Enjoy Clean Air At Home With These 13 Best Air Purifiers

best air purifier singapore 2024

You never want to be caught unprepared, especially if and/or when the haze comes by. Don’t let #hazedaze be a thing! Small but mighty, having an air purifier in your home can help eliminate harmful effects caused by the haze. Moreover, they can get rid of harmful airborne chemicals and dust, reduce asthma symptoms and minimise the spread of airborne diseases. So read on for our recommendations and reviews on the best air purifiers in Singapore this 2024 for smoke and dust removal!

Overview of the best air purifiers in Singapore (2024)

Air Purifier Dimensions (mm) Price Filter Type Coverage Area (m²) Additional Features
Aolon TYN02 155 x 155 x 45 $89.78
  • HEPA
  • Activated Carbon
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Night light
Dyson Pure Cool™ TP07 120 x 204 x 1050 $909
  • HEPA H13
  • Activated Carbon
  • 360° air circulation
  • Bladeless fan
  • Auto mode
PowerPac IF3266 205 x 205 x 386 $169.9
  • Pre-filter
  • HEPA
  • Carbon
  • UVC light
  • Ioniser
20 – 30
  • Automatic air quality sensor
SHARP Plasmacluster 438 x 253 x 444 $257
  • HEPA
  • Mosquito Catcher
  • Plasmacluster Ioniser
  • Mosquito catching function
Clair B3S 70 x 70 x 183 $79.8
  • Pre-filter
  • HEPA
  • Activated Carbon
  • Sterilising LED
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable 
Levoit Core Mini 164 x 164 x 264 $89
  • H13 True HEPA
  • Activated Carbon
17 – 
Sterra Breeze 303 x 270 x 497 $304 – $474
  • Pre-filter
  • Medical-grade HEPA
  • Activated Carbon
Panasonic Econavi Humidifying Nanoe 398 x 265 x 636 $691
  • HEPA
  • Nanoe™ technology
  • Built-in humidifier
Philips DE5205/30 343 x 318 x 617 $709
  • HEPA
  • VitaShield
  • AHA sensor
  • LED display
Sensibo Pure Smart 195 x 195 x 398 $175
  • True HEPA
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smartphone app control
Novita Puriclean 325 x 172 x 534 $298
  • Washable Mesh
  • Cool Catalyst
  • Activated Carbon
  • H13 HEPA
  • Ioniser
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4 Pro 275 x 275 x 680 $279 – $318.90
  • True HEPA
  • Activated Carbon
  • OLED display
  • OLED touch controls
  • Voice control
Electrolux Pure A9 315 x 315 x 590 $599
  • Pre-filter
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • HEPA 13
  • Activated Carbon
  • Ioniser
  • Auto mode
  • Air quality indicator

Best air purifiers in Singapore (2024): For small to medium spaces

When it comes to choosing an air purifier for a small space such as your bedroom or study, it is important to look out for its portability and size. This is so that you can park it at bedside tables or open shelves. Ideally, the coverage area of such air purifiers should be around 20m² to 30m² so that there is sufficient fresh air to go around.

1. Aolon TYN02 Air Purifier

Aolon TYN02 best air purifiers singapore
(Credit: Aolon Official Store)

Looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on performance? The Aolon TYN02 (available on Aolon Official Store) might be your perfect match. This compact purifier packs a punch with an advanced two-stage purification system, including a HEPA filter to capture dust and allergens. Plus, its whisper-quiet operation ensures a peaceful night’s sleep! Did we mention that it’s the perfect travel companion too? Relying on solar charging, you’ll have clean air even when you’re on a long road trip to Malaysia from Singapore!

