19 Best Thai Snacks To Bring Home From Bangkok

best thai snacks from bangkok big C

Heading to the Land of Smiles and not sure what to buy back as souvenirs for your friends and family? You’re in luck because we’ve rounded up the best Thai snacks from Bangkok to buy during your next trip! What’s more, you can find all these popular Thai snacks at Big C supermarkets located all over the city. Feeling the munchies already? Read on! (Psst, even if you’re not travelling to BKK anytime soon, we’ve sourced similar products online on Shopee Singapore so you can get your hands on these yummy Thai snacks ASAP!)

Overview of the best Thai snacks to buy from Big C

Type of snack Best Thai snacks to buy from Big C Price (in Big C) Price (on Shopee)
Savoury Tao Kae Noi Seaweed 51 baht $13.93
Koh Kae Coated Peanuts  63 baht $9.27
MAMA Instant Noodles  63 baht  $2.99
Crispy Pork Rinds 19 baht $1.60
Bento Dried Squid 19 baht $1.60
Manora Shrimp Crackers 47.5 baht $3.90 
Cornae Corn Chips 20 baht $3.50
Thai Lay’s Potato Chips  8.67 baht $1.75
Thai Glico Pretz 11 baht $11.45 – $16.24
MAMA Pork Instant Rice Porridge 25 baht $9.50
Greenland Carada Flavoured Rice Balls 53 baht $4.20
Greenland Squidy Baked Cuttlefish 165 baht (60g)
235 baht (90g) 
Taro Fish Snack 20 baht $4.00
Sweet Cha Tra Mue 3-in-1 Thai Tea  200 baht $10.14
Glico Mango Pocky  12 baht $11.45 – $17.99
Coconut Chips ~100 baht (depends on brand and size) $5.34
Little Farm Dried Bread  35 baht $4.20
Royal Chitralada Milk Tablets  15 to 20 baht $2.30
Thai Dried Mango 20 to 279 baht (Depending on size) $12.54

Best Thai snacks to buy at Big C: Savoury snacks 

1. Tao Kae Noi Seaweed

tao kae noi seaweed best thai snacks
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

No list of the best Thai snacks to buy from Bangkok is complete without mentioning Tao Kae Noi seaweed. Best known for being the first brand to popularise fried seaweed in Thailand, Tao Kae Noi has since become one of the most popular Thai snacks in Singapore. Crisp, light, and insanely addictive, these fried seaweed snacks are available in flavours to suit all taste buds. For a taste of Thailand, we recommend stocking up on the classic Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seaweed in Tom Yum (available on Shopee Supermarket) when you’re at Big C. Be sure to  check out variations of the popular Thai seaweed snack, such as Tao Kae Noi Big Roll and tempura seaweed!

2. MAMA Instant Noodles 

Grocercat MAMA instant noodles
(Credit: Grocer Cat)

Widely considered to be the top instant noodles in Thailand, MAMA instant noodles make for one of the best Thai snacks to stock up on at Big C. Stave off the tom yum soup withdrawals with some MAMA Tom Yum Instant Noodles (available on Grocer Cat)! For just a few cents, you can have at your hands a piping hot bowl of tangy, spicy goodness that will take you back to the lively streetside restaurants of Bangkok. For a more convenient option, get your hands on some MAMA cup noodles

3. Koh Kae Coated Peanuts 

koh kae coated peanuts best thai snacks
(Credit: Fongsoonchan[FSC])

Koh Kae Coated Peanuts (available on Fongsoonchan[FSC]) is another best-loved Thai snack you can’t miss on your trip to Big C. These Koh Kae Coated Peanuts come encased in a crisp, coconut cream-based outer layer coated in a wide variety of seasonings. Choose between popular Thai flavours such as tom yum and sweet chilli, or challenge yourself to some fiery but addictive wasabi peanuts! 

Pro tip for the best Thai snacks to buy in Bangkok’s Big C supermarkets: To save on luggage space, look for Koh Kae peanuts that come in plastic packets instead of metal tins! 

4. Entree Crispy Pork Rinds

Snack Muncher Entree pork rinds
(Credit: Snack Muncher)

You’ve heard of crispy fish skin, but what about crispy pork rinds? Also known as fried pork skin or cracklings, crispy pork rinds are often served as appetisers in Thai restaurants. This best-loved Thai snack is prepared by deep-frying pork rinds to a light, crunchy crisp. It bears a savoury, bacon-like flavour that will definitely have you reaching for more! Snag a bag (or two) of some Entree Crispy Pork Rinds (available on Snack Muncher), available in flavours such as green chilli, tom yum, and garlic, during your visit to Big C! 

Pro-tip for the best Thai snacks to buy in Bangkok’s Big C supermarkets: For the ultimate beer snack, grab some Thai sweet chilli sauce to pair your Pork Rinds with! 

