37 Awesome Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 For Your Colleagues

person holding a gift with a tag saying secret santa
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Is your company organising a secret santa gift exchange for this year’s Christmas party? With most Christmas parties and gift exchanges being held online, getting your colleague a suitable present could really be the bright spark of this difficult year. If you’re still racking your brains on what to get, read on as we’ve cobbled together secret santa gift ideas for every type of colleague in Singapore this Christmas 2021 — with items you can get under $30! Here’s a tip: Do some ‘detective work’ and get to know your secret santee’s preferences beforehand so you can pick the right gift for him or her!

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What is a secret santa gift exchange?

girl passing another girl a pink present
(Credit: Julia Larson / Pexels)

Secret santa gift exchange is a popular Christmas tradition that friends and colleagues play during the festive season. As its title suggests, this is an anonymous gift exchange — which adds to the holiday fun! It helps to bring people closer together and promotes the spirit of giving even to those who may not have been on your Christmas list (like your new colleague). 

Each participant will be randomly assigned as the ‘secret santa’ for another participant, known as the ‘secret santee’. The ‘secret santa’s’ mission is to provide a small gift within an agreed budget to surprise the ‘secret santee’ without revealing his or her identity. After the gift exchange is over, the ‘secret santa’ will be revealed and new relationships will be made!

What to get for Secret Santa when you don’t know the person?

santa claus giving a shocked face
(Credit: krakenimages / Unsplash)

The game can go two ways — you either know the person very well or not at all. If you’re in doubt, keep the gift generic by getting them things like chocolates, men’s socks or women’s socks and pretty mugs

Secret Santa gift ideas under $20 for colleagues in Singapore

1. For the pantry raider

amazin' graze variety box
(Credit: Amazin’ Graze)

Did you know that healthy snacking may help boost productivity? This Christmas, pick some healthy but yummy snacks for the colleague who often sneaks off to munch on chips and sugary treats! The Amazin’ Graze Variety Box (available on Amazin’ Graze Official Store) is one of the perfect gifts for those with a nutty addiction. Each box includes popular flavours like the Chocolate Hazelnut Granola Bites and Banana Bread Granola Bites!

Alternatively, let your secret santee indulge in the IRVINS Salted Egg Potato Chips or Black Summer Truffle Chips (available on Shopee Supermarket) to satisfy their savoury cravings!

2. For the creative powerhouse

watercolor brush pens and wax seal kits
(Credit: ARTBOX OFFICIAL STORE, winzige.sg)

great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7

We all have that one colleague who’s extremely artistic. One of the best gifts for colleagues with a creative flair is a set of Calligraphy Brush Pens (available on ARTBOX OFFICIAL STORE). These calligraphy brushes are even great for those new to calligraphy and will help in mastering that cursive font we all admire!

Other secret santa gift ideas under $20 in Singapore include a Wax Seals Stamp Set (available on winzige.sg). This comprehensive wax seal kit contains a wax stamp, spoon and sealing 10-15 wax sticks in different colours to create beautiful wax seal designs that your colleague can use on Christmas cards!

3. For the coffee geek

pod labs kopi o pods and hook coffee drip bag
(Credits: Pod Labs, Hook Coffee Official Store)

Often see your secret santee with a cuppa joe? Why not surprise him or her with the Starbucks Holiday Blend (available on Shopee Supermarket) or the Starbucks Espresso Roast (available on Shopee Supermarket) that lets you enjoy your favourite Starbucks drinks at home! If they prefer their morning coffee to be from kopitiam, get them the Pod Labs Nespresso Compatible Kopi-O (available on Pod Labs)! Find Singaporeans’ beloved Kopi-O in an all natural blend with no additional preservatives. 

Think they don’t own a Nespresso coffee machine? This Specu-Lose Your Mind (available on Hook Coffee Official Store) contains drip coffee bags for a delicious Speculoos-tasting coffee — yum! Alternatively, this festive Starbucks Christmas Tumblr (available on Starbucks Official Store) is a great secret santa gift idea under $20 for their coffee runs! 

