7 Healthy Snacks In Singapore To Munch On For Slow Work Days

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While it’s common to suffer from midday hunger pangs, chomping on sugary and salty snacks will just leave you feeling more sluggish. Instead of feeding on empty calories, why not try low-calorie snacks instead? Filled with fibre and vitamins, our rundown of the best healthy snacks in Singapore will perk you right up so you can survive those slow work days.

Must-try healthy snacks in Singapore

1. Edamame – a vegan-friendly protein source

sensible foods roasted edamame healthy snacks in singapore
(Credit: VitaKids Pte Ltd)

Once you get past the initial phonetic gymnastics, you’ll realise edamame (ed-ah-ma-may) is one of the best healthy snacks in Singapore. Compared with other low-calorie foods, edamame is exceedingly big on protein! 100g of these pea-shaped powerhouses provide enough nutrients to match the protein in 100g of chicken breast and fibre in four slices of wholewheat bread.

Inconvenienced by their inedible pods? Why not check out Sensible Food’s edamame protein snack (available on Vitakids Pte Ltd)! Prepared without MSG or preservatives, this ready-to-eat roasted edamame snack allows you to snack guilt-free and enjoy a wealth of nutrients usually found in wholefood sources.

2. Mixed nuts – healthy fats galore

nature's wonders mixed nuts healthy snacks in singapore
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Fat — the dreaded nutrient that’s linked to heart disease and obesity. Yet, you’ll often hear dieticians recommending nuts as go-to healthy snacks in Singapore! That’s because the monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids present in the nuts can help combat health issues like inflammation and high cholesterol!

If you need recommendations, The Royal Mix by Nature’s Wonder (available on S-Mart by Shopee) is a terrific example of good fats done right! From antioxidant-filled cranberries to fibrous pistachios, mixed nuts provide ample flavour and variety of texture so you’ll never get bored of having the same few nuts.

3. Oatmeal – most satiating snack

bob's red mill oatmeal healthy snacks in singapore
(Credit: RedMan)

While you might be motivated to adopt a healthy, clean and light diet, it won’t be long before you’re craving for something more filling! Despite loading you up on essential vitamins and nutrients, most healthy snacks in Singapore often disappoint as multiple servings still leave you craving for more.

Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal (available on RedMan) seeks to change this as it provides the complete nutritional package while remaining a convenient ready-to-eat option. Offering nutrient-rich toppings like chia seeds and flax, you’ll definitely feel fuller thanks to the combination of rolled oats and Scottish oatmeal! Additionally, your gut produces beta-glucan — a hormone that makes you feel fuller in response to eating oatmeal.

4. Granola – fibre-rich goodness

amazin graze granola healthy snacks in singapore
(Credit: Amazin’ Graze)

Granola is unrivalled as a digestive aid and is one of the most popular healthy snacks in Singapore! From regulating digestion to improving heart health, there’s no low-calorie snack that comes close to offering the same dietary fibre benefits. Unfortunately, many granola options today flood their oats with sugary ingredients, causing the fibrous snack to lose its edge in the low-calorie snacks market.

With Amazin’ Graze’s Granola (available on Amazin’ Graze), you never need to worry about the overall sugar content! Restricting themselves to natural ingredients, superfoods and natural sweeteners, Amazin’ Graze guarantees a wholesome snacking experience with every bite.

5. Kale chips – pro bone health chips

kale chips healthy snacks in singapore
(Credit: VitaKids Pte Ltd)

Can’t get past kale’s bitter flavour? Several healthy snacks in Singapore have incorporated the earthy vegetable to create the perfect savoury, low-calorie snack for regular consumption! Providing a punchy crunch with each bite, kale chips enrich your body with antioxidants and vitamins.

To make kale more appealing to the average snacker, Simply 7 has released a potato-kale ridged chip hybrid that’s trans fat and preservative-free! Despite looking like your average potato chip, Simpy 7’s sea salt kale chips (available on VitaKids Pte Ltd) are healthy snacks brimming with Vitamin K! With one serving, you’ll consume close to the daily recommended amount, which can improve bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 

6. Crackers – savoury snack vessels

jacobs wheat cracker weetameal healthy snacks in singapore
(Credit: MondelezOfficialStore)

Possessing timeless cross-generational appeal, crackers are an evergreen favourite when it comes to healthy snacks in Singapore. From being crumbled into a soup to being accompanied with toppings like cheese or tuna, there are plenty of ways to savour this versatile snack! Instead of munching on crackers laced with sugar and refined grains, you should choose healthier cracker options that offer fibre and protein. 

Jacob’s Wheat Cereal Weetameal crackers (available on MondelezOfficialStore) combines a hefty, wheat-based flavour with nutritional benefits. These Weetameal crackers retain their shape even after being dunked and are one of the best healthy snacks in Singapore to go with a hot beverage.

7. Seaweed – best dietary iodine source

dongwon yangban seaweed healthy snacks in singapore
(Credit: Hi Trading Supplies Singapore)

If you find yourself feeling sluggish during the work day, you’ll probably need a dose of dietary iodine found in seaweed! It contains a range of nutrients from amino acids and protein to good fats and essential vitamins.

Although most seaweed brands might seem like good low-calorie snacks, they’re often deep-fried for enhanced flavour. With Dongwon YangBan’s seaweed (available on Hi Trading Supplies Singapore), rest assured you’re getting the healthier option. The seaweed is grilled before being lightly seasoned with salt and oil for maximum flavour! No wonder it’s the #1 selling Korean snack in South Korea!


Enjoy maximum productivity and satiation with these best healthy snacks in Singapore during the slowest work days. Bolster your healthy diet with effective exercises! Here’s an easy home workout routine that takes no more than 15 minutes! Alternatively, if you prefer gym resistance training, here are some 24-hour gyms in Singapore to consider visiting at any time of the day.