Chill Out: 23 Winter Essentials For Your Frosty Holiday

lady wearing pink winter coat and red beanie in a forest winter packing list

Snow, ice, and everything nice – winter is what every Singaporean dreams of. This year-end, it’s high time to jet off and wander around in winter wonderlands across the globe. If you’ve got your flight booked and accommodations settled, all that’s left is to get your winter essentials ready. While packing light for cold weather can be tough, we’re here to help. Read on for our winter packing list to gear up for your snowy holiday! 

How to pack for different temperatures?

two travellers walking on a snowy mountain
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Depending on your destination, the winter you’ll experience during your vacation may differ drastically from someone else’s. Before you start buying your winter essentials, do your research on the temperature range you’ll be experiencing, and plan your winter packing list accordingly!

  • 10°C to 20°C

If you’re travelling to a country like Taiwan where winter is between 13 to 18°C, you won’t be needing thick coats and long johns to stay comfortable. It’d be like being in a cold air-conditioned mall in Singapore, so you’ll only need one to two layers of clothing. However, do pack along a scarf to shield against the wind.

  • 0°C to 10°C

Planning to visit Japan to slurp the best ramen in Tokyo? Then get ready for a chilly winter between 0 to 10°C! For this weather, you’ll need good quality thermal wear and a thick winter coat or down jacket. Gloves, scarves, and headgear are also a must to stay warm!

  • Below 0°C

For sub-zero weather, it is recommended to wrap yourself up with three to four layers of clothing. This includes thermal wear, sweaters, jackets, and coats. For bottoms, get thick leggings or make sure to wear long johns beneath your jeans. Also ensure that your ears, neck, and hands are well-covered with ear muffs, scarves, and gloves!

Winter travel packing list at a glance

woman packing clothes in luggage winter packing list
(Credit: Vlada Karpovich / Pexels)

Wherever you go, it is always a good idea to pack as light as possible to make travel easy. A rule of thumb is to always pack at least a week’s worth of clothes, no matter the length of your travel. For winter, clothes can always be re-worn and you can also do laundry for your base layers. Here’s a list of essentials to pack for your week-long winter vacation!

  • Winter coat (1 – 2 pieces)
  • Sweaters (3 – 4 pieces)
  • Jeans and sweatpants(2 – 3 pieces)
  • Thermal wear (3 – 4 sets)
  • Winter boots (1 – 2 pairs)
  • Thick socks (4 – 7 pairs)
  • Beanies and ear muffs (1 each)
  • Scarves and gloves (1 each)
  • Undergarments (5 sets)
  • Heat packs
  • Cleansing milk
  • Moisturiser
  • Lip balm
  • Hand cream
  • Body lotion

For easy reference, download a copy of our winter travel packing list to keep track of all the items you need to prepare!

Winter travel packing list: Coats

A winter coat is essential for any winter vacation, and it’s worth investing in a good-quality one to keep you warm. Here are some of the best types of winter coats you can consider adding to your travel packing lists in preparation for the cold weather.

1. Puffer coat

winter packing list covernat short puffer jacket

Not all winter coats are heavy and bulky. Case in point: puffer coats which offer both warmth and lightness. They are quilted and insulated with down or synthetic feathers, which help to trap heat. Due to their lightweight and waterproof material, puffer coats are great for both outdoor adventures and everyday activities. That’s why they’re essential for any winter packing lists. 

We recommend the Covernat Short Puffer Jacket (available on which combines style and utility with its side pockets and wide quilts. Other solid options include the Padded Jacket with Detachable Hood and the Padded Jacket with Oversized Faux Fur Hood (both available on Universal Traveller Official Store), which are both weather-rated to be suitable for 0°C to 15°C. They sport useful features such as detachable hoods that keep your face warm, and an adjustable hood string for protection against the wind.

2. Wool coat

lady wearing beige wool coat winter packing list
(Credit: nana clothes)

Wool coats are another strong contender when it comes to the best outerwear options. Thanks to the air pockets in wool, it makes for an excellent insulator against the cold. They are also water-resistant, which is important for when it snows during winter. The best part? They look hella chic as well. 

This black Covernat Bellandi Wool Balmacan Coat (available on will make you look like you walked straight out of a K-drama. We absolutely love its silhouettes, and its premium wool material will keep you extra warm and fuzzy. It’s simply one of the best winter coats to get for your winter packing list! For ladies, this Winter Time Wool Mixed Coat (available on Winter Time Official Store) sports the look of a short trench coat and is extremely stylish!

