7 Best Graphics Cards Of 2020 For All Kinds Of Gamers

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Graphics card — the heart of every PC that keeps pumping to offer a stellar gaming experience! From giving your avatar lifelike textures to rendering realistic shadows, the best graphics cards guarantee maximum immersion. Whether you’re getting an upgrade for the latest graphics cards or are new to the world of custom PCs, we have you covered. If you’re comparing the performance of AMD vs Nvidia, here are the best graphics cards to get from these two giants.

Best graphics cards for the hardcore gamers

1. RTX 3080

rtx 3080 best graphics card
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Nvidia launched a runaway success with their flagship card selling out immediately upon release! The RTX 3080 (available on Madcow Computer) stole the limelight for being twice more powerful than the 2080. As the latest graphics card to showcase the all-new Ampere architecture, Nvidia has discovered the sweet spot between smooth frames and realistic lighting with the RTX 3080. Thanks to its extra firepower, the RTX 3080 is currently one of the best graphics cards to handle gaming at 4K resolutions with ray-tracing and supersampling on full display!

2. RX 5700 XT

rx 5700 xt best graphics card
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Big fan of Team Red when comparing AMD vs Nvidia? Why not consider AMD’s alternative! As the first graphics card to ship with AMD’s Navi architecture, expectations for the RX 5700 XT (available on Bizgramsg Official Store) were especially high as it attempted to take on Nvidia’s big boy cards. Fortunately, the RX 5700 XT sticks the landing thanks to its competitive pricing and a new design that lets it smoothly handle gaming at Quad HD resolutions. To combat potential heat issues, this Gigabyte version of the 5700 XT comes with three fans for maximum cooling so your GPU can perform at its best!

Best graphics cards for the casual gamers

3. RTX 2060 Super

rtx 2060 super best graphics card
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Intrigued by the newest Nvidia GPU features but don’t want to splash the cash? Why not consider the RTX 2060 Super (available on ASUS Official Store) — Nvidia’s latest graphic card attempt to claim the throne in the mid-range market. While the original RTX 2060 charged a premium for features like ray-tracing and supersampling, the RTX 2060 Super keeps AMD on its toes by offering a smooth gaming performance at 1440p Quad HD resolutions.

4. RX 5600 XT

rx 5600 xt best graphics card
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If you’ve yet to make the jump from Full HD gaming, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better graphics card than MSI’s RX 5600 XT (available on MSI Official Store). Lauded by AMD to be one of the best graphics cards for 1080p gaming, the RX 5600 XT can run modern video games in ultra graphics settings while still maintaining 60 frames per second. This is due to its smart Navi architecture that limits power consumption while keeping transistor count high (high transistor count equates  to better performance). From being able to handle visual spectacles like Borderlands 3 to Battlefield V, the RX 5600 XT proves you don’t need to own the latest graphics cards to play the newest games!

Best graphics cards for budget gamers

5. GTX 1650 Super 4GB

gtx 1650 super best graphics card
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If you’re trying to build a sub-$1000 gaming rig, the GTX 1650 Super 4GB (available on Bizgramsg Official Store) is a fine choice! At $248, you’re getting a sweet upgrade over the original 1650 thanks to increased core count and clock speeds. The 1650 Super is the best value-for-money graphics card, especially less graphically demanding titles like Valorant or DOTA 2,. On a pure performance-per-dollar basis, the GTX 1650 Super earns our recommendation as the de-facto entry level graphics card for anyone looking to get into the fascinating world of PC gaming!

6. RX 5500 XT

rx 5500 xt best graphics card
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When it comes to the AMD vs Nvidia debate, we understand why not everyone’s a fan of Nvidia. This is especially when competing features like AMD Freesync grant AMD users a smoother gaming experience. For budget gamers who want an upgrade over their aged 500-series AMD cards, we’d recommend switching to the RX 5500 XT 8GB (available on Bizgramsg Official Store)! In the hyper competitive budget market for the latest graphics cards, the 5500 XT shines thanks to its 8GB of VRAM that’s handy when you’re playing more intensive titles. As bottlenecks can form when intensity is cranked up, the effective power management and higher virtual memory of this graphic card can help your rig maintain stable frame rates.

Best all-round graphics card to splurge on this Christmas

7. RTX 3090


If you thought the RTX 3080 was overkill, wait till you get a load of Nvidia’s finest engineering achievement yet! Pegged as the pinnacle of modern day gaming, the RTX 3090 (available on DOTATECH™ IT ENTERPRISE) outshines the rest and claims the title of best graphics card when it comes to performance. With 24GB of memory and clock speeds of up to 1.70 GigaHertz, the RTX 3090 takes everything you know about graphics cards specs and cranks it to eleven. For a glimpse of the 3090’s performance capabilities, check out the video above! From effortlessly handling ray tracing rendering to future proofing your setup for 8K High Dynamic Range gaming, you’ll have a gaming experience like no other with the RTX 3090.

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We hope our roundup of the best AMD vs Nvidia graphics cards for every budget will come in handy! Didn’t manage to find your favourite model here? Be sure to browse through our graphics cards collection and find one that best suits your gaming needs!

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