4. For the tea connoisseur 

ossulloc tea bag and paper boat tea infuser
(Credit: Tea from Jeju since 1979, OSULLOC, Shopee Supermarket)

For that colleague who’s always sippin’ on tea, get them the OSULLOC Tea Bag Series (available on Tea from Jeju since 1979, OSULLOC) with flavours like Tangerine Tea, Honey Pear Tea and Canola Honey Tea — all harvested with tea leaves from Jeju Island! Alternatively, get them the aromatic Brodies Chamomile Tea that’s known for relaxing and sleep-inducing properties, or the Pukka Mint Matcha Green Tea (both available on Shopee Supermarket) that’s crisp and invigorating.

If they’re a fan of loose tea leaves, get them some cute tea infusers like this Paper Boat Tea Infuser (available on Shopee Supermarket) to spruce up their brew!

5. For the spiffy colleague 

pomade and black shaver
(Credit: SGPomades Mens Grooming, PRITECH Official Store)

Is your santee a slicked-back or mussed-up kind of guy? Either way, your male colleague will love the Ubersuave Volumizing Clay Pomade (available on SGPomades Mens Grooming Official Store). With its natural shine finish and maximum hold, this pomade will ensure his hairstyle lasts the whole day — even in Singapore’s hot and humid weather! 

Another useful secret santa gift idea for your male colleagues is a shaver. The Pritech 3D Floating Head Shaver (available on PRITECH Official Store) is a steal under $20! Your santee will be glad to find that it’s waterproof and features three floating heads for a neat and close shave!

6. For the beer buff

jing a craft beer secret santa gift ideas
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

For the colleague who enjoys a fizzy tipple once in a while, treat them to some fancy craft beers that they can unwind with after work. The Jing A Brewing Co. Craft Beer (available on Shopee Supermarket) is an award-winning craft beer that would be a great addition to your santee’s home bar! The Jing A Worker’s Pale Ale features a balanced flavour profile with notes of grapefruit and pine, and will surely make for a great secret santa gift idea for your beer-loving coworkers!

7. For the custom keyboard enthusiast 

artisan resin keycap with aquarium design secret santa gift ideas
(Credit: Spacekeys – Mechanical Keyboard)

Custom mechanical keyboards have been all the rage these days. If your colleague has also jumped on the bandwagon, artisan keycaps will be a great Christmas gift idea for them this 2021! They’d definitely be thrilled to zhng their setup with the Resin Coral Aquarium Light Transmitting Keycap (available on Spacekeys – Mechanical Keyboard) that allows for RGB light shine through and is compatible with Cherry MX switches!

8. For the gamer colleague

nintendo switch hard shell case and gadget mix mobile phone joystick handle
(Credit: Lammcou Global Store, Gadget MIX)

Brainstorming gifts for colleagues can be challenging but if your santee is a gamer, you’re in luck. They’ll surely adore gaming accessories like this Nintendo Switch Carrying Case (available on Lammcou Global Store). This will be great for carrying their Nintendo Switch on-the-go and protecting it from drops and bumps!

If your colleague is more into mobile games, the Mobile Game Handle with Joystick (available on Gadget MIX) will definitely make their day! The game handle can support mobile phones of width up to 6.5 inches (iPhone 13 is 6.1 inches) and is designed to give you a comfortable grip while gaming for long hours.

9. For the eco-friendly colleague

pink tumbler and bamboo straws and cutlery
(Credit: ACTECO Official Store, White Magic Official Store)

Support your colleague’s efforts in saving the environment with some eco-friendly secret santa gift ideas! We suggest getting the Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Cup (available on ACTECO Official Store) which makes for a great Christmas gift idea for colleagues this 2021. This tumbler helps to retain the temperature of the drink and comes with a handle for extra convenience!

You can also get your santee a chic Basics Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set (available on White Magic Official Store) to substitute disposable cutlery.  

