7 Best Smartphone Gimbals For Travel Vlogs That Pop

gimbal as a tripod with phone atop a mountain

Travelling to your dream destination soon and want to document your adventures? Gimbals are a great tool that will help you make quality travel vlogs that you can share with your friends and look back on in years to come. If you’re relying on your trusty smartphone to record your travel shenanigans, get the best gimbals for iPhone in Singapore for stable, non-shaky footage. Need recommendations? Read on for our top picks in 2023!

How to choose a gimbal for iPhones?

person holding a gimbal for iphone
(Credit: SCREEN POST / Unsplash)

  • Compatibility

The most important thing when choosing a gimbal is to ensure that it is compatible with the device you’re using to film. There are gimbals for DSLRs and cameras, and gimbals for iPhones and other smartphones. 

  • Two-axis or three-axis

Another factor to consider is whether the gimbal is two-axis or three-axis, as this determines how versatile it is for shooting from different angles. A two-axis gimbal can stabilise your camera’s tilting and rolling motions. On the other hand, three-axis gimbals stabilise turning and panning motions, on top of tilting and rolling. It all depends on how you want to shoot!

  • Built-in Extension Rod

The good thing about gimbals is that they can double as a selfie stick – if it comes with a built-in extension rod. If you want a multi-functional device, look out for the best gimbals for iPhones that come with this feature!

Best gimbals for iPhone and smartphones in Singapore

1. DJI Osmo Mobile 6 – best for stability and versatility

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Best gimbals for iPhone

The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer (available on DJI OFFICIAL STORE) is widely recognized as the gold standard for gimbals. As one of the best gimbals for iPhones and other smartphones in Singapore, it boasts advanced stabilisation technology that gives you shake-free videos that are pleasant to watch. Its compact and foldable design also makes it the best travel companion to have as it won’t take up too much bag space. Furthermore, the DJI smartphone gimbal can be extended up to 215mm, allowing you to take high and low shots easily, and double as a selfie stick. 

In terms of video options, this smartphone gimbal offers four options. The FPV mode is perfect for shooting still objects like buildings and landmarks, as all three axes of the gimbal will follow the movement of the main body. For shooting horizontally around a subject, switch to Tilt Locked mode which ensures the camera stays stable during tilts and rolls. If you’re shooting up, down, or diagonally, go for Follow Mode, and Spinshot mode for high-angle movements.

Stabilisation option: 3-axis
Extension rod: 215mm
Price: $239 – $758

2. Zhiyun Smooth X Smartphone Gimbal – best for intelligent shooting

Zhiyun Smooth X Smartphone Gimbal
(Credit: Zhiyun SG Official Store)

Another frontrunner for the best gimbals for iPhones and smartphones in Singapore is the Zhiyun Smooth X Smartphone Gimbal (available on Zhiyun SG Official Store). Coming in under $70, this is a great pick for budget-conscious pals. In terms of features, the Zhiyun gimbal doesn’t disappoint. One standout would be the operational panel which you can use to shoot, film, and zoom. The M button also allows you to toggle between modes, and switch between landscape and portrait easily. 

But what we love most about the Zhiyun smartphone gimbal is the intelligent shooting feature – which is perfect for those who hate approaching strangers to take photos for them while travelling. With intelligent shooting, simply make a V gesture or wave to the camera and it will start taking a photo or video – how convenient. It also makes editing a breeze with its dedicated app which offers customised music and special effects.

Stabilisation option: 2-axis
Extension rod: 260mm
Price: $58 – $63

3. Zhiyun Smooth Q4 Gimbal – best for adjustable lighting

Zhiyun Smooth Q4 Best Gimbal for iphone singapore
(Credit: Zhiyun SG Official Store)

Another popular option from Zhiyun is the Zhiyun Smooth Q4 Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphone (available on Zhiyun SG Official Store). What sets this apart from other best gimbals for iPhone in Singapore is the double-side magnetic fill light which gives you the perfect lighting for your photos and videos. With the 141 lux fill light feature, it doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy or dark, you’ll always look fleek in your vlogs. This lighting can be controlled with the multi-functional control wheel, which allows you to adjust the brightness levels and adjust the focal length easily. 

