13 Thai Makeup Brands That Will Make You Suay Mak Mak

thai makeup brands

Thai makeup brands have been rising in popularity with the help of social media platforms like TikTok and Lemon8. However, it comes as no surprise as they are of such good quality. With vibrant, eye-catching packaging and an even more attractive price tag, no wonder Thai makeup is the go-to for both beginners and makeup enthusiasts alike. Read on to find out the popular Thai makeup brands you can find online even if you’re in Singapore.

Overview of popular Thai makeup brands

Brand Products Price
Mistine MISTINE Latte Lip Gloss $14.06
MISTINE Poreless BB CC Cushion $32.93
Cathy Doll Cathy Doll Shiny Bear Lipstick $5.97 – $6.43
Cathy Doll Speed White CC Cream $11.50
4U2 Dear Me Liquid Blush $9.50
For You Too Eyeshadow $7.90
Baby Bright Baby Bright Lip & Cheek Velvet Cherry Blossom $6.00
Baby Bright Mood Matte Blusher $7.09
Odbo Odbo Cushion Matte Powder Oil Control $15.81
Odbo ombre smooth blush $8.18
Cute Press Cute Press Eye & Cheek Mini Palette $14.31
Cute Press Jet Set Dolly Eye Mascara $16.90
MEILINDA MEILINDA Shading Stick $9.27
MEILINDA Dewy Balm $13.90
Charmiss Charmiss Glow Friend Natural Blush $7.51 – $7.52
Charmiss Show Me Your Love Glitter Lip Gloss $6.43
Supershades Supershade Stick With Me Blush $13.63
Supershades Blah Blah Black Lip Balm $17.33
La Glace Baebie Vibes Cream Blush $18.42
Blush Lass Blush $18.42
Ideal Airy Skin Concealer $6.58
Srichand Bare to Perfect Translucent Powder $9.27 – $16.24
Skin Essential Fine Smooth Foundation $17.33
Supermom Long & Curling Mascara $21.26
Amour Matte Lipstick $7.52
Browit by Nongchat Browit Brow Pencil And Blending Cushion $12.72
Browit Eyemazing Shadow and Liner $11.92

Popular Thai makeup brands that are available online in Singapore

1. Mistine

MISTINE Latte Lip Gloss
(Credit: MISTINE_official.sg)

You’ve definitely seen someone talk about Mistine if you use TikTok. This Thai makeup brand took the internet by storm with its artistic packaging and its products are highly raved by those who have tried them. The brand might seem new due to the sudden boost in popularity but it has been Thailand’s premier beauty brand for more than 30 years now. Founded in 1988, they have offered more than 6,000 makeup, skincare and body care products to its customers. 

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

The most popular product is the MISTINE Latte Lip Gloss (available on MISTINE_official.sg) With two textures (shiny and matte) and 20 shades to choose from, there is a shade for everyone. With a brand new double film colour-locking formula, it is transfer-proof and ensures the colour stays throughout the day. You might think the matte texture would be dry and chappy, but it’s actually creamy and able to conceal your lip lines – all while giving you velvety soft lips.

Another product that’s all over TikTok is the MISTINE Poreless BB CC Cushion (available on MISTINE_official.sg) Available in five shades ranging from a warm yellow to cool white undertones, it is popular amongst Asians due to its hydrating and ultra-fine formula that adheres to your skin flawlessly even in the humid climate. Enriched with five botanical extracts and SPF30 protection, you are not just applying makeup, but also skincare with every pat. 

2. Cathy Doll

Cathy Doll Shiny Bear Lipstick
(Credit: KONVY_Official Shop)

Another brand that was all over TikTok – Cathy Doll. Made for modern and chic women, the products are versatile, featuring a blend of sweetness and edginess. The products are meant to bring out the unique charisma of each individual by enhancing their beauty through light makeup and colour-correcting technology, allowing women to feel confident in their skin.

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

Cuteness overload! Check out the Cathy Doll Shiny Bear Lipstick (available on KONVY_Official Shop) Don’t you just want to give it a taste? It is the size of a gummy bear, which makes it easy to carry around,  just pop it into your handbag or jeans pocket! Its moisturising formula is enriched with avocado oil, shea butter, and vitamins E and B, giving you soft and plump lips.

Other than adorable lipsticks, Cathyy Doll is also known for its Speed White CC Cream (available on BEAUTYCUBE SG) With three variations – speed white, speed cover and anti-acne, you will find one that suits your needs. For example, if you have redness around your face, you can opt for the “green” speed white CC cream to colour-correct your skin tone. If you would like more coverage, you can opt for the speed cover instead. 