3. Fleece jackets

winter packing list giodarno men polar fleece hooded jacket
(Credit: Giordano Official Store)

Warm, breathable, and ultra-soft – that’s what fleece jackets are which makes them one of the best winter coats to get. They also dry very quickly due to the microfibers and are durable and easy to clean. Fleece jackets can be worn as the middle layer, or as outerwear, depending on the temperature. 

For ladies who want to feel and look all bundled up and cosy, this H&M Zip-Top Teddy Hoodie (available on H&M Official) is for you! For the lads, the Giordano Men Polar Fleece Hooded Jacket (available on Giordano Official Store) is one of the best winter coats to include in your winter packing list, that can easily pair with any men’s jeans

Winter travel packing list: Long-sleeve tops & bottoms

Long-sleeve tops like sweaters and hoodies are great for layering in between your thermal wear and winter coats, which is why they need to be on your winter packing list to prepare for the cold weather. They also help you change up your style during your vacation.

4. Sweaters

turtleneck sweaters in black, yellow, and beige

Sweater weather is rare in Singapore, so pack all your favourite sweaters for your winter vacation! There’s a deluge of styles that you can find, from turtlenecks that keep your neck warm, and crew neck sweaters for a casual look. The Basic Turtleneck Knitted Sweater and Turtleneck Knitted Sweater For Men (available on Universal Traveller Official Store) offer a slim fit, and sports a soft texture with ribbed fabric. For a more laid-back fit, the Half Zip Heavyweight Sweater (available on Maden Official Store) is super soft, and even features pockets! Be sure to include sweaters in your winter packing list for your year-end vacation to stay stylish while keeping warm.

5. Hoodies

h&m relaxed fit hoodie in black dark
(Credit: H&M Official)

If the temperature at your holiday destination is above 15°C, hoodies are a great option to include in your winter packing list. They also come in handy if your winter coat does not come with a hood to keep the back of your neck protected from harsh winds! Those with kangaroo pockets are also great for keeping your barang easily accessible. Need recommendations? The Erigo Lavender Camouflage Hoodie (available on and the yellow House Of Smith Hoodie (available on are quality options that offer a nice pop of colour against the snow. For those who prefer to go with a monochromatic colour scheme, the H&M Relaxed Fit Hoodie in Black Dark (available on H&M Official) is a solid choice that has a drawcord-adjustable hood.

6. Jeans

denim jeans
(Credit: Giordano Singapore Official Store)

Looking for jeans for men or ladies’ jeans for winter? While regular jeans will suffice with thermal wear layered underneath, you can also opt for fleece jeans if you’re travelling to a country with sub-zero temperatures. For instance, this pair of Fleece Jeans (available on Maynos Accessories Store) are sleek and casual, and will look great when paired with an oversized sweater. 

7. Sweatpants

champion grey sweatpants winter packing list
(Credit: Champion Official Store)

Prefer something that provides more flexibility? Sweatpants offer equal, if not more warmth than jeans during winter! Stay warm and fuzzy with sweatpants like the Champion Men’s Sweatpants (available on Champion Official Store) which sports a tapered silhouette and a ribbed hem. We also love the New Balance Womens Athletics Linear Sweatpant (available on New Balance SG Official Store) which comes in an adorable Quartz Pink!

8. Thermal wear

woman wearing black long johns thermal wear winter packing list

Quality thermal wear is essential for a winter vacation, so be sure to include them in your winter packing list! Also known as long johns, thermal wear is essentially elongated underwear that covers your entire body. They are typically made of two-ply fabric, such as a combination of cotton and polyester, and help to trap body heat. The Unisex Heatplus+ Performance Thermal (available on Universal Traveller Official Store) is rated to be suitable for temperatures between -20°C and 5°C, keeping you protected even in subzero weather. It traps body heat with inner brushed fleece and is made of quick dry material so you can wash it during vacation. The lightweight material is also important as it allows for ease of movement and easy layering.

Winter travel packing list: Footwear

Warming up the feet can quickly warm up the rest of the body, which is why winter boots are worth an investment to avoid falling sick during your vacation. Unlike regular boots, winter boots are usually lined with fleece to trap heat. Here are some of the best winter boots that you can consider including in your packing list for your vacation!

9. Winter boots

brown winter boots
(Credit: Universal Traveller Official Store)

It’s likely that you’ll be walking a lot during your vacation, and investing in a good quality pair of winter boots will go a long way in keeping those feet comfy and warm. The Timberland Men’s 6 in Premium Boot (available on Timberland Official Store) features a footbed of EVA-blend foam which provides high-rebound cushioning, making it one of the best winter boots for comfortable walking. Another highly recommended pair is the Universal Traveller Basic Boots (available on Universal Traveller Official Store), which sports a classic design that’s easy to pair with any outfit. Going for a walk in the snow with the family? Then these Montbell Unisex Vail Boots and Montbell Kids’ Powder Boots (both available on X-Boundaries Official Store) with good friction will prevent you from slipping. This is your sign to include these best winter boots in your winter packing list this holiday season!

