Mother’s Day Singapore: 10 Unconventional Ways To Spend Time With Mum


10 May is around the corner which means Mother’s Day is coming soon! Ran out of original ideas? Want to surprise your mum but unsure of exactly what to do that’ll be different from all the other years? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 unconventional Mother’s Day ideas that you can do at home during this period to celebrate and spend some valuable time with mummy dearest!

1. Dedicate a song to her on radio

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With the current circuit breaker measures having everyone lounging at home, there’s hardly much room for creativity or big gestures like a fancy high tea session with the mum to celebrate Mother’s Day. Why not go the old-school way and dedicate your mum’s favourite song, along with a heartfelt message to her on the radio channel that she always listens to? This sweet gesture will definitely make your mum feel special and appreciated!

2. Help with housework

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This might seem like a no-brainer, but we assure you your mum will be very thankful to have that well-deserved rest for the day! Of course ideally, this shouldn’t be just a one-day event and you should help out whenever you can, but we understand that with our busy work schedules, sometimes it’s hard to do so. But that’s okay, it’s the thought that counts~

Help your mum out with daily household chores like vacuuming, mopping the floor, doing the laundry, watering the plants, walking the dog…the list goes on and is customizable to whatever is on your mum’s to-do list. Sometimes, we’d think the simplest gestures make the most impact! Here are some cleaning tools you might find useful to help get you started.

3. Kick some butt at a fitness class together!

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If you and your mum are adrenaline junkies, then join some exercise classes online together!  Relax your mind and be zen together with free online live yoga workouts from Jyan Yoga Studio, or get your heart pumping with a Hiit workout from Fitness First! You can check out their workout schedules and latest updates on their Instagram pages. Alternatively, download a fitness app and do the workouts there together with your mum!

Encourage her to start on a physical workout she’s always wanted to this Mother’s Day and you never know, it may just end up becoming a weekly date activity with your mother! Get sweating!

4. Make a homemade bouquet and card

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Let those creative juices flow and try your hands on making a flower bouquet for your mum from scratch! Even if you do not have access to ready, fresh flowers at home, you can explore making paper bouquets like these. And while you are at it, why not make a DIY mother’s day card for her as well?  Here are some ideas that you can check out and try making~

5. Bake away!

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With a multitude of baking videos and cake recipes floating around on the internet, baking at home sure seems to be very manageable! All you need are the necessary ingredients for the cake you are making, an electric mixer – unless you are taking this as an arm workout to tone those arms up, a keen eye and lots of love to make this work! Bake a cake as a surprise for your mum, or bake it together with her as a bonding activity this Mother’s Day~ Either way, we are pretty sure it will be time well spent and your mum will feel appreciated on this special day.

6. Cook up a storm!

homecooked meal mother's day singapore
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Ever taken for granted the warm, lovingly-prepared, home-cooked meal that your mum places on the table every single day without fail? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars at a fancy restaurant this Mother’s Day in Singapore, switch roles and surprise your mum with a simple meal in the comfort of your own home instead!

From mac and cheese to beef bolognese pasta and steak, to even rice with side dishes and soups, these easy-to-prepare meals taste great and require basic culinary skills. A vase of flowers and a beautiful greeting card with a heartfelt message will complete the ensemble beautifully. Need some meal recipe inspiration? Look to these Singapore home masterchefs to help you along!

7. Do a voucher booklet

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We are all looking forward to getting our lives back to normal once the circuit breaker period is over. Meanwhile, explore a fun way to treat your mum by doing up a voucher booklet of all her favourite activities that you can do together outside once you are given the green light to head out! Add in a spa and full body massage, a high tea session at her favourite café, a dinner treat at her usual go-to restaurant, or even a karaoke singing session to sing your hearts out!

The best part of this voucher booklet? It is customized to what your mum likes to do, and on top of that it has no expiry date, so mum can use it whenever she wishes to spend some quality time with you~

8. Doll your mum up and take pretty pictures together

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Staying at home doesn’t mean that you cannot dress up! Embark on a mission of giving your mum an extreme makeover session to make her feel beautiful and youthful once again. Pick out an entire outfit for her, from a pretty dress, to matching heels, and doll your mum up by putting your makeup skills to good use! Don’t forget about styling yourself up too, because you are going to have an indoor photoshoot with your mum!

Get ready a backdrop which you can easily prepare yourself with décor ideas from the internet, set up a tripod and snap away! This will not only be a perfect mother-daughter bonding session; you will also have lots of pictures as memories to remember this special moment by.

9. Netflix and chill

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Lying on the couch chilling and watching shows without a care in the world has got to be the most perfect form of relaxation. Put on your mum’s favourite series, or check out some of the trending shows here and have a Netflix marathon with her all day long! This therapeutic activity also allows you ample time to bond – and cuddle up with your mum to make her feel loved. Psstt…don’t forget the chips and popcorn!

10. Go on a supper marathon cum home spa session

srisun express prata mother's day singapore
(Credit: Srisun Express / Facebook)

A combined supper and spa experience will be the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day for your food-loving, chill mum! Don’t worry about not being able to head out now because there are delivery options for you to fall back on! Go full-on foodie mode and order her favourite egg prata and teh tarik combo either on Mother’s Day night, over the following weekend, or both because no one can say no to more suppers! It’s up to you but make sure to hit all the best spots. From Teochew porridge to hotpot to prata, relish all that Singapore has to offer in the wee hours of the morning.

Don’t stop there. Massage parlours all closed? No worries! Pamper your mum by giving her a good back rub in the comfort of your home! Make sure you focus on the pressure points on the body, and don’t miss out on any sore spots! From foot and body massages to a full tummy of prata, this will easily become your mum’s most adventure-filled and memorable Mother’s Day in Singapore!

Don’t just celebrate Mother’s Day with your mum! Thank all the mothers in your life — MIL and Grandmas included — with these gift ideas for the different women in your life! Still can’t make a choice? Our bath and body gift sets and makeup gift sets will surely do the trick!

This article was updated on 30 April 2020. Additional research done by Jaslynn Yeo.

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