5 Types Of Korean Bangs & How To Create The Hairstyle

types of Korean bangs
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The Korean wave definitely took world by storm since it emerged a  few years back and we can be sure it isn’t going away anytime soon! Korean bangs in particular have attracted many girls’ attention because of how feminine yet trendy they look. If you’re looking for a change of hairstyle, or are inspired by your favourite Korean celebrities, you’re at the right place!

Read on to learn about the different types of Korean bangs and how you can create these beautiful hairstyles effortlessly!

1. Air Bangs

As seen on: Han Hyo Joo & Song Hye Kyo

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Even if you’re not a fan of the Korean wave, you would know about the popular Korean air bangs. Also known as see-through fringe, air bangs are a thin layer of fringe that ends between your top lashes and your eyebrows. Unlike thick and tidy bangs, air bangs allow your forehead to peek through and do not give a suffocating appearance. This Korean bangs help to add subtle and natural contour to create a slimmer and youthful appearance.

However, air bangs can be a little hard to maintain outdoors as they will be blown out of shape easily. Girls with oily skin may also notice that their air bangs lose volume quicker than girls with normal or dry skin.

Not sure if air bangs are suitable for you? Fret not! Air bangs can be very versatile. Sweep it to the side to create a side fringe or hide it under the rest of your hair when you want to go fringeless!

How to:

Step 1 – Find out where you want your fringe to begin and comb the hair forward to create a parting.

Step 2 – Gather the pieces of hair that fall between your brows. They will become the main part of your air bangs.

Step 3 – Cut the hair to your desired length (in between your brows and upper lashes). Thereafter, hold your scissors vertically and create vertical cuts. This helps to reduce the prominence of a new haircut.

Step 4 – Section out the remaining hair to form side bangs. Imagine a diagonal line connecting your nose bridge to your jaw bone.

Step 5 – Cut along the imaginary diagonal line to create sloping side bangs which help to cover wide jaw lines to create a slimmer face. When you’re done, part the bangs to both sides, leaving a thin layer of fringe on the forehead to create wispy and natural air bangs!

Step 6 – Using a hair roller (or a USB Heated Hair Roller), curl your air bangs for at least 5 minutes to give your fringe volume that will  last all day!

types of korean bangs
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2. Choppy Bangs

As seen on: Gong Soo Ah (3CE’s Model) & Sulli

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This is the hairstyle to go for if you want to shave a few years off your age! Choppy bangs are  one of the most popular Korean bangs style currently. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with shorter and rounder face shapes since it brings attention to the eyes and gives a childlike appearance.

Choppy bangs come in many variations and can create different looks. Cut them in a straight and thick manner for a high fashion, chic vibe. Go for slanted choppy bangs for a bold and funky look! Curl your choppy bangs to look feminine and cute. Or thin the Korean bangs out (so it’s a choppy bangs plus air bangs) for a sophisticated and refined image.

How To:

Step 1 – Find out where you want your fringe to begin and comb the hair forward to create a parting.

Step 2 – Position the scissors vertically and begin shortening your fringe using vertical cuts. The final length of your choppy bangs should end from the middle of your forehead to the area just above your brows.

Step 3 – Trim the fringe to make sure the length is consistent and voila!

3. Baby Hair Bangs

As Seen On: Irene (Red Velvet), Tzuyu (Twice)

Do you want to look like a lovable baby? Apparently, many Korean girls do! This explains why Baby hair bangs have been all the rage since the end of 2017. Instead of having an actual fringe, this hairstyle makes use of your baby hair to help frame the face.

This style of Korean bangs is great for those who are developing bald patches along their hair line, or those who have a M-shaped forehead. Girls who are conscious of these features can use baby hair bangs to cover and conceal. Baby hair bangs are also great for girls who want to hide their wide forehead but do not want to commit to an actual fringe. This style helps to correct the face shape and give a young and playful appearance!

How To:

Step 1 – Comb all your hair back as if you’re going to tie a ponytail.

Step 2 – From the centre of your forehead, create another parting at 45 degrees angle to the right. Use a rat tail comb for easier control. Repeat on the left.

Step 3 – Starting from where your brows are, grab a small section of hair (about 3 cm wide) from the side of your head. These are the hairs that will become your baby hair bangs. Using an eyebrow razor, trim the hair in short strokes, creating gradual length to shape your face. Repeat on both sides.

Step 4 – You can style your baby hair with a mini hair curler or gel a few strands together to create baby hair air bangs (like Irene did above).

4. Curly Bangs

As Seen On: Irene, Gong Soo Ah (3CE’s Model)

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Bored of having straight and flat bangs? Why not whip out your curling iron and give your Korean bangs a perm! Curly bangs are  a great way to draw attention away from any flaws on your face, such as a wide forehead or a huge pimple on your nose. This hairstyle also adds dimensions to your face, creating a sweet and youthful charm!

You can create curly bangs with a center parting for a feminine vibe, or combine both air bangs and curly bangs together to achieve a wispy and dolly image!

How To:

Step 1 – Preheat your curling iron and part your fringe to your preference.

Step 2 – Grab a small section of fringe (about 3 cm wide). Using the curling iron, curl your fringe inwards (towards yourself) to create bouncy curls.

Step 3 – While the hair is still hot, you can shape it into any style you want. Scrunch it for tighter, more long lasting curls, or stretch it to create loose waves. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the rest of your fringe.

Step 4 – Complete the look by curling the hair on the sides of your face too! They help to frame your face and make you look slimmer! For a better effect, curl them inwards.

Step 5 – Separate the curls and arrange them to your preference. Apply hair spray to secure the curls and ensure they last all day!

5. Long Bangs

As Seen On: Shin Min Ah & Park Min Young

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This hairstyle is perfect for girls who have wide or short face shapes. In general, long bangs extend beyond the eyes and can sometimes reach the corners of the lips. This means that long bangs can help to lengthen and make the face narrower.

Long bangs also require less maintenance than shorter bangs, which makes it a great fuss-free hairstyle for girls who want to sport Korean bangs without the hassle!

How To:

For girls who do not have a fringe:

Step 1 – Part your hair forward from the middle of your head. This portion of hair will become your fringe.

Step 2 – Depending on your preference, you can choose to part your fringe through the center or all to one side.

Step 3 – If your fringe is too long, cut them at a 45 degrees angle such that the hair furthest from the face is longer than those closer to the face.

For girls who have shorter bangs:

Step 1 – To create long, side swept Korean bangs, part your hair (including your fringe) into a 6:4 ratio, similar to what Park Shin Hye did below, using a rat tail comb. Your fringe should be hidden underneath the rest of the hair.

Step 2 – Choose the side where you want your bangs to be. Section the hair before your ears, they will become your long bangs.

Step 3 – Imagine a line connecting the corners of your mouth to your jaw line. Cut at a 45 degrees angle, creating a gradual length for a softer look.

Step 4 – Using a flat iron, curl your long, side-swept Korean bangs loosely to create waves that add dimensions to your face!

Try some of these Korean bangs for a fresh change! When it comes to cutting your own fringe, practise makes perfect! Also, if you dye your hair often, find out how you can maintain your hair colour and look for products to help keep your hair in good condition!