10. Boots with heels

black winter ankle boots with heels and fleece
(Credit: IELGY Women’s Shoes Official Store)

For ladies who are planning for fancy dinners during your vacation, you can include winter boots with heels in your packing list so you can dress up on those days. The IELGY Martin Boots (available on IELGY Women’s Shoes Official Store) look chic but provide warmth with its wool material that goes above the ankles. You can also consider the IELGY Elastic Ankle Boots (available on IELGY Women’s Shoes Official Store) which feature a back zip for easy wearing and removal. It’s one of the best winter boots to include in your winter travel packing list!

Winter travel packing list: Accessories

After you’ve prepared your garb, don’t forget the accessories that keep exposed parts like your neck and hands warm. Thinking about what accessories to bring to these winter countries? Here are our recommendations on accessories that you should include in your winter travel packing list!

11. Scarves

pink scarf winter packing list
(Credit: Winter Time Official Store)

Scarves are incredibly handy during winter. Not only can they be used to cover your neck area, but also to cover your face and ears. The Winter Time Ladies Acrylic Scarf (available on Winter Time Official Store) is made of bonded fabric, which is breathable and snowproof. It even comes with detachable snow skirts which allow you to change up your style from cute to classic! On the other hand, the Winter Time Unisex Acrylic Knitted Scarf (available on Winter Time Official Store) sports a simple, checkered look. It can easily be paired with most winter coats, which is why you should consider including it in your winter packing list!

12. Socks

winter packing list wool socks
(Credit: mashleymallow)

If you open your socks drawer and can only find a bunch of ankle socks, it’s time to shop for some thick, long winter socks to keep your feet warm. These Winter Wool Socks (available on mashleymallow) are made of soft fabric that is comfortable to wear. It also comes in various colours like red and green! Another quality pick is the Citrusox Knee High Wool Socks (available on Citrusox Official Store) which is odour-resistant and made of sweat-wicking fabric and wool fibre. This helps to trap air inside the socks and stabilise body temperature. 

13. Beanies

winter packing list vans bruckner cuff beanie in green
(Credit: Vans Official Store)

Winter vacations are the perfect time to rock your beanies which are usually too hot for the Singapore weather! This Essentials Fear Of God Short Beanie (available on is made of wool spandex that’s soft and stretchy. This Vans Bruckner Cuff Beanie in Green (available on Vans Official Store) also looks pretty trendy! It couldn’t be more apt for your winter vacation with its cool, minty shade. So be sure to include it in your winter packing list!

14. Gloves

soft knit cream gloves

Don’t forget to pack gloves along with you to keep your hands warm during your winter vacation. Especially if you’re doing sports like skiing or snowboarding, pockets won’t be an option to keep warm when you’re active. We recommend the Soft Knit Touch Screen Gloves (available on which your phone screens will still be sensitive to so you won’t have to take them out just to answer a call. These Checkered Touch Screen Gloves (available on Universal Traveller Official Store) are also great for keeping your hands toasty.

15. Ear muffs

winter packing list winter time cat earmuffs
(Credit: Winter Time Official Store)

If you’re not donning any headgear, we recommend bringing earmuffs along to protect your ears from the cold! The Winter Time Cat Earmuffs (available on Winter Time Official Store) sport adjustable headbands, and come with soft, breathable faux fur that keeps your ears warm! For a more understated look, go for the Universal Traveller Earmuffs (available on Universal Traveller Official Store) which are foldable and easy to carry around. It also comes in four shades: Nero, Pewter, Midnight, and Coffee!

Winter travel packing list: Heat packs

The cold can be biting even when you’re armed with thick coats and quality thermal wear. But fret not, heat packs will offer the extra warmth you need. Here are different types of heat packs and hand warmers you can prepare for your winter vacation!

16. Rechargeable hand warmers

person holding pink reindeer rechargeable hand warmer

While we buy portable fans to beat the heat in Singapore, those living in cold climates rely on rechargeable hand warmers to stay comfortable outdoors. If you love cute things, you’ll be delighted to know that you can find a deluge of adorable hand warmers to bring on your winter vacation! One that you should include in your winter travel packing list is the Mini Hand Warmer (available on which fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It features a variety of designs like a reindeer, rabbit, and animal paws! 

