Gear Up For Your Vacation With The 11 Best Luggage

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Booked your air tickets and all ready to jet off to your dream destination? Don’t forget to arm yourself with a sturdy piece of luggage to travel with! You’ll need one that is durable enough to brave through tosses and throws through the baggage-claim carousel, spacious enough for your travel essentials (and loots), and secure enough in case it gets lost in foreign land. To help you find the right one, here’s a guide on how to choose a luggage and our recommendations on the best luggage options in Singapore.  

What to consider when choosing a luggage?

From brutal baggage handlers to rugged terrains, your luggage goes through a lot. To ensure it doesn’t fall apart after years of storage or worse, splitting into half upon landing in a foreign country, it’s worth investing in a quality one that can withstand heavy physical demands. From types of luggage to what kind of wheels to choose, here’s what you should look out for when buying one.

  • Size & weight

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Majority of the luggage options on the market make the cut for the size limitations for international travel. That said, we recommend sizing down as much as possible when you’re buying a luggage bag for a vacation, as a smaller luggage helps you to avoid overpacking or exceeding weight limits. In that vein, weight is another important factor to look out for. Lightweight luggage options allow you to pack more without risking hefty baggage fees, and are easier to carry around.

  • Type of luggage & material

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There are two main types of luggage – hard case and soft case. While soft case luggage tends to offer more flexibility for expansion (although some hard case luggage offers this too), hard case luggage helps to limit your packing. Hardside bags also tend to be more waterproof and weather-resistant, while soft case luggage are more prone to stains. Both come with its set of pros and cons, so it all comes down to your specific needs and preferences. For which material to choose, refer to the table below!

Material  Pros Cons
Polypropylene (hard) Affordable, lightweight, flexible, crack-resistant Slightly heavier
Polycarbonate (hard) Crack-resistant, lightweight, flexible Relatively pricey
ABS (hard) Affordable, lightweight Not crack-resistant
Aluminium Durable, scratch and dent-resistant Heavy
Polyester Affordable, lightweight, flexible Not as durable 
Nylon Lightweight, weather resistant, durable More expensive than polyester
Leather Durable, waterproof Expensive, heavy
  • Handles

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Handles will come in handy for easy handling of your luggage. This is especially so when you come to situations where you need to hand carry your luggage (such as going up a stairs) instead of rolling it on the ground. Whatever type of luggage you choose, you’ll want at least two handles – one on the top and one on the side – in order to lift it without breaking a sweat.

  • Security

TSA combination lock on baby pink luggage best luggage singapore
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Don’t let your guards down – be sure to lock your luggage before checking it in, in case it falls to the hands of another! You can buy a luggage lock, but the best luggage options in Singapore come with combination locks, or even better, TSA locks which are highly recommended for those travelling to the US. This is because TSA locks have a universal master key, so airline personnel can open your baggage up to check its content without damaging it. Apart from locks, also look out for double coiled zips which are not easily hacked.

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  • Wheels

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For smooth maneuvering, get four-wheeled luggage (often named as spinners) which are highly versatile. You don’t have to tilt it to an angle and pull, but simply drag it parallel to the ground. However, these wheels do take up space. If you’re travelling via bus or trains and want to avoid  not being able to fit your bag in overhead luggage bins, you can opt for luggage with recessed wheels. 

  • Storage

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Ultimately, your luggage is going to be your portable wardrobe and storage box as you travel. Internal storage compartments will make packing a lot easier. The best luggage options in Singapore come with dedicated compartments for your garments, which keep them from creasing. External storage compartments also come in handy if you want easy access to important items. These are more common in soft case luggage options. 

  • Colour

black, white, and yellow luggage
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When it comes to luggage colour, it is not all about aesthetics. Bright colours are easier to spot and harder to get mixed up with other luggage. On the other hand, black or dark coloured luggage has its advantages too. As checked baggage often gets tossed around without mercy, it’s inevitable for them to sustain scratches and damages – which tend to be less noticeable on dark coloured luggage. Plus, you can still adorn them with luggage covers and luggage stickers to make them stand out in the crowd!

How to pack luggage to maximise space?

woman packing luggage on bed
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  • Lay it out and edit

Who doesn’t want to look good on a holiday? We know how tempting it is to squeeze your entire wardrobe into your suitcase just so you can have options on the trip. However, that ain’t gonna be a smart move – especially if you’re planning to shop too. So lay out everything you want to bring, and pick out the ones you really need. This helps you to avoid bringing clothes that look similar. 

  • Roll your clothes to save space

It is highly recommended to roll your clothes up so that they take up less space. You can even secure them with a rubber band so that they don’t open up. This not only maximises space, but also keeps your clothes wrinkle free upon arrival. We also recommend wrapping breakable items like jewellery among your clothes to keep them safe from impact.

