21 Best Korean Face Masks To Get Flawless Glass Skin

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Getting a little tired of donning a mask every time you step out of the door? Why not stay indoors and put on one of these best Korean face masks instead! Not only do these best Korean face masks provide plenty of hydration for our skin, you can also keep them in the fridge and smooth them over your face for a cool treat! An effective skin-booster, Korean sheet masks are jam-packed with nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen. One thing to note: pick a face mask that targets your specific skin concerns for maximum effectiveness! Be it dry skin or ageing skin, we’ve got you covered. 

Do face masks really improve skin?

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No face mask can perform wonders. But they can enhance the texture and appearance of your skin when used in conjunction with a good skin care routine. Korean sheet masks can be one of the best ways to deliver an intensive burst of nourishing skin care elements to your skin and they work by covering your face with your chosen formula for around 10-20 minutes.This gives the ingredients more time to deeply penetrate your skin and take effect.

How often should I use a Korean face mask?

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It all comes down to the type of masks you plan to use. Some Korean sheet masks work best when used daily, but others can be applied as little as 1-3 times a week to achieve that glass skin.

Do I need to wash my face after using a face mask?

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Sheet masks continue to benefit your skin after removal, so don’t wash your face immediately after. Take advantage of the hydrating residue left and let it soak into your skin to achieve the best results.

Pro Tip: Don’t let the remaining essence on the sheet mask go to waste! Wipe your sheet mask all over your face and even your neck to spread the goodness. 

Best Korean face masks for daily maintenance

If you have normal skin or generally good complexion, lucky you! However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your skin. Do your skin a favour by adopting a consistent routine with the best Korean face masks in Singapore in order to achieve that glass skin!

1. Happymask Jeju Seaweed Face Mask

Happymask Jeju Seaweed Face Mask - best korean face mask
(Credit: Guardian SG Official Store)

Wish you had your favourite K-pop idols’ absolutely glowing, dewy skin? With the Happymask Jeju Seaweed Face Mask (available from the Guardian SG Official Store), say hello to happy skin all day long! This mask is made with ingredients that were imported and specifically harvested on the lovely island of Jeju. This includes seaweed, which is rich in marine minerals that’s good for the skin! Specially developed with AQUAPlus, it replenishes daily nutrients in the skin, promotes skin hydration and locks in natural moisture, leaving skin soft and supple. If you spend most of your time in drying air-conditioned offices and classrooms, this mask is for you!

2. ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 Air Therapy Mask

best korean face mask etude house 0.2 air therapy mask
(Credit: ETUDE Official Store)

The Etude House 0.2 Air Therapy Mask (available on ETUDE Official Store) is a hypoallergenic Korean sheet mask that comes in an array catered to many skin concerns! They make for great daily masks due to their affordability and range. Popular ingredients include aloe vera, snail mucin, madecassoside and tea tree. These Etude House masks are only 0.2 mm in thickness, which allows for perfect adherence while letting your skin breathe comfortably. Often feel suffocated whenever you drape on a sheet mask? The Etude House 0.2 Air Therapy Mask is a game changer!

3. SOMEBYMI Real Care Mask

SOMEBYMI best korean face mask
(Credit: SOMEBYMI SG Official Store)

The SOMEBYMI Real Care Mask (available on SOMEBYMI SG Official Store) is one the best vegan-certified Korean face sheet masks soaked in rich essence to offer numerous benefits to the skin. With a wide array of masks catered to different skin concerns, you’re bound to find the perfect one for you to enjoy a relaxing skin care at home. It uses a 100% plant-based cellulose sheet that is biodegradable and is not combined with any chemical fabric, making it perfect for all skin types. Moreover, this SOMEBYMI mask contains AHA, BHA, PHA for dead skin cells care, giving your skin a shiny complexion. 

