Pocky To Caramel Corn: 20 Best Japanese Snacks To Munch On

best japanese snacks singapore

Ask anyone who’s been to Japan for a holiday and odds are they’ll rave about the extensive selection of popular Japanese snacks! While they are exclusive prized possessions from the land of the rising sun, you don’t have to head overseas to snag these sweet and savoury treats. From aesthetically pleasing Japanese potato chips to Japanese biscuits with unrivalled flavour profiles, read on for are our picks of the best Japanese snacks in Singapore you have to grab!

Best Japanese snacks in Singapore: Chocolates

1. Matcha Kit Kat 

matcha kitkat best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: CODIA Japan)

No list of best Japanese chocolate snacks would be complete without including Japanese Kit Kat! Despite originating from the United Kingdom, Kit Kat amassed a massive fanbase in Japan because the name sounds like the phrase Kitto Katsu, which translates to ‘never fail’. This catapulted Kit Kat to the top of the Japanese market as pre-examination good luck charms for millions of students. In particular, we are in love with the Matcha Kit Kat (available on CODIA Japan) which is made through a kneading process that brings out the rich bitterness of the matcha!

2. Nissin Crisp Choco

nissin crisp choco best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: Hajime International Singapore)

Calling all cornflake fans! You’ll definitely adore Nissin Crisp Choco (available on Hajime International Singapore). This chocolatey snack consists of corn flakes enveloped in a thin chocolate shell. Each slice of the Crisp Choco provides a satisfying cocoa sweetness and is punctuated by a crunchy texture reminiscent of Rice Krispies. As one of the most popular Japanese chocolate snacks at any party, this Nissin snack comes pre-sliced and is immediately ready for sharing.

3. Royce Chocolate

royce chocolate best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: HoshiiiJapansg)

Royce Chocolate is regarded as one of the best Japanese chocolate snacks in Singapore by chocoholics for its emphasis on cocoa richness! We strongly recommend the Royce Pure Chocolate (available on HoshiiiJapansg) which has the perfect blend of Hokkaido milk and cocoa. It also uses mild cocoa amounts so the white chocolate’s sweetness isn’t overpowered. Royce’s chocolates boast the freshest ingredients from Hokkaido, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find rival brands that match Royce’s decadence. 

4. Yuraku Black Thunder Minibar

yuraku mini bar best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: CODIA Japan)

The Yuraku Black Thunder Minibar (available on CODIA Japan) is another frontrunner on our list of popular Japanese chocolate snacks. These Black Thunder minibars are dark coloured chocolates that ooze richness with every bite, making it a hit among young kids and oldies alike. This kind of reminds us of mini Oreos which are oh-so-addictive too! At only 69 calories per minibar, it is also one of the healthier snacks you can find on the market. This Japanese snack in Singapore also comes with free delivery so you get to make the most of your buck! 

5. Morinaga Salt Caramel Candy Chocolate

morinaga salt candy best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: CODIA Japan)

As one of the best Japanese chocolate snacks in Singapore to have withstood the test of time, Morinaga’s Salt Caramel Candy Chocolate (available on CODIA Japan) is certainly worth a try! Morinaga has indulged candy lovers with its signature caramel flavour since its introduction in 1913. With rock salt sourced from France, this Morinaga salt caramel candy adds a twist to the usual Japanese caramel candy! This chewy treat boasts the perfect blend of sweet and savoury that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Best Japanese snacks in Singapore: Biscuits

6. Glico Zeitaku Milk Chocolate Pocky 

glico zeitaku chocolate pocky best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Established in 1966, Glico is a brand that offers some of the most popular Japanese biscuit snacks globally with its quirky flavours and instantly recognisable packaging. So if you’re a fan of chocolate-flavoured biscuits, you have to check out Glico’s Zeitaku Milk Chocolate Pocky (available on Shopee Supermarket). As an upgrade of the original chocolate Pocky, these Japan-exclusive Pocky biscuits differ from the best-loved classic in various ways. These premium Pocky sticks are significantly shorter, and are made with cultured butter for added richness. Best part? Each stick boasts a whopping 3.8 times the amount of chocolate compared to the original chocolate Pocky! Moreover, this Japanese snack comes with free delivery in Singapore–there’s really no excuse not to get this. 

