13 Best Lunch Boxes For Meal Preps & Takeaways In Style

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According to the National Environment Agency, a whopping 200,000 tonnes of domestic waste was made up of disposables in 2019 – which is the equivalent of 2500 average sized airplanes. To bring this number down, you can invest in a reusable lunch box to cut down the use of single-use containers. With a slew of nifty tupperware options out there, it also makes it a breeze to pack along your own meal preps to maintain a wholesome diet when you’re out and about! From electric lunch boxes that double up as multi-cookers to thermal lunch boxes for kids, we’ve trawled the net and narrowed down to these best lunch boxes in Singapore. 

What is the best material for lunch boxes in Singapore?

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When choosing a lunch box, it is important to choose a safe material that does not contaminate your food. Apart from food safety, you’d also want to choose a durable material that doesn’t shatter and is easy to clean. According to Naturally Savvy, stainless steel is the best lunch box material as it is antibacterial and non-toxic. It is also highly durable, non-breakable and easy to clean. 

Best electric lunch boxes in Singapore

Piping hot food doesn’t just taste better, they also help you avoid food poisoning, aid digestion, and provide more nutritional value. That’s why electric lunch boxes are a great option for those who don’t have access to a microwave. They double up as a desktop multicooker, with capabilities to reheat food and even cook rice and other dishes. They are also typically easy to assemble and operate. With the best electric lunch boxes in Singapore, you’d have no excuse to skip lunch even when you can’t leave your desk!

1. Bear Portable Electric Lunch Box

bear portable electric lunch box best lunch box singapore
(Credit: Bear Official Store)

For introverts who pack their own lunches to work, all’s fine and dandy until you see a queue for the pantry microwave. Small talk with acquaintances? No thank you. The Bear Portable Electric Lunch Box (available on Bear Official Store) saves you from the trip to the pantry with a slew of nifty features. Apart from reheating your meals, the Bear electric lunch box can even steam rice, eggs, and other dishes with one touch of a button. It’s also designed to be vacuum sealed when closed, which keeps your food fresh and your bag safe from potential leakage. In terms of size, it is as wide as an iPad mini, which makes it easy to bring around. Furthermore, there’s a handle that comes with the lunch box which makes it convenient to carry. That’s why it is one of the best electric lunch boxes in Singapore! If you decide to get yourself one, be sure to check out our list of easy electric lunch box recipes

2. Bobbot Electric Lunch Box

bobbot electric lunch box in green on yellow table best lunch box singapore
(Credit: BOBBOT Official Store)

The Bobbot Electric Lunch Box (available on BOBBOT Official Store) proves itself a worthy contender for the best electric lunch boxes in Singapore with its quality design and features. Boasting a rated power of 300W, the Bobbot electric lunch box can fully cook 200g of rice within 20 minutes. It also sports an anti-dry burn protection feature which prevents kitchen disasters in case you leave it on for too long. In addition, there’s different sizes that you can choose from. If you value portability, get the smaller version of 800ml which consists of two layers. For more capacity, opt for the larger version of 1200ml which has three layers. 

3. SASIT Electric Lunch Box

person plugging wire into green sasit electric lunch box
(Credit: SASIT Kitchenware)

If the reheat function is all you need, the SASIT Electric Lunch Box (available on SASIT Kitchenware) is a no frills option that will suffice. It uses low heat to evenly warm up food so as to retain nutrition and moisture. Portability wise, this electric lunch box is slightly smaller than the Bear electric lunch box, which makes it more suitable for small eaters. Weighing only 700g, it’s lighter than a Venti starbucks drink when empty! In addition, this best electric lunch box in Singapore is airtight which prevents any spillage. 

Best thermal lunch boxes in Singapore

The best thermal lunch boxes in Singapore are insulated with a layer of insulating foam in between a plastic, vinyl, or polyester exterior and water-resistant interior. It helps to retain the temperature of your food, whether hot or cold. Thermal lunch boxes are recommended for those who don’t have access to a microwave. They are also less bulky than electric lunch boxes, which is a great option for those who value portability.

4. Homlly Stainless Steel Lunch Box

homlly stainless steel thermal lunch box with oranges and brocolli
(Credit: Homlly Official Store)

For outings like picnics at the beach where you don’t have the luxury of a microwave or power source, the best thermal lunch boxes in Singapore like the Homlly Stainless Steel Thermal Lunch Box (available on Homlly Official Store) will help keep your food warm. Simply pour hot water into the bottom layer of the lunch box to enjoy piping hot grub within minutes! This method also helps to keep the food warm for hours. There’s also four separate compartments that can be sealed individually to prevent your snacks from contaminating each other. 

5. Joyoung Line Friends Insulated Lunchbox

joyoung line friends bear electric lunch box in brown with congee best lunch box singapore
(Credit: Joyoung Official Store)

The Joyoung Line Friends Thermal Lunch Box (available on Joyoung Official Store) is one of the best thermal lunch boxes in Singapore for storing herbal soups and congee. It promises to keep food warm for up to 24 hours, which makes this ideal for travel. Made of quality stainless steel, this lunch box is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes it a durable option that’s value-for-money. We also love the foldable handle which makes the Joyoung lunch box easy to carry around. 

Best microwaveable lunch boxes in Singapore 

Certain materials such as metal cannot be used in the microwave as it can potentially cause sparks or even explosions as it reflects the oven’s lightwave. If you rely on a microwave oven to reheat your meals, be sure to get one of the following best lunch boxes in Singapore that are microwave safe. 