  • Dimensions: 155 x 155 x 45mm
  • Weight: 480g
  • Price: $89.78
  • Filter Type: 4-layer HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter
  • Noise Levels: Less than 50dB
  • Additional Feature(s): Automatic start and shut-off in car, solar wireless charging

2. Dyson Pure Cool ™ TP07 Air Purifier Tower

Dyson Pure Cool™ TP07
(Credit: Dyson Official Store)

With Dyson air purifiers, you’ll be able to sleep soundly and begin your mornings on a fresher note! In particular, we are in love with the Dyson Pure Cool ™ TP07 Air Purifier Tower (available on Dyson Official Store) that possesses unparalleled features. For instance, it relies on a 360° sealed HEPA filter and carbon filters to capture up to 99.97% of pollutants and neutralise odours. What’s more, it has an adjustable oscillation ranging from 45 to 350-degrees for better coverage. For those irritated by stuffiness, this is certainly one of the best air purifiers in Singapore that delivers purified and cool air all round the room!

  • Dimensions: 120 x 204 x 1050mm
  • Weight: 4.65kg
  • Price: $909
  • Filter Type: HEPA H13 filter, Activated Carbon filter
  • Coverage Area: At least 81m³
  • Noise Levels: 61.5dB
  • Additional Feature(s): 360° air circulation, Bladeless fan, Smart capabilities, Remorte control from MyDyson app

3. PowerPac IF3266 Air Purifier

PowerPac IF3266 best air purifiers singapore
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

Living in a small apartment? The PowerPac IF3266 (available on PowerPac Official Store) is a great space-saving option. Its compact size means it can fit snugly in any corner – occupying space just slightly more than that of a mug. Despite its size, this purifier packs a punch. It’s one of the best air purifiers in Singapore for those with pets or allergies; effectively tackling mould, smoke, dust, allergens, and even pet dander with its five-stage filtration system. What’s more, it operates quietly, ensuring your peaceful moments stay uninterrupted.

  • Dimensions: 205 x 205 x 386mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Price: $169.90
  • CADR: 200m³/h
  • Filter Type: Pre-filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter, UVC light and Ioniser
  • Coverage Area: 20 – 30m²

4. SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier 

best air purifier singapore 2023 SHARP Plasmacluster
(Credit: Sharp Official Store)

Another great suggestion would be the SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier (available on Sharp Official Store) that is equipped with an innovative Plasmacluster technology. The technology uses Plasmacluster ions which helps improve air quality and reduces bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, this Sharp air purifier has a haze collection mode that specifically targets haze particles to cleanse the air. This makes it one of the best air purifiers in Singapore for those easily irritated by smoke and dust! And if that doesn’t convince you, the Mosquito Catcher feature in this Sharp air purifier will. After attracting mosquitoes with its UV light, these little critters will get pulled in due to air suction. They’ll then stick to an insecticide-free glue sheet so you can easily switch it out for a new one – no need to fear dengue seasons anymore! 

  • Dimensions: 438 x 253 x 444mm
  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Price: $257
  • Filter Type: HEPA filter, Mosquito Catcher, Plasmacluster Ioniser
  • Coverage Area: 23m²
  • Noise Levels: 27 – 44dB
  • Additional Feature(s): Mosquito catching function, Plasmacluster technology for odour and airborne germs reduction

5. Clair B3S Portable & Rechargeable Air Purifier

Clair B3S Portable & Rechargeable Air Purifier
(Credit: clair.sg)

With limited space in smaller homes, it’s important to get the best air purifier in Singapore that won’t take up too much space. Don’t underestimate the small but very powerful Clair B3S Portable & Rechargeable Air Purifier (available on clair.sg) despite its size. With a four-stage filtration system, this Clair air purifier effectively removes minute dust particles. Worried about forgetting to replace your filter? Fret not, as its trusty filter replacement alarm will be sure to remind you when to do it!