4. GRAFEN MASK-ZONE Calming Mask 

GRAFEN best korean face mask
(Credit: Grafen Korea Official Store)

While Singapore has eased the mask-wearing restrictions, some of us might still want to wear one to stay safe. Long days of wearing a face mask can cause skin problems and that’s why GRAFEN MASK-ZONE Calming Mask (available on Grafen Korea Official Store) is here to help! This mask is made with bamboo charcoal, which boosts strong nutrient absorption on the skin and coupled with the collagen from aloe vera leaves, it promotes better skin circulation and hydration. The design of its package makes it easy to carry around and has a protective cap to keep it sanitary even in your tote bag talk about skincare on the go! 

5. A’pieu Daily Sheet Masks

best korean face masks apieu daily sheet mask hydroluthione

(Credit: nooriri.sg)

While incorporating a daily Korean sheet mask into your beauty routine can do wonders for your skin, many may have reservations about it due to the waste involved in opening a brand new packet of sheet every day. Thankfully, the A’pieu Daily Sheet Masks (available on nooriri.sg) come in a box of thirty-three Korean sheet masks so you won’t be left with a pile of packaging waste. Each mask is soaked in hydrating solution, enough to last you a full month of daily sheet masking. The A’pieu Daily Sheet Masks come in three types – black tea, green tea and hyaluthione. Black tea for hydrating, green tea for soothing and hyaluthione for improving the skin’s moisture barrier. Our personal favourite is black tea as it smells incredible and absorbs well into the skin!

Best Korean face masks for dull skin

Pent-up stress and the lack of proper skincare may cause your skin to appear lacklustre, dull and flat. The accumulation of dead skin cells may also result in a grey-ish complexion. Achieve glass-like radiant skin with the following best Korean face masks!

6. Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask

Sulwhasoo best korean face mask
(Credit: Sulwhasoo Official Store)

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask (available on Sulwhasoo Official Store) is a balancing care mask that helps soothe and clear skin texture with a fine-mesh cotton mask generously soaked in the JAUM Balancing Complex. This is the core effective ingredient in their best seller First Care Activating Serum EX that helps to nourish and hydrate your skin, allowing you to regain skin radiance, elasticity, and improve signs of wrinkles. The interesting part about this product is that it also has a subtle scent of natural herbs that evokes a sense of serenity for the skin and mind. What a great way to relax your soul after a long day of work!

Pro tip: For optimal results, use the mask right after cleansing and before other skincare products! Check out the best products from Sulwhasoo skincare range to amp up your skincare routine.

7. JAYJUN Intensive Shining Mask

flat lay of blue and pink jayjun intensive shining mask best korean face mask
(Credit: Havingstore.sg)

The JAYJUN Intensive Shining Masks (available on Havingstore.sg) is a Korean face mask that’s formulated with some of the best skincare ingredients. It contains niacinamide, adenosine and betaine which have brightening, plumping and hydrating effects respectively! Despite its higher price point, the JAYJUN Intensive Shining Mask is value for money as each pack contains a face essence, eye cream and the mask pack! 

After using your facial cleanser, apply the essence all over your skin and tap lightly for better absorption. Then, apply the mask sheet for 20 minutes before using the complimentary eye cream to give your under-eyes a much-needed hydration boost. Be amazed at how well your makeup applies after this intense skin pampering!

8. Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening Mask

Dr Jart+ rubber mask best korean face mask
(Credit: cosblah)

For a truly innovative and fun mask, try out the Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening Mask (available on cosblah)! Check out the video below on how to use it. This rubber mask penetrates the skin deeper than regular sheet masks, allowing for the skin to absorb a higher amount of powerful active ingredients. While the packaging itself is enough for us to whip out our wallets, the rubber mask also comes infused with great ingredients like Vitamin C, sea buckthorn fruit extract that’ll give your skin a luminous glow!

The Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening Mask comes with two sachets of solutions — just mix them together and you’re good to go. They also include a spatula for you to help spread the rubber mask onto your skin without contaminating it with your fingers. Hygienic and adorable packaging? We are sold!