6. EmmAmy Lunchbox

emmamy lunch box in yellow, blue, and red
(Credit: EmmAmy.sg)

Meals are always more enjoyable with a dose of entertainment. The EmmAmy Portable Lunch Box (available on EmmAmy.sg) lets you catch up on your favourite K-dramas or best Chinese dramas while savouring your meal with a cover that doubles up as a phone holder. It’s also microwave safe, and comes with lunch essentials like reusable utensils. You can also opt for an additional reusable cup to dabao your favourite beverages!

7. Ossayi Microwave Lunch Box With Utensils

pink lunch box with three compartments and utensils in lid
(Credit: Ossayi Official Store)

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the Ossayi Microwave Lunch Box (available on Ossayi Official Store) gives you the best bang for your buck. It is one of the best lunch boxes in Singapore that comes with utensils that pack neatly on the lunch box cover. At less than $7, it’s also super affordable yet still packs a punch in terms of quality. 

While using a lunch box to take away food is an eco-friendly act in itself, this Ossayi lunch box takes this to the next level. It is made of wheat straw, a sustainable alternative to plastic that is made from unwanted stalks from wheat grains that are typically gone to waste. This material is compostable and also more lightweight than other materials. If you’re looking to double down on reducing waste, this is definitely one of the best lunch boxes in Singapore for you!

8. Tatay BPA Free Portable Lunch Box

pink tatay bpa free lunch box for sandwich and orange lunch box subs
(Credit: ModernHome Official Store)

Calling all bread lovers! We know the dismay of packing sandwiches to school, only to see them squished and disformed in your bag. To avoid such mishaps, get the Tatay BPA Free Portable Lunch Box (available on ModernHome Official Store) that is specially designed for packing sandwiches and Subways. They will help to keep your favourite cold cut trios fresh and in shape. What’s more, the Tatay lunch box is also microwave safe so you can reheat them any time.

9. Starbucks x Herschel Lunch Box

starbucks x herschel collapsible lunch box in green and navy best lunch box singapore
(Credit: Starbucks Official Store)

More than mere food containers, the best lunch boxes in Singapore can be chic enough to be a fashion statement too! The Starbucks x Herschel To Go Lunch Box (available on Starbucks Official Store) makes being eco-friendly stylish with it’s sophisticated design. This Starbucks lunch box is also collapsible, which is ideal for those who want to save on bag space, yet want a roomy tupperware that can fit XL meals. In addition, it is microwave safe and equipped with a four-sided locking system to prevent leaks.

Best lunch boxes in Singapore for kids

When it comes to the best lunch boxes for kids in Singapore, we recommend getting those with multiple compartments. Kids love variety in their meals, and having multiple compartments allow you to pack in different kinds of food and snacks to give them a balanced meal. Also make sure that they are airtight so their lunch won’t spill out in their bags!

10. Yumbox Panino 4-Compartment Lunch Box

yumbox four compartment lunch box in pink with rainbow design
(Credit: Pupsik SG Official Store)

Those with the young’uns can ensure that your precious kiddos enjoy a healthy, balanced meal in school or day care with the Yumbox Panino 4-Compartment Lunch Box (available on Pupsik SG Official Store). With four compartments available, you can pack wet foods like yogurt and dips without them causing other snacks to become soggy. The Yumbox lunch box is also airtight, so you can toss it into your child’s school bag with confidence. That said, do note that this lunch box is unable to store liquids.

11. Munchkin Lunch Bento Box

open lunch box with yellow and pink interior on table
(Credit: Infantino Enterprise Official Store)

The Munchkin Lunch Bento Box (available on Infantino Enterprise Official Store) is specially designed for kids with its tailored size and compartments. It has taken into account kids’ meal proportions and even their hand size, which is why it is one of the best lunch boxes in Singapore for kids! While it can fit into most kid-sized bags, this lunch box also comes with a handle so your kids can carry them conveniently. They’ve also thoughtfully included stainless steel utensils that snaps directly into the lid for storage.

12. Kidztime Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box & Lunch Bag

kids lunch bag and lunch box set with cartoon design in pink and blue best lunch box singapore
(Credit: KIDZTIME official Store)

If your kiddo is a fan of Paw Patrol, Despicable Me, or Spiderman, they’ll surely be delighted to have the Kidztime Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box & Lunch Bag (available on KIDZTIME official Store) as their daily lunch companion! Apart from designs that the little ones will love, this best lunch box for kids in Singapore also saves parents the hassle of cleaning up smashed bowls as it is made of durable material that is shatter resistant. Made of bamboo fiber, this kids’ lunch box is naturally antibacterial, ensuring that your kiddos’ meals are safe! We also love that it comes with a matching lunch bag that is waterproof and even comes with a transparent name holder to prevent your child from losing it.

13. OmieBox Thermos Lunchbox

omiebox thermal lunch box in green, blue, purple, pink, and orange
(Credit: Bumwear Official Store)

Ensure that your cooking stays warm by the time your little bub digs in during recess with the OmieBox Thermos Lunchbox (available on Bumwear Official Store). It is one of the best thermal lunch boxes in Singapore for kids. It comes with an airtight thermos jar and lid within that can help store soups and keep them warm. This jar can be separated from the tupperware and be used independently too! 

Reduce your carbon footprint with the best lunch boxes in Singapore

From cute lunch boxes for kids to self-heating electric lunch boxes and thermal lunch boxes, enjoy your meals in style with the best lunch boxes in Singapore! While you’re at it, be sure to check out the best water bottles in Singapore and best coffee tumblers that feature a deluge of aesthetically pleasing designs for your coffee runs! If you’re looking to prepare your own meals for work or school, equip your kitchen with the best rice cookers in Singapore and best air fryers in Singapore!