7. Ginbis Ginza Rusk 

ginza rusk best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Looking for a midday melt-in-your-mouth snack? Then the Ginbis Ginza Rusk (available on Shopee Supermarket) would be right up your alley! For the uninitiated, rusks are light, dry biscuits that are usually cut into small pieces. As one of the best Japanese biscuit snacks in Singapore, this indulgently rich rusk has an airy texture that provides a delicate base for the chocolate to flavour. Its resealable zip-lock pouch also makes snacking throughout the day a lot more convenient! 

8.  Furuta Matcha Cream Cookies

akai matcha cookie best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: Yamakawasuper Official Store)

Enjoy a Western classic with a complementary Japanese twist when you get these Akai Bohshi Kukkia Matcha Chocolate Cookies (available on Yamakawasuper Official Store)! Akai’s sandwich cookies consist of two sweet biscuits joined together by a matcha green tea filling. With such a generous portion of cream, it’s no wonder that these cookies are worthy enough to be on our list of best Japanese biscuit snacks in Singapore. For other matcha goodies, check out our list of best matcha cakes!

9. Glico Cheeza Biscuits

glico cheeza best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: Hokkaido Snack Official Store)

Craving for a snack to beat the afternoon slump? Then, you must try the addictive and tasty Glico Cheeza Biscuits (available on Hokkaido Snack Official Store) which will instantly wake you from your daze with the first bite. This Japanese biscuit snack is made with up to 53% of cheddar and camembert cheese which has been smoked and carefully grilled in the oven. As one of the best Japanese biscuit snacks in Singapore, you’ll be glad to know that the crunchy texture of these cheese biscuits pairs perfectly well with a nice glass of wine.

10. Shiroi Koibito (White Lover)

white lover best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: HelloJapan)

As far as European-style biscuits go, Shiroi Koibito (available on HelloJapan) is one of the best Japanese snacks in Singapore money can buy! The Shiroi Koibito comes in a beautiful blue and white coloured box which houses up to 36 square-shaped cookies made with white chocolate sandwiched between butter biscuits. Given the cookie’s cult following, it’s no wonder there’s an amusement park and museum dedicated to these popular Japanese snacks in Hokkaido. Psst, the snow-inspired packaging makes this a glamorous gift for your loved ones!

11. Morinaga Mini Choco Chips

mini choco chips best japanese snack singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Nothing quite rivals a pack of mini chocolate chip biscuits like these Morinaga Mini Choco Chips (available on smilespoon.sg) as the perfect supper snack. Made of high quality cocoa dough and moist chocolate, these Morinaga chocolate biscuits have all the qualities worthy of one of the best Japanese biscuits in Singapore. In fact, these bite-sized biscuits are so addictive, we’re sure you’ll be reaching for another pack faster than you can say “Yummy”!

12. Bourbon Choco & Coffee Biscuits

bourbon coffee biscuits best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

As its name suggests, the Chocolate and Coffee Biscuits (available on Shopee Supermarket) is another Japanese snack that is bound to satisfy your chocolate cravings. The snack boasts a soft coffee- and cream-flavoured filling sandwiched between two crisp biscuits – what’s not to love? Have a few with a cup of coffee or tea as a perfect teatime snack! 

13. Press Butter Sand Cookie 

press butter sand best japanese snack singapore
(Credit: Matsumi Japan)

Missing fresh pastries and confectioneries from the land of the rising sun? Fill the Japan-sized hole in your heart with the popular Press Butter Sand Cookie (available on Matsumi Japan). These layered shortbread cookies are baked using a special “sandwich baking” technique that helps to remove excess oil. Consisting of rich butter cream and caramel between two buttery layers of shortbread, we can’t think of a more indulgent way to fend off the afternoon munchies than snacking on a piece of Press Butter Sand Cookie or two! 

14. New York Perfect Cheese

NY Perfect Cheese
(Credit: Moriyama shop)

Forget those queues! The New York Perfect Cheese (available on Moriyama shop) is a sweet and savoury delight that’s absolutely divine. The biscuit itself contains cheese and the center has a white chocolate surrounded by a creamy cheese as well.  Looking at how there’s always a long queue at their store in Tokyo and how they always sell out in just a couple hours from opening, there’s no doubt that these are some of the best Japanese snacks in Singapore!

