Laundry 101: Pick The Right Detergent For Your Clothes

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As much as we all dread doing laundry (the sorting, the hanging out to dry…), nothing quite beats the satisfaction of having freshly-laundered clothes that smell like a dream. Laundry detergents today come in a deluge of options, from powder, liquid and single-use pods, as well as different variations like colour care and antibacterial formulations! Not sure what to go for? Read on for our comparison of liquid vs powder vs pods and our roundup of the best laundry detergents in Singapore!

Liquid vs powder vs pod detergents: at a glance

liquid laundry detergent vs powder vs pod
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Liquid Powder Pod

Cheaper than pods

(about $2.80 – $4/kg)

Most affordable (about $1.50 – $3.80/kg)

Most expensive

(about $0.25 – $0.45/pod)

Eco-friendliness Least-eco-friendly due to heavy packaging More eco-friendly than liquids due to recyclable packaging Most eco-friendly due to recyclable packaging and minimal waste
Can it be used for pre-treatment and spot cleaning? Yes, simply pour it over the stain Yes, with an extra step of making a paste by mixing powder detergent with water No, each pod is meant for single-use, typically for a 6kg load
Storage Can be stored anywhere Must be stored in dry area to prevent caking
  • Must be stored away from children’s reach to prevent accidental ingestion
  • Avoid storing in areas of high humidity, which can cause them to stick together or break open
Best for Removing oil and grease stains Removing mud and clay stains Multi-purpose with fabric softening properties and added fragrance

Best laundry detergent for stains

How to pre-treat stains with laundry detergents

Stained your favourite shirt? Don’t sweat it! Rinse it with cold water and pre-treat the stain with a liquid detergent that contains enzymes, leave it to set for five minutes and scrub it off. This is especially effective for blood stains and oil stains. For mild stains from sweat and body oils, read on for our recommendations on the best laundry detergents that help to remove them without any need for soaking and scrubbing!

1. Dynamo Liquid Power Gel Detergent

dynamo liquid laundry detergent 4 packs best singapore
(Credit: P&G Official Store)

We know how frustrating it can be to kena oil stains on your favourite white shirt when enjoying a bowl of mala. Here’s where a liquid detergent like the Dynamo Liquid Power Gel Detergent (available on P&G Official Store) will make a difference. Comparing this liquid detergent vs regular powder detergent, the Dynamo requires absolutely no soaking or scrubbing to remove stains.

Formulated with micro-scrubber technology, the Dynamo laundry detergent is capable of removing even invisible stains from sweat and body oils. That’s why it is one of the best laundry detergents in Singapore! You can choose from Dynamo’s range of products such as Colour Care to retain the brightness of your clothes, as well as an option with Downy that makes the freshly-laundered scent last. 

2. Breeze Power Clean Laundry Liquid Detergent

two red bottle of breeze laundry detergent best singapore
(Credit: Unilever Official Store)

If you love the great outdoors and often return home with mud stains, the Breeze Power Clean Liquid Detergent (available on Unilever Official Store) will be your best friend. The Breeze detergent is one of the best laundry detergents in Singapore that cleans dirt and tough stains off by penetrating through the fabric, leaving no residues behind. If you’re worried that too much washing will fade the colour of your clothes, get the Colour Care variation that maintains the quality of your clothes.

Pro Tip: Lint and dirt circulating in the drum of your washing machine can also stain your clothes. To eliminate them, simply toss a washing machine filter in with your clothes! The filter netting catches these unwanted residues and prevents them from clinging onto your fresh laundry.

Best antibacterial laundry detergents

Germs can breed on clothes, especially when they’re moist. To give your family extra security, use the best antibacterial laundry detergents. They contain disinfecting chemicals that kill off the bacteria and germs that may be lingering on your clothes in the wash!

