7 Halal Makeup Brands To Be The Next Glam Queen

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You’ve got the new baju ready but what about your makeup? That Hari Raya #OOTD would definitely feel amiss if you haven’t got any eyeliner, mascara or lipstick on. Plus, you’d want to enhance that natural beauty with a bold red lip or even a shimmery eyeshadow look. Which is why we’ve got your back with these best halal makeup brands in Singapore this 2023!

How to know if makeup is halal or wudhu-friendly?

How to know if makeup is halal or wudhu-friendly
(Credit: Jessica Johnston / Unsplash)

Halal makeup revolves around the importance of it being lawful. You’ll thus have to pay attention to the ingredients in makeup products that claim to be halal. According to MDPI, these makeup items shouldn’t contain ingredients from pig, blood, carrion, human body parts, predatory animals, reptiles and insects. On the other hand, the cosmetics products that do contain permissible animals must be slaughtered according to Islamic law. The best way to figure out whether your makeup is halal is by simply looking out for the halal logo. That way, you can be assured that what you’ve got is truly the best halal makeup in Singapore.

When it comes to being wudhu-friendly, the main thing to note here is to avoid waterproof cosmetics. And that’s because waterproof makeup will get in the way of wudhu, which involves a cleansing ritual. Waterproof makeup is also known for being extremely hard to remove entirely. So it’s best to steer clear from waterproof options when you’re looking for wudhu-friendly and halal makeup.

Best halal makeup brands in Singapore (2023)

1. Rosé All Day

Rosé All Day The Realest Lightweight Concealer
(Credit: BEAUBIT Official Store)

Rosé All Day is one of the best halal makeup brands in Singapore that’s forged by three ladies who were driven to give everyone a #RAD look. They’re a halal cosmetics brand in Singapore that features paraben-free and cruelty-free formulas, so they’re perfect for your everyday “no-makeup” makeup look! 

Our recommendations for this halal cosmetics brand in Singapore:

Rosy cheeks and mauve lips – these are the perfect combination for your daily makeup look. You’ll definitely need the Rose All Day Eye Cheek You Pot and Rose All Day Plush Lip Tint (both available on BEAUBIT Official Store) to recreate this look. The Cheek You Pot is fortified with sunflower seed oil, rosehip oil and shea butter for all the hydrating and moisturising goodness. And a lip tint is where you’ll get that perfectly subtle pop of colour! Moreover, touching up won’t be an issue when you’ve got the Rosé All Day lip tint. You can also use it to add more colour to your cheeks as the day goes by!

This wudhu-friendly makeup brand in Singapore also has The Realest Lightweight Concealer (available on BEAUBIT Official Store) that was named after its formula. Nevertheless, this Rose All Day concealer promises a medium to full coverage despite its ultra-lightweight formula. It’s also packed with tons of goodies like vitamin C and E, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and more that are sure to keep your skin in tip-top condition! Otherwise, pack it on with the Rose All Day Electrolyte Sleeping Mask (available on BEAUBIT Official Store) to give your skin the pampering it deserves!

2. Handmade Heroes

best halal makeup singapore handmade heroes Hyaluronic Lip Dews
(Credit: Handmadeheroes Official Store)

Handmade Heroes is another one of the best halal makeup brands that has its roots in Singapore. This home-grown cosmetics brand boasts skincare products that feature botanical oils and derived ingredients. Their makeup and skincare are absolutely luscious, with products showcasing the intrinsic benefits of the ingredients to everyone. Handmade Heroes has also been halal-certified by JAKIM, so read on to find out more about this local cosmetics brand!

Our recommendations for this halal makeup brand in Singapore:

Our favourite makeup product from Handmade Heroes is their Hyaluronic Lip Dews (available on Handmadeheroes Official Store). Packed with cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin E and especially, hyaluronic acid, this is one moisturising product that’s definitely worth every penny. The best part is how this lip balm isn’t too oily, so that tint of colour isn’t going anywhere.

Since Handmade Heroes is known for all their natural ingredients, it’s best to go for their bundle sets so you’re not missing out on anything. For instance, the Natural Skincare Set includes a face mask, body scrub and lip scrub, while their Virtual Kisses Set (both available on Handmadeheroes Official Store) has a lip mask instead of a body scrub. What we love is how each set comes with a Hyaluronic Lip Dew, so you can tell that it’s something you must try. But do remember to share the love as these sets are also perfect as gifts for your girlfriends!

3. Wardah Beauty

best halal makeup singapore Wardah Beauty Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette
(Credit: Sinar Putra Cosmetics Store)

Warm, neutrals and more, Wardah Beauty has got it all. It’s one of the best halal makeup brands in Singapore that boasts a wide range of shades. You won’t have any trouble finding your colour match here. We especially adore their adorable pastel packaging. Additionally, the minimalist design provides a fuss-free experience whenever you apply your makeup – no more fumbling for that “who-knows-where” makeup brush!

Our recommendations for this halal makeup brand in Singapore:

The Wardah Colorfit Velvet Powder Foundation (available on Belia Cosmetics Shop) is the perfect base for your makeup. Made with both liquid and powder formulas, this foundation is the one you can trust for that poreless and matte finish. It’s also one of our favourite wudhu-friendly makeup in Singapore as it contains SPF 20 PA+++. Your flawless complexion will be protected from those harmful UV rays for sure! While this foundation is buildable, those that prefer fuller coverage can consider the Perfect Glow Cushion (available on DNC Beauty Store). Its liquid formula will keep those blemishes out of sight while providing a subtle dewy finish! 

We can’t forget about the best eyeshadow palette from Wardah. Their Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette (available on Sinar Putra Cosmetics Store) comes in two colour themes. The Sunset Brown option is perfect for those who prefer warm, bronze tones while the Rose Glow has rose pink shimmers. These eyeshadows have a formula that’s soft and extremely blendable, so why not get both colour themes to expend your creative streak!

