What To Watch On Netflix Singapore: 11 Asian Dramas Besides Meteor Garden 2018

what to watch on netflix singapore asian dramas
(Credit: Thibault Penin / Unsplash)

Now that you’re done watching the sensational Meteor Garden 2018, you must be wondering what to watch on Netflix Singapore next! Fret not, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve highlighted some of the best Asian dramas that you should be adding to your Netflix queue and binge watch before the year ends!

1. A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好)

Hey, isn’t that Shan Cai from Meteor Garden 2018?! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Shen Yue, the actress who played Shan Cai in Meteor Garden 2018, stars as the lead actress in this light hearted coming-of-age drama — A Love So Beautiful.

Produced in 2017, A Love So Beautiful is a 24-episode Chinese drama that depicts the young love between Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen (Hu Yi Tian). Despite their contrasting personalities, Xiao Xi never shies away from her admiration for Jiang Chen, the smartest and most popular guy in school. Together with their group of friends, watch how these youngsters brave the various obstacles in life as they progress into adulthood!

2. Man To Man (맨투맨)

If you’ve had enough of sweet campus romance and pondering over what to watch on Netflix Singapore, why not have a go at some heart pounding Korean action dramas? A great one to catch now is Man To Man, a 16-episode Asian drama that revolves around Kim Seol-woo (Park Hae Jin) and Yeo Woon Gwang (Park Sung Woong).

Celebrity Yeo Woon Gwang is looking for a bodyguard, and ends up hiring Kim Seol Woo. Little does he know that Kim Seol Woo is an elite black ops agent that carries a poker face with style. Enjoy the chummy bromance than unfolds between the two characters while Seol Woo tries to achieve his dangerous hidden agenda!

3. Sacred Games

When you’re considering what to watch on Netflix Singapore, don’t miss out on the first Netflix original series in India — Sacred Games! Based on a novel of the same name, the drama talks about Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan), a suspended police officer in Mumbai who is on an important mission. Through a mysterious phone call, Sartaj Singh learns that he has only 25 days to save the entire city from perishing. Uncover the dark underworld as you go on a wild goose chase with Singh, whose quest to save Mumbai keeps you perpetually on the edge of your seat for all of the eight episodes!

Psst, fans of this Asian drama will be delighted to know that Netflix has confirmed a second season!

4. My Little Lover (南くんの恋人)

The next Asian drama on our ‘What to watch on Netflix Singapore’ list is a light hearted and kawaii (adorable) Japanese drama about Chiyomi Horikiri and her childhood friend, Shunichi Minami.

After a series of events, a dismayed Horikiri wished that she could go back to her happy childhood days where she shared many fond memories with her first love, Minami. Much to her surprise, Horikiri started to shrink till she was a mere 15cm tall! Thanks to Minami, Horikiri copes with her miniature size and in the process, recovered the bond she had with Minami! Produced in 2015 and based on the manga series ‘Minami Kun No Koibito’, this drama is bound to keep you giggling in delight at the cheesy yet amusing events!

5. A Korean Odyssey (화유기)

What to watch on Netflix Singapore for a fan of fantasy dramas? Look no further than A Korean Odyssey, which features famous actors and actresses such as Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won and Oh Yeon Seo! This drama is adapted from the renowned tale of the Journey To The West, albeit with a comedic twist!

Stuck in the mortal realm, the monkey king and bull king are now housemates in a luxury estate in Seoul. Even though they are often at loggerheads with each other, their budding bromance is one of the greatest highlights of the show. The greatest surprise in this quirky Asian drama lies in the identity of the Tang Monk — a female incarnation named Jin Seon Mi! Watch as the characters’ fates entwine while they work together to ward off all evil in this 20-episode blockbuster!

6. Club Friday The Series 7

Give Thai dramas a try the next time you’re wondering what to watch on Netflix Singapore! A great one to start your Thai drama binge is Club Friday The Series 7, which has attracted international fans for its relatable and heart wrenching plots!

What sets this Asian drama apart from the rest is that the plots are all based on true accounts. Adapted from the stories told by listeners who called in to a radio program known as ‘Club Friday’, this Thai drama is produced in short stories and aim to express the varying perceptions of life. Widen your horizon as you watch each episode unfold before your eyes in finesse, thanks to the star-studded cast and high quality production. Once you’re done with Club Friday The Series 7, don’t forget to check out Club Friday To Be Continued which can be found on Netflix as well!

