Unfold And Go With These 13 Foldable Bikes From $120

Best foldable bikes in Singapore
(Credit: VeloBikes, Mighty Velo Official Store, ChangRong Bicycle Trading Co)

With more people picking up cycling over the past year, riding a bike definitely seems to be a great alternative to move around quickly. Whether you’re a student going to school or a delivery food rider, you’ll definitely need a good bike that is durable and fuss-free. If you’re worried about having no storage space at home to keep your bike, then foldable bikes would be the perfect solution for you. From budget-friendly bikes to the lightest bikes, check out our list below for the best foldable bikes in Singapore that can go the distance!

Are foldable bikes worth it? 

Best foldable bikes in Singapore
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Torn between getting a normal bicycle or a foldable bike? While both types of bicycles make for a good ride, foldable bikes have some additional advantages that may make them a more worthy purchase.

  • Portability

While normal road bicycles might be bulky and space-consuming, a foldable bike gives you the advantage of being able to pack it into a compact form. This makes the bike more portable as it can easily be carried into buildings or aboard other vehicles such as the MRT, bus, or car. 

  • Easy to store

Another benefit of having a foldable bike is that it can be more easily stored in compact living spaces such as in storerooms or cupboards. This is unlike a conventional bicycle which one would usually leave tied to a railing in the corridor or a bike rack.

  • Wider range of adjustments 

While a foldable bike frame only comes in one size, it offers a wider range of adjustments that can accommodate various riders. The seatposts and handlebar can extend as much as four times higher than conventional bikes, making it easier to use for everyone regardless of height. 

Now that you know the difference between foldable and normal bikes, check out our guide to the best foldable bikes in Singapore. Made with high quality materials and priced affordably, you won’t want to miss out on getting one!

Best foldable bikes in Singapore below $300 

1. JIJI.SG Casual Foldable Bicycle

JIJI.SG Casual Foldable Bicycle
(Credit: JIJI.SG Official Store)

Trying to find the perfect foldable bike that’s both light and affordable? Well, look no further! Weighing only 12kg, the JIJI.SG Casual Foldable Bicycle (available on JIJI.SG Official Store) is one of the lightest foldable bikes in Singapore. On top of that, it is fitted with urban tyres that make for the best balance in performance, weight and grip. It also has a foam padded comfort saddle, so you’ll enjoy added support and comfort while cycling!

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2. Shimano Gear Transmission Mountain Bicycle

Shimano Gear Transmission Mountain Bicycle
(Credit: Discus Fish)

The Shimano Gear Transmission Mountain Bicycle (available on Discus Fish) is definitely one of the frontrunners in our list of best foldable bikes in Singapore. Made from high carbon steel, the bike is an easy fix which makes the bike a lot more compact for storage. Weighing 15kg, it is also one of the lightest foldable bikes in Singapore, which makes it an added benefit to the bike’s portability. The bike is available in two colours, black or yellow, perfect for those who prefer to give their bike a minimalistic look. 

3. Begasso Foldable Mountain Bike 

Begasso Foldable Mountain Bike
(Credit: D-Tech)

If you’re on the lookout for the best foldable bikes in Singapore with a good gear system, then you should consider getting the Begasso Foldable Mountain Bike (available on D-Tech). It is upgraded with high quality gear shifters as well as front and rear derailleurs, so you can ride safely without worrying about any technical malfunction such as a snapped cable. You can also choose between two types of wheels — the spoke wheel ($249) or the three blade wheel ($369). We recommend competitive riders to get the three blade wheel as it is more rigid and made to handle higher speeds.

4. Phoenix Foldable Bicycle

Phoenix Foldable Bicycle
(Credit: SSS Bike)

Who says you can’t buy one of the lightest foldable bikes in Singapore while on a budget? The Phoenix Foldable Bicycle (available on SSS Bike) definitely caught our eye in terms of its weight (12kg) and affordable pricing. With prices starting from only $164, it’s definitely value for money as it also comes with accessories such as a back seat, a bottle cage, a pump and an anti-theft lock. Additionally, don’t be fooled by Phoenix’s petite size. It has a weight capacity of 180kg which makes it the perfect bike to ferry another person around. 

5. PIGEON Foldable Mountain Bike 

PIGEON Foldable Mountain Bike
(Credit: PIGEON Flagship Store)

The PIGEON Foldable Mountain Bike (available on PIGEON Flagship Store) is also on our list thanks to its sturdy build. Made of high carbon steel that can absorb more road vibrations, it promises to be a smooth ride for experienced and novice cyclists alike. If you are all about the intricate details, then you’ll be pleased to know that the wheels of the PIGEON bike come in streaks of either green, blue or red — perfect for showing off to your friends! Additionally, you can also get a couple of freebies such as a kettle shelf, car lock and reflector when you purchase this bike. 