Pro tip: Keep the spatula after use, you can reuse them for other peel-off or wash-off masks!

Best Korean face masks for dry skin

Whether you’ve naturally dry skin or developed it due to environmental factors, it’s important to focus on hydration for your skincare routine. Your dry skin may crack, peel and become inflamed if you do not take good care of it. Besides installing a humidifier in your room or on your standing work desk, you can also turn to Korean face masks for a quick and effective solution. Discover the best Korean face masks in Singapore for dry skin below!

9. Medicube Ringer Mask Moisture Hydra

medicube moisture hydra ringer mask best korean face mask
(Credit: Medicube Official Store)

Moisturized skin helps the skin look and feel smoother. Give your dry skin a much-needed boost of hydration with the Medicube Moisture Hydra Ringer Mask (available on Medicube Official Store). It comes infused with five layers of hyaluronic acid to ensure penetration into the skin and maximum hydration. The Medicube mask also includes panthenol, which is great for soothing skin and reducing trans-epidermal water loss. If you’re a fan of Medicube, feel free to check out their other masks including Revital Nourishing, Shining Toning and Relax Calming!

10. SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask 

SKIN1004 best korean face mask
(Credit: SKIN1004 Official Store)

The SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask (available on SKIN1004 Official Store) is a holy grail for those with dry sensitive skin. Soaked in 25ml of essence containing 51% Madagascan cica extract, this nourishing sheet mask instantly soothes and hydrates sensitive skin while delivering a long-lasting glow. Its unique gel-based sheet mask provides improved essence absorption and moisture retention to ensure tight adherence to the skin. Additional ingredient of natural cornmint oil and Centella asiatica extract also provides a cooling touch, leaving your skin feeling refreshed all-night!

11. SNP Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask 

SNP bird nest best korean face mask
(Credit: Sasa Official Store)

Formulated with 1000mg of bird’s nest extract, SNP’s Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask (available on Sasa Official Store) hydrates rough and dry skin by replenishing lots of moisture for a smooth and clean complexion. Because it doesn’t contain mineral oil, silicone oil, or tar coloring, its skin-friendly recipe is suitable for all skin types and allows for hassle-free use. It also includes other natural components including Witch Hazel, Green Tea, and Chamomile, which helps to soothe and reduce skin irritation. Enjoy glowing glass skin with one of the best korean sheet masks as it is packed with a delicate essence, providing vitality to the skin so that it can absorb nutrients deeply! 

12. Dr.Jart+ Rubber Mask Moist Lover

box of dr jart+ cryo rubber hydration mask best korean face mask
(Credit: kosatoz)

Dr.Jart+ is a trusted dermatological cosmetics brand with scientifically tested products that are safe even for hypersensitive skin! Indulge your dry skin in the ultimate hydration therapy with the Dr Jart+ Cryo Rubber Moisturizing Mask (available on kosatoz). It comes with a hyaluronic acid ampoule for deep hydration. What’s more, this Dr. Jart+ mask is made with algae and clay coated with kelp extract, which not only helps to moisturise the skin but also eliminates impurities, leaving a healthier complexion. What makes this one of the best Korean face masks in Singapore for dry skin is the rubber mask, which helps to better penetrate the skin and lock in moisture. The results? Moisturised and supple skin that’s less likely to itch or peel!

13. HERA Hyaluronic Filler Mask 

hera hyaluronic filler mask best korean face mask
(Credit: CoScOs KOREA)

When it comes to the best Korean face masks in Singapore for dry skin, there’s no surprise that HERA sits high up on the list. This high-end cosmetics brand is renowned for its effective and superb quality skincare products that have been raved by top tier actresses and supermodels alike. HERA understands the difference hyaluronic acid makes to dry skin, which is why it’s the main ingredient used to formulate the HERA Hyaluronic Filler Mask (available on CoScOs KOREA)! Hyaluronic acid acts as a powerful moisture magnet, drawing moisture of over 1,000 times its own molecular weight deep into the skin. For the best results, massage your face in an outwards motion using both the middle and ring finger with the mask still on, to achieve firmer, glowing skin!