7. Love O2O (微微一笑很倾城)

Looking for something better than Meteor Garden 2018 but don’t know what to watch on Netflix next? You MUST give Love O2O a try! Produced in 2016, this Chinese drama achieved huge international success, making it one of the most watched Chinese modern dramas to date. Hold up, before you dismiss this drama as another typical cheesy romance TV show, know that Love O2O is more than what meets the eyes!

Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) is an aspiring online game developer who not only excels in her studies, but is also one of the best players in the online role-playing game, A Chinese Ghost Story. While playing, she meets the game’s top player Yi Xiao Nai He, who suggested an in-game marriage to complete a couple quest. However, Bei Wei Wei is unaware that her ‘marriage’ would lead to an enchanting love story with the university’s most popular student, Xiao Nai (Yang Yang), who is the gamer behind Yi Xiao Nai He!

Witness the gaming world come to life as you take a peep into the gaming industry with this light-hearted romance drama!

8. Little Things

Some Asian dramas are so relatable, they hit close to the heart. Little Things is one of those dramas. It’s filled with small and mundane details which add up to be a candid plethora of realistic challenges we face on a daily basis. After all, it’s the little things in life that matter the most!

Join a young couple in their 20s as they manoeuvre their way around contemporary Mumbai, dealing with realistic issues such as work, relationships and family. Unlike typical romance dramas with cliche lines and events, Dhruv Vat (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya Kulkarni (Mithila Palkar) are an ordinary couple who’re grappling with what it takes to build a healthy relationship. Be it a heated argument or a silent apology, the simple details of Little Things are bound to remind you of your own experiences and will never fail to tug at your heart strings!

9. Good Morning Call (グッドモーニング・コール)

With so many interesting titles to choose from, deciding what to watch on Netflix Singapore is always  a challenge. If you’re looking for an easy watch, you’ll fall in love with the youthful plot of Good Morning Call! Adapted from a Japanese manga of the same title, this drama is a nice blend of cliche romance, friendship and comedy all in one.

As teenagers, we’ve all come across a time when we want to have our own space to do the things we like. That’s what Yoshikawa Nao assumed when she finally got to live on her own! However, things are not as they seemed on the day she moved into her apartment — the most popular and conceited guy from her school, Uehara Hisashi, is occupying the same house! Due to a series of unexpected events, Nao is forced to live with Uehara and keep their cohabitation a secret from the rest of the school. Live out your teenage love fantasy with Nao and Uehara on Good Morning Call now!

10. Hormones

If you’re looking for a drama that packs a punch on Netflix, this Asian drama will not disappoint! Hormones is an extremely popular Thai drama series that’s received a jaw-dropping 2 million views during its premiere. Nothing short of a scandalous and controversial plotline, the series is sure to keep you engaged without missing a beat!

Teen pregnancy, drugs, violence and unsettling families — this drama’s got it all. Even though it’s  targeted at younger audiences, Hormones doesn’t shy away from addressing sensitive social issues in Thailand. Instead, it aims to educate the younger generation on the dire consequences of their actions through its intense plots. Embark on this rocky journey with the nine main characters, as they struggle to take things into their own hands and brave through the turmoils of adolescence.

11. Switched (宇宙を駆けるよだか)

Another Japanese drama addition to our ‘What to watch on Netflix Singapore’, Switched is a coming-of-age drama with a dark twist. Adapted from the Japanese manga series ‘Sora Wo Kakeru Yodaka’, this is a short Netflix original series that addresses the brutal truth about our superficial society in six intense episodes. Welcome onboard this nightmarish roller coaster ride as our main protagonist, Ayumi Kohinata, unveils the ugly side of mankind.

Shunpei Kaga, Koshiro Mizumoto and Ayumi Kohinata are inseparable childhood friends. Ayumi is a beautiful and popular girl among her classmates and is excited to be in her first relationship with Koshiro. However, an unexpected twist of events finds Ayumi in the body of the school’s outcast, Zenko, who maliciously acquired Ayumi’s body for her own use. While in a body deemed ‘ugly’ by societal standards, Ayumi opens her eyes to the world of superficiality as she struggles to retrieve her body from the evil grasp of Zenko. Which side are you on — inner beauty or outer beauty?

Now that you’ve got a long list of titles to watch on Netflix, don’t enjoy them alone! Gather a few friends together and plan the perfect binge-watching party this weekend! Need some snacks to get you through the thrilling suspense? Head on over to Shopee Singapore to stock up on your favourite snacks and beverages!