10. For the colleague with a green thumb

peace lily plant secret santa gift ideas
(Credit: Gardens Paradise)

Surprise your colleague with a green thumb with secret santa gift ideas revolving around indoor plants! We suggest gifting him or her a Peace Lily Plant (available on Gardens Paradise) which complements well with any decor style. Apart from sprucing up the home aesthetics, this plant also helps to purify the air and promote better sleep! 

If they’ve already got a mini garden going on in their home, help enhance their setup with the Self Watering Planter (available on Gardens Paradise). This promises to be a lifesaver on weekends or when they are out of office!

11. For the deal hunter

chirashi bowl
(Credit: ChopeDeals)

There’s always one particular colleague in the team who’s updated on the latest bargains in town! If this individual is your santee, you definitely won’t go wrong with restaurant vouchers

Treat your colleague to a yummy Teppei Syokudo Voucher (available on ChopeDeals) or give them a free meal with a GrabFood SGD15 Voucher (available on Shopee Digital Official Store). Though unconventional, these secret santa gifts under $20 for your colleagues this Christmas 2021 will be right up their alley!

*Do note that the GrabFood voucher is only viewable on mobile

12. For the bookworm

when breath becomes air and how we disappeared
(Credit: POPULAR Official Store)

The avid reader in your team would be stoked to receive some good reads at the secret santa party! Help your secret santee usher in the new year right with a poignant read like When Breath Becomes Air (available on POPULAR Official Store) — a touching memoir about battling with cancer. Meanwhile, the humorous colleague will love Born A Crime (available on POPULAR Official Store), an autobiographical coming-of-age story by comedy star, Trevor Noah.

If they are not a fan of non-fiction books, get them a fictional book such as How We Disappeared (available on POPULAR Official Store) instead. This is a piece of local literature about a story set in 1942 war-struck Singapore — it was shortlisted for the 2020 Singapore Literature Prize!

13. For the post-it addict

post it note with calendar secret santa gift ideas
(Credit: winzinge)

It’s easy to spot a post-it addict from miles away — their cubicle is decked with colourful sticky notes which contains to-do lists and other (non) work information. Some great secret santa gift ideas for them would be the Sticky Memo To Do List Pad (available on winzige.sg)! You can also pick the ARTBOX Sticky note Shiba (available on Artboxmall), featuring the cute Shiba dog, a great Christmas gift idea for your dog-loving colleagues in Singapore this 2021!

14. For the drinker

stainless steel ice cubes and soju shot glasses secret santa gift ideas
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket, ARTBOX OFFICIAL STORE)

There are many secret santa gift ideas to choose from when it comes to surprising the drinker. Depending on the type of alcohol your santee favours, he or she may find good use for Stainless Steel Ice Cubes (available on Shopee Supermarket). These ice cubes will keep their drink chilled without diluting its flavour — great for whiskey and gin (both available on Shopee Supermarket) lovers!. You can also throw in some adorable Shiba Soju Shot Glasses (available on ARTBOX OFFICIAL STORE) for a great secret santa gift under $20!

15. For the Asana lover

pink sports bra and girl sitting on yoga mat
(Credit: Fennin active, Moving Peach Official Store)

There is just something so meditative about keeping up with a yoga practice. Motivate your secret santee to keep up with their Asana and feel good about themselves at the same time. This gorgeous FENNIN ACTIVE Yoga Bra Vest (available on Fennin active) is a chic sports bra that can support them through tough poses and even on long runs. 

This Moving Peach Yoga Towel (available on Moving Peach Official Store) will provide an anti-slip grip for their yoga mats. If your santee has hinted about needing more activewear then check out this list of affordable activewear brands with several gifts under $20 in Singapore!