17. Chemical heat packs

disposable hand warmers heat packs
(Credit: Adventure21)

Chemical heat packs are compact and easily fit in your pockets so your hands can get a nice ‘defrost’ when you reach in. They’re also air-activated – just shake or rub them for a few seconds for them to heat up. We recommend getting adhesive options so you can stick them in between your clothes or in your pockets for extra warmth! The Winter Time Chemical Warmer (available on Winter Time Official Store) includes different sizes for your hands, feet, and body. 

Winter travel packing list: personal care essentials

Besides keeping warm, it’s also important to stay moisturised given how dry the winter season is. This is especially so for Singaporeans, as our climate is humid all year round, which makes it harder for our skin to adapt to the dry weather. Here’s a list of essentials to include in your winter travel packing list this holiday!

18. Cleansing milk

winter packing list eucerin dermatoclean hyaluron cleansing milk
(Credit: Watsons Singapore Official Store)

For cleansers, we recommend using cleansing milk for winter as they are formulated to add moisture to your skin. This helps to protect your skin barrier and hydrate the skin instead of stripping its natural oils. Top-rated cleansing milks include the EUCERIN Dermatoclean Hyaluron Cleansing Milk (available on Watsons Singapore Official Store)! This one in particular nourishes and cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and supple. We also highly recommend the Avene Milk Cleanser (available on Avene Official Store) which removes makeup as well!

19. Moisturiser for face

cerave moisturising cream for dry skin winter packing list
(Credit: First Few Years Official Store)

While gel-type moisturisers may work best in humid conditions in Singapore, they may not offer enough moisture during winter. It would be better to use a rich, cream-based moisturiser to keep your skin supple during your winter vacation! Wondering what to include in your winter travel packing list? You should definitely consider the Cerave Moisturising Cream for Dry Skin (available on First Few Years Official Store) which gives your skin a boost of hyaluronic acid and ceramides to stay hydrated. The belif The True Cream Moisturising Bomb (available on belif Official Store) is another great option as it is formulated with comfrey leaf, which promotes skin renewal. 

20. Sunscreen

anessa suncreen milk
(Credit: Welcia-BHG Official Store)

It may feel like the sun isn’t as glaring during the winter compared to summer, but it is still crucial to apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. In fact, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV radiation increases by 5% with every thousand feet above sea level. Therefore, if you’re doing winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, sunscreen is a must! The best sunscreens in Singapore include the ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk (available on Welcia-BHG Official Store) which offers SPF 50+ and PA++++. It is also hydrating and waterproof, which is perfect for the non-stop travelling you’re going to do overseas.

21. Lip balm

nivea essential care lip balm
(Credit: Watsons Singapore Official Store)

To prevent chapped, flaky lips, lip balms are a must-have in your winter packing list! We recommend getting one with SPF to protect your lips from UV damage as well. The Nivea Lip Balm (available on Nivea Official Store) comes with SPF 30, and is formulated with sunflower extract to protect the lips from moisture loss. If you are prone to getting severely chapped lips, bring along the Dermal Therapy Lip Balm (available on Dermal Therapy Official Store) which is enriched with paw paw, an ingredient that soothes and relieves dryness.

22. Body lotion

now Solutions Shea Butter
(Credit: Now Foods Official Store)

The winter climate can easily lead to a cold rash, which is not what you want during a vacation. Therefore, include one of the best body lotions your winter travel packing list to keep your entire body supple and moist. Look out for body lotions with shea butter, such as the NOW Solutions Shea Butter (available on Now Foods Official Store) which features a luxurious, rich texture to moisturise skin. Alternatively, the Nivea Body Creme (available on Nivea Official Store) is compact and easy to carry for travel, and can heal dry heels and elbows as well. 

23. Hand cream

avene Cold Cream Concentrated Hand Cream winter packing list
(Credit: Avene Official Store)

A good quality hand cream is also essential to bring for your vacation, as your hands can get easily dehydrated not just from washing, but also from the dry climate. Keep them well nourished with the Avene Cold Cream Concentrated Hand Cream (available on Avene Official Store) which contains sucralfate which restores and facilitates skin renewal. It is also effective on dry, cracked heels and elbows. Another hand cream to consider is the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm (available on Cosmede Official Store) which is rich in skin-softening emollients to boost moisture.

Enjoy your snowy holiday with our winter travel packing list

From winter coats to scarves and gloves, stay warm and fuzzy during your vacation by preparing all the essentials for your winter travel packing list! If you’re planning a trip to Japan next year, do, check out the best Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo. Also, you can peruse our list of best luggage in Singapore as well! Just remember to cop everything from your winter packing list during our 12.12 Birthday Sale this year!

This article was updated on 21 November 2023. Additional research done by Foo Pei Shi.

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