Best Korean face masks for acne-prone skin 

Pesky acne and unsightly blemishes can affect your overall appearance and take a toll on self-confidence. Some of the causes of this skin issue include hormonal imbalances and stress. A general rule of thumb; do not pick or squeeze your blemishes as it may exacerbate the condition and cause scarring. While acne and blemishes may be some of the trickiest skin issues to tackle, there’s no need to fret. We’ve got some of the best Korean face masks in Singapore to help ease your acne symptoms and achieve glass-like skin! 

14. Miss Dragon Wasabi Green Facial Mask

wasabi green korean face mask with cotton plant against white wall
(Credit: missdragonofficial.sg)

Wasabi and the word soothing may not seem to go well together, but this Wasabi Green Soothing Mask (available on missdragonofficial.sg) is one of the best Korean face masks for troubled, acne-prone skin. This key ingredient in this mask is wasabi root extract, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help to heal the skin and boost circulation. Together with green tea extract and centella asiatica for additional soothing benefits, this mask is suitable even for those who suffer from red inflamed skin. 

15. Lindsay Tea Tree Modeling Mask

lindsay best korean face mask
(Credit: SA K-GOODS)

Those who’ve been to facial treatments would know how intensely calming and effective modelling masks are in revitalising your skin. Bring the spa experience home with the Lindsay Tea Tree Modeling Mask Pack (available on SA K-GOODS) to soothe your troubled skin! The Lindsay mask contains a powder that is mainly made from tea tree leaves, an ingredient known for reducing redness and relieving irritated skin. No more acne with one of the best Korean face masks!  

How to use: Mix the powder in the cup pack with seven spoons of cold water or toner (highly recommended) and spread it evenly across your face. After 15 minutes, peel the mask off to reveal dewy, moisturised skin! 

16. Mediheal P.D.F. AC-Dressing Ampoule Mask

mediheal pdf ac dressing ampoule mask best korean face mask
(Credit: themaskshop.sg)

When you have acne-prone skin, you need to be extra careful of the products you use on your face! Mediheal is a trusted cosmetics brand famous for its high-quality sheet masks. The brand has created some of the best Korean face masks for acne skin in Singapore and has sold more than 10 million sheet masks across the world! 

The Mediheal P.D.F. AC-Dressing Ampoule Mask (available on themaskshop.sg) is formulated with salicylic acid, one of acne’s greatest enemies! Together with centella asiatica and portulaca oleracea extract, this Korean face mask effectively controls sebum production and eliminates pore-clogging to promote healthy and blemish-free skin. For the best effect, the brand recommends consistent use of the Mediheal face mask, two to three times a week over a span of a month. 

17. Dr.Jart+ Clearing Solution

box of dr jart+ clearing solution best korean face masks
(Credit: Watsons Singapore Official Store)

Tame those annoying breakouts and inflammation with one of the best Korean face masks in Singapore for acne-prone skin — Dr.Jart+ Clearing Solution (available on Watsons Singapore Official Store)! Formulated with glutathione, this mask helps to even out skin tone and reduces redness. In addition, it contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil to combat pimples, whiteheads as well as control oil production! 

Besides these effective ingredients, this mask does not contain artificial fragrances, alcohol and sulfate-based surfactants — a godsend for those with sensitive acne-prone skin. For the best results, don’t forget to give your skin an extra boost of hydration with a good moisturiser after using the mask!

18. April Skin Calendula Peel Off Pack

yellow bottle of apriskin calendula peel off mask pack
(Credit: Aprilskin Official Store)

You’ve probably already heard of the highly raved April Skin Calendula Peel Off Pack (available on Aprilskin Official Store) as one of the best Korean face masks for acne skin. This peel-off mask helps remove dead skin cells, which is crucial in acne prevention as dead skin can contribute to clogged pores. Alongside that, it’s packed with a chock-full of skin-friendly ingredients including calendula flower extract which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and orange peel oil to brighten the skin and fade acne scars.

