Under $20: Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Colleague

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues ribbon wrap present christmas candles candy cane
(Credit: Kira auf der Heide / Unsplash)

Is your company organising a secret santa for this year’s Christmas party? If so, you’ll need some secret santa gift ideas for your colleagues! We’ve whittled down the items you can get on a budget (less than $20 to be exact)! But aim to do some detective work on your santee beforehand — we can only guess as much!

1. For the detailed planner

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues planner notebook
(Credit: okdeals.sg, Lunarbaystore Stationery & Lifestyle)

Is your santee an organised person who likes to stay on track with her schedule? In that case, you won’t go wrong with a pretty planner or notebook! If you’re not sure what her design or colour preferences are then choose a low-key like this 365 Life Planner (available on okdeals.sg) and let her fill in the dates and days on her own! If you think they’d prefer something more glitzy, then choose this rose gold spiral notebook (available on Lunarbaystore Stationery & Lifestyle) which includes lined pages for easy note-taking!

2. For the chic fashionista 

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues fashionista earrings bag vintage
(Credit:Warm Station, IELGY Official Store)

Secret santa gift ideas for the office fashionista are not as scary they seem! Start at jewellery and accessories for they are truly a girl’s best friend! Not sure what kind of jewellery to get her? Then, head straight for a pair of Korean Wooden Geometric Earrings (available on Warm Station) that’ll make a bold fashion statement — she’ll be pleased to know they’re currently in trend too! If your santee doesn’t have ear piercings, go for a stylish tote bag instead! The IELGY Vintage Matcha Green Acrylic Tote Bag (available on IELGY Official Store) is spacious enough to hold all her office essentials. 

3. For the beauty junkie

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues beauty blender sponge makeup lipstick loreal
(Credit: L’Oreal Paris Official Store, Beauty Carousel)

Now which girl doesn’t love some makeup? We understand makeup can be subjective and there’s no telling what she’d like or avoids. Even though the world of makeup may seem to befuddle a man (and even some women), there are still some holy grail makeup products and brands you can’t go wrong with when looking for gifts for colleagues! 

Everyone who’s tried the L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Ink Lipstick (available on L’Oreal Paris Official Store) swears by it. It goes on silky smooth, is long-lasting and comes in a variety of shades. Pick a neutral colour and you’ll be safe. If lipsticks are Christmas gift ideas you’d prefer to avoid then pick up a Beauty Blender Midas Touch (available on Beauty Carousel). This nifty sponge blends out foundations and concealers so flawlessly that it’s a must-have product for all women!

4. For the colleague who gyms

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues gym fitness resistance band dumbbell bottle
(Credit: mihan.sg, abundant.sg)

Often spot your santee at the company’s gym? These Elastic Resistance Bands (available on mihan.sg) will make a great secret santa Christmas gift idea! They can be used in the gym or even outdoors to tone and sculpt muscles. Your fitness junkie co-worker will also love you for gifting him or her a Sports Dumbbell Bottle (available on abundant.sg). As its name suggests, this is a multi-purpose bottle which doubles as a dumbbell for workouts on-the-go!

5. For the creative powerhouse

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues creative watercolour brush pen wax seal stamp kit art
(Credit: mrbunnybird.sg, hengzhineng.sg)

We all have that one colleague who’s extremely artistic. One of the best gifts for colleagues with a creative flair is a set of Watercolour Brush Pens (available on homecity). These are even great for those new to calligraphy and will help in mastering that cursive font we all admire!

Other secret santa gift ideas include a Retro Wax Seal Stamp Kit (available on hengzhineng.sg). This comprehensive kit contains a wax stamp, candles and sealing wax sticks in three different colours to create beautiful wax seal designs that your colleague can use on Christmas cards!

6. For the coffee/tea lover

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues coffee tea pod labs
(Credit: Pod Labs)

Often see your secret santee sipping on coffee or tea? Ditch the idea of getting your colleague a generic coffee mug and surprise him or her with a Pod Labs Asian Coffee & Tea Capsules Gift Box (available on Pod Labs) instead. Find Singaporeans’ beloved Kopi-O and Teh-O in rich and aromatic flavours, evocative of the familiar Kopitiam taste. Also included are favourites like Green Tea and Thai Tea — your co-worker’s bound to like at least one for sure! For the affordable price point, these are one of the classiest secret santa gift ideas on our list!

7. For the masculine groomer 

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues masculine groomer ubersuave pomade wax pritech shaver
(Credit: SGPomades Mens Grooming, PRITECH Official Store)

Is your santee a slicked-back or mussed-up kinda guy? Either way, your male colleague will love the Ubersuave Original Hair Pomade (available on SGPomades Mens Grooming). With its natural shine finish and maximum hold, his hairstyle will be sure to last the whole day — even in Singapore’s hot and humid weather! 

