Flawless Mani-Pedis With These 11 Halal Nail Polish Brands

best halal nail polish singapore

Mani-pedis are a girl’s best friend. But we can’t always afford the time nor the moolah for those expensive manicure sessions. Which is why we’ll always need to have some of the best halal nail polish in Singapore ready, especially when the festive season is coming up. So read on to find out more about where you can get the best halal nail polish in Singapore this 2024!

Overview of the best halal nail polish brands in Singapore (2024)

Halal nail polish brand Product Price
Brite Halal Vegan Nail Polish $10.14
Halal Base & Top $7.80
Saba Breathable Nail Polish $13.95
Orly Breathable Nail Lacquer $16.80 – $17.90
Inai Che Ta Wudhu-Friendly Nail Polish $6.98 – $9.70
MSGLOW Halal Nail Polish $6.50
Tuesday In Love Water Permeable Nail Polish $5.90 – $21.50
Three Beauties Halal & Vegan Certified Breathable Nail Polish $9.90
Maya Cosmetics Halal Nail Polish Eid Gift Set $144.00
ELM Breathable Peel Off Halal Nail Polish $8.18 – $10.79
Strawberry Nail  Henna Nail Polish $3.95

Best halal nail polish brands in Singapore

1. Brite

best halal nail polish singapore Brite
(Credit: Brite Nails)

Priding themselves on their water-based and non-toxic formula, Brite is definitely one of the best halal nail polish brands. Their emphasis is on how your entire manicure session shouldn’t be engulfed in toxic fumes, which is why Brite can be trusted. They have over 90 shades in their series of Halal Nail Polish. From shimmery glitters to pastels, you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice! Don’t forget to also get their Base & Top Coat (all available on Brite Nails) to recreate that ultimate mani-pedi session at home.

2. Saba

best halal nail polish singapore Saba
(Credit: Saba Personal Care (Halal & Vegan))

Did you know that some of the best nail polish have other beneficial properties? Take the Saba Nail Polish (available on Saba Personal Care (Halal & Vegan)) that has a breathable formula. It allows water and oxygen to permeate through the polish and into your nail beds. Thus, you’ll avoid facing brittle, dry and weak nails that’s common with other types of nail polish! Saba is also another one of the best halal nail polish brands in Singapore that stands by their non-toxic formula. No toxic fumes nor ingredients will harm those nails – and that’s another point in the bag for Saba!

3. Orly

best halal nail polish singapore Orly
(Credit: pixienut)

Renowned for its high-quality finishes, Orly is a brand to keep an eye out for when it comes to the best halal nail polish. And their Breathable Nail Lacquer (available on pixienut) has a formula that guarantees similar results, if not better. The high shine coupled with great pigmentation is what you’ll get with this Orly halal nail polish. And all that can be achieved with just one step! There isn’t a need for base coats or top coats with this Orly nail polish. Moreover, this formula is boosted with argan oil, vitamin C and pro-vitamin B5. So stay tuned and watch your nails get stronger with this halal nail polish!

4. Inai Che Ta

Inai Che Ta
(Credit: smarttradingmart)

Who said you couldn’t achieve manicure art at home? Inai Che Ta is one of the best halal nail polish brands in Singapore that proves you can. Their Halal Nail Polish (available on smarttradingmart) is filled in a squeezy bottle that comes with a fine tip. You can easily control the outline of your manicure, along with any fine details, thanks to this bottle. The best part about this halal nail polish is how it’s packed with henna leaf extract and moisturising aloe vera. It’s perfect for natty lovers who are looking for non-toxic nail polish that’s also 100% natural! 


(Credit: jc_beauty cosmetic)

Peel-off base coats are all the rage, but what about peel-off nail polish? The MSGLOW Nail Polish (available on jc_beauty cosmetic) is where you can skip the nail polish remover. You won’t need those alcohol-packed removers to get rid of this nail polish. Just use a cuticle pusher and you’ll be done! MSGLOW is also known for its breathable formula that keeps your pores open. You’ll not only have hydrated nail beds but also will be able to keep them clean since water can permeate the layer. 