4. Simplysiti 

best halal makeup singapore simplysiti Gold Edition Shading Blusher
(Credit: niaaura.sg)

Simplicity is the goal behind this other amazing halal cosmetics brand in Singapore. Started by singer Siti Nurhaliza, Simplysiti is a wudhu-friendly makeup brand in Singapore that produces high quality products that are a fraction of price. The bonus is how every product is beautifully packaged – it’s really giving atas.

Our recommendations for this halal cosmetics brand in Singapore:

Define that jawline and colour those cheeks with the Gold Edition Shading Blusher (available on niaaura.sg)! With both blush and contour in one, everything is made convenient when you need to bring this palette out. The formula is also buildable since it’s in compact form, making it perfect for when you need more colour on your cheeks. Alternatively, there’s the Powder Blusher (available on bisneskakakchanteq.sg) that comes with a cute fluffy puff to help with application. The loose powder gives you a subtle pop of colour, so you won’t have to worry about looking like Pikachu!

If there’s only one thing you can get, we’d recommend the Gold Edition Lip Cream (available on niaaura.sg). It boasts an insanely smooth and creamy formula without feeling “too much”. Moreover, the pigmented formula dries to give you a matte finish. And if you’re worried about the dry part, fret not. This lip cream is filled with vitamin E, so your lips will be kept hydrated all day.

5. Breena Beauty

best halal makeup singapore BREENA BEAUTY Magic Wand Fiber Tubing Mascara
(Credit: breenabeauty.sg)

Need help mastering the “no-makeup” makeup look? Turn to Breena Beauty, one of the best halal makeup brands in Singapore that has beauty minimalists and au naturale glam beauties in mind. Which is why they constantly look into makeup formulas that enhance your natural beauty without compromising it. 

Our recommendations for this halal cosmetics brand in Singapore:

Waterproof mascara? Yes, please! Hear us out. This wudhu-friendly makeup brand in Singapore offers a Magic Wand Fiber Tubing Mascara (available on breenabeauty.sg) that is both waterproof and volumising. Your lashes will be coated with micro-powders, so they’ll look thicker and longer. And there’s no need to worry about wudhu compliance as this Breena Beauty mascara can actually be easily removed with just warm water! 

If you’re into baking, go with their Translucent Loose Setting Powder (available on breenabeauty.sg). It’s an extremely lightweight loose powder that settles into your pores while mattifying your face. No oily T-zones are going to get in the way as you’ll end up with a well-set makeup that can last for up to 12 hours!

6. Obsess Cosmetics

obsess cosmetics Treatment Cushion Foundation
(Credit: ObsessSg)

Makeup fanatics, we’re sure this is the best halal makeup brand in Singapore that’s right up your alley. Obsess Cosmetics is built on the passion makeup lovers have for beauty, which also explains how they chose their name. In addition, their lilac theme is due to how they’ve noticed the colour brings out positive vibes. So get your hands on this wudhu-friendly makeup in Singapore for more good juju

Our recommendations for this halal cosmetics brand in Singapore:

Obsess Cosmetics is primarily known for their Treatment Cushion Foundation (available on ObsessSg) and it’s no surprise why. This cushion foundation is filled with natural antioxidants from its ingredients like olives, geranium oil and bearberry leaf extract. So bid goodbye to any inflammation on your skin thanks to these goodies! Moreover, the foundation contains ceramide and niacinamide, making it the perfect makeup choice for those with sensitive skin. 

Now that your base is all primed and prepped, it’s time to use the Royal Edition Bullet Lipsticks (available on ObsessSg) to add some contrast. This wudhu-friendly lipstick has a creamy, yet light formula that’s long-lasting and moisturising. Thanks to the beeswax and sunflower seed oil in this formula, you’d feel nothing but hydration all day! The best part is how this pigmented lipstick is relatively transfer-proof, thus lasting for hours without a need for touch ups! 

7. Note Cosmetics

best halal makeup singapore Note Drop Highlighter
(Credit: Note Cosmetics Official Store)

Also known as Note Cosmetique, this popular European brand offers some of the best wudhu-friendly makeup in Singapore. They’re a halal-certified brand that’s also cruelty-free and emphasises on their paraben-free formulas. Note Cosmetics also prides themselves on their partnership with top makeup artists and skincare experts to create cosmetics that enhance your natural beauty. Whether it’s a pop of colour with lipstick or rejuvenating your skin from the inside out, you can bet that Note Cosmetics definitely has your back.

Our recommendations for this halal makeup brand in Singapore:

Get set and glow with the Note Drop Highlighter (available on Note Cosmetics Official Store)! Trust us when we say this liquid face highlighter is pigmented. You’ll get a strong shimmer that highlights your cheekbones while giving you a beautiful radiance. But fret not as this liquid highlighter is extremely blendable, so you can always smooth it out if you want a more subtle shine. 

Alternatively, there’s the Note Baked Highlighter (available on Note Cosmetics Official Store) that’s in powder form. It’s formulated with pearls to provide a more natural brightening effect. But if you’re feeling bold, just use a wet brush and you’ll have a stronger pigment. 

Up your glam with the best halal makeup brands in Singapore

Whether it’s lipstick, foundation or highlighters, there’s bound to be the best halal makeup brand in Singapore that’s perfect for you. But don’t forget to try some of the best halal nail polish and halal hair dye brands in Singapore so you can change up your look in the comforts of your own home. There’s also some of the best blushers and the best Korean cushion foundation you can consider adding to your vanity. Just remember to check out our Hari Raya Sale to enjoy festive promotions!

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