15 Best School Bags With Back Support For Your Kids

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A new school year is just around the corner, and parents, you know what that means — new school books and school supplies. One of the most important back to school purchases is your children’s school bag. It needs to be able to hold all the books while supporting your kids’ backs to prevent them from hunching. School bags are also one of the few ways kids can express their individuality at school. So, when you’re looking for where to buy the best school bags, be sure to keep in mind both functionality and design! Read on down below to learn more about tips for choosing cute but functional kids’ backpacks and our recommendations for the best school bags for Primary 1 schoolers and up!

How to choose the best school bag for Primary 1 and up?

Before you decide on where to buy school bags for your children, it’s first important to understand how to choose the right school bag. A poorly fitted school bag can cause an imbalance in weight and put unnecessary stress on your kids’ back, resulting in excessive hunching and pain. Consider the following factors when you’re buying the best school bags for Primary 1 schoolers and up:

  • Padding

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At seven to 12 years old, kids are still developing their bodies and a poorly supported school bag can affect their growth. As such, pick a bag with thick paddings in the shoulder straps and the base of the bag where it meets the spine. The shoulder straps should also be wide to evenly distribute the weight of the bag across your child’s shoulders.

  • Size

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Some parents may think that a bigger school bag is better for kids as it provides more capacity. From a financial viewpoint, this also makes sense as you can get more years out of a big backpack. However, this usually doesn’t benefit your kids. That is because primary school children tend to be smaller in build and an overly large school bag can weigh them down, resulting in an unhealthy posture. As a general rule of thumb, a good school bag should sit nicely above the waistline. The straps should also be short enough such that the bag sits firmly against your child’s body instead of tilting away.

  • Material

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The material of your kid’s school bag matters as it determines the durability and weight of the bag. While stylish, we suggest it’s a better choice to avoid leather school bags as they tend to weigh more than regular bags. Synthetic fabric school bags, such as ones made of nylon or polyester, tend to be more lightweight and water-resistant than cotton. Canvas or cotton school bags are equally lightweight but usually do not provide water protection. This can be bad news on a rainy school day.

  • Pockets 

yellow raincoat kid backpack front pocket
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You will want to buy your child a backpack with compartments and pockets for better organisation. Pick one with a front pocket for quick access to handy items like tissue and hand sanitiser. There should also be a water bottle pocket so your child won’t have to carry the bottle by hand. If your kid needs to bring a laptop or tablet to school, a padded laptop sleeve in the main compartment is a good feature to have.

  • Safety features

reflective safety strip on school bag for primary 1
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Your kids may have to cross the road or cycle to and from school. As such, having a reflective design on the school bag helps your kids to be more visible to motorists and can reduce the risk of accidents. 

How heavy should a school bag be for Primary 1 and up?

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According to the Association Of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists (APCP), children should not carry a school bag that weighs more than 10% of their body weight. On average, seven-year-olds weigh about 23kg and 10% of their body weight is 2.3kg. This equates to about two medium-sized books and a lunch box. If your kids have to carry more than this load, we suggest teaching your little ones to leave some books under their desks or in the school locker. This can significantly reduce the number of books they have to carry back and forth. 

Best ergonomic school bags for Primary 1 in Singapore

When you’re shopping for the best school bags in Singapore for Primary 1 schoolers and up, you’d have come across the term ‘ergonomic school bag’. Ergonomic school bags are specially designed with functional and thoughtful features. They usually have wide shoulder straps, optimal size, enhanced back support and rigid structure for even weight distribution. The main goal is to help lighten your child’s load while protecting their spine and encouraging good posture. As such, ergonomic school bags tend to cost a little more than regular backpacks — but we believe they are worth every penny for your kids! Read on to find out more about the best ergonomic school bags in Singapore for Primary 1 schoolers and up!

1. KAGS GRAFTON Series Ergonomic School Bag

KAGS GRAFTON Series Ergonomic School Bag
(Credit: HypeMall Official Store)

Designed by parents, KAGS GRAFTON is a brand you can trust when it comes to the best ergonomic school bags in Singapore for Primary 1 schoolers and up. The KAGS GRAFTON Ergonomic Series (available on HypeMall Official Store) was crafted with your kid’s welfare in mind. This KAGS GRAFTON school bag comes with strong spine support so your little ones won’t have to hunch when carrying their necessities around. Additionally, this backpack has a strap that can be fastened across your kid’s chest. This strap helps distribute the bag’s weight across a larger area of your child’s body, thus making it easier for them to move around with a heavy load.

2. IMPACT IPEG-158 Ergo-Comfort Spinal Support Backpack

IMPACT IPEG-158 Ergo-Comfort Spinal Support Backpack for kids school bag for primary 1
(Credit: Ergoworks)

Perhaps one of the most popular go-tos for parents looking for where to buy best ergonomic school bags in Singapore, Ergoworks have a wide range of posture care products for kids. Recommended by both The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) and Singapore Physiotherapy Association, parents can be assured that the school bags here are one of the best you can get for Primary 1 schoolers and up.

The IMPACT IPEG-158 Ergo-Comfort Spinal Support Backpack (available on Ergoworks) promotes better posture for your kids with its patented airy light back-care system. The paddings at the back of the bag are placed intentionally in optimal positions to help cushion the upper back and lend extra support to the waist. While padded shoulder straps are a market standard for kids’ school bags these days, the IMPACT backpack goes a step further with its comfy U Neck Fit back straps. These straps are connected in a U-shaped cut across the back of the neck, evenly distributing the weight throughout the shoulders to reduce strain.

3. Thunlit Elementary School Backpack

thunlit elementary school backpack for kids where to buy school bag primary 1
(Credit: Thunlit Official Store)

Interested in Japanese-style school bags for your kids? Well, here you have it — the Thunlit Elementary School Backpack (available on Thunlit Official Store) which boasts a similar design to Japanese school bags. But apart from appearances, this is one of the best school bags in Singapore for Primary 1 schoolers and up. Its back is reinforced with thick honeycomb ventilation mesh to support the spine while dissipating heat quickly for ultimate comfort. The shoulder straps can also be adjusted to accommodate your child’s height. 

Weighing about 650g, this Thunlit backpack is one of the lightest we’ve seen. In addition, the Thunlit backpack comes with reflective strips on the front to increase visibility for oncoming vehicles — especially good for kids who make their way home from school alone.

4. Dr Kong Backpack

Dr Kong Backpack
(Credit: Dr Kong Singapore Official Store)

While Dr Kong specialises in ergonomic shoes designed for spinal health, their range of backpacks for kids is also popular among parents. The Dr Kong Backpack (available on Dr Kong Singapore Official Store) is one of the best-selling school bags for Primary 1 schoolers and it’s easy to see why. To protect the spine, the Dr Kong backpack comes with an internal centre gravity plate. This feature keeps heavy books close to your child’s back, reducing the effort needed to carry and stand upright. It prevents your child from leaning