16. For the colleague jetting off via VTLs

electric luggage scale and toiletries bag
(Credit: Moda Paolo, Ossayi Official Store)

With the opening of VTLs, some of your colleagues may have plans to go overseas during the holiday season! Help them be well-prepped with the Moda Paolo Electronic Luggage Scale (available on Moda Paolo) — a nifty Christmas gift idea for your colleagues in Singapore this 2021 to avoid baggage problems at the airport. It can measure in various units and will not take up much space in your colleague’s luggage! 

Other great secret santa gift ideas include this Ossayi Fashion Travel Toiletries Cosmetic Bag (available on Ossayi Official Store) that they must have in their travel checklist. This waterproof bag is perfect for storing both shower gels and grooming accessories!

17. For the soap lover

lush sleepy soap lavender
(Credit: Lush Singapore Official Store)

If you know that your secret santa loves the finer things in life — including a pampering bath time, the best bar soaps will make for a great secret santa gift idea. This Sleepy Soap (available on Lush Singapore Official Store) contains oat milk and lavender oil — a soothing, calming blend for both the skin and mind. It’ll surely be a therapeutic treat for their next pampering sesh! 

If your secret santee is a matcha lover, they’ll be delighted with the Pelican Maccha Milk Flavor Soap (available on Shopee Supermarket) that’s made of green tea extracts to soothe skin. You can also get them The Goat Skincare Oatmeal Soap (available on Shopee Supermarket) for a soft and creamy bath. If they have a staycay coming up, get them one of the best bath bombs instead!

18. For the colleague who drives

ugreen car phone mount
(Credit: Ugreen Flagship Store)

If you’re looking for a last minute secret santa gift idea for the santee who drives, why not buy them car accessories for Christmas! The UGREEN Gravity Car Air Vent Mobile Phone Holder (available on Ugreen Flagship Store) is easy to install and suitable for all car models. Instead of the regular duo clamping system, this car phone holder is designed with three aluminium alloy clamping arms to secure the phone in position. 

19. For the cat mum

cat carton box with japanese aesthetics
(Credit: MAI ET.SG)

Is your secret santee a cat parent? Help them jazz up their cat’s Instagram feed with a gorgeous Cat Milk Box (available on MAI ET.SG) — the perfect Christmas gift idea for your cat-obsessed colleagues in Singapore this 2021! Apart from its aesthetics, this milk box can help their cat grind its claws and is spacious enough for a 10kg cat or two small cats. Plus, it’s affordably priced under $20 to fit your budget!

20. For the dexterous colleague

embroidery with polar bear design on grey background

This ARTBOX DIY Felt Embroidery Kit (available on ARTBOX OFFICIAL STORE) is the perfect secret santa gift for your colleague who’s great with their hands! This therapeutic activity can take their minds away from the grind and help them to relax this holiday season. This kit contains a frame, cotton oxford, felt, beads, and embroidery supplies for them to complete this art piece. Alternatively, if you’re the dexterous one, why not try your hand at completing it as your secret santa gift for your colleague instead!  

21. For the new mum

baby head protection gear turtle design
(Credit: Iguana Online)

This Iguana Baby Head Protector Cushion (available on Iguana Online) would be a great secret santa gift under $20 for new mums! For parents, the safety of their baby is always of top priority. However, it can be difficult to constantly have their eyes glued on them. This quirky baby head protector will come in handy in keeping their precious bub safe with its supportive material and cushioning. This gift is also available in two adorable designs — you can choose between the lion or turtle option! Apart from keeping their baby away from harm, this head protector also makes for a great photo opportunity!

22. For the colleague who needs to destress

pristine scented candle and aroma therapy roller ball
(Credit: Pristine Official Store)

If you think your santee is due for a pampering self-care session, the Pristine Bali Scented Wood Wick Soy Candle (available on Pristine Official Store) is a gift under $20 that can help them to relax! This scented candle blends Kamboja, chrysanthemum, and sandalwood to give you a whiff of Bali, transporting you to the beach getaway that you’ve been pining for. You can also get them the Tisserand Lavender & Chamomile Treatment Roller Ball (available on Tisserand Singapore) that helps to calm and soothe the mind, and gently moisturise the skin.

