Swat Mozzies Away With These 12 Best Mosquito Killers

boy holding mosquito killer racket with mosquitoes flying above it

In tropical Singapore, going defensive isn’t always enough to keep pesky mosquitoes away from your crib. You need an offensive strategy too – especially when they’ve already sneaked into your abode with no signs of leaving. Apart from insect repellents, equip your homes with effective mosquito killers that eliminate these pests in one shot. From electric mosquito killers, UV lamp traps to sprays, read on for our roundup of the best mosquito killers in Singapore.

Overview of the best mosquito killers in Singapore (2024)

Type Product Main Features/Ingredients Price
Electric Swatters GLADLEIGH Electric Insect Fly Swatter
  • 3-layer UV netting
  • Low DB sound wave
Foldable Mosquito Swatter
  • 3-in-1 usage
Homlly 2-in-1 Electric Mosquito Lamp and Swatter
  • UV light
  • Includes stand for hands-free zapping
UV Lamps PowerPac Mosquito Killer Trap 
  • 4 watts UV tube
Mozquit Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Trap
  • Convenient, compact size
  • UVA light
Soundteoh Mosquito Killer
  • UV + Blue LED light
  • 1000VDC 4.5mA PEAK grid voltage
Electronic Indoor Mosquito Killer Lamp
  • Omnidirectional LED light
UV Mosquito Repellent Lamp
  • Open airduct system
  • 365 UV light waves
Mosquito Products Mosquito Dunks (Bti Briquets) Non-Toxic Mosquito Insecticide
  • Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis
  • Serotype H-14, 7,000 ITU/Mg
Shieldtox PowerGard All Insect Killer
  • Imiprothrin (0.02%)
  • D-Phenothrin (0.03%)
  • D-Trans Allethrin (75/25) (0.10%)
Mozquit Mosquito Control Spray
  • Polyethylene Glycol
  • Sodium Sulphate
  • Glycerine
$12.80 – $18.80
Gravitrap Mosquito Trap
  • Non-toxic glue trap

Best mosquito killers in Singapore (2024): Electric swatters

1. GLADLEIGH Electric Insect Fly Swatter

Electric Insect Fly Swatter best mosquito killer singapore

The GLADLEIGH Electric Insect Fly and Mosquito Swatter (available on GLADLEIGH)  boasts a unique triangular design with powerful, triple-layer grids for ultimate zapping efficiency. It’s the best mosquito killer in Singapore that’s known for its ease of use. No escape for pesky mosquitos – the offset electric mesh flattens against walls, and the safe-to-touch design means you can swat without worries! Light and compact, it’s even safe for older kids to use when they get a pesky mozzie problem.

2. Foldable Mosquito Swatter

Foldable Mosquito Swatter best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: My Little Palais)

Add this to your list of camping essentials! This Foldable Mosquito Swatter (available on My Little Palais) folds up into a convenient disc that can be hung on walls and ceilings to keep the mozzies at bay. You can even plug in the electric mosquito killer and let it zap away while you enjoy your bug-free space! If you’re jetting off for a vacation, you can also pack this in your list of travel essentials to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes and ruining the holiday mood.

3. Homlly 2-in-1 Electric Mosquito Lamp and Swatter

Homlly 2 in 1 Electric Mosquito Lamp best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: Homlly Official Store)

This 2-in-1 Electric Mosquito Lamp and Swatter (available on Homlly Official Store) is a versatile weapon in the fight against flying pests. When you need immediate swatting action, use the electric racket mode. Alternatively, switch to the mosquito lamp and let the UV light lure them to an electrifying end. Need frequent bug control? This is one of the best mosquito killers for small homes as you can easily hang this on any available wall space for continuous bug-zapping!

Best mosquito killers in Singapore (2024): UV mosquito lamps

4. PowerPac Mosquito Killer Trap 

powerpac mosquito lamp trap black on wooden table best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

Another frontrunner on our list of the best electric mosquito killers in Singapore is the PowerPac Mosquito Killer Trap (available on PowerPac Official Store). If you’re always bugged by mosquitoes at night, you should place this zapper near your bed. The PowerPac Mosquito Killer Trap has a sturdy hook which allows it to be wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended, or free-standing. It uses UV tubes to attract mosquitoes and zaps them dead immediately. What makes this device the best mosquito trap in Singapore is its ease of clean-up: simply twist the mosquito tray and toss out those mozzies!

