Sip Sip Hooray! Drink Up With These 13 Best Hangover Cures

best hangover cures singapore

“Nah, not tonight. I’ve got to head into the office tomorrow for work.” Tired of being held back from a great night out due to other commitments the next day? Hangovers may be a pain, but they don’t have to be if they don’t exist. So remove “no” from your dictionary with the best hangover cures in Singapore and bring back those great nights!

Best hangover cures in Singapore: Drinks

The best remedy for hangovers in Singapore comes in all shapes and forms. Specifically, the best hangover drinks in Singapore are usually meant to be downed in a shot. Some should be taken before alcohol enters your body, while some are taken right before you head to bed. Just take note of the instructions to prevent repeats of those hungover days!

1. Zeria Hepalyse Anti-Hangover Drink

Zeria Hepalyse Anti-Hangover Drink
(Credit: DON DON DONKI Official Store)

Hangovers are the worst. So why not get rid of the problem with the Zeria Hepalyse Drink (available on DON DON DONKI Official Store)? Containing turmeric extract, this is one of the best hangover cures in Singapore that will take away all the bad juju. Turmeric has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so your liver will be well-protected against any harm from the alcohol. 

Moreover, the Zeria Hepalyse Drink has black pepper that can improve the absorption of turmeric into your body. But with black pepper and turmeric, what can we say about its taste? It’s absolutely delicious. This is the best-tasting hangover drink in Singapore that’s sweet and fruity. In fact, it’s actually refreshing as it tastes like pineapple! Additionally, the Zeria Hepalyse Drink contains only 27 calories, so you won’t end up feeling “too full” after downing this! But if you’re not into drinking anything else after the night, there’s also the pill option with Zeria Hepalyse Tablets (available on Sake.SG Official Store) that work just the same.

2. InnoN Hangover Drink

InnoN Hangover Drink
(Credit: Koryo Mart & K-Market Official Store)

All you need is one shot to overpower all other shots. The InnoN Condition Hangover Drink (available on Koryo Mart & K-Market Official Store) just needs to be taken either 30 minutes before or after your wild night to take effect. And it’s no surprise that this is also one of the best hangover drinks in Singapore this 2023. After all, this InnoN hangover drink has been the go-to drink for over 30 years, especially in Korea where it has taken over half of the hangover beverage market there. 

But the main highlight here is the drink’s ingredients. The drink uses Hovenia, which contains an active ingredient known as Dihydromyricetin (DHM). Several clinical studies have also displayed how DHM can help alleviate hangover symptoms tremendously. From ramping up your body’s metabolism to break down alcohol to improving liver functions, you’ll be waking up feeling fresh for sure – it’s no doubt the best hangover cure in Singapore! But if you’re feeling peckish and just want something sweet to chew on, go for the InnoN Condition Hangover and Vitality Jelly Stick (available on Asian Beauty X Official Store) that’s available in both Original and Green Apple flavours!

3. Sookheehaesoo Hangover Drink

Sookheehaesoo Hangover Drink
(Credit: Koryo Mart & K-Market Official Store)

Generously filled with all the good stuff, the Sookheehaesoo Hangover Drink (available on Koryo Mart & K-Market Official Store) is no doubt one of the best hangover cures in Singapore this 2023. Including apples, sprout barley, beets and carrots, your body will be well supplemented with all the essential vitamins to help you recover after a night out.

What makes this one of the best hangover drinks in Singapore is that you can attach it directly to your soju bottle. Simply open the soju first, followed by removing the ring at the bottom of the Sookheehaesoo drink. Then, attach the two together and twist to keep them secure. All you need to do now is shake so all the contents are well-mixed. This ensures that you’ll get all the acer tegmentosum maxim extract and sprout barley in the hangover drink – the important ingredients that directly combat the hangover-inducing substance. 

4. Liveli Botanical Hangover Beverage

Liveli Botanical Hangover Beverage
(Credit: VitaHealth Official Store)

Return to your lively self with the Liveli Botanical Hangover Beverage (available on VitaHealth Official Store)! It contains a unique ingredient known as LiverGuard™ that’s received a stamp of approval in the form of a Gold Medal. Just as its name suggests, LiverGuard™ has proven to protect liver cells from toxic materials. And since your liver has to break down alcohol, you can rest assured that this body organ will be well-guarded as it hustles for you.

What makes this Liveli hangover drink even more unique is its ingredients. It features vitamin C, jujube, royal jelly and artichoke that will not only supplement you with all the nutrients, it protects you from toxins while enhancing vitality and supporting your digestive system. So say goodbye to the post-drink nasties! But on top of that, these ingredients actually promote skin health. From moisturising and brightening to reducing dark spots; talk about glowy skin after a rather rabak night!

Best hangover cures in Singapore: Pills

The best hangover cures in Singapore are commonly pills. They’re easier to bring around, not posing much of an inconvenience especially when they’re packaged individually. The best hangover pills in Singapore typically contain ingredients that combat hangover symptoms while also supplementing your body with nutrients.