Best foldable bikes in Singapore above $300 

6. Hito 20 Inch Shimano Aluminium Foldable Bicycle   

Hito 20 Inch Shimano Aluminium Foldable Bicycle is one of the of best foldable bikes in Singapore
(Credit: HITO SG Official Store)

When it comes to snagging the best foldable bikes in Singapore, you’ll certainly want to buy one from one of the highest rated bicycle shops online. HITO SG is known for its large collection of Hito & Hachiko bicycles including the Hito 20 Inch Shimano Aluminium Foldable Bicycle (available on HITO SG Official Store). This new model of Hito foldable bike has a miniature size of 20 inches — you can fit two such bikes in a car boot when folded. Definitely the best fit for cycling enthusiasts seeking a weekend getaway! 

7. Kudo Foldable Aluminium Bike

Kudo Foldable Aluminium Bike
(Credit: Kudo Bikes Official Online Store)

Fear that your foldable bike will give way over time? Then maybe you should try the Kudo Foldable Aluminium Bike (available on Kudo Bikes Official Online Store). Not only does it have a five-year warranty, it is also one of the lightest foldable bikes in Singapore (12.5kg). More importantly, this Kudo bike is equipped with some of the best materials including magnesium alloy rims for its wheels and an aluminium folding frame. This will definitely maximize your cycling experience, especially if you often cycle a longer distance!

8. 3sixty Speed Bar Folding Bike 

 3sixty Speed Bar Folding Bike
(Credit: VeloBikes)

Scour the best foldable bikes in Singapore and you’re bound to come across the 3sixty Speed Bar Folding Bike (available on VeloBikes). Stunning with its glossy figure, this folding bike is definitely a must-buy thanks to its petite size that will come in handy when you feel tired from cycling and decide to take the public transport instead. What’s more, there is a wide range of colours such as black, white, red, solid blue and phantom grey to choose from — and they all look equally sleek!

9. Java Zelo Foldable Bicycle 

Java Zelo Foldable Bicycle
(Credit: PassionGadgets)

When you’re zipping around on two wheels, you want convenience when it comes to carrying things with you on your bike. Luckily, with the Java Zelo Foldable Bicycle (available on PassionGadgets), you don’t ever need to fret about storage! With 20-inch wheels and a fully foldable frame, the bike is perfect for zipping around the island and zipping up at home. Did we also mention that there are up to $200 worth of freebies to collect? These include rechargeable headlights, a water bottle holder and a gold bell. 

10. Litepro Brompton Foldable Bike 

Litepro Brompton Foldable Bike
(Credit: ChangRong Bicycle Trading Co)

Bored of the plain ol’ bikes and want one with striking unique colours? Then getting a Litepro Brompton Foldable Bike (available on ChangRong Bicycle Trading Co) would definitely light up your world. Available in flashy shades of lime green, army green, and tiffany blue, the striking design is sure to turn heads and make you the centre of attention. Beyond that, its frame is made up of complex molybdenum steel, a material that strengthens the power of the bike and reduces chances of rust. Ultimately, these features combine to make the Brompton bike one of the best foldable bikes in Singapore!

11. Dahon Foldable Bicycle 

Dahon Foldable Bicycle
(Credit: S G S Bike)

Made from Shimano, one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world, the Dahon Foldable Bicycle (available on S G S Bike) is definitely one of the best foldable bikes in Singapore. With the right balance of portability and comfort, Dahon bikes are made of high carbon steel frames that are guaranteed to be stronger and more durable than your average bike. For those who are fretting over potential saddle sores, you’d be assured to know that these bikes come with easily adjustable seats that accommodate riders of all heights. 

12. Merida Foldable Bicycle 

merinda foldable bike in singapore
(Credit: merioabicycle.sg)

Want a foldable bicycle that is lightweight yet one of the best in Singapore? Then the Merida Foldable Bicycle (available on merioabicycle.sg) is definitely a worthy purchase. Weighing just 11kg and only 146 cm wide when unfolded, this Merida bike is even more compact when folded — great for use when you’re travelling overseas or going past no-bicycle zones. Available in colours like red-black, blue-green and slate grey, you’re bound to find one that suits your personality no matter what age or gender.

13. RIFLE Foldable Bicycle 

rifle foldable bike in singapore
(Credit: Bike lover [Cropped])

Weighing just 10.5kg, bike lovers will argue that the RIFLE Foldable Bicycle (available on Bike lover) is one of the lightest foldable bikes in Singapore. It is made of aluminum alloy, which significantly reduces rust unlike standard steel frames. As such, it is also more durable and can probably last you a few good years. However, what’s best about this RIFLE bike is its seat adjustability that can be modified to your preference anywhere from 145cm to 195cm — perfect for all no matter your height!