3. 4U2

4U2 Dear Me Liquid Blush
(Credit: 4U2 Singapore Official Store)

Voted the #1 Thai Cosmetics brand in WATSONS Thailand, 4U2 has more than 10 years of experience in creating quality makeup that is suitable for the Asian market, where the climate is hot and humid. The makeup is highly pigmented and long-lasting, even when you’re sweaty. This explains why it’s on the list of the best Thai cosmetic brands, especially when it’s so value-for-money.

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

If you are a fan of New Jeans’ youthful and vibrant makeup look, the Dear Me Liquid Blush (available on 4U2 Singapore Official Store) is the perfect item for you! Thanks to its lightweight formula, you can use this liquid blush as a lip tint as well. As a Rare Beauty dupe, it is very pigmented. You just need to apply a small amount of product and blend it across your cheeks. The natural dewy glow lasts the whole day and the incorporation of natural ingredients ensures your skin is moisturised and plump.

To complete the New Jeans’ makeup look, you need some shimmers on your eyes. The For You Too Eyeshadow (available on 4U2 Singapore Official Store) is the perfect combination with the Dear Me Liquid Blush. Each palette comes with two shades and its compact size makes it easy to carry around for touch-ups throughout the day. With 15 palette options to choose from, you’d be sure to find a suitable one for your skin tone. 

4. Baby Bright

Baby Bright Lip & Cheek Velvet Cherry Blossom
(Credit: chutimaonlineu0.sg)

You can’t talk about Thai cosmetic brands without mentioning Baby Bright! It is known for its wallet-friendly skincare and makeup products that are infused with natural ingredients, ensuring users look and feel good! 

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

Among its wide range of products, the Baby Bright Lip & Cheek Velvet Cherry Blossom (available on chutimaonlineu0.sg) stays on top due to its easy-to-blend formula. Enriched with red seaweed and cherry blossom extracts, it keeps your lips plump and nourished all day long! It’s a great pick for casual days when you just need a little boost to add more colour. 

If you prefer your cheeks matte, consider the Baby Bright Mood Matte Blusher (available on chutimaonlineu0.sg) Available in six shades, this powder blush is extremely smooth and fine, giving you the pigment that will last through the day. It is perfect for a natural makeup look as you’ll look like you’re blushing from the inside out. 

5. Odbo

Odbo Ombre Smooth Blush
(Credit: elbeauty5wv.sg)

Odbo strives to be the first choice of consumers and is dedicated to serving the best and highest quality of beauty to all. For more than a decade, Odbo has been producing innovative products that help women feel more confident and beautiful. 

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

The most important step to creating long-lasting, natural makeup is the foundation. Thus choosing a good base is very important, the Odbo Cushion CC Matte Powder Oil Control (available on elcosmetics3fe.sg) is a great choice, as it is lightweight and adheres to the skin firmly. Additionally, it has SPF50 and good oil control properties, perfect for the sunny and humid Singapore weather. 

After applying a solid foundation, you’ll need to add some colours to your cheeks! The Odbo Ombre Smooth Blush (available on elbeauty5wv.sg) contains two shades of blush pressed into one, giving you the option of light or heavy pigment. The ombre part also serves as a convenient eyeshadow as it is already well-blended!

6. Cute Press

Cute Press Eye & Cheek Mini Palette
(Credit: Cute Press Official Store)

The best thing about Thai makeup brands is that they understand the challenges of wearing makeup in a hot and humid tropical climate. Through extensive research, Cute Press has developed quality products that are tropic-proof, helping Asians feel more beautiful and ready for adventure.

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

Constantly on the go? This Cute Press Eye & Cheek Mini Palette (available on Cute Press Official Store) is the perfect item for those who are on a time crunch. It is a travel-sized eye and cheek palette, with a two-in-one design that lets you complete your makeup look anywhere, anytime. Each shade is highly pigmented to ensure you look your best all day long. At less than $15, you get an eyeshadow palette and a blush, what a steal! 

No makeup look is complete without a pair of fluttery lashes. The Cute Press Jet Set Dolly Eye Mascara (available on Cute Press Official Store) uses an innovative comb brush which can lift your lashes from the roots. Its waterproof and smudge-proof formula keeps your lashes looking snatched all day long, requiring minimal touchups. 



As one of the must-get Thai makeup brands when you’re in Bangkok, MEILINDA has earned its reputation by developing quality makeup products for various skin types. With a very affordable price tag, they want all women to look and feel beautiful using their products. From lips to lids, MEILINDA’s got you covered.

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

One of the most highly raved products from this Thai cosmetic brand is the MEILINDA Shading Stick (available on wimonbeautyur.sg). Unlike other contour sticks that leave a hard line, its creamy and smooth formula is easy to apply and blend into the skin without turning chalky. Just dab some on your desired spot and rub it out with your fingers or brush. All you need is five seconds to achieve that perfectly snatched nose!

