singapore?

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Shopping for the best steamboat pot in Singapore can be challenging, especially with so many types of pots to choose from. Here’s a quick rundown on the different types of steamboat pots you can buy, as well as their pros and cons:

Types of steamboat pots Pros Cons
Electric steamboat pots
  • Safer than gas steamboat pots
  • No need to replace gas canisters
  • Restricted placement as it must be plugged into a nearby power point
  • Can only be used for steamboat
Induction steamboat pots
  • Safer than gas steamboat pots
  • Can be used with other types of pots or pans
  • Restricted placement as it must be plugged into a nearby power point
Gas steamboat pots
  • Good for outdoor dining
  • Portable, don’t have to be plugged into power point
  • Higher risk of gas explosion if not careful
Steamboat grills
  • Safer than gas steamboat pots
  • Can be used for both steamboat and barbeque
  • Restricted placement as it must be plugged into a nearby power point

Best electric steamboat pots in Singapore

1. PowerPac Multi Cooker 2-in-1 PowerPac Steamboat Pot

steamboat pot singapore
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

This PowerPac Multi Cooker 2-in-1 PowerPac Steamboat Pot (available on PowerPac Official Store) comes with a detachable steamboat pot and a free barbeque plate which can be easily swapped in whenever you are craving for either a steamboat or barbeque! Besides having a non-stick coating detachable inner pan, this electric steamboat pot also comes with adjustable heat settings and a cool touch for the handle and base so that you don’t have to worry about overcooking your food or scalding yourself while moving the pot around! This PowerPac steamboat pot is the best steamboat pot in Singapore for families of two to three.

Capacity: 1.1L
Power: 800W
Price: $33.90

2. Iona 5.0L Shabu Shabu Steamboat Pot

iona shabu shabu steamboat pot best hot pot singapore
(Credit: Iona Official Store)

Can’t ever decide on a soup base that’ll satisfy everyone? With the Iona 5L Dual Steamboat Pot (available on Iona Official Store), you’ll no longer need to choose between a spicy and non-spicy soup base! It also features a transparent glass lid and adjustable heat control so you can monitor your broth without having to take the lid off. Additionally, the pot is also detachable and has a non-stick coating making cleaning up less of a hassle. Looking for a steamboat pot with a large capacity for your hotpot gathering? This Iona steamboat pot boasts a capacity of 5L and can cook enough to feed a party of guests! Don’t miss this best yuan yang steamboat pot in Singapore that’s perfect for family and friends who like to have more choice!

Capacity: 5L
Power: Up to 1350W
Price: $59.80

3. Tiger Electric Steamboat

tiger electric steamboat best steamboat singapore
(Credit: Heap Seng Shop)

Prepare a wide variety of dishes for the upcoming gathering with this Tiger Electric Steamboat (available on Heap Seng Shop)! Besides using this for steamboats, you can also swap out the steamboat pot with the grill or takoyaki pan to create your desired dishes! If you’re worried about not having enough space to store the pans, fret not, the plates are stackable for easy storage. Together with an “M-shaped” heater and specially designed plates for even cooking, this is undeniably one of the best multipurpose steamboat pots in Singapore!

Capacity: ~2L
Power: Up to 1000W
Price: $288

4. Mistral 1.2L Mini Electric Pot 

mistral mini electric pot best steamboat pot singapore
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

Where to buy a portable steamboat pot in Singapore? Meet the Mistral 1.2L Mini Electric Pot (available on Mayer Official Store), which is both lightweight and portable. Made from 304-grade stainless steel, this pot is corrosion and rust resistant thus making it safe for food preparation, storage and dining. On top of using this pot for cooking noodles and steamboats, there is also a stainless steel steam tray, rack and stand included so you can use it as a steamer!

Capacity: 1.2L
Power: 600W
Price: $41

Best induction steamboat pots in Singapore

5. IRIS Ohyama Induction Cooker Ceramic Hot Pot Set

iris ohyama induction cooker ceramic hot pot set best singapore where to buy
(Credit: IRIS Ohyama Official Store)

Leave it to the IRIS Ohyama Induction Cooker Ceramic Hot Pot Set (available on IRIS Ohyama Official Store) to spice up your Instagrammable steamboat feast this 2022! This best steamboat pot in Singapore by IRIS Ohyama boasts six adjustable heat settings and a huge capacity of three litres — definitely sufficient for a table of five! There are also several safety features in place with this induction cooker hot pot set. The IRIS Ohyama induction cooker hotpot set automatically turns off if no pot is detected and also when the temperature spikes to an abnormal level. As such, you can just sit back and enjoy your hot pot feast without any worries!