5. Bento Dried Squid

bento dried squid best thai snacks
(Credit: Ediblits)

Spice lovers, this is for you. One of the best Thai snacks to buy when you’re in Big C is Bento Dried Squid (available on Ediblits)! Also known as dried cuttlefish in Singapore, these fiery squid snacks are definitely not for the faint of heart. For less than S$1, you can get a full packet of chewy dried squid strips. Each piece of Bento Dried Squid is generously coated with marinades in varying degrees of spiciness: Sweet & Spicy, Thai Chilli Sauce, Hot & Spicy, and Spicy Larb. Our advice? Grab a glass of water before chowing down – the Thais take their heat seriously! 

6. Manora Shrimp Crackers

Manora - Shrimp/Crab Crackers
(Credit: Thai Supermarket Singapore)

If you’re fond of keropok, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for Marona Shrimp Crackers (available on Thai Supermarket Singapore)! This best-loved Thai snack to buy departs from our local keropok or shrimp crackers in that they come heavily seasoned with spices such as garlic and pepper. This makes for a stronger flavour profile that will sit well with those who don’t fancy overly ‘fishy’ snacks. The popular Thai snack also comes in tiny, bite-sized pieces – perfect for a light snack between all the shopping! 

7. Cornae Corn Chips

Cornae corn chips
(Credit: Thai Supermarket Singapore)

A fan of corn-based snacks like Tohato caramel corn or Tongari corn chips? You should definitely keep an eye out for Cornae Thai Corn Chips (available on Thai Supermarket Singapore ). Crunchy, savoury, and addictive, these corn chips are one of the best Thai snacks to buy for your loved ones. Bonus points for the fun conical shape of each chip – wear the Cornae Corn Chips on each finger like mini party hats before popping them into your mouth! (You shouldn’t play with your food, but hey, you’re in the Land of Smiles.)

8. Thai Lay’s Potato Chips

thai lays chips best thai snacks
(Credit: Grocer Cat)

Lay’s might not be a Thai snack brand, but some of the most iconic snacks from Bangkok are the Thailand-exclusive potato chips! Look out for interesting flavours inspired by local Thai cuisines, such as Hot Chilli Squid, Smoked Salmon Cheese, and Salmon Chilli Lime. A major plus point is that these Thai Lay’s Potato Chips (available on Grocer Cat) come at much lower prices than their Singaporean counterparts. Paired with an ice-cold Chang beer, it’s not hard to see why these chips are considered one of the best Thai snacks to buy from Big C! 

9. Thai Glico Pretz

Thai Glico Pretz
(Credit: Dungaeq6.sg)

Another international snack that you must buy when in Bangkok is Thai Glico Pretz (available on Dungaeq6.sg)! While the Japanese snack is widely available in Singapore, there are various Glico flavours that you can only find in Thailand. Fans of Thai food will love the full-flavoured tom yum kung and larb flavours. These easy-to-eat biscuits are also relatively mild, making them one of the best Thai snacks from Bangkok to buy for kids or those who can’t handle spice! 

10. MAMA Pork Instant Rice Porridge

mama instant pork rice porridge best thai snacks
(Credit: Goldenpit)

Can’t get enough of jok? Get your Thai porridge fix with the MAMA Pork Instant Rice Porridge (available on Goldenpit). Made with pure Thai jasmine rice, this instant rice porridge makes for one of the best Thai snacks to buy back for a taste of Thailand. The MAMA Instant Porridge comes packed in individual sachets – simply add hot water and you’ve got yourself a quick, hearty snack!  

Pro tip for the best Thai snacks to buy in Bangkok’s Big C supermarkets: If you’re feeling extra fancy, add some cooked minced meat or crack an egg into your porridge! 

11. Greenland Carada Cuttlefish Flavoured Rice Balls

Greenland Carada Cuttlefish Flavoured Rice Balls
(Credit: Thai Supermarket Singapore)

Buying souvenirs for seafood lovers? Snag some Greenland Carada Cuttlefish Crackers (available on Thai Supermarket Singapore) from your nearest Big C now! Shaped like pieces of grilled squid, these addictive crackers strike the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. This popular snack from Bangkok can be found in spicy and non-spicy flavours, making this one of the best options for those looking for seafood-flavoured chips suitable for every palate. 

12. Greenland Squidy Baked Cuttlefish 

Greenland Squidy Baked Cuttlefish
(Credit: Thai Supermarket Singapore)

Another popular squid-flavoured Thai snack to buy from Big C is Greenland Squidy Baked Squid (available on Thai Supermarket Singapore)! This best-loved Thai snack bears many similarities with baked cuttlefish sheets commonly eaten during Chinese New Year. The main difference is that the Thai version is considerably crispier than the softer ones we’re used to here. This baked squid snack is also one of the best options for those not fond of deep-fried snacks! 