5. Mozquit Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Trap

mozquit electric mosquito killer lamp trap blue best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: Directfame)

DIY Pest King is a local brand that’s committed to keeping Singaporean households pest-free and safe. One of their best electric mosquito killers is the Mozquit Electric Mosquito Trap (available on Directfame) – a portable option that uses a high-quality UVA mosquito killer lamp that can attract flying insects to it. Subsequently, metal grids within will electrocute the mozzies to effectively get rid of them.

6. Soundteoh Mosquito Killer

best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: Soundteoh Official Store)

The SOUNDTEOH Mosquito Killer (available on Soundteoh Official Store) is another worthy contender for one of the best mosquito killer devices in Singapore. It has received glowing reviews for its effectiveness and many have attested to how the Soundteoh mosquito killer has helped keep their homes free from these flying pests. This mosquito trap utilises blue UV LED light to lure insects to its high-voltage grids and kills off anything from wasps, moths, to flies. Keep it on at night for a good night’s rest!

7. Electronic Indoor Mosquito Killer Lamp

best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: Trade 21 Official Store)

Who can resist the adorable Electronic Indoor Mosquito Killer Lamp (available on Trade 21 Official Store)? Certainly not us! This is one of the best mosquito-killer devices in Singapore that doubles up as decor for your work desk too! It uses an omnidirectional LED light to lure mosquitoes into its chamber, where it kills them using a strong suction force produced by its high-speed fan. Switch it on for some time before you go to sleep and you won’t have to worry about mosquito bites while enjoying your blissful slumber!

8.  UV Mosquito Repellent Lamp

Electric photocatalytic UV mosquito repellent lamp best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: JOMO Living)

Anyone who’s dealt with pesky mosquitoes would know that these pests just don’t stay put! Mosquitoes buzz around from place to place, making it difficult to catch them with swatters. This UV Mosquito Repellent Lamp (available on JOMO Living) is the best mosquito killer that’s guaranteed to get the job done. It features a gentle fan that pulls in any mozzie that whizzes by, and its arched structure mimics a great hiding place for mosquitoes, luring them into its built-in zapper. Small, compact, and quiet, it makes for a great addition to any home!

Best mosquito killer products in Singapore (2024)

9. Mosquito Dunks (Bti Briquets) Non-Toxic Mosquito Insecticide

Mosquito Dunks (Bti Briquets) best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: Chin Ling Nursery)

Tired of finding mosquitoes around your home year-round? You might have standing water nearby! Whether it’s an unused pool, a water fountain or a decorative pond, standing water means free real estate for mosquito larvae. These Mosquito Dunks – Bti Briquets (available on Chin Ling Nursery) are non-toxic, and kill mosquito larvae even before they turn into mozzies! They’re safe for all other insects, so you don’t need to worry about affecting beneficial insects in your garden or that friendly spider in your home! Place a couple of these mosquito traps in any standing water, including clogged gutters and drains.

10. Shieldtox PowerGard All Insect Killer

best mosquio killer singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Flying or crawling, the Shieldtox PowerGard All Insect Killer (available on Shopee Supermarket) spares none. This NEA registered mosquito killer uses ingredients such as imiprothrin and d-trans allethrin to effectively eliminate pests, which is why it is one of the best spray options in Singapore.

To tackle the creepy crawlies, spray the Shieldtox insect killer directly at it for two to four seconds and you’ll get instant death. For flying ones, close all doors and windows and switch on the lights. Spray it upwards throughout the room for four to five seconds. The chemical continues to kill any mosquitoes that come into contact with it for up to one week.

11. Mozquit Mosquito Control Spray

best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: Mozquit)

Not all mosquito killer sprays are toxic. Take for instance the Mozquit Mosquito Spray (available on Mozquit) which uses an odourless formula. It is designed to tackle stagnant water areas that can potentially breed mosquitoes by forming a mono-molecular layer that curbs the mosquito breeding cycle throughout all four stages. 

It does so by suffocating mosquito larvae and pupa, and drowning any emerging adult mozzies.The thin film also prevents female adults from laying eggs on the water surface. This is one of the most effective methods on how to get rid of and kill off mosquitoes at home. That’s why this is one of the best mosquito killers in Singapore that prevents breeding of the aedes mosquito.