23. For the chic fashionista

shell earrings and beige crossbody bag
(Credit: Ahua Korean Socks, IELGY Official Store)

Secret santa gift ideas for the office fashionista are not as scary as they seem. Start with jewellery and accessories for they are truly a girl’s best friend! Not sure what kind of jewellery gift to get for your female colleague? You won’t go wrong with a pair of Shell Earrings (available on Ahua Korean Socks) that’s chic and pairs well with any outfit. 

If your santee doesn’t have ear piercings, go for a stylish shoulder bag instead! The IELGY Retro Shoulder Bag (available on IELGY Official Store) is roomy enough to hold her weekend essentials!

24. For the beauty junkie

highlighter and pony effect beauty blender
(Credit: Perfect Diary Official Shop, ponyeffect_official.sg)

There are some holy grail makeup products that are suitable when looking for gifts for colleagues! Two of which being a highlighter and beauty blender (you can thank us later!). The Perfect Diary Star Dust Diamond Highlighter (available on Perfect Diary Official Shop) is the icing on the cake for any makeup look! Your santee would just have to dust it on the high points of her face to achieve that goddess glow. 

If you’d prefer to avoid getting makeup that requires you to pick a shade, then beauty tools like this PONY EFFECT Mini Pebble Blender (available on ponyeffect_official.sg). This nifty sponge has both a flat and round edge to blend foundations and concealers flawlessly! Who would have thought you could get these gifts under $20 in Singapore?

Secret santa gift ideas under $30 for colleagues in Singapore

25. For the detailed planner

flat lay of leather bound notebooks in black, red, blue, laptop and coffee on white bedsheets
(Credit: THEIMPRINT.sg)

Is your santee an organised person who likes to write everything down? In that case, you won’t go wrong with a notebook for them to jot their ideas and notes! If you’re not sure what their design or colour preferences are, opt for neutral options like THEIMPRINT Personalised Saffiano Microfiber Leather Notebook (available on THEIMPRINT.sg). This chic notebook would definitely be a great secret santa gift under $30!

Available in atas colours like burgundy and stone blue, this notebook is sure to match any colleague’s aesthetic. Plus, it is hard bound with scratch resistant and lightweight leather! The best part? You can personalise it for your santee with his or her name or initials to make it extra special. You can now get this notebook and the Personalised Saffiano Leather Keychain (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) at a 15% discount when you purchase the Shopee Christmas Bundle!

26. For the colleague who gyms

pink protein shaker bottle and man doing squats with resistance band
(Credit: BlenderBottle Official Store, Sanctband)

If your secret santee is into looking fit and toned, then these Sanctband Active Resistance Exercise Super Loop Bands (available on Sanctband) will make a great #fitspo secret santa gift idea! Resistance bands can be used in the gym, at home or outdoors to tone and sculpt muscles.

Your co-worker will also love you for gifting him or her a BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle (available on BlenderBottle Official Store), a practical gift under $30 that they can put to good use. This protein shaker bottle is a great tool to make protein shakes and keep your colleague on track with a nutritious gym diet!

27. For the weekend adventurer

kkday luge and skyline and gardens by the bay
(Credit: KKday Official Store, 1travel.sg)

If your colleague is big on exhilarating rides and intense speed, one of the best secret santa gift ideas in Singapore for them this Christmas 2021 is a ticket to activities like the Singapore Skyline Luge and Skyride at Sentosa (available on KKday Official Store). They will have a blast racing down the tracks and can also later explore other Sentosa activities with this gift under $30!

Otherwise, gift them tickets to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay (available on 1travel.sg). They’ll be mesmerised by the lush greenery and beautiful flora and fauna in this horticulture attraction!