  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 183mm
  • Weight: 270g
  • Price: $79.80
  • Filter Type: Pre-filter, HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter, Sterilising LED lamp
  • Additional Feature(s): Filter replacement indicator, air quality sensor

6. Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier

Levoit Core Mini best air purifiers singapore
(Credit: Levoit Official Store)

Sometimes, simple is best. The Levoit Core Mini (available on Levoit Official Store) is a no-frills air purifier perfect for small bedrooms or offices. This purifier utilises a three-layered filtration system with a HEPA filter to capture airborne particles and an activated carbon filter to eliminate household odours. The Levoit Core Mini is also ultra-quiet, making it ideal for those who prefer a peaceful environment. But the highlight here is the aromatherapy function that diffuses your preferred fragrance throughout the room – so pleasing!

  • Dimensions: 164 x 164 x 264mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Price: $89 
  • Filter Type: H13 True HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter
  • Coverage Area: 17m²
  • Noise Levels: 25 – 44dB
  • Additional Feature(s): 3 fan speeds, aromatherapy function

Best air purifiers in Singapore (2024): For large spaces

If you’re looking for an air purifier for a larger space like your living or dining area, it is important to get one that can cover a larger surface area. These air purifiers are usually parked in a corner of the room. Ideally, the coverage area of such air purifiers should be more than 30m² depending on the size of your home. 

7. Sterra Breeze Air Purifier

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier
(Credit: Sterra SG)

When it comes to the best air purifiers in Singapore, nothing quite rivals the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier (available on Sterra SG) which is designed with the same HEPA filter that hospitals use to decontaminate their rooms. This means that it can remove up to 99.97% of all airborne particles while delivering highly efficient fresh air. Did we mention that this Sterra Breeze air purifier operates as silently as a soft whisper? Great for families with newborns who need a peaceful nap in a room of clean air!

  • Dimensions: 303 x 270 x 497mm
  • Weight: 4.6kg
  • Price: $304 – $474
  • CADR: 400m³/h
  • Filter Type: Pre-filter, Medical-grade HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter
  • Coverage Area: 80m²
  • Noise Levels: 20dB

8. Panasonic Econavi Humidifying Nanoe Air Purifier

Panasonic Econavi Humidifying Nanoe Air Purifier
(Credit: Panasonic Singapore Official Store [cropped])

Enjoy clean air at home with this Panasonic Econavi Humidifying Nanoe Air Purifier (available on Panasonic Singapore Official Store), that is one of the best air purifiers in Singapore! Installed with a new Nanoe technology that inhibits up to 99.9% of certain viruses bacteria, you’ll definitely be amazed at this Panasonic air purifier. It also has a humidifying function which helps to keep your skin supple and moisturised. To top it off, this air purifier is great for dust removal given that it has a 3D circulation airflow.

  • Dimensions: 398 x 265 x 636mm
  • Weight: 10.2 kg
  • Price: $691
  • Filter Type: HEPA filter, Nanoe™ technology
  • Coverage Area: 52m²
  • Noise Levels: 18 – 54dB
  • Additional Feature(s): Humidifying function, smart sensors to monitor pollution levels and optimise air purifier function

9. Philips DE5205/30 2-in-1 Air Purifier

best air purifier singapore 2023 Philips DE5205_30
(Credit: Philips Home Appliances Store)

The Philips DE5205/30 (available on Philips Home Appliances Store) lives up to its name as one of the best air purifiers in Singapore. Its VitaShield naturally purifies the environment, removing the tiniest of particles and basically up to 99.5% of bacteria in a room. This Philips air purifier is also built with a sensor that automatically detects and reacts to air quality. Just take note of its LED colour ring that’ll inform you how healthy the air is. But what sets this Philips air purifier apart from the others is how it doubles as a dehumidifier. It has a sensor to automatically detect the humidity levels, and you can leverage this feature to adjust humidity levels in your home. This allows you to use it to help dry laundry faster, especially when you tend to do that indoors!

