15 Unique Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day 2022

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Too shy to express your love for mum? Take the opportunity this Mother’s Day to show mum how much you appreciate her for all that she’s done for you! While getting mum a gift and bringing her out for a feast are some of the fail-proof ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, they are so overdone. Instead, make this a special occasion for the greatest woman in your life and try these unique Mother’s Day activities! Trust us, mum will definitely be beaming in delight!

When is Mother’s Day in Singapore?

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Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, 8 May 2022 in Singapore this year. Be sure to mark your calendar and make those reservations to celebrate this special day with your life giver! Not sure what to do with your mum? We’ve got you covered with a slew of Mother’s Day activities to consider.

Unique Mother’s Day activities for the homebody mum

1. Dedicate a song to her on the radio

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Is your mum more of a homebody who doesn’t really enjoy jostling through a crowd or a fancy high tea session? Fret not, you can still express your love without stepping out of the door. Go the old-school way and dedicate your mum’s favourite song, along with a heartfelt message to her on the radio channel that she always listens to! Be sure to tune in to the radio with your mum to see her face light up in surprise.  This sweet gesture will definitely make your mum feel special and appreciated!

2. Help with housework

mothers day activity singapore 2021 help with housework mum daughter
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This Mother’s Day activity might seem like a no-brainer but we assure you your mum will be very thankful to have that well-deserved rest for the day! Of course, this shouldn’t be just a one-day event and you should help out whenever you can, but we understand that with our busy work schedules, sometimes it’s hard to do so. Take some time out and help your mum out with daily household chores like vacuuming, mopping the floor and doing the laundry. The list goes on and should be customised to whatever is on your mum’s to-do list. Gather some household cleaning products and get started!

3. Drama night with mum

mothers day activity family bonding time tv night drama
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Lying on the couch chilling and watching shows without a care in the world has got to be the most perfect form of relaxation. Put on your mum’s favourite K-drama, Netflix drama, or Chinese drama and indulge in a drama marathon with her all night long! This therapeutic Mother’s Day activity also allows you ample time to bond and cuddle up with your mum to make her feel loved. Don’t forget the chips and popcorn! Create a cozy ambience for the special occasion by setting up a projector and adorning the room with the best scented candles!

Unique Mother’s Day activities for the fitspo mum

4. Kick some butt at a fitness class together!

mothers day activity fitspo exercise with mum stretch fitness class
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If you and your mum are adrenaline junkies, then spend time at an exercise class together! Grab your yoga mat and be zen together at a yoga class. Or get your hearts pumping with HIIT workouts and indoor spin classes (or buy a spinning bike for her) — mum will get into the groove of things in no time! Encourage her to start on a physical workout she’s always wanted to try this Mother’s Day Singapore 2022. You never know, it may just end up becoming a weekly date activity with your mother!

5. Tour Singapore on a bicycle with mum

mothers day activity cycling bicycle tour singapore family bonding
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Be a tourist in Singapore for a day with mum. Simply rent a bike (or buy your mum a foldable bike or city bike) and go for a spin! One popular cycling route starts from East Coast Park where you and your mum get to enjoy some sea breeze. The path will take you through the scenic area at Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Barrage. We suggest taking a break here to enjoy some local specialities such as satay and Hokkien mee at Satay by the Bay before continuing your trip to Marina Bay. To protect yourself and your mum, be sure to deck out in essential cycling gear before hitting the trails!

Unique Mother’s Day activities for the foodie mum

6. Bake away!

mothers day activity singapore 2021 grandma daughter bonding baking cookies
(Credit: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels)

With a multitude of baking videos and Mother’s day cake recipes floating around on the internet, baking at home with your mum is a great Mother’s Day activity to try out! All you need are the necessary baking equipment for the cake you are making. This includes an electric mixer — unless you are taking this as an opportunity to tone your arms! 

7. Cook up a storm!

mothers day activity singapore 2021 cooking asian mum daughter pasta making
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Many of us are lucky enough to enjoy a home-cooked meal that our mum places on the table every single day? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars at a fancy restaurant this Mother’s Day in Singapore, take the lead in the kitchen and cook a simple 3-course home-cooked meal with mum! From rice cooker recipes to Nonya kueh recipes for dessert, these easy-to-prepare meals taste great and require basic culinary skills. A vase of flowers and a beautiful greeting card with a heartfelt message will complete the ensemble beautifully. Get mum to dress up for the scrumptious meal — this will surely be a memorable Mother’s Day activity for the family!