Capacity: 3L
Power: Up to 2000W
Price: $99

6. Powerpac Induction Steamboat

steamboat pot singapore
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store [Cropped])

This PowerPac Induction Steamboat (available on PowerPac Official Store) that comes with a stainless steel pot is a wallet-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality! Featuring a microcomputer control, you can preset the program and timer for fast and easy cooking. What’s more, the heater plate of the PowerPac induction cooker is also specially designed to heat up your food more quickly. Together with multiple safety protection and self detecting functions, this best induction steamboat cooker in Singapore is easy to use!

Capacity: 2L
Power: 1800W
Price: $42.90 – $61.90

Best gas steamboat pots in Singapore

7. Aerogaz Gas Steamboat Pot

aerogaz gas steamboat pot where to buy singapore
(Credit: aerogaz Official Store)

The Aerogaz Gas Steamboat Pot (available on aerogaz Official Store) comes with a stainless steel pot with an internal divider for two different soup bases and three gas cartridges. A carrying case is also provided to keep the cartridge cooker making it convenient and easy to bring it out for picnics or even your next camping adventure in Singapore. That’s why it is one of the best steamboat cookers in Singapore to use for your CNY gatherings this 2023.

Type of gas: Butane
Price: $56.58

8. Iwatani Hotpot Steamboat Shabu Set

Iwatani Portable Gas Cooker
(Credit: ToTT Official Store)

As one of the leaders in the gas and energy industry, you can trust Iwatani when it comes to the best steamboat gas cookers in Singapore. The Iwatani Portable Gas Cooker (available on ToTT Official Store) is an affordable option for those on a budget – without compromising on quality. It sports a portable butane stove that you can bring outdoors to cook your favourite Korean instant noodles, and it also boasts a high output per hour which allows you to cook efficiently and well. We also love that the Iwatani Portable Gas Cooker has a drip pan reversal prevention mechanism, which prevents accidents like explosions.

Type of gas: Butane
Price: $50.90

Best 2-in-1 steamboat and grills in Singapore

9. Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat Grill 

Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat And Grill
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official Store)

This Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat Grill (available on Cornell Singapore Official Store) comes with both the grill and a 2.5L soup pot for steamboats. What’s great about this steamboat grill is that you can control the temperature of the grill and steamboat separately to prevent your food from overcooking! If you’re health-conscious, don’t fret — the handy pull-out container by the side of the Cornell 2-in-1 steamboat and grill helps to collect excess oil for a less sinful meal. At less than $80, this best steamboat pot and grill in Singapore makes for a great housewarming gift for new homeowners too!

Capacity: 4.2L (pot), 35 x 22.5cm (grill plate)
Power: 2200W
Price: $92 – $96

10. Bruno Compact Hot Plate

bruno compact hot plate red
(Credit: BRUNO Official Store)

Another frontrunner for the best 2-in-1 steamboat and grill in Singapore is the BRUNO Compact Hot Plate (available on BRUNO Official Store) which features a sleek, vintage look that’s sure to match your home aesthetics. It also matches form with function with its quick-heating hotplate that makes sure your steamboat bubbles up in no time. What’s more, the BRUNO Compact Hot Plate comes with a variety of attachments such as a flat plate for grilling food, takoyaki pan, and a wooden spatula. With these handy attachments, you can experiment with different recipes even after your hotpot gathering!

Capacity: ~38 x 24 cm (grill plate)
Power: Up to 1300W
Price: $199

11. EuropAce 3L Steamboat With Grill

europace steamboat with grill best steamboat pot singapore
(Credit: Europace Official Store)

This EuropAce 3L Steamboat with Grill (available on Europace Official Store) will transport you back to your favourite mookata place but this time from the comfort of your home! What’s even better is that the moat surrounding the skillet has a greater depth than typical mookata grills, allowing you to add more ingredients into the soup base! Together with the non-stick coating on the grill and two separate controls for the steamboat and grill, this is surely the best 2-in-1 steamboat pot and grill in Singapore for mookata and hotpot lovers!

Capacity: 3L (pot), 32 x 21cm (BBQ plate)
Power: 1400W
Price: $79.90

12. TOYOMI Electric BBQ Grill & Steamboat

toyomi electric bbq grill and steamboat best steamboat pot singapore
(Credit: Toyomi Singapore Official Store)

Grill your favourite meats while slurping on delicious soup with this TOYOMI Electric BBQ Grill & Steamboat (available on Toyomi Singapore Official Store)! Aside from having a cold-touch design to prevent scalding, this steamboat grill also comes with a stainless steel pot that can be removed to make more space for grilling! Thanks to the non-stick coating on the grill pan, you can even get away with a light clean up! Pressed for time? The Toyomi Electric Grill And Steamboat also boasts a high power setting of 1850W to supercharge the cooking process. With so many features, this is definitely a must-have for those planning to host a hotpot gathering!