6. Tuesday in Love

Tuesday in Love
(Credit: heycalisg)

Other than hijabs, skincare and makeup, Tuesday In Love also offers some of the best halal-certified nail polish in Singapore. Their Water Permeable Nail Polish (available on heycalisg) has a formula that allows water to penetrate without it peeling off. Additionally, the buildable formula also means that you can either go with full coverage or a more see-through look. But the best part about this non-toxic nail polish is that it’s also vegan and cruelty-free. So conscious mani-pedi lovers can rest assured that this is definitely one of the best halal nail polish in Singapore.

7. Three Beauties

Three Beauties halal nail polish singapore
(Credit: Three Beauties of London — Official)

You best bet that this is one nail polish you won’t want to miss out on. The 24 SHADES Three Beauties Nail Polish (available on Three Beauties of London — Official) has a high shine and intense gloss formula that’s relatively non-toxic. The formula doesn’t contain at least 17 ingredients that can be found in other typical nail polishes. This means that you can have the most long-lasting manicure without all the toxic fumes and ingredients damaging your nails. In fact, this nail polish brand boasts a high purity level to boot. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about damaging your fresh manicure with this halal nail polish!

8. Maya Cosmetics

Maya Cosmetics
(Credit: mayacosmeticssg)

The perfect Hari Raya gift would be the Maya Cosmetics Nail Polish Eid Set (available on mayacosmeticssg). With six colours to choose from, your loved one will be more than appreciative to receive the best halal nail polish in Singapore. Maya Cosmetics makes sure that their nail polish only contains halal ingredients. They’re even halal-certified and Kosher-certified in America. To top it off, it’s assured that their halal nail polish is free of harmful ingredients and animal derivatives. So rest easy and carry on with your DIY mani-pedi!

9. Zahara

Zahara nails
(Credit: Zahara / Facebook)

Get ready for the festivities with your girlfriends! Zahara ensures the quality behind their non-toxic nail polishes. They’re free from at least 10 ingredients that are usually found in other common nail polishes. Plus, Zahara’s nail polishes have gone through rigorous testing to show that they are water-permeable, by about 95% too. But to keep to that, Zahara advises against applying more than two layers of nail polish. Plus, each coat should be super light and thin. Despite all that, the Zahara nail polishes maintain pigmentation. So go mix and match, get creative with manicure art and more as you dive into these colours with your girlfriends.

10. ELM

ELM halal nail apolish
(Credit: idzhila.sg)

Are you one of those girlies who tires of their nail colour easily? If you answered ‘yes’, you’ll understand how cumbersome it is to remove and reapply your manicure. But thankfully, there’s ELM Nail Polish (available on idzhila.sg) that stands out from the rest as it takes away the need for special nail polish removers. All it takes is about a minute of hand washing to get rid of the polish. And if you’re missing that pop of colour on your tips, you’ll only need barely 10 minutes to reapply and set everything.

11. Strawberry Nail Henna

Strawberry Nail Henna
(Credit: Astrid Jaya)

You can never go wrong with henna nail polish, especially when it’s the Strawberry Henna Nail Polish (available on Astrid Jaya) – a cult favourite among many. Certified halal, the Strawberry henna nail polish also impresses with 12 colour options. From black and green, to pink and blue, you’ll def find your colour for Hari Raya this 2024. Remember to buff your nails to achieve a smooth surface before application, though. This will ensure the most pristine manicure in the end!

Can I pray with halal nail polish?

With regular gel nail polish, a layer is formed on your nails. And since wudhu involves a cleansing ritual, having gel nail polish would thus render the entire process incomplete. That’s why halal nail polish is breathable and permeable. This allows water to permeate the polish and reach your nails, thus allowing you to perform wudhu properly. 

Get those claws ready with the best halal nail polish brands in Singapore

From neutrals to reds, it’s time to get those nails primped with the best halal nail polish in Singapore! Don’t forget to also get your modern baju kurung ready for the upcoming festivities. And if you need some inspiration, here are some hijab styles that’ll have you looking perfect.