8. Go cafe hopping with mum

mothers day activity singapore 2021 cafe hopping with mum indoor greenery glasshouse
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Is an afternoon cuppa mandatory to get mum through the day? If you answered yes, it’s time to bring mum cafe hopping so she can enjoy her coffee in fashion! Check out these famous Tiong Bahru cafes and be sure to sneak in some brunch and gossip! Dress up together with mum and encourage her to swipe on a Korean lip tint and a maxi dress. It’ll make her feel like a tai tai going on a coffee date!

10. Attend a coffee workshop with mum

man holding a cup of coffee and making latte art
(Credit: Chevanon Photography / Pexels)

If your mum lives by the mantra “never stop learning”, she’ll surely find it meaningful to pick up a new skill this Mother’s Day 2022! For those of you who start the day with a cup of joe, sign up for a coffee workshop in Singapore to amp up your morning brew! From latte art to filter brew coffee courses, there’s a slew of different skills you can pick up. 

10. Experience omakase dining with mum

assorted sushi on wooden plate
(Credit: Rajesh TP / Pexels)

Want to treat your mum like royalty this Mother’s Day 2022? Take her out for an omakase meal in Singapore! Omakase translates to “I’ll leave it up to you” in Japanese – there’s no menu and the entire course is a surprise from the chef. It is usually tailored according to seasonality and availability, usually consisting of the finest, freshest ingredients! If your mum loves sushi and sashimi, she’ll definitely enjoy this unique Mother’s Day activity! 

Unique Mother’s Day activities for the fashionista mum

11. Photoshoot session with mum

photoshoot with mother grandmother daughter family bonding
(Credit: Robert Stokoe / Pexels)

Embark on a mission of giving your mum a makeover session to make her feel beautiful and youthful once again. Treat your fashionista mum to a brand new outfit — from a dazzling dress to matching heels. Don’t forget to work your makeup skills on mum too! Thereafter, doll yourself up in a matching outfit and hit the streets with your DSLR camera for some shutter time! Alternatively, book a slot at a self photo studio in Singapore to have pictures taken with mum (and even grandma) professionally!

12. Matching mother and daughter manicures

mothers day activity singapore 2021 manicure matching mum daughter
(Credit: Kris Atomic / Unsplash)

From cooking to cleaning, mothers are usually too busy with the family to find time for themselves. This is why it’s important that mum gets a pampering session at the nail salon this Mother’s Day Singapore 2022. Treat mum to a relaxing manicure or pedicure (or both) session at one of these home-based nail salons. They are more intimate and affordable so you need not worry about breaking the bank when mum decks her nails in bling! Plus, you get to spend quality time with her through this enjoyable Mother’s Day activity.

13. Gift mum a hair transformation

treat mum to hair salon dye hair mothers day gift
(Credit: Adam Winger / Unsplash)

Take a good look at mum and you can probably spot a few (or more) strands of grey hair. Transform her grey locks into glossy tresses by helping her dye her hair! With so many easy DIY hair dye kits available on the market, you’ll definitely be able to provide mum a professional dye job at home. Plus, this fun Mother’s Day activity will surely touch her heart! Otherwise, pamper yourself and mum to a salon treatment for Mother’s Day 2022 – do remember to reserve a slot early! Not sure what hair colour will suit mum? Check out these 2022 trendy hair colours for Asian skin tones

Unique Mother’s Day activities for the artsy mum

14. Go art jamming with mum

t-art studio art jamming space mother's day activities
(Credit: T-Art Studio)

Creating your very own masterpiece not only stimulates your mind, but also calms your mind. This Mother’s Day 2022, bring your mum to an art jamming studio in Singapore to spend a relaxing afternoon! These studios are equipped with all the art supplies and painting sets you’ll need. Channel your inner Picasso as you indulge in this therapeutic Mother’s Day activity and fill up a canvas board with your wildest imagination!

15. Attend a pottery class with mum

person molding clay mother's day activities
(Credit: Earl Wilcox / Unsplash)

If your mum is a skilled knitter, she’s probably high in dexterity and can pick up pottery skills in a jiffy. Find out just how nimble her fingers are at one of the best pottery classes in Singapore this Mother’s Day 2022. Apart from a therapeutic session of molding clay, you’ll also get to bring home your very own ceramicware to bring home as a keepsake of your memory.

More ways to surprise mum this Mother’s Day 2022

For the cherry on the cake, order a bouquet from these flower delivery places in Singapore. Then, hand-deliver it to her as a sweet surprise! Alternatively, get her (your MIL, grandma or wife) a meaningful gift from our list of Mother’s Day gift ideas to say ‘Thank You’ to all the important women in your life. Snag them at amazing discounts at our Mother’s Day Sale to stretch your dollar!

This article was updated on 22 March 2022. Additional research done by Liang Shi Nan.