Another recommended product is their latest Dewy Balm (available on BEAUTYCUBE SG), which is a lip and cheek tint. A great alternative to the popular Korean AOU lip balm, the Dewy Balm is much more affordable and has a beautiful juicy effect. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about having chappy lips as this tinted lip balm also moisturises your lips while making sure you look gorg.

8. Charmiss

Charmiss Glow Friend Natural Blush
(Credit: wayofficialz3.sg)

Charmiss is a versatile and multi-faceted Thai makeup brand that caters to a variety of styles. From girly girls to street style, Charmiss has your back! It aims to inspire the younger generation to discover fun and confidence through makeup and embrace their unique individuality. Thus, the brand features many products that are bright and youthful.

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

Trending all over the Thai internet is the Charmiss Glow Friend Natural Blush (available on wayofficialz3.sg). With diverse shades made for different skin types, it ensures everyone can achieve a healthy glowing look that lasts all day. It is waterproof and sweatproof, perfect for the hot and humid Singapore weather. Just spread some product across your cheeks whenever needed to get a natural blush.

Looking for the perfect first-date lip gloss? The Charmiss Show Me Your Love Glitter Lip Gloss (available on chutimaonlineu0.sg) is the perfect one for you! With a fresh fruity scent and alluring mirror glaze effect, it is the epitome of juicy, kissable lips! Even with such a glossy look, the formula is not sticky. It is also enriched with concentrated lip care extracts that help keep your lips moisturised all day long, so you don’t have to worry about chapped lips on your date.

9. Supershades

Supershades Stick With Me Blush
(Credit: aim2555ht.sg)

Supershades has been a popular Thai cosmetic brand for a while now due to the affordability and quality of its products. As the name suggests, Supershades celebrates the vibrancy of life. Often featuring bright and bold colours which are significant in Thai makeup – they are true to their roots and fun to explore!

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

Does this Supershades Stick With Me Blush (available on aim2555ht.sg) remind you of a push-pop candy? It looks so delicious I might take a bite! Rich in natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil, it nourishes your cheeks while giving you a nice dewy glow. Plus, it changes colour according to the pH of your skin, creating a shade truly unique to you!

Complete the colour-changing look with the Supershades Blah Blah Black Lip Blam (available on ttwnbearannahouseg6.sg) which also changes colour according to your skin’s pH. Its mysterious black look conceals a luscious pink lip balm, which reveals itself upon application. This lip balm enhances your lips with a natural colour that is not too strong but still visible. It boasts a jelly-like formula that’s not just moisturising, but also great at improving dry, peeling lips.

10. La Glace

Baebie Vibes Cream Blush Lass Blus
(Credit: KONVY_Official Shop)

La Glace is Gen Z’s favourite Thai makeup brand. It’s chic, trendy, and affordable. Featuring many Y2K styles and concepts within their packaging and social media, no wonder it attracts so much attention from the younger crowd. 

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

The Baebie Vibes Cream Blush (available on KONVY_Official Shop) has been very well-received due to its quirky style and bold colours. The blush’s creamy texture makes them easy to use and spread without being patchy, giving you the perfect soft and bright cheeks! And have you seen a jet-black lip and cheek tint? This Blush Lass Blush (available on KONVY_Official Shop) which is also part of the Baebie collection, might look scarily black at first but don’t let that daunt you! Upon application,  the blush changes colour according to your skin’s PH value, giving you your very own unique shade of pink. 

Another innovative product by La Glace is the Ideal Airy Skin Concealer (available on KONVY_Official Shop). It looks like a packet of juice, but trust us, there’s concealer inside! Using their Light Diffusion innovation that refracts light, it can cover your dark eye circles thoroughly to reduce its appearance. And just like its name, the serum-like formula is lightweight, smooth and airy – it’s as if you’re not wearing a concealer at all!

11. Srichand 

Srichand Skin Essential Fine Smooth Foundation
(Credit: wayofficialz3.sg)

Srichand has been in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic business in Thailand for over 72 years and created potentially the most well-known translucent powder on the market. 

A long-standing favourite in Thailand with a reputation for quality beauty products, the brand underwent a successful rebranding in 2014. Pivoting from an old-fashioned brand to one that’s more modern, Srichand is now beloved by people across Asia.

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

The legendary Srichand Bare to Perfect Translucent Powder (available on viiweer4.sg) is beloved for a reason. Its outstanding oil control abilities ensure your makeup stays fresh for prolonged periods even in humid climates. It also uses the Soft Focus technology to blur your pores, giving your skin the perfect marshmallow texture. Being oil-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free, it is suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin! 

Another popular product by Srichand is the Skin Essential Fine Smooth Foundation (available on wayofficialz3.sg), which is known for its blurring effect and oil control of up to 14 hours. This liquid foundation leaves your skin smooth and supple all day long and protects your skin from harmful UV rays and blue light. Combined with the nourishment of HYA and Ceramide to help moisturise the skin, no wonder it is such a hot-selling product!