  • Use packing cubes and compression bags

Trust us, packing cubes make a huge difference in keeping things organised in your luggage. You can store your rolled clothes into them and compartmentalise them however you’d like. Simply maximise each cube and zip it up. If you need more space, lend some help from compression bags which come in especially handy for bulky items like winter clothing. However, we recommend wearing your bulky items first, and using compression bags as a last resort.

Best hard case luggage in Singapore

1. American Tourister Frontec Spinner

pastel pink american tourister frontec spinner luggage best luggage singapore
(Credit: American Tourister Official Store)

If your dream luggage is one that comes in soft, pastel colours, look no further than the American Tourister Frontec Spinner (available on American Tourister Official Store) that’s available in baby pink, blue, and yellow. Aesthetics aside, this bad boy matches beauty with brains with its well-thought-out features. Despite being a hard case luggage, it offers the flexibility of a soft shelled luggage thanks to its volume split capability which allows for approximately 15% more space. Trust us, you’ll need that extra space when you’re flying back from BKK.   

For extra security, this American Tourister Frontec luggage is also equipped with a security zipper that is double coiled and not easily pilfered. Those travelling through rugged terrains will also appreciate its shock-absorbing wheels which allow for smooth rolling on bumpy roads. Psst, the American Tourister Frontec Luggage (cabin-sized) (available on American Tourister Official Store) even comes with a built-in USB port which allows you to charge your devices!

2. Kamiliant Zakk Spinner

black kamiliant zakk spinner luggage with geometric zigzag design best luggage singapore
(Credit: American Tourister Official Store)

Looking for a value-for-money option that doesn’t compromise on quality? The Kamiliant Zakk Spinner (available on American Tourister Official Store) fits the bill. Coming in under $100, this Kamiliant luggage gives you the best bang for your buck. On top of having a polypropylene shell, it also sports a dual texture geometric zigzag pattern design. This makes it not just crack, but also scratch-resistant. There’s also a multi-stop wheel handle that can be adjusted to different levels to offer the utmost comfort. That’s why this is one of the best cheap luggage you can get in Singapore!

3. Urbanlite Ledge Luggage

blue urbanlite ledge luggage best luggage singapore
(Credit: Universal Traveller Official Store)

When you’re trying to get from point A to point B while dragging a luggage, you’ll come to realise just how important quality wheels are. The Urbanlite Ledge Luggage (available on Universal Traveller Official Store) has 360-degree spinner wheels that not only allow for fluid motion, but also ensure that the weight of the luggage is evenly spread and ensures silent manoeuvring. Apart from wheels, the trolley handle system also makes a difference. The Urbanlite Ledge makes things breezy with multiple locking heights, so you can adjust it to the most comfortable position.

The Urbanlite luggage by Universal Traveller also comes with top and side handles for easy lifting, and sports an embossed design for double protection. That’s why it proves to be a worthy contender for the best luggage in Singapore. This luggage also comes with a cheap price tag of only $39 – what a steal!

4. Moda Paolo Hard Case Luggage

purple, blue and champagne coloured luggage best luggage singapore
(Credit: Moda Paolo Official Store)

The Moda Paolo Hard Case Luggage (available on Moda Paolo Official Store) is another affordable option that you can consider if you want to stretch your dollar. It comes with essentials like a TSA lock for security, and has a well-equipped internal storage that includes an X band that keeps things in place. It also comes with handles that are padded for extra comfort – this definitely helps when you have to carry it up or down the stairs! This cheap luggage in Singapore has also received glowing reviews from users – a testament of its functionality.

5. Delsey Promenade

orange and silver luggage with leather stripe best luggage singapore
(Credit: Delsey Singapore Official Store)

The Delsey Promenade Double Wheels Expandable Trolley Case (available on Delsey Singapore Official Store) screams vacation vibes and we’re totally into it. Sporting a unique aesthetic with its brown stripe detail made of vegan leather, this Delsey luggage is definitely one of the best luggage in Singapore that you’ll want to take #OOTD pics with at the airport. It is also equipped with silent double wheels that don’t cause a ruckus. What’s more, it is also expandable to accommodate your additional travel loots!

6. Audi x Samsonite Luggage

black audi x samsonite luggage in three different sizes
(Credit: Audi Flagship Store)

We can’t write a list about the best luggage in Singapore without mentioning Samsonite. They’re widely known to be one of the gold standard for luggage bags, and the Audi x Samsonite Luggage (available Audi Flagship Store) is one to shell out for. While it’s nowhere close to being a cheap luggage, it is definitely one of the best options in Singapore that marries form with function. Motorheads who are fans of Audi will love that it features the iconic emblem of Audi rings. 