28. For the techy co-worker

wireless charging pad and wifi socket adapter
(Credit: TOPK OfficialFlagship Store, SMATRUL Brand Official Store)

One of the best secret santa gift ideas that’s fit for the office tech geek is the Baseus 15W Dual Wireless Charger (available on Baseus Official Store). Using the Qi wireless charging technology, this sleek wireless charging pad can power up most smartphones in a short amount of time!

If your co-worker already owns a wireless charger, consider buying them the SMATRUL 16A UK Plug Tuya WiFi Socket Adaptor (available on SMATRUL Brand Official Store) then. This smart plug can be synced with a smartphone for customisable control. But that’s not all! This awesome Christmas gift for colleagues can even be synced with Google Assistant (available on Google Authorized Retailer) for voice control capabilities.

29. For the new hire

lady wearing and holding a black lanyard
(Credit: THEIMPRINT.sg)

The Christmas party is a good chance to bond with the newest member of the team. However, we won’t be surprised if you end up racking your brain for secret santa gift ideas as you guys may not know each other well. We suggest going for the Personalised Saffiano Leather ID Cardholder and Lanyard (available on THEIMPRINT.SG), a gift under $30 with his or her name embossed on it! With this lanyard, it’d be a breeze for him to introduce himself to everyone when you’re all back in office!

30. For the Marvel fan

spider man action figure secret santa gift ideas
(Credit: Hasbro Singapore Official Store)

If your colleague is a huge fan of Marvel movies and is a walking encyclopedia on all things Marvel then it’s a no-brainer you should look out for Marvel merchandise. We wouldn’t have guessed that you’d be able to find Marvel gifts under $30 in Singapore! But you can! Add this Marvel Spider Man 6-Inch Mystery Gear Action Figure Toy (available on Hasbro Singapore Official Store) to their superhero figurine collection that they can proudly display at home or on their office desk.

31. For the colleague who’s always on the go

lady drinking water from blue thermos tumblr by the sea
(Credit: POSELECTED Tea & Coffee Mug)

If your santee is someone who’s always out and about, a thermos water bottle would come in handy to keep them hydrated throughout the day! To make this gift even more special, customise it with your santee’s name with this Personalised Thermos Stainless Steel Water Bottle (available on POSELECTED Tea & Coffee Mug)! This personalised gift under $30 also sports an LED touch display that shows the temperature of the water, which is estimated to last at least five years!

32. For the colleague with a sweet tooth

gift box with customised white mug and two sachets of hot chocolate mix
(Credit: WeCare Pack SG)

A dose of chocolate never fails to brighten the mood. If your santee always has sweet cravings, get them the Hot Chocolate Mix Gift Box Set (available on WeCare Pack SG)! This gift box under $30 includes two sachets of hot chocolate mix that is perfect for the cold Christmas season, and also offers a white cup that you can personalise with your santee’s name! You can also opt for the set that comes with an additional USB cup warmer that your santee can use during work to keep their drink hot!

33. For the aspiring Masterchef

bottle of truffle oil
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Is your santee a culinary whiz who’s always whipping up delicious meals? One of the best secret santa gift ideas under $30 for aspiring chefs is this Truffle Hunter Truffle Oil (available on Shopee Supermarket) that they can use to elevate their dishes! Alternatively, get them a Customised Wooden Chopping Board (available on RandomTastes) that allows you to carve their names on it! Made of ebony solid wood, this wooden chopping board is easy to maintain and extra durable.

34. For the new homeowner

letter sign board and green marble personalied mug gift
(Credit: Homlly, THEGREYSPACE.CO Official Store)

Help your colleague who just collected keys to their new home spruce up their cribs’ aesthetic this Christmas! The Homlly Retro Felt Changeable Letter Sign Board (available on Homlly) is a great secret santa gift idea under $30 that would make for a versatile home decor that they can put to good use! This letter sign board comes with 340 symbols, including letters, emojis, and numbers, so they can let their creativity flow and come up with quirky quotes to put up. This would also come in handy if they’re hosting a Christmas gathering, or any special occasion. 