Capacity: ~2L (pot), 25 x 23 cm (grill plate)
Power: Up to 1850W
Price: $99

13. SONA Electric Steamboat with BBQ Grill

SONA Electric Steamboat with BBQ Grill
(Credit: Sona_Official_Store)

Always overcooking your meats? The SONA Electric Steamboat with BBQ Grill (available on Sona_Official_Store) has got your back with its heating control feature. This feature allows for good heat control, so that you can cook your meats slowly. The SONA electric steamboat also sports a non-stick BBQ grill pan, which makes cleaning up after a breeze. Furthermore, the side handles also allow for easy handling during your steamboat parties this CNY 2023!

Capacity: ~2L (pot), ~26 x 23cm (grill plate)
Power: 1700W
Price: $79

14. Bear Steamboat With BBQ Grill

bear 2 in 1 steamboat grill multi cooker
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

The Bear Steamboat With BBQ Grill (available on PowerPac Official Store) is not only stylish with its unique retro green hue, but also suitable for big families of up to seven people. Aside from a steamboat and grill, it is also a multi-cooker for boiling, frying and roasting. The zone independent temperature control also means you can choose to use only one side of the steamboat grill whenever you like, providing more flexibility for your dining options! What’s more, the Bear Steamboat With Grill is also one of the best 2-in-1 steamboat pots and grills in Singapore that boasts powerful and even heating which ensures a pleasant hotpot experience!

Capacity: 3L (pot), 38 x 30cm (grill plate)
Power: 1600W
Price: $84.90

15. Mayer Steamboat With Grill

Mayer Steamboat With Grill
(Credit: Metro Official Store)

We must mention the Mayer Steamboat with Grill (available on Metro Official Store) when writing a list about the best steamboat pots in Singapore. It sports a removable drawer compartment that collects excess grease, which makes your meal less oily. It also has individual temperature knobs for steamboat and grill, allowing for easy handling and control during your steamboat meals. We also love that the Mayer steamboat with grill has detachable parts, which makes cleaning a piece of cake!

Capacity: 1.8L (pot), 1.2L (grill plate)
Power: 1800W
Price: $59.90

Overview of the best steamboat pots in Singapore

Steamboat pots Capacity (L) Power (W) Price Best for
PowerPac Multi Cooker 2-in-1 Steamboat Pot 1.1 800 $33.90 Small gatherings
Iona 5.0L Shabu Shabu Steamboat Pot 5 Up to 1350 $59.80 Large gatherings 
Tiger Electric Steamboat ~2 Up to 1000 $288 Even cooking
Mistral 1.2L Mini Electric Pot  1.2 600 $41 Cooking noodles
IRIS Ohyama Induction Cooker Ceramic Hot Pot Set 3 Up to 2000 $99 Adjustable heat settings
Powerpac Induction Steamboat 2 1800 $42.90 – $61.90 Preset programs
Aerogaz Gas Steamboat Pot $56.58 Portability
Iwatani Hotpot Steamboat Shabu Set $50.90 Outdoor cooking
Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat And Grill  4.2L (pot), 35 x 22.5cm (grill plate) 2200 $92 – $96 Excess oil reduction
Bruno Compact Hot Plate ~38 x 24 cm (grill plate) Up to 1300 $199 Aesthetics
EuropAce 4L Steamboat With Grill 3L (pot), 32 x 21cm (BBQ plate) 1400 $79.90 Mookata style steamboat
TOYOMI Electric BBQ Grill & Steamboat BBQ  ~2 (pot), 25 x 23 cm (grill plate) Up to 1850 $99 Fast cooking
SONA Electric Steamboat with BBQ Grill ~2 (pot), ~26 x 23cm (grill plate) 1700 $79 Heat control
Bear Steamboat With BBQ Grill 3 (pot), 38 x 30cm (grill plate) 1600 $84.90 Boiling, frying, roasting
Mayer Steamboat with Grill MMSB18 1.8 (pot), 1.2 (grill plate) 1800 $59.90 Easy cleaning

Feast away this CNY 2023 with the best steamboat pots 

Now that you know what the best steamboat pots in Singapore are, it’s time to start preparing a hotpot feast at home! In case you have no idea how and what to prepare for a hotpot session with your family and friends, here are some tips and tricks on how to organise a hotpot gathering! Lazy to head to the supermarket to get ingredients for your hot pot? These steamboat delivery restaurants, best online meat delivery and best online seafood delivery vendors will deliver ingredients to your doorstep. Snag them at our Chinese New Year Sale for the best deals, and  enjoy one year warranty and 0% interest on installment plans at our Shopee Home Appliance Sale!

This article was updated on 13 December 2022. Additional research done by Liang Shi Nan.

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