This Samsonite luggage is also equipped with four low-noise twin wheels and carry handles on both the top and the side. Made from polycarbonate, you can be assured that it is crack-resistant and as lightweight as can be at only 2.9kg for a full-sized luggage! 

7. Eminent Twilight

bronze gold eminent twilight luggage with spiral emboss design best luggage singapore
(Credit: The Travel Store Official Store)

It can be hard to spot your luggage on the conveyor belt when it’s a sea of black, but not if you’re the owner of the Eminent Twilight KK09 (available on The Travel Store Official Store). This striking rose gold luggage will definitely turn heads at the airport runway, and catch your eye when it makes its appearance on the belt. We also love its spiral-like design that makes scratches less visible. Furthermore, this Eminent luggage is equipped with double coiled zippers and TSA combination lock for security. The dual wheel system also ensures you a smooth journey.

Best soft case luggage in Singapore

8. Delsey Montmartre Air 

delsey montmarte air softside luggage in black, olive, blue best luggage singapore
(Credit: Delsey Singapore Official Store)

It can be a hassle to clean a suitcase, but not when it comes with detachable and washable linings. The Delsey Montmarte Air Trolley Case (available on Delsey Singapore Official Store) offers just that – making the cleaning a straightforward affair. Simply detach the lining and toss it in the washing machine! Your travel essentials will be safe and clean, even if you don’t pack them in ziplock bags. The Delsey Montmarte Air luggage is also super lightweight – the 24 inch one only weighs 2.9kg, allowing you to bring more while weighing less. In addition, it has two frontal pockets where you can keep things you need at arm’s reach all the time.

9. American Tourister Applite Spinner

maroon soft case luggage american applite spinner
(Credit: American Tourister Official Store)

The American Tourister Applite Spinner (available on American Tourister Official Store) sports a sleek look that’s easily recognisable with its maroon body. It sports multiple pockets both in its inner and outer compartments, which allows you to organise things without extra storage bags. This American Tourister spinner can also be expanded up to an extra 4cm, which is the highest in this list. If you tend to shop a ton, we reckon a softside luggage with ample flexibility will be the best for you. 

10. Kamilliant Savanna Spinner

black kamiliant spinner with front pockets
(Credit: American Tourister Official Store)

If you’re looking for a cheap softside luggage option in Singapore that still packs a punch in terms of features, cue the Kamiliant Savanna Spinner (available on American Tourister Official Store). At only $59, you get a luggage that’s equipped in every aspect. For security, you have a TSA combination lock. For manoeuvrability, you have smooth-rolling spinner wheels and a multi-stop wheel handle. This Kamiliant spinner can even be expanded three ways, which offers more than enough extra room for your bulk buys. 

11. Eminent AL04N Trolley Backpack

black trolley backpack best luggage singapore
(Credit: The Travel Store Official Store)

It’s definitely wise to stick to a trusty travel backpack for a budget backpacking trip, but if you want to relieve your shoulders from the weight, cue the Eminent AL04N (available on The Travel Store Official Store), one of the best trolley backpacks in Singapore. This is one of the best types of luggage in Singapore for those who like to travel light. It offers ample volume that’s comparable to the other luggage options on the list, yet comes in the lightest at only 2.62kg. 

This luggage is also equipped with a silent wheel system, and made of durable polyester that’s resistant to ruffs and damages. However, it does not come with a built-in lock, so we recommend getting one to keep your belongings safe. 

Overview of the best luggage options in Singapore

Luggage Type Available size (inch) Weight (kg) Lock Material Price
American Tourister Frontec Spinner Hard case 22 3.1 TSA combination lock Polypropylene $217
Kamiliant Zakk Spinner Hard case 22  4 TSAl combination lock Polypropylene $99.50
Urbanlite Ledge Luggage Hard case 24 3 Combination lock ABS $39
Moda Paolo Luggage Hard case
  • 20
  • 24
  • 28
  • 3
  • 3.5
  • 4.2
TSA combination lock ABS $45 – $69
Delsey Promenade Hard case
  • 20
  • 24
  • 28
  • 4.5
  • 4.8
  • 5
TSA combination lock Polycarbonate $199 – $259
Audi x Samsonite Luggage Hard case 28 2.9 TSA lock Polycarbonate $826.04
Eminent Twilight Hard case 31 4 TSA combination lock Polycarbonate  $198
Delsey Montmarte Soft case
  • 20
  • 24
  • 28
  • 2.9
  • 3.5
  • 4.3
TSA combination lock Polyester $199 – $249
American Tourister Applite Spinner Soft case 28 2.9 TSA lock Polyester $280
Kamiliant Savanna Spinner Soft case 20 2.8 TSA lock Polyester $59
Eminent AL04N Soft case 24 2.62 None Polyester and PU $175

Jet off in comfort & style with the best luggage in Singapore

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great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7