  • Dimensions: 343 x 318x 617mm
  • Weight: 14kg
  • CADR: 270m³/h
  • Price: $709
  • Filter Type: HEPA filter, VitaShield
  • Coverage Area: 52m²
  • Noise Levels: 52.9dB
  • Additional Feature(s): Dehumidifying function, dry laundry mode, real-time air quality indicator, timer function

10. Sensibo Pure Smart Air Purifier  

Sensibo Pure Smart best air purifiers singapore
(Credit: Sensibo Official Store)

Embrace the smart home revolution with the Sensibo Pure (available on Sensibo Official Store). Control it from your smartphone, and let it adjust the air quality in your home automatically. This PureBoost technology increases the air purifier’s fan speed when it detects high pollution levels – ensuring that you’ll always return to a clean house. The Sensibo Pure also boasts a four-stage filtration system to combat dust, allergens, and odours, while its sleek design complements any modern Singaporean home.

  • Dimensions: 195 x 195 x 398mm
  • Weight: 1.9kg
  • CADR: 300m³/h
  • Price: $175
  • Filter Type: True HEPA filter
  • Coverage Area: 90m²
  • Additional Feature(s): Wi-Fi connectivity, Smartphone app control for remote monitoring and adjustments, Air quality sensor

11. novita Puriclean Air Purifier

best air purifier singapore 2023 novita Puriclean
(Credit: novita Official Store)

Worried about contracting allergies whenever it’s hazy? Besides being an affordable air purifier brand, the novita Puriclean Air Purifier (available on novita Official Store) has a five-step filter to remove 99.99% of airborne allergens and germs. Additionally, this novita air purifier is suited for rooms up to 100m². You can actually adjust its fan speed to change up its coverage area. Simply go for a lower setting for a smaller coverage area, and turn it up for larger rooms – it’s the air purifier that will follow you through all your moves! Above all, this is definitely one of the best air purifiers in Singapore for those with pets or even allergies — it’ll defo get rid of any burning smoke whether from your own cooking or the seasonal haze.

  • Dimensions: 325 x 172 x 534mm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • CADR: Up to 500m³/h
  • Price: $298
  • Filter Type: Washable Mesh filter, Cool Catalyst filter, Activated Carbon filter, H13 HEPA filter with Nano Silver Copper Ions, Ioniser
  • Coverage Area: 100 m²
  • Noise Levels: Up to 57dB
  • Additional Feature(s): 3 Pre-programmed modes, 4 Speed settings, Air quality indicator

12. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4 Pro

best air purifier singapore 2023 Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4 Pro
(Credit: Mi TV Store)

If you’re looking for all-round air purifiers for dust removal, check out the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4 Pro (available on Mi TV Store). Because of its unique 3-in-1 filter, this Xiaomi air purifier can filter up to 99.97% of particles. For extra assurance, this air purifier is built with a sensor that detects when there are larger particles in the air – and that includes pet hair. It’s no surprise that this is one of the best air purifiers in Singapore this 2024 for households with pets. But more than that is the high quality activated carbon that helps remove unwanted odours. Plus, you can easily control everything from an app on your phone, or simply by voice!

  • Dimensions: 275 x 275 x 680mm
  • Weight: 6.8kg
  • CADR: 500m³/h
  • Price: $279 – $318.90
  • Filter Type: True HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter
  • Coverage Area: 35-60m²
  • Noise Levels: 33.7dB
  • Additional Feature(s): OLED display for air quality readings, OLED touch controls, Support for Google Assistant and Alexa voice control

13. Electrolux Pure A9 Air Purifier

Electrolux Pure A9
(Credit: Electrolux Official Store)

A premium option from our list of best air purifiers in Singapore is this Electrolux Pure A9 Air Purifier (available on Electrolux Official Store) that is worth every cent. With 360 filters that each have a unique smart tag, it excels in automatically adjusting the air purification rate. This means that if you remove a filter and reinstall it another time, it will automatically recognize the remaining lifetime. This Electrolux air purifier also has a Air Surround System that creates a powerful yet smooth spiral movement of the air, effectively circulating and cleaning the air in your home!