This Zhiyun gimbal also impresses us with its intelligent shooting features – including modes for live streaming, Dolly Zoom, and editing! Furthermore, the extension rod allows you to capture wider angles and shoot at various angles. That’s why the Zhiyun Smooth Q4 gimbal is one of the best options for iPhone in Singapore!

Stabilisation option: 3-axis
Extension rod: 215mm
Price: $169 – $209

4. Hohem iSteady X2 Smartphone Gimbal – best for long battery life

Hohem iSteady X2 Smartphone Gimbal
(Credit: Hohem SG Official Store)

Hohem is known for quality camera accessories like the best phone tripods, and you can trust them for the best gimbals for iPhones too. The Hohem iSteady X2 Smartphone Gimbal (available on Hohem SG Official Store) is ultralight and foldable, which makes it perfect to bring along for travel. Driven by the iSteady 4.0 anti-shake algorithm, you can look forward to great stability that allows for smooth pans, tilts, and roll rotations. 

This Hohem smartphone gimbal even comes with a remote control which can be used from up to 33 feet, so you can navigate the gimbal’s shooting direction and start or stop recording it from a distance. Another plus point of the best gimbal for iPhone in Singapore is the battery life, which allows for up to 10 hours of operation with a single charge.

Stabilisation option: 3-axis
Extension rod: No extension available
Price: $148

5. CYKE L08 Gimbal – best for bargain seekers

CYKE L08 Gimbal best gimbal for iphone
(Credit: Copia)

Looking for a no-frills gimbal that doesn’t break the bank? The CYKE Gimbal Phone Stabilizer (available on Copia) fits the bill. It is one of the best budget gimbals for iPhone that doesn’t compromise on features and quality. We love this smartphone gimbal as it is easy to operate, lightweight, and durable. It comes with a hidden remote control that allows you to rotate it 360 degrees, and you can even remove it to take photos from a distance. Furthermore, the CYKE smartphone gimbal is a three-in-one gadget that triples as a tripod and selfie stick as well. 

Stabilisation option: 3-axis
Extension rod: ~215mm
Price: $35

6. Snoppa ATOM 2 Gimbal – best for compatibility with Huawei and Xiaomi 

Snoppa ATOM 2 Gimbal
(Credit: TFCPLAYstore.sg)

If you’re a Huawei or Xiaomi mobile user, the Snoppa ATOM 2 Gimbal (available on TFCPLAYstore.sg) is one of the best phone stabilizers in Singapore for you. It is as lightweight as an apple, so it won’t be a burden during your travels. It also boasts fast-charging capabilities, and can charge up to 80% within 40 minutes, and fully charged in an hour. This is perfect for folks who forget to charge them beforehand, as you can power it up with juice in the morning. We also love its sleek, compact design that fits right in your pockets. Functionality wise, the Snoppa smartphone gimbal can be unfolded automatically with the touch of a button. There are also seven shooting modes such as time-lapse shooting, gesture recognition, and panorama. 

Stabilisation option: 3-axis
Extension rod: ~215mm
Price: $82 – $87

7. Moza Nano SE Extendable Selfie Gimbal – best for shooting landscapes

Moza Nano SE Extendable Selfie Gimbal
(Credit: Sukhsagar International Pte Ltd)

The Moza Nano SE Selfie Gimbal (available on Sukhsagar International Pte Ltd) takes the cake for extension rod length, with its built-in rod that extends up to 690mm. This makes it the best gimbal for iPhone in Singapore for shooting landscape videos, as it offers a wide angle that fits your subject in frame. The extension rod has 4-stages, so you can adjust it according to how wide you want the angle to be. While the Moza Nano selfie gimbal is super compact, it can support large-screen mobile phones up to 280g when unfolded. Furthermore, it boasts a 10 hour battery life which is sufficient to last for your entire day out!

Stabilisation option: 3-axis
Extension rod: 690mm
Price: $65

Capture your travel memories with the best gimbals for iPhones

A picture speaks a thousand words – and a video even more. Equip your travels with the best gimbals for iPhones and other smartphones to record smooth, enjoyable travel vlogs for the memories! For more recommendations on travel gadgets, check out our roundup of the best action cameras in Singapore and the best disposable film cameras.