Alternatively, you can get them the Anson Personalised Cup (available on THEGREYSPACE.CO Official Store) that you can customise by adding your santee’s name! The beautiful marble finishing will make for a beautiful addition to their kitchen.

35. For the home baker

red hand blender set secret santa gift ideas
(Credit: Sencor Shopee Official Store)

Have you ever been blessed with delicious cupcakes and cookies from your santee? If you think they have a knack for baking, fuel their hobby with some baking tools that they’ll love to add to their countertop! For a secret santa gift idea under $30, this Sencor Hand Blender Set (available on Sencor Shopee Official Store) is a tool that the baking queen will surely appreciate! This hand blender is well-designed with an ergonomic shaped handle, and comes with attachment release buttons to make their job much easier. This value for money set also includes a mixing container, chopper, and stainless steel whisk! 

36. For the shutterbug

fujifilm disposable film camera
(Credit: standardphoto_sg)

Don’t know much about your santee? One way to find out more about them is to stalk their social media accounts! If their Instagram feed is an aesthetic galore filled with artsy pics, you might just nail your secret santa gift with the Fujifilm Simple Ace 400 Disposable Camera (available on standardphoto_sg), one of the best disposable film cameras in Singapore. This gift under $30 sports a flash switch that enables it to work well both indoors and outdoors. It also boasts a fourth colour layering technology that allows it to produce natural looking photos!

37. For the colleague who meal preps

bear electric lunch box
(Credit: Bear Official Store)

Is your santee someone who packs their own lunch to the office? Help them save the trip to the pantry with this Bear Electric Lunch Box (available on Bear Official Store) — a practical secret santa gift under $30! Not only can this electric lunch box heat up food, it can even steam and stew food with the touch of a button — how convenient! It also has a capacity of 1.3L, which allows you to cook a meal for two. Your santee can even try out these easy electric lunch box recipes to experiment with new dishes!

Easy wrapping ideas for your secret santa gifts

After you’ve settled on your secret santa gift idea for your colleagues in Singapore this Christmas 2021, the next step is to wrap it up! Here are some easy and affordable wrapping options to consider to make your gift look presentable:

1. Christmas gift packaging bag

white christmas gift bag with reindeer prints
(Credit: KEMORELA Official Store)

If you’re gifting your secret santee food, tea or coffee, the best wrapping option would be Christmas bags like the Christmas Gift Packaging Bag (available on KEMORELA Official Store) that’s made of aluminized polyethylene. It’s available in various designs like white with reindeer prints and sky blue with reindeer and snowman characters on it to choose from! Meanwhile, an exquisite gift like a bottle of wine deserves an equally pristine gift bag like this Window Paper Bag (available on Shopee Supermarket)!

2. Christmas linen bags

christmas linen gift bags
(Credit: KEMORELA Official Store)

For a more eco-friendly wrapping option, opt for the Christmas Linen Storage Bag (available on KEMORELA Official Store) that your santee can repurpose for their next gift exchange! It is available in four adorable designs to choose from, and is the perfect size for smaller gifts like tumblrs and notebooks. Prefer a more minimalistic design? Go for this Flat Non Woven Bag (available on Shopee Supermarket) in a bright pop of red!

3. Festive wrapping paper

white and green christmas wrapping paper
(Credit: Papermarket Official Store)

For larger presents or those that come in boxes, you can get wrapping paper like the Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Roll (available on Papermarket Official Store) to wrap it up with a festive touch!

Nail your secret Santa gift for your colleagues with these ideas 

Celebrate the jolly season with the spirit of giving by getting well-thought out presents for your co-workers. Shop them during our 12.12 Birthday Sale to stretch your dollar! If you have a flexible budget, check out our ultimate Christmas gift ideas that will come in useful when buying presents for your loved ones. If you’re preparing to pig out with your family this Christmas, get the best Christmas hams in Singapore to enjoy during your end-of-year feasts!

This article was updated on 7 December 2021. Additional research done by Liang Shi Nan.

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great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7