3. Persil Liquid Detergent

persil antibacterial laundry detergent best singapore
(Credit: Unilever Official Store)

Keep your family safe by using antibacterial liquid laundry detergents! The Persil Liquid Detergent (available on Unilever Official Store) is one of the best laundry detergents in Singapore that comes with an antibacterial variation which helps to effectively remove germs and bacteria from your clothes. In addition, the Persil detergent has also received praises for its strong cleaning and stain removal properties. If your skin reacts badly to harsh chemicals, we recommend getting the Persil Sensitive Liquid Detergent. It is gentler yet does not compromise on performance!

4. Cloversoft 4-in-1 Plant Based Laundry Pods

cloversoft plant based 4-in-1 laundry pods and classic popo tub
(Credit: Kiasu Shop)

Cloversoft is known for safe, eco-friendly products that come with affordable price tags, and the Cloversoft 4-in-1 Plant Based Laundry Pods (available on  Kiasu Shop) doesn’t disappoint. Made without harmful chemicals like chlorine and parabens, these pods are the best choice when it comes to antibacterial and anti-dust mite laundry detergents for those with kids and pets at home. What’s more, the packaging is compostable and fully biodegradable! Purchase a bundle of three to get a free Classic Popo Tub that’ll come in handy for storing your pods!

5. Top Liquid Detergent Anti Bacterial

yellow top laundry detergent best singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

The weather can be pretty erratic these days, and there’s nothing more frustrating than having to chiong to keep your fresh clothes in when it starts to pour. To avoid your labour going to waste, dry your laundry indoors instead with the Top Antibacterial Liquid Detergent (available on Shopee Supermarket). This Top laundry detergent is one of the best laundry detergents in Singapore that gets rid of odour-causing bacteria so your clothes won’t smell musty when dried indoors. In addition, it also uses a formula that prevents colour-fading! 

6. Ka 4-in-1 Antibacterial Laundry Capsule

ka laundry detergent capsule box best singapore
(Credit: Walch SG Official Store)

Want to do your laundry as fast and convenient as possible? Enter Ka 4-in-1 Antibacterial Laundry Capsule (available on Walch SG Official Store), one of the best laundry detergents in Singapore that lets you ditch the guesswork! It contains an antibacterial and anti-dust mite formulation that helps to eliminate germs and bacteria, keeping your family safe! 

The Ka laundry capsule also contains sanitiser and deodoriser to remove odour, as well as softener and colour protectant that helps to maintain the quality of your fabrics! This all-in-one laundry pod eliminates the need for multiple laundry care products, freeing up the space in your sink base cabinet!

7. Walch Antibacterial Concentrated Laundry Detergent

blue white walch laundry detergent bottle best singapore
(Credit: Walch SG Official Store)

When it comes to antibacterial household essentials, you can trust Walch. The Walch Antibacterial Concentrated Laundry Detergent (available on Walch SG Official Store) can effectively remove 99% mites and germs while still being gentle on your skin. In addition, it is also capable of removing tough stains. This preserves the vibrance of your clothes, which makes it one of the best laundry detergents in Singapore. This Walch laundry detergent also comes in many scents. Those who like refreshing notes can go for lemon, and those who prefer an earthy aroma can opt for pine. 

8. Dettol Disinfectant Laundry Sanitiser

dettol laundry disinfectant antibacterial
(Credit: Dettol Official Store)

Trust the reliable Dettol to kill germs and remove the majority of bacteria on our laundry! This credible brand is known for their variety of cleaning supplies that range from wet wipes to body wash products. Their Dettol Disinfectant Laundry Sanitiser (available on Dettol Official Store) is one of the best laundry detergents in Singapore that’s used by many households. It effectively kills 99.9% of germs and this is suitable to be used on all kinds of fabrics from bedsheets to kids’ wear! What’s more, this Dettol disinfectant laundry sanitiser also comes in other scents such as lavender and lemon so you can switch things up once in a while for a variety of aromas!

Best laundry detergent for odour-removal

Are you a working mum who’s tired of dealing with your kids’ sweat-soaked PE clothes every week? Then, these laundry detergents for odour-removal are a lifesaver. These detergents use enzymes to break down fats and protein that causes odour in clothes, removing the odour completely instead of just masking it up with fragrance. 

9. Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent Pods

tide laundry detergent pod packets
(Credit: P&G Official Store)

Tide laundry detergents have consistently been a top performer in its league, and they now come in pod form too! The Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent Pods (available on P&G Official Store) combine concentrated detergent, extra odor fighters and stain removers to clean your clothes effectively! Apart from removing odour effectively, the Tide pod detergent is infused with floral and fruity notes that leave your garments smelling sweet. If you prefer a refreshing, floral scent, opt for the Spring Meadow option instead!

10. Breeze 3-in-1 Power Laundry Capsules

breeze laundry detergent capsules red box
(Credit: Unilever Official Store)

Laundry can be quite a hassle — especially if you have multiple liquids and powders to mix into your load. The Breeze 3-in-1 Power Laundry Capsules (available on Unilever Official Store) makes your life easier by combining them all into one nifty pod. The detergent in the capsule is formulated with naturally-derived enzymes which make stain and odour removal a breeze. That’s why it is one of the best laundry detergents in Singapore! It also comes with fabric softener, so your clothes stay velvety. All you have to do is toss it into your empty washing machine, fill it up with laundry, and get the machine running!

Best-smelling laundry detergents

These best-smelling laundry detergents contain added fragrance with floral, fruity or refreshing notes that linger on your clothes for a prolonged period after the wash. They come in extra handy for pieces that don’t get washed very often, such as your bedsheet, pillowcase and bolster case as well as blankets, as the scent lingers for a longer time. 

11. Seika Fresh HY Laundry Capsules 

seika fresh hy laundry detergent pod best singapore
(Credit: Walch SG Official Store)

If freshly-laundered clothes are your choice of perfume, get the Seika Fresh HY 4-in-1 Laundry Detergent Capsules (available on Walch SG Official Store) to give your garments a scent that lasts. Take your pick from fragrance options like Sakura and Lavender for floral notes, or Summer Ocean for a clean, refreshing scent! Those with the little ones at home don’t have to worry about these pods being a hazard either, as the packaging comes with a child safe lock. Simply pop it into an empty drum, load it up, and you’re good to go!

12. Fab Laundry Powder Detergent with a Touch Of Downy

fab laundry detergent powder with touch of downy
(Credit: P&G Official Store)

If you’re a fan of Downy beads for the dewy scent they infuse into your clothes, you’ll love the Fab Laundry Powder Detergent with a Touch of Downy (available on P&G Official Store)! Not only will this Fab laundry detergent leave your fabrics with a lovely aroma, it also effectively removes dirt and malodour, allowing for indoor drying! 

In the battle between powder vs liquid detergent, many may find it more of a challenge to determine the right powder amount to use for each load.  Thankfully, this powder detergent comes with a measuring spoon and guidelines on how many to add to a medium load and full load so there’s no need for guesswork!

13. ar FUM Laundry Capsules

ar fum laundry capsules best detergent singapore
(Credit: Walch SG Official Store)

The ar FUM Laundry Capsules (available on Walch SG Official Store) will make your wardrobe smell like a garden. Infused with floral fragrance, these pods keep your clothes smelling fresh for up to 16 weeks! You can choose lavender for a calming scent, or “Pink Love”, a rose scent with a sweeter note. There’s absolutely no need to add additional laundry beads into your load! Apart from its delightful aroma, these capsules also provide strong cleaning power and remove odour, which is why it is one of the best laundry detergents in Singapore. 

Enjoy fresh, stain-free clothes with the best laundry detergents in Singapore

No matter which camp you belong to in the showdown among liquid vs powder vs pod detergents, you can snag them all at great sale prices during our 10.10 Shopee Brands Festival! Once your fresh laundry has dried completely, don’t leave them to crease in the closet. Smoothen them out with these best steam irons in Singapore! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more cleaning products, check out our list of household cleaning products that’ll keep your home free of germs!