Another useful secret santa gift ideas for your male colleagues is a shaver. The Pritech 3D Floating Head Shaver (available on PRITECH Official Store) is a steal under $20! Your santee will be glad to find that it’s waterproof and features three floating heads for a neat and close shave!

8. For the gamer colleague

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues gamer nintendo switch case mobile phone gamepad console
(Credit: NEBXY-Just For Games, jimmee.sg)

If your santee is a gamer, he’ll adore this BUBM Nintendo Switch Hard Shell Case (available on NEBXY-Just For Games). With a stand included, he’ll be able to prop up his Nintendo Switch for a fun gaming session whenever, wherever! If your colleague is more into mobile games, the Bluetooth Phone Gamepad (available on jimmee.sg) will definitely make his day! The gamepad can be extended to accommodate phones of all sizes and is specially designed for popular shooting games such as PUBG and Free Fire!

9. For the colleague who’s always travelling

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues travel luggage scale toiletries bag
(Credit: Power Store, Adventure World)

Is your secret santee a frequent traveller? Then you’re in luck, for there are many secret santa gift ideas you can consider! The Digital Travel Luggage Scale (available on Power Store) is one nifty Christmas gift idea to avoid baggage problems at the airport. It can measure in various units and will not take up much space in your colleague’s luggage! Other great secret santa gift ideas include a Travel Toiletries Bag (available on dy_jwellery.sg). This handy bag is perfect for   storing both shower gels and grooming accessories! It also comes with a hook for convenient hanging on door knobs and shower curtains. 

10. For the adrenaline junkie

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues sentosa skyline luge wild wild wet
(Credit: Changi Recommends)

If your co-worker is big on exhilarating rides and intense speed, one of the best secret santa gift ideas for him or her is a ticket to the Sentosa Skyline Luge (available on Changi Recommends). They will have a blast racing down the tracks and can also later explore other activities to do in Sentosa! Otherwise, help them beat the heat in sunny Singapore with a dip at Wild Wild Wet (available on Changi Recommends). They will have a splashing fun time sliding through the 360 degrees extreme loops at the Vortex and the near-vertical plunge down the Free Fall!

11. For the techy co-worker

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues tech wirelss charging pad charger smart plug
(Credit: TOPK OfficialFlagship Store, alex.sg)

One of the best secret santa gift ideas that’s fit for the office tech geek is the TOPK Wireless Charging Pad (available on TOPK OfficialFlagship Store). Using the Qi wireless charging technology, this sleek wireless charging pad can power up most smartphones in a short amount of time! 

If your co-worker already owns a wireless charger, consider buying them  the Smart WiFi Power Plug (available on alex.sg) then. This smart plug can be synced with a smartphone for customisable control. But that’s not all! Your fellow tech geek can take the plug’s smart capabilities a step further and sync it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (both available on Bizgramsg Official Store -“Your Trust It Partner”) for voice control capabilities. 

12. For the eco-friendly colleague

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues eco friendly digital writing tablet reusable cutlery set
(Credit: hm.lk.sg, Clothing home.sg)

Support your colleague’s efforts in saving the environment with some eco-friendly secret santa gift ideas! We suggest getting the Digital Writing Tablet (available on hm.lk.sg) as a replacement for sticky notes or paper. Your colleague can scribble notes easily on this erasable, lightweight device which can be reused indefinitely to cut down on material wastage. You can also get your santee a chic Reusable Stainless Steel Cutlery Set (available on Clothing home.sg) to substitute disposable cutlery. 

13. For the pantry rat

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues pantry rat food snacks amazin graze frosted cinamon nut mix boxgreen shiitake mushroom chips
(Credit: Amazin’ Graze, Boxgreen)

Did you know that healthy snacking may help boost productivity? This Christmas, pick some healthy but yummy snacks for the colleague who often sneaks off to munch on chips and sugary treats! The Amazin’ Graze Frosted Cinnamon Nut Mix (available on Amazin’ Graze) is one of the perfect gifts for those with a nutty addiction. Each pack contains pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds and organic molasses to promote a healthier digestive system and lower blood sugar. You should also check out BoxGreen Shiitake Mushroom Chips (available on Boxgreen) which are vacuum fried — definitely better than the greasy deep fried snacks your colleague has been stuffing their face with! 

