9 Trendy Hair Colours In 2022 For Asian Skin Tones

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Heading back to the office or not, you don’t need an excuse to look your very best. Give your washed out shades a new lease of life with one of the best hair colours for Asians this year! Whether for inspiration before your next hair salon visit or your own dye job at home, we’ve sussed out all you need to know for each shade (including aftercare tips!). But first, read on to find out how you can use your skin undertones to decide the hair colours that’ll suit you.

How to determine your skin’s undertones

skin undertones bronze sunlight girl
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Trust us when we say we totally understand your struggle in determining your skin’s undertones. But we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to match your hair colour to your undertone. The right hair colour can bring out the radiance in your skin and make you look healthy and beautiful! 

  • Start by looking at your veins

One of the simplest ways to find out if you’re warm or cool-toned is by looking at the inside of your wrists. If your veins appear bluish-purple, you’re cool-toned. If they have a green hue, you’re undoubtedly warm-toned. 

  • Which is better, gold or silver?

Ransack your jewellery stash and pick out the accessories that look best on you. Are they mostly in silver? If so, you’re cool-toned. If you find that you look better dressed in gold, you’re likely to be warm-toned. 

  • Do you burn or tan?

Still unsure of your skin’s undertones? Fret not, simply observe your skin when you’re out in the sun. If you burn easily or your skin flushes after prolonged exposure to the sun, you’re cool-toned. If you get a tan without burning, you’re warm-toned!

2022 Best hair colours for warm Asian skin tones

1. Mahogany 

mahogany best hair colour for asian 2022 theboyz red brown
(Credit: official_theboyz / Instagram)

From bright red ruby tones to deep burgundy hair colour, red is a staple in almost every year’s hair trend. If you’re thinking of going red in 2022, we suggest going darker with a brownish mahogany red colour! This is one of the best hair colours for Asians who are looking for a bold yet work-appropriate shade as it isn’t too bright or in your face. Moreover, it’s a universal shade that will flatter all skin colours from the fairest to the tannest. 

How to get this popular hair colour for 2022:

To adopt this 2022 hair colour trend, simply use the Cielo Cream 4RO Mahogany Brown (available on Hoyu SG Official Store). There’s no need to bleach your hair to achieve your desired mahogany shade. However, do note that red hair colour can fade quickly or turn into a brassy mess if not regularly maintained. We suggest using the Lakme Teknia Color Refresh Coral Red Shampoo (available on LAKMÉ Official Store) to protect your hair colour — it’s that simple! 

Suitable for skin colour: All
Bleaching required: No

2. Tangerine brown 

tangerine brown best hair colour for asian popular 2022 midori 3ce model
(Credit: midoricoo / Instagram)

While bright orange hues may have taken the beauty scene by storm in 2020, this striking hair trend has returned in 2022 in a more wearable fashion. Tangerine brown is one of the best hair colours for Asians this year simply because it’s extremely wearable and flattering on Asians with warm skin tones. While you may think that this is yet another boring brown hue, the tangerine brown hair colour leans more towards the golden orange side. This adds a pop of colour to your overall appearance and instantly makes you appear radiant and fresh! Plus, the soft golden hue makes your tresses look oh-so-glossy! We think this is a work-appropriate hair colour too. However, if your company has a more conservative dress code, simply request your hairdresser to go one to two tones darker when dying your hair!

How to get this popular hair colour for 2022:

Sounds like a shade you’d want to try? Give yourself a hair transformation on a budget with the Liese Creamy Bubble Color (available on Kao Official Store) in Marshmallow Brown. If you’d like the golden orange hues to really stand out for this hair colour, we suggest lightly bleaching your hair with the Aprilskin Turn Up Bleach (available on April Skin Official Store) for not more than 10 minutes before you dyeing your hair. 