12. Supermom

Supermom Long & Curling Mascara
(Credit: supermomthailandofficialdh.sg)

Supermom has produced almost every makeup product you could think of. From lips to eyes and even alcohol gel and spray to protect your skin from viruses and bacteria, Supermom has been constantly innovating and bringing the best products to its consumers. 

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

One of the best sellers is the Long & Curling Mascara (available on supermomthailandofficialdh.sg). This mascara effectively lifts your lashes and curls them from the roots, giving you that clean girl lash extension look. Moreover, its innovative flexible gel formula ensures that your lashes stay in place and is smudge-proof, all whilst being lightweight.

Another popular product by Supermom is the Amour Matte Lipstick (available on supermomthailandofficialdh.sg) The matte finish, along with classy colours gives the lipstick a luxurious look when applied. Choose from 14 gorgeous shades, ranging from nude to pink tones that give you the MLBB (my lips but better) look. Contrary to most matte lipsticks, this Supermom lipstick has a smooth, velvety texture and is not drying, giving you that soft pucker that lasts through the day.

13. Browit by Nongchat

Browit Brow Pencil And Blending Cushion
(Credit: Beauty on the Go x Browit Singapore)

Browit by Nongchat is specifically designed to enhance eyebrows and the eye area, helping women create alluring eye makeup. This brand is developed by the renowned makeup artist Mr. Chatchai Peangapichart, also known as “Nongchat.”  She’s one of the top five makeup artists in Thailand, with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Also known as the “amazing brush artist” she is known to be able to magically transform any face she touches with a makeup brush.

Our recommendations for this Thai makeup brand: 

The Browit Brow Pencil And Blending Cushion (available on Beauty on the Go x Browit Singapore) is a fan-favourite due to its thoughtful design of combining brow pencil and blending cushion in one stick. The eyebrow pencil has a flat angled tip for more precise application. Upon filling in your brows, use the cushion end to blend out the lines, creating a soft feathery look. Just two steps, it’s that easy!

Another beginner-friendly product is the Browit Eyemazing Shadow and Liner (available on Beauty on the Go x Browit Singapore). Also a two-in-one product, it is a combination of eyeshadow and eyeliner. Featuring trending colours that are hand-picked by Nongchat herself, anyone can achieve that celebrity eye make with just one product.

Why is there a rise in the popularity of Thai makeup brands?

Following the global successes of Japanese and Korean beauty, Thai beauty is also on the rise and is working its way into the international market. The growing popularity of Thai celebrities like Bright and BamBam, and dramas like “2gether” and “Girl from Nowhere” are also helping to shift the spotlight as more people are gaining interest in Thai beauty. 

Other than traditional marketing efforts, the social media presence of Thai makeup brands is also increasing. The products started to gain more exposure when Singaporean influencers such as Daniel Chan (danialjchan) and Clara (clara.slays) reviewed them online. Widely known for their expertise in makeup and candid reviews, they have garnered 83.9k and 131.3k followers on TikTok respectively. With such attractive price tags and strong support from local beauty influencers, it is only a matter of time before people are persuaded to try out Thai cosmetic products. 

What are Thai makeup looks and how can we recreate them?

Srichand Bare to Perfect Translucent Powder
(Credit: srichand1948 / Instagram)

Thai beauty is all about the feminine glam, and elevating your features while doing so. Think feathery brows, smokey eyes, subtle cheek blushes and luscious lips. The most important thing to note is to ensure your skin is well-prepped and moisturised before applying anything. A glowy skin is the perfect canvas for any kind of makeup. 

For Thai makeup, the base has to be light and natural. Thus, tinted moisturisers and cushion foundations are a great choice as a base. That also has to do with Thailand’s hot and humid climate thus many would prefer keeping their base light to ensure breathability throughout the day. 

But more importantly, the defining feature of Thai makeup is the full, up-swept brows. Use a brow gel to neaten your brows if they’re already full. Let’s not forget how Thai makeup emphasises a lot on the eyes. For a truly captivating look, use softer tones like light brown for eyeshadow and a solid colour like black for the eyeliner. You can also add some gold shimmer to your eyelids for a more ethereal look. And remember the mascara to complete your eye makeup look!  To finish off, keep your lip colour light and complementary, so your eye makeup will remain the star – as it should be with Thai makeup!

Sawadee to a new you with these best Thai makeup brands (2024)

We hope this list of the best Thai cosmetic brands gives you inspiration on where to start with your makeup journey or what to add to your already exploding makeup pouch. If you’re looking for good base makeup, check out this list of best Korean cushion foundation and tinted moisturisers for some inspo. If you’re looking for more affordable beauty brands, be sure to explore these china makeup brands that are worth the hype. Other than makeup brands, Thailand is home to many delicious snacks too, here are the best Thai snacks to munch on while you’re doing your makeup.