14. For the colleague with a green thumb

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues green thumb indoor plant office gardening drip device
(Credit: imp_lifestyle, qualitylife.sg)

Office plants can improve air quality, reduce stress levels and make the office a happier environment to work in. Surprise your green thumb colleague with secret santa gift ideas revolving office plants! We suggest gifting him or her various types of IMP House Mini Indoor Plants (available on imp_lifestyle) which comes pre-packed with soil and seeds for convenient planting. If they’ve already got a mini garden going on their desk, help enhance their setup with the Lazy Indoor Gardening Drip Device (available on qualitylife.sg). This promises to be a lifesaver on weekends or when they are out of office!

15. For the deal hunter

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues deal bargain lobster roll deliveroo voucher
(Credit: ChopeDeals, Shopee Lifestyle Vouchers)

There’s always one particular colleague in the team who’s updated on the latest bargains in town! If this individual is your santee, you definitely won’t go wrong with F&B discount vouchers! Treat your colleague to a delectable lobster roll set from Chunky Lobsters (available on ChopeDeals) at lower prices or gift them a free meal with a Deliveroo SGD20 Voucher (available on Shopee Lifestyle Vouchers). Though unconventional, these secret santa gift ideas will be right up their alley! 

16. For the bookworm

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues bookworm books start with why judgment
(Credit: UrbanfoxBooks)

The avid reader in your team would be stoked to receive some good reads at the secret santa party! Your manager can gain some inspiration from Simon Sinek’s Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action (available on UrbanfoxBooks), with case studies of  successful leaders like Martin Luther King Jr and Steve Jobs. If they are not a fan of non-fiction books, get them a fictional book such as Judgment: A Novel (available on UrbanfoxBooks) instead. This New York Times bestseller is bound to keep them on the edge of their seat throughout, as they fear for the possible destruction of a judge’s life and career after being blackmailed by the man she’s had a one-night stand with. 

17. For the post-it addict

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues post-it sticky note snowman computer display organiser
(Credit: lingguoqing.sg, SELAN.sg, hangzhouwoyuan2.sg)

It’s easy to spot a post-it addict from miles away — their cubicle is decked with colourful sticky notes which contains to-do lists and other (non) work information. Some great secret santa gift ideas for them would be the unique Meat Sticky Note (available on lingguoqing.sg) or the adorable Snowman Christmas Sticky Note (available on SELAN.sg) that’s perfect for the season! You can also pick the Computer Sticky Note Side Display (available on hangzhouwoyuan2.sg), a genius addition to the office setup for those who want to keep their desk organised!

18. For the colleague who drives

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues drivers air vent mobile phone holder car steering wheel cover
(Credit: Ugreen Flagship Store, Transformers)

If you’re looking for a last minute secret santa gift idea for the santee who drives, simply buy them car accessories for Christmas! The UGREEN Gravity Car Air Vent Mobile Phone Holder (available on Ugreen Flagship Store) is easy to install and suitable for all car models. Instead of the regular duo clamping system, this car phone holder is designed with three aluminium alloy clamping arms to secure the phone in position. Another option is to get your colleague a Supreme Inspired Car Steering Wheel Cover (available on Transformers) which will add some swag to their ride and provide them with a better grip!

19. For the new hire

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues new hire self stirring mug laptop stand
(Credit: Formydarling[Freeshipping], Dotfes Official Shop)
The Christmas party is a good chance to bond with the newest member of the team and make him or her feel welcomed. However, we won’t be surprised if you end up racking your brain for secret santa gift ideas for the new hire as you guys may not know each other well. We suggest going for a Stainless Steel Self Stirring Mug (available on Formydarling[Freeshipping]) which will help stir the endless cups of coffee they will be needing in the days to come. Alternatively, get them the Portable Invisible Laptop Stand (available on Dotfes Official Shop) to elevate their laptop to a more comfortable viewing angle. 

20. For the drinker

secret santa gift ideas for colleagues drinker alcohol whisky ice cube stainless steel wine aerator set
(Credit: g5fb.sip.sg, lemoncandy2018)

While buying good liquor for your santee may be beyond your budget, there are many secret santa gift ideas to choose from when it comes to surprising the drinker. Depending on the type of alcohol your santee favours, he or she may find good use for Stainless Steel Whiskey Ice Cubes (available on g5fb.sip.sg). These ice cubes will keep their drink chilled without diluting its flavour. Other great gifts for colleagues include this Wine Aerator Set (available on lemoncandy2018) which brings out the full character of the wine by exposing it to air.

Need more secret santa gift ideas? 

If you have a flexible budget, check out our ultimate Christmas gift ideas that will come in useful when buying presents for your loved ones! Rather than getting gifts, why not buy experiences instead and spend some quality time with family and friends! Just remember, ‘tis the season to be jolly, so go out and have some much-needed fun!

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