Suitable for skin colour: Fair to medium skin
Bleaching required: No

3. Exposed roots with blonde hair

exposed roots blonde hair colour for asian best 2022 pony makeup korean
(Credit: ponysmakeup / Instagram)

Steered clear of blonde hair colours in fear of doing irreparable damage to your hair? We’ve got good news for you! You can live out your blonde hair dreams with the latest 2022 hair trend – exposed roots with blonde hair! As its name suggests, this best hair colour for Asians involves bleaching the length of your hair blonde while leaving the roots undyed. This adds depth to your locks and also extends the life of your colour between salon visits. Plus, it does minimal damage to your scalp and gives you a badass look!

How to get this popular hair colour for 2022:

Achieve this low maintenance blonde hair trend by bleaching your hair with the Dixmondsg Hair Bleach (available on Dixmondsg Official Store). Start from about 5 to 10cm away from your roots (depending on your hair length). Thereafter, colour the bleached area with the Dixmondsg Ash Blonde Hair Dye (available on Dixmondsg Official Store).

Suitable for skin colour: All
Bleaching required: Yes

4. Dark brunette

dark brunette song hye kyo popular hair colour 2022
(Credit: kyo1122 / Instagram)

It’s time to return to the dark side for 2022 as dark brunette reign over pale platinum this year. This is good news to many of us who have tried so hard to restrain ourselves from bleaching. Dark brunette is a universally flattering hue that’s easy to maintain. The glossy brown shade brightens up your complexion and goes well with any makeup styles. In addition, this versatile hue is also suitable for any occasion, be it at work or in the university. With dark colours, your black hair roots will not appear as obvious. This makes dark brunette a low maintenance hair colour for those who don’t want to have to dye their hair often. 

How to get this popular hair colour for 2022:

Refresh your locks with the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Supreme (available on L’Oreal Paris Official Store) in 6.1 Brunette Ash. Preserve the beautiful brunette hues with the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Colour Protecting Moisturising Conditioner (available on Watsons Singapore Official Store) which also works to soften and smoothen your tresses. 

Suitable for skin colour: Fair to medium skin
Bleaching required: No

5. Platinum pink

lisa blackpink platinum pink best hair colour asian 2022 princess bleach
(Credit: lalalalisa_m / Instagram)

BLACKPINK Lisa’s pink bob has left us in awe of her gorgeous looks, and we’re sure more of such hue will pop up in the upcoming year. While pink hair has been an overdone hair trend for years, the shade has taken on a twist in 2022 by going platinum. This lends the colour a pale pastel appearance, but it also means more intensive bleaching may be needed. Nonetheless, nothing is going to stop us from achieving this best hair colour for Asians in 2022!

How to get this popular hair colour for 2022:

There’s no escaping, this is a hair colour for 2022 that will require bleaching. If you’re not confident in bleaching your hair yourself, we suggest paying a visit to your favourite Korean hair salons to let the professionals help you out. They will know the best way to get the brassiness out of your bleached hair — an important step to get this stunning shade! Once you’ve achieved platinum blonde locks, coat your hair with the Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam (available on koreafarm.kr) in 11P Ballet Pink. To minimise damage to your hair, be sure to revitalise your tresses with the Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Eco Besties Hair Mask (available on Coco & Eve Official Store)!

Suitable for skin colour: Fair to medium skin
Bleaching required: Yes

2022 Best hair colours for cool Asian skin tones

6. Mushroom brown 

mushroom brown ashy hue best asian hair colour for cool skin tone twice
(Credit: Twicetagram / Instagram)

Those who have tried dyeing their hair grey or silver will know how difficult it is to achieve the perfect shade – and even more so to retain the colour beyond a week. But this is unavoidable, as Asian hair is notorious for turning brassy after multiple washes. However, your grey hair dreams are not yet shattered. Introducing mushroom brown, a greyish light brown hue designed specifically for Asian hair. It’s much easier to maintain compared to its grey counterpart, and is flattering for all skin tones, even warmer ones!

How to get this popular hair colour for 2022:

Before dyeing your hair with the LIESE Creamy Bubble Color Natural Series Silvery Brown (available on Watsons Singapore Official Store), we suggest bleaching your hair for 10 minutes so the mushroom brown shade will show up better. For daily colour maintenance, use the Loreal Professional New Serie Expert Silver Shampoo For Grey and White Hair (available on KimageSalon). The shampoo is specially formulated to enhance ash and grey hues so your tresses look as fresh as ever!