The April Skin Calendula Peel Off Pack can be applied with either clean fingers or a jelly brush (available on April Skin Official Store), avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes and let it dry. You will start to feel the mask tighten on your skin as it dries down. Now, for the fun part — peel off the mask! Challenge yourself to peel it all off in one piece. We’ve tried but sadly, yet to succeed.

Best Korean face masks for ageing skin

As you age, you may start noticing fine lines, age spots and skin dryness. Your skin also appears more sallow and saggy, making you look tired and haggard. The main culprit behind skin ageing is sunlight. Stay out of the sun as much as possible and apply your sunscreen religiously so as to avoid exacerbating your skin’s ageing process. Meanwhile, help your skin battle premature ageing with some of the best Korean face masks in Singapore, with reviews on the popular NOBLESSE face mask!

19. NOBLESSE Fermentation Essence Mask

collagen noblesse fermentation mask best korean face mask
(Credit: simplenavy.kr)

For those who follow closely with Korean skincare, fermentation essence should be no stranger! The NOBLESSE Fermentation Essence Mask (available on topkorea.sg) comes infused with galactomyces — a popular and potent anti-ageing ingredient in Korean skincare. Galactomyces is a type of yeast, but don’t let that deter you! They were first discovered as a byproduct of fermenting sake, whereby sake brewers noticed that their hands stayed smooth and wrinkle-free while the rest of their body aged.

Aside from galactomyces, the NOBLESSE Fermentation Essence Masks come in 15 different types. Try and review the NOBLESSE mask today! We highly recommend their Red Ginseng mask to improve skin elasticity. It also serves as an antioxidant to prevent skin cells from aging.

20. Innisfree Manuka Honey Squeeze Energy Mask

Innisfree manuka honey best korean face mask
(Credit: Innisfree Official Store)

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of manuka honey in the Innisfree Manuka Honey Squeeze Energy Mask (available on Innisfree Official Store) make it a best korean sheet mask choice for those who suffer from severe acne. Unlike regular Korean sheet masks, this range of Innisfree masks is created through a cold brew squeeze method, which extracts with time and care at low temperature (4 degrees) for a long time, vividly capturing the nutrients of the raw materials. Coupled with shea butter, this mask promises to deliver healthy and shiny complexion!

21. ABIB Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask

ABIB Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask
(Credit: Abib Official Store)

ABIB is another brand you can trust for the best Korean face masks! With an emphasis on providing quality skincare that’s safe and effective for all, these ABIB Mild Acidic PH Sheet Masks (available on Abib Official Store) will definitely help you achieve glass skin. It’s important to consider a skincare product’s pH levels. Something too acidic or too alkaline could irritate your skin, leading to acne breakouts and more blemishes. Thankfully, this ABIB face mask is mildly acidic with a pH level similar to your skin. This means that if your skin’s pH balance is out of whack, the serum in the face mask will bring it back to balance. This will then improve skin cell regeneration, ensuring that you’ll always have youthful-looking glass skin! We especially love how this sheet mask adheres to the skin easily, so you don’t ever have to struggle while making sure it fits just right!

Try out the best Korean face masks and achieve glass skin today!

We hope this list helps you find the best Korean face masks for your beauty needs. Don’t miss out on our great deals at our 11.11 Big Sale to snag awesome skincare offers! Besides the best Korean sheet masks, complete your skincare routine and achieve flawless skin with these Korean skincare products. Alternatively, consider introducing some variety into your skincare routine with the best clay masks to reap more skincare benefits. You can also use the best Korean lip tints to give yourself a moisturised and pretty pout to match!

This article was updated on 15 September 2022. Additional research done by Shermyn Tan.