5. DrinkAid – Complete Alcohol Defence

best hangover cures singapore DrinkAid - Complete Alcohol Defence
(Credit: DrinkAid Official Store)

Are you particularly conscious about what goes into your food? The DrinkAid – Complete Alcohol Defence (available on DrinkAid Official Store) should be right up your alley! Containing ingredients that are vegan-friendly and 100% organic, this is definitely one of the best hangover cures in Singapore this 2023 that’s perfect for the health-conscious. 

These DrinkAid hangover pills feature ingredients like Japanese Raisin Tree, Ginger extract, vitamin C, vitamin Bs and more. Mainly, Japanese Raisin Tree has an active ingredient that directly combats hangover symptoms. But not only is it the best remedy for hangovers, it’s also the best hangover pill in Singapore that reduces that tomato-red Asian flush! And since they come packed individually, you can easily bring along your dosage for the evening without it being cumbersome.

6. Bounceback Hangover Relief & Alcohol Detox

Bounceback Hangover Relief & Alcohol Detox
(Credit: Bounceback Official)

Bounce back from that intense and wild night with the Bounceback Hangover Relief & Alcohol Detox (available on Bounceback Official). These Bounceback hangover pills are packed with ingredients like DHM to speed up your body’s alcohol process time. This actually reduces the possibility for harmful alcoholic substances from damaging your liver, making them one of the best hangover pills in Singapore!

In addition to being the best hangover cure in Singapore, the Bounceback hangover pill is also a great supplement. It comprises milk thistle that supports healthy liver functions, the l-theanine amino acid that reduces hangover symptoms and numerous beneficial vitamins and minerals. In fact, these Bounceback pills replenish whatever vitamins and minerals that could’ve been lost during your drinking session – so much that you’ll probably feel better than before!

7. BioFinest DrinkUp Alcohol Detox

BioFinest DrinkUp Alcohol Detox
(Credit: BioFinest Official Store)

Need the best remedy for hangovers that doesn’t contain any allergens? Try the BioFinest DrinkUp Alcohol Detox (available on BioFinest Official Store) that doesn’t contain any of the common allergens: gluten, dairy and nuts. Not only will it be safe for you, but you can therefore share the BioFinest hangover pills with others as well. 

Compared to others, the BioFinest DrinkUp Alcohol Detox stands out as one of the best hangover pills in Singapore due to its interesting ingredients. It contains prickly pear that helps promote healthy liver function while reducing inflammation. In addition, prickly pear is a fruit that’s filled with electrolytes. So there’s no need to chug that whole bottle of 100 Plus down when you have prickly pear – although, we’d still recommend hydration, just remember to take your time. Ginger is another ingredient that’s featured in these hangover pills. Since they’re known for helping to reduce that queasy feeling in your stomach, these BioFinest pills will help reduce feelings of nausea.

Best hangover cures in Singapore: Patches

The other best remedy for hangovers in Singapore are patches. These are similar to plasters you’d apply onto your skin; just like those medicinal herbal plasters in fact. Hangover patches are great for when you want a fuss-free evening. Because who knows? You may just forget to pop that hangover pill or chug that hangover drink. 

8. KOLI HANGOVER Relief Patch

(Credit: Koli_Cares Official Store)

Got to patch yourself up after wild drinking sessions? That’ll no longer be the case (or is it) when you have the KOLI Hangover Relief Patch (available on Koli_Cares Official Store). This ultra-thin skin-like patch is all you need for those party nights. Just apply it right before you head out for your destination and you’ll be good to go. 

This KOLI hangover patch contains multivitamins and antioxidants that’ll take effect as soon as you reach your destination – about 30 minutes, in fact. With all sorts of vitamin Bs, vitamin C, folic acid and green tea extract, this hangover patch is amazingly “powerful”. The KOLI hangover patch is truly worthy of its name. No wonder it’s one of the best remedies for hangovers in Singapore!

9. AKALO Hangover Patch

AKALO Hangover Patch
(Credit: AKALO.SG)

Pills may not always be the best option for those with sensitive stomachs. And that’s why the AKALO Hangover Patch (available on AKALO.SG) exists! This AKALO Hangover Patch features one ingredient that’s key to dealing with hangovers – Vitamin B1. It breaks down all carbohydrates, especially alcohol to reduce those hangover symptoms. 

What sets the AKALO Hangover Patch apart from the others is how it works in three phases. Wear it before the night begins so your body’s alcohol metabolism will increase. Leave it on throughout the night and even when you go to bed so you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go! Many have reviewed that the hangover patch has even helped with Asian flush – no wonder it’s one of the best hangover cures in Singapore this 2023!

Best hangover cures in Singapore: Jellies

Drinking can make you feel rather peckish. But what if you’re one of those who can’t down anymore liquids or fathom the thought of swallowing pills? Cue hangover jellies that help relieve the very same symptoms while satiating that itchy mouth of yours! They’re one of the best hangover cures in Singapore this 2023 that aren’t just effective, but also tasty – yum!

10. HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly

best hangover cures singapore HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly
(Credit: Guardian SG Official Store)

Instead of carrying a bottle or even a pack of pills, why not go for HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly Box (available on Guardian SG Official Store)? It’s absolutely fuss-free without compromising on efficacy. What’s noteworthy about the HANJAN hangover jelly is how it contains the highest concentration of DHM in the market. This means that it’s one of the best remedies for hangovers in Singapore, and you have it situated in your pocket! 

What we especially love about the HANJAN hangover jelly is how it contains nata de coco and pear concentrate. This ensures that your body gets the hydration it needs to make up for all the alcohol intake. Plus, the HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly helps remove toxins from your body, and that includes those from your earlier meals – score!

11. BOTO Curcumin Power Jelly Stick

best hangover cures singapore BOTO Curcumin Power Jelly Stick

I don’t know about you, but mango and mango-flavoured food will always have a soft spot in my heart. That’s why the BOTO Curcumin Power Jelly Stick (available on BOTO OFFICIAL STORE) is another frontrunner when it comes to the best hangover cures in Singapore. Not only does it taste exactly like a fresh mango, but this BOTO hangover jelly comes with all hangover-relieving properties. 

Featuring curcumin, studies have shown that this ingredient has prevented hangovers. Furthermore, curcumin guards your liver from inflammation that’s caused by toxins. This in turn boosts liver functions so your body can better break down alcohol. Coupled with the milk thistle powder in this hangover jelly, your liver will be well taken care of in the long run.

Best hangover cures in Singapore: Others

12. Revit Anti Hangover & Liver Protection Gummy

Revit Anti Hangover & Liver Protection Gummy
(Credit: Revit Official Store)

If all the above options for the best hangover cures in Singapore aren’t it for you, the Revit Anti Hangover Gummies (available on Revit Official Store) would be your best bet. These hangover candies are actually similar to regular gummy candies in taste and texture. So while they may look unassuming, there’s no way you should look down on its efficacy. 

There’s also another reason why these Revit gummies are one of the best remedies for hangovers in Singapore. On top of the regular ingredients like DHM, ginger, curcumin and more, these Revit hangover gummies contain other minerals. They’re namely, magnesium, zinc and choline that aren’t just anti-inflammatory, but have detoxification properties to clear your body of any harmful alcohol by-products.

13. Kinohimitsu Be Liva

best hangover cures singapore Kinohimitsu Be Liva
(Credit: Kinohimitsu Official Store)

Did you know that Kinohimitsu isn’t just known for having the best collagen drinks? They also have some of the best remedies for hangovers in Singapore. Specifically, the Kinohimitsu Be Liva (available on Kinohimitsu Official Store) is the best hangover cure in Singapore thanks to its combination of ingredients. On top of the usual turmeric extract and vitamin B complex, this Kinohimitsu hangover remedy contains cordyceps to boost energy levels. You’ll definitely have a restful night’s sleep and wake up revitalised! 

Furthermore, the Kinohimitsu Be Liva’s ingredients come together to support and promote healthy liver functions. We’re talking about increased metabolism to break down alcohol and liver detox. In fact, you can also use the Kinohimitsu Be Liva even when you’re not drinking since it will help improve your immune system.

Why do hangovers happen?

Why do hangovers happen
(Credit: Hải Nguyễn / Pexels)

The nausea, dizziness and shivers coupled with fatigue that can’t be saved by any amount of caffeine – hangovers are the worst. But it’s more or less certain that alcohol is linked to hangovers. 

  • Immune system is fighting against harmful stimuli

Alcohol actually sets off an inflammatory response from our immune system. According to the Mayo Clinic, this entire response process would also cause a loss in appetite, memory and more. 

  • Lower blood sugar levels

Your liver is mainly responsible for breaking down alcohol. During this process, your liver has to shift its main responsibility of releasing glucose to focus on the alcohol. Therefore, you’ll experience lower blood sugar levels that can cause fatigue, dizziness and more.

  • Stomach irritation

Ever had the runs after a night out? Well, you’ve probably figured it out but we’re just going to remind you that alcohol irritates your stomach. Alcohol actually causes your stomach to produce more acid. It also prevents food from going through the entire process of digestion. So the nausea, hurling and even abdominal pain – there you have it.

  • Poor sleep quality

A heavy night of drinks may seem to have you falling asleep more easily. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting restful sleep. Alcohol in fact prevents your body from entering deeper phases of sleep cycles. So you may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night or simply getting out of bed feeling all groggy and cranky.

  • Dehydration

In case you didn’t know, alcohol is considered a diuretic. This means alcohol encourages your body to lose water through urine. It’s also one of the reasons why you’d always get reminded to stay hydrated with 100 Plus, H-Two-O and other isotonic drinks. Otherwise, you’re going to wake up with headaches, feeling lightheaded, thirsty, and most of all, hungover.

Party all night with the best hangover cures in Singapore (2023)

Whether it’s in pill form or a drink, the best hangover cures in Singapore will be your ultimate saviour after those wild nights! Just remember to stay hydrated with some of the best electrolyte drinks! And if you need an extra health boost, here are the best manuka honey brands and best healthy snacks for you to indulge in! Don’t forget to take the chance and snag unbeatable deals during our 12.12 Birthday Sale this year!