  • Dimensions: 315 x 315 x 590mm
  • Weight: 7.9kg
  • CADR: 472m³/h
  • Price: $599
  • Filter Type: Pre-filter, Anti-bacteria coating, HEPA 13 filter, Activated Carbon filter, Ioniser
  • Coverage Area: 60m²
  • Noise Levels: 17.3dB
  • Additional Feature(s): Auto mode adjusts settings based on air quality, Air quality indicator light

Do air purifiers really work?

best air purifiers singapore
(Credit: HS You / Flickr)

Naturally, some of us may be skeptical about the effectiveness of air purifiers. Before you purchase one, it is important to note that air purifiers are not a cure-all solution for severe respiratory illnesses. However, the best air purifiers in Singapore do drive a hard bargain, making them tough to resist. 

To begin with, air purifiers clean the air indoors by removing impurities and dust particles. Moreover, some air purifier brands and models can detect real-time air quality and automatically filter the air! Apart from this, most basic air purifiers contain a HEPA filter which traps ultra-particulate air matter for cleaner and fresher air.

What to look for when choosing the best air purifier in Singapore (2024)?

how to choose the best air purifier in singapore 2023
(Credit: Moss.sg [cropped])
With so many models of air purifiers available, it’s hard to narrow down your choices to just one. But here are some factors to consider when you’re looking for the best air purifier in Singapore this 2024: 

  • Size of room

It’s important to determine the size of the space in which you’re placing the air purifier. Even some of the best air purifiers in Singapore this 2024 may “not work” if they’re not situated in optimal spaces. For instance, a mini air purifier won’t be suitable for large living spaces, especially 5-room flats. And if you get one that’s too large, it’ll result in larger electricity bills in the long run. 

  • CADR and ACPH

You’ll also have to find out the Clean Air Delivery Rate of the air purifier. This tells you how much clean air the air purifier can produce for a room, so a higher CADR is equivalent to a greater ability to produce clean air. You should also take note of the Air Changes Per Hour as this tells you how fast an air purifier can clean out the air in your room. An air purifier with ACPH 4 means it can change out all the air in the room four times per hour. This essentially means that the air purifier can clean out your room’s air in just 15 minutes.

  • Noise level

Depending on the room where the air purifier will be in, you may have to consider the noise it produces. If you’re using it in your bedroom, an air purifier that has a Quiet Mode will be more suitable. And this is especially important if you’re intending to use the air purifier in your kid’s bedroom. 

  • Type of filtration

The best air purifiers in Singapore this 2024 are those with true HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. These HEPA filters are known for catching up to 99.97% of nano-sized particles. It’s also advised to refrain from getting air purifiers with UV and/or ionisers. These air purifiers have been known to produce a by-product known as ozone, which is also an irritant that can damage your lungs over time.

Some air purifiers also feature filtration stages. There are several layers of filters that air goes through to have deeper and more thorough cleaning. They usually have a washable fabric layer, a replaceable HEPA filter and sometimes even an activated carbon filter to get rid of unwanted odours. 

  • Cost

As HEPA filters need to be replaced regularly, it’s necessary to factor this in when you’re considering some of the best air purifiers in Singapore. On top of maintenance, you should also take note of its efficiency rating as air purifiers are typically left on for long hours.

Should I use an air purifier everyday?

It’s actually advised to keep your air purifier on 24/7. That’s because the air purifier has already cleaned the air, so if you were to ever switch it off, pollutants will start accumulating in the room again.

Only the best air purifiers in Singapore for your home (2024)

Finding the best air purifier in Singapore for smoke and dust removal can indeed be a challenge, but we hope that our recommendations will help you find the perfect one! Given Singapore’s hot weather, healthy air quality has become a necessity. Start by equipping yourself with some of the best dehumidifiers in Singapore that serve to take the moisture out of air when it is too humid. Meanwhile, check out our extensively curated lists of best air coolers and best standing fans to beat the heat. Shop at our Shopee Home Appliances Sale for 100% authentic products and enjoy one year warranty and 0% interest instalment plan!

This article was updated on 9 April 2024. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.