Best foldable bikes in Singapore: price comparison 

Foldable Bike Wheels Size (inch) Bicycle Weight (KG) Price
JIJI.SG Casual Foldable Bicycle 20  12 $129.90
Shimano Gear Transmission Mountain Bicycle 24 or 26  15-16 $189 – $249
Begasso Foldable Mountain Bike 20, 24 or 26 16 $249 – $339
Phoenix Foldable Bicycle  16 or 20 12 $184
PIGEON Foldable Mountain Bike 24 or 26  15 $167 – $282
Hito 20 Inch Shimano Aluminium Foldable Bicycle 20  12 $380 – $460
Kudo Foldable Aluminium Bike 20 12.5 $338
3sixty Speed Bar Folding Bike 20 12 $850
Java Zelo Foldable Bicycle  20 13 $369
Litepro Brompton Foldable Bike 16 13 $800
Dahon Foldable Bicycle  16 13 $325.70
Merida Foldable Bicycle  20 11 $461.12
RIFLE Foldable Bicycle  20 10.5 $450

Bike accessories to complement your new foldable bike

1. Bicycle Raincoat 

bicycle raincoat
(Credit: Jaydenmum.sg)

Bicycle accessories can sometimes be just as important as the bicycle itself, especially in the event of unforeseen weather conditions. That is why every cyclist should invest in a Bicycle Raincoat Umbrella (available on Jaydenmum.sg) with you! Bicycle raincoats are designed to cover most of your bicycle while acting as an umbrella for yourself — great for food delivery riders who need to shelter themselves and their delivery items. What’s more, it comes with a removable screen protector that acts as a shield and does not interfere with the wearing of a helmet. With different sizes ranging up to 130cm in front length available, this raincoat is great for everyone as you’re bound to find one that fits you comfortably!

2. Bicycle Helmet

bicycle helmet rockbros
(Credit: Rockbros Official Shop)

Who says that bicycle helmets are only meant for professional bikers to use? According to data from Cleveland Clinic, everyday cyclists should be wearing bicycle helmets too as it reduces the risk of serious head injury by up to 85%. If you’re unsure of which helmets are good, we recommend getting the Rockbros MTB Cycling Helmet (available on Rockbros Official Shop). Made of a high density polyethylene foam, it also comes with a magnetic gray lens that can protect your eyes in the event of a fall. Moreover, at just 281g, which is the rough weight of six eggs, it is extremely lightweight and breathable — great for those who want a fuss-free ride! 

3. Bicycle Gloves

bicycle gloves rockbros
(Credit: Rockbros Official Shop)

Given the weather conditions in Singapore, cycling under the hot sun can sometimes cause your hands to get pretty sweaty which can easily slip around the handlebars. This is why it’s important to be geared up in bicycle gloves which helps to keep your hands dry and for you to maintain a tight grip on your bike. The Rockbros Cycling Shockproof Breathable Gloves (available on Rockbros Official Shop) is a good recommendation given that it is made of nylon and cotton which is breathable and anti-sweat. It is also embedded with a thickening sponge to minimise injuries. Additionally, you can choose from the stunning red or black hues which are both equally sleek — great if you’re someone big on aesthetics too!

4. Bicycle Pump

bicycle pump jiji.sg
(Credit: JIJI.SG Official Store)

Having a punctured bicycle tyre is the worst thing that can happen to a cyclist. That is why you should always have a bicycle pump at home to ensure good tyre pressure. The JIJI.SG Hand Pump (available on JIJI.SG Official Store) is a good option to consider thanks to its ergonomic handle design which has a removable hand grip and air tube holder. At 32cm long, it is just as compact as your foldable bike — great if you lack storage space at home! Other than fixing punctured tyres, you can also use this hand pump to pump air in floats, balloons and basketballs, what a steal! 

5. Bicycle Lock

bicycle lock foldable bike
(Credit: FOREVER Official SG Store)

The last thing you want after getting a brand new foldable bike is for it to be stolen. This is especially so if you intend to leave it along your corridor. Even if you plan to store your bike safely in your house, you might need to secure it during your cycling trip when you decide to take a short break! This is why it’s good to invest in a trusty bicycle lock like the Foldable Bicycle Lock (available on FOREVER Official SG Store) which comes with a five-digit combination pin. It is also embedded with braided steel cables that have a strong cut resistance — a great deterrent for bicycle thieves!

6. Bicycle Front Block Bag

bicycle front block bag
(Credit: WHeeL UP Official Store)

Worried that your phone will slip out of your pocket while cycling? Getting a Bicycle Front Block Bag (available on WHeeL UP Official Store) can help solve this problem! Front block bags are spacious enough to fit all your necessary belongings such as your mobile phone, wallet and house keys. What’s more, these bicycle bags are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the rain wetting your precious valuables. All you have to do is clip the bag on the front of your foldable bike and you’re ready to go. Additionally, it can also double up as a sling-on bag when you’re done with your cycle — how worth it!

Cycle fuss-free with these best foldable bikes in Singapore

Whether it is saving money on Grab rides or getting that small bit of exercise done, cycling definitely does have its benefits. We hope this list of best foldable bikes in Singapore has helped you in your bike-purchasing decisions. If you’re interested in other types of bicycles, you can consider getting some of the best mountain bikes that are optimal for rugged terrains, or choose from some of the best city bikes for your daily commute around Singapore. Alternatively, if you are more of an indoor cycling person, we recommend these best spinning bikes

This article was updated on 16 November 2021. Additional research done by Gabriel Choo. 

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shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
shopee singapore 12.12 birthday sale 2021
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