Best Japanese snacks in Singapore: Chips

15. Calbee Jaga Pokkuru

jaga pokkaru chips best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: Official Store Hokkaido Monchan)

Far from being your average french fry, Calbee’s Jaga Pokkuru (available on Official Store Hokkaido Monchan) is one of the best Japanese snacks in Singapore because of its premium quality and ingredients used! The Jaga Pokkuru is prepared with hand-cut Hokkaido-grown potatoes and salt and has an authentic flavour that elevates the overall starchy flavour and crisp texture. The end result is a crunchy and scrumptious Japanese potato chip that keeps fans coming back for more. And it helps that there’s free delivery for this Japanese snack in Singapore! 

16. Tohato Bojaga Chips

tohato salt chips best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: JAPAN Culture Store)

When stocking up on popular Japanese chips and snacks for your office pantry, these Tohato Bojaga Chips (available on Mogushop) are definitely a must-have! The combination of dry potatoes and sea salt seasoning packs a punch and we are especially in love with its crispness. As one of the best Japanese chips in Singapore, it also has a rather light texture which makes snacking in the office a much quieter affair! Don’t forget to share some with your co-workers!

17. Tohato Caramel Corn

tohato caramel corn best japanese snack singapore
(Credit: ckhfoodtrading)

If the adorable packaging of this Tohato Caramel Corn (available on ckhfoodtrading) doesn’t win you over, its peanut and caramel mix surely will! As one of the best Japanese snacks in Singapore, this Tohato corn chips features a sugary sweetness that’s surprisingly light on the palette. The lightness complements the melt-in-your-mouth texture that makes them extremely addictive! What’s more, the remaining peanut corn chips are doused in yummy caramel corn dust, allowing you to savour the final few bites.

18. Bourbon Jaga Choco Chips

jaga choco chips best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: DON DON DONKI Official Store)

Looking for a chocolate-y midday munch that will perk you up? Then the Bourbon Jaga Choco Chips (available on DON DON DONKI Official Store) would be a great addition to your snack cabinet. As one of the best Japanese snacks in Singapore, these potato chips are thick and crispy, with a winning combination of both sweet and savoury flavours! They’re fried and covered in a layer of milk chocolate that pools in the ridges of each chip, so every bite has the perfect amount of chocolatey goodness. Boy, we’re hungry already!

Best Japanese snacks in Singapore: Sweets

19. UHA Kogumi Fermented Milk Gummies

uha kogumi gummies best japanese snack singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Big fan of Yakult and other cultured milk drinks? These UHA Kogumi Fermented Milk Gummies (available on Shopee Supermarket) are sure to be right up your alley. These best-loved Japanese sweets come in four different flavours to cater to every palate – plain, strawberry, blueberry, and peach. Soft, chewy, and packed with probiotics, stopping at one is definitely a challenge for any sweet tooth! 

20. UHA CORORO Muscat Gummies

uha muscat grape best japanese snacks singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Been missing the taste of fresh Japanese fruits? These UHA CORORO Muscat Gummies (available on Shopee Supermarket) might be the next best thing. These UHA premium fruit gummies are made to look and taste like real Japanese muscat grapes. Made with 100% fruit juice, the membranous outer layer of the gummy splits open upon biting to reveal the juicy flesh within. They’re not considered one of the best Japanese sweets in Singapore without reason – get your hands on a pack today! 

Snag the best Japanese snacks in Singapore today!

Spice up your day with these popular Japanese snacks that will leave you wanting another bite. For other snacks suggestions, check out our extensive collection of Chinese snacks, Indian snacks, Korean snacks and Taiwanese snacks that you can get at great sales from Shopee Supermarket! But if you still can’t get enough of Japan, check out our list of must-buy items at Don Don Donki so you can grab all your favourite Japanese products such as household cleaning items and alcohol beverages at great deals! Alternatively, pamper your skin with some of these best Japanese skincare products to achieve flawless mochi-hada skin. 

This article was updated on 13 June 2022. Additional research done by Rachel Tan.

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