Suitable for skin colour: All
Bleaching required: Yes

7. Very peri purple

very peri purple bts jungkook best colour for asian hair skin tone cool
(Credit: bts.jungkook / Instagram)

Purple has always been a popular shade when it comes to makeup, fashion and needless to say, hair colour. While lilac was one of the hottest colour trends of the past years, it has taken on a stronger bluish tone for 2022. This is in line with the Pantone colour of the year – Very Peri, which is a rich shade of periwinkle that’s both eye-catching and unique. And when BTS Jungkook rocks the shade, it MUST be the best hair colour for Asians in 2022! 

How to get this popular hair colour for 2022:

As Very Peri purple is a mix of blue and purple, it can be a little tricky to achieve the right shade. Thankfully, the Dixmondsg Periwinkle Hair Dye (available on Dixmondsg Official Store) has taken out all the guesswork from your dye job. Simply bleach your hair and transform it with this periwinkle dye! For an even more stylish result, we suggest leaving your roots exposed to rock two popular hair trends for 2022 at once!

Suitable for skin colour: Fair
Bleaching required: Yes

8. Blue grey

hwasa blue grey badass popular hair colour 2022 asian
(Credit: _mariahwasa / Instagram)

We’ve seen our share of bluish hair colours in the K-Pop scene. Last year, IU sported the mysterious midnight blue which sent K-Pop fans into a blue hair frenzy. And now, Hwasa is our main inspiration for the best hair colours for Asians in 2022! Her bluish grey locks scream swag no matter how you look at it. The best part about blue grey hair is that it can be personalised to your liking. For a more work-appropriate colour, go for a blue black combination for a subtle pop of colour. Meanwhile, trendsetters can double down on the bleach to achieve an icy, slivery blue shade. 

How to get this popular hair colour for 2022:

For a darker shade of blue grey, you will need to first use the Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Primer (available on mise en scene Official Store) before going in with the Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Whale Deep Blue (available on koreafarm.kr). Meanwhile, if you’re trying to achieve a pale silvery blue hue, you will need to properly bleach your hair blonde. Then, apply the Dixmondsg White Toner to eliminate yellow hues and brassiness before applying the Dixmondsg Silver Blue Hair Dye (both available on Dixmondsg Official Store).

Suitable for skin colour: All
Bleaching required: Yes

9. Rusty ash brown peek-a-boo hair

rust ash brown peek-a-boo hair twice popular hair colour 2022
(Credit: twicetagram / Instagram)

Hair trends come and go quickly, but the peek-a-boo hair trend is here to stay for another year. Also known as hidden highlights, or underlights, this hair look involves highlighting only the bottom layer of your hair. This creates a beautiful contrast with the darker top layer and works great for those who want to keep their bold hair transformation under wraps. While you can choose any colour combination you prefer, the best hair colour for Asians in 2022 involves a black top layer with rusty ash brown peek-a-boo highlights. The result is a chic and sophisticated hair look that will instantly make you look stylish! 

How to get this popular hair colour for 2022:

First, you’ll have to divide your hair into two sections – top and bottom. Be extra precise for this part as we want to achieve a distinct separation between the two colours. Tie up the top section. Then, bleach the bottom section and dye it with the BioNike Shine On Hair Colouring (available on Yes Beaute) in 7 Blonde. Once done, untie the top section and admire your Vogue ready hairstyle!

Give your tresses a makeover with these best hair colours for Asians

Now that you’re rocking one of the best hair colours for Asians in 2022, it’s time to style your hair. Find out how to create glamorous curls or natural waves with our Dyson Airwrap tutorials. Heading back to the office? Pick an outfit that not only looks professional but also matches your new hairstyle from our list of cute outfits for work. Gentlemen can also try out the latest men’s fashion and become a trendsetter for 2022!

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