12. Gravitrap Mosquito Trap

Gravitrap Mosquito Trap best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: Jungle Pest)

The Gravitrap (available on Jungle Pest) is the best mosquito trap in Singapore that doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or electric zappers. Instead, the Gravitrap uses a specialised non-toxic formula that attracts mosquitoes laying eggs, trapping them in the sticky glue. Any larvae that emerge from the eggs get trapped too, stopping the mosquito cycle. It’s the best mosquito killer for households with children and pets as you won’t have to worry about the little tots getting into pesticides or zappers!

Are mosquitoes harmful to humans?

best mosquito killer singapore
(Credit: jcomp / Freepik)

Itchy bites aside, mosquitoes can cause mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever, Zika, and chikungunya fever. In 2020 alone, we saw over 34,400 dengue cases in Singapore. That’s why it is important to maintain your homes carefully to prevent breeding and infestations.

Fellow parents also need to keep a lookout for their pets as they are vulnerable to pesky bites too, especially on their ears and noses. Furthermore, mosquitoes can spread harmful diseases to them, such as the West Nile virus and heartworm. Be sure to prevent these by seeking your vet for heartworm prevention medication.  

How do I get rid of mosquitoes in my house?

white mosquito swatter with insects flying around
(Credit: xiaomiyoupin.sg)

To nip the problem in the bud, ensure that your home isn’t a place for mosquitoes to breed and multiply. When it comes to how to get rid of and kill mosquitoes, one way is to adopt the ‘BLOCK’ method recommended by the National Environment Agency (NEA). This includes breaking up hardened soil, lifting and emptying flower pot plates, and overturning pails and wiping their rims. In addition, avoid stagnant water by changing water in vases, and keeping roof gutters clear and placing BTI insecticide. You can also use natural ways to repel mosquitoes such as diffusing lemongrass essential oils.

If your home is already infested with mosquitoes, make use of the best mosquito killers in Singapore. This includes devices that traps and kills them as well as chemical sprays. Alternatively, you can pair insecticides with fogging machines to effectively wipe them out.

What is the most effective mosquito killer?

person using a green mosquito swatter, uv lamp mosquito trap with blue light, mosquito spray
(Credit: JISULIFE Official Shop, MI Office Shop, Alice Home Life Pavilion)

  • Electric swatters

Chasing mosquitoes around and trying to kill them with your bare hands hardly bears any fruit unless you’re as accurate as Lebron James with his shots. Instead, lend some help from electric swatters – one of the best types of mosquito killers in Singapore. They are equipped with a layered mesh which produces a high efficiency electric shock to kill mosquitoes as soon as they come into contact when you swing it across. If you’re looking for an easy method on how to get rid of or kill mosquitoes, this is a simple one that you can use. 

  • UV mosquito lamps

Wondering how to get rid of and kill mosquitoes without lifting a finger? Enter UV mosquito killer lamps – mosquitoes are naturally attracted to UV light, especially blue light, which these devices take advantage of to lure them in. They are equipped with metal grids which electrocute the insects as soon as they fly into the lamp. This is a safe method which does not involve toxic chemicals, which is best for those with kids and babies. You can also find portable options that you can bring overseas or on camping trips.

  • Mosquito killer sprays

If you want a quick and effective way on how to get rid of mosquitoes, go for mosquito killer sprays. They use chemicals such as prallethrin and pyrethoid to kill them. However, do use them with caution. After spraying them to treat an area, close all doors and windows and stay away from that room for at least 30 minutes or the duration that the product recommends.

Type of mosquito killer Pros Cons Best for
Electric swatter Safe, easy to use, immediate Requires manual effort Dealing with individual flying insects one at a time
UV mosquito killer lamp Safe and effortless. Includes portable options. Takes time for mosquitoes to be trapped and killed Killing large amounts of mosquitoes over a period of time
Mosquito killer spray Fast and immediate Uses toxic chemicals and requires you to leave the room for about 15 – 30 minutes Getting rid of insects immediately and effectively 

Get rid of mozzies with the best mosquito killers in Singapore

Prevention is always better than cure. After eliminating existing pests in your home with the best mosquito killer sprays or traps, keep them at bay with the best insect repellents in Singapore. In addition, keep your home environment clean with these household cleaning products and best air purifiers!

This article was updated on 22 April 2024. Additional research done by Janica Ng.