13. Taro Fish Snack

Taro Fish Snack
(Credit: Milath564)


If you’re a fan of old-school Dahfa fish snack, chances are you’ll love Taro fish snack as well (available on Milath564)! This popular Thai snack is crafted from sea-caught white fish meat which are infused with exotic spices, these delectable treats are baked to perfection and free of preservatives. The perfect snack for those looking for a delicious and nutritious option. Remember to grab some of this snack from Bangkok as it is bound to be a hit with adults and kids alike! 

Best Thai snacks to buy at Big C: Sweet snacks 

14. Cha Tra Mue 3-in-1 Thai Tea 

cha tra mue thai milk tea best thai snacks
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Did you really go to Thailand if you didn’t have some Thai milk tea? Fans of the creamy, aromatic beverage should definitely put Cha Tra Mue 3-in-1 Thai Tea (available on Shopee Supermarket) on their souvenir list! Simply add water to one of the individually-packed sachets to get your Thai milk tea fix. As one of Thailand’s most beloved tea brands, Cha Tra Mue products definitely make for one of the best Thai snacks to buy back for your loved ones! 

15. Glico Mango Pocky 

Glico Mango Pocky
(Credit: nonnomfoodcartms.sg)

Sucker for snacks in unique, Thailand-exclusive flavours? You can’t miss out on Glico Mango Pocky (available on nonnomfoodcartms.sg). The sweet treat features crispy, stick-type biscuits coated in mango-flavoured white chocolate. You can also look out for chocolate banana Pocky! While Pocky biscuits in Thailand-exclusive flavours come in boxes that are about two-thirds the size of those found in Singapore, they’re much cheaper at less than S$0.50 a pop – it’s no surprise that Pocky is considered to be one of the best Thai snacks to buy from Big C! 

16. Coconut Chips

Coconut chips
(Credit: S3Beauty Flagship)

Can’t get enough of sweet, juicy Thai coconuts? Our advice is to stock up on some Coconut Chips (available on S3Beauty Flagship) on your visit to Big C! This popular Thai snack is made using real coconut meat, which is baked and seasoned lightly with salt and sugar. If you can’t get enough of the Thai spices, there is also a Tom Yum flavour available! Enjoy the naturally sweet flavours of Thai coconuts without the hassle of opening one up! Often free of harmful preservatives, coconut chips are definitely one of the best healthy Thai snacks from Bangkok, so remember to grab some for your loved ones back home!

17. Little Farm Dried Bread 

Little farms dried crispy bread
(Credit: Thai Supermarket Singapore)

If you’re looking for a snack that’s a bit more interesting, consider Little Farm Dried Bread (available on Thai Supermarket Singapore)! This popular snack from Bangkok is essentially bite-sized pieces of freeze-dried bread coated in flavours such as butter, garlic, tom yum, and even black pepper. Best part? This crispy and highly addictive snack is 100% trans fat-free! It definitely takes the cake as one of the best Thai snacks to buy for those who appreciate more exotic treats! 

18. Royal Chitralada Milk Tablets 

royal chitralada milk candy best thai snacks
(Credit: TheMiniMart)

Don’t be put off by the suspicious-looking packaging – these Royal Chitralada Milk Tablets (available on TheMiniMart) are definitely one of the best sweet snacks from Bangkok to buy for your friends and family! Fans of Horlicks candy are guaranteed to adore these melt-in-your-mouth milk tablets. Often named the most popular Thai-produced snacks, these milk candies will definitely win the favour of both adults and children!

19. Thai Dried Mango

thai dried mango best thai snacks
(Credit: Signature Market Official Store)

Most visitors to Thailand will agree that mangoes are the best sweet Thai snack. Bring a taste of Thailand back to Singapore with some Thai Dried Mango (available on Signature Market Official Store)! Unlike fresh mango, dried mango boasts a different but just as delicious chewy texture that’s particularly popular with young children. Snag a sharing-size bag off the shelves in Big C – we promise you’d be hankering for more! 

Big C outlets to hit up in Bangkok for the best Thai snacks

bangkok shopping mall best thai snacks
(Credit: Markus Winkler / Unsplash)

As one of Thailand’s biggest supermarket chains, Big C is your best bet for stocking up on delicious Thai snacks. There are over 20 Big C outlets located in the city centre of Bangkok, ranging from convenience store concepts to sprawling hypermarkets. 

If you only have time for a quick grocery trip, we recommend visiting the Big C Supercenter along Ratchadamri Road. Situated just a stone’s throw away from Chit Lom BTS, Big C Supercenter boasts one of the largest Big C supermarkets in the city centre, along with shops, a food court, and even a cinema! Best part? It’s also conveniently located near shopping hotspots such as Platinum Fashion Mall and Siam Square, making for the perfect pit-stop in between shopping sprees.

Snag the best Thai snacks that you can say aroy mak mak to

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This article was updated on 13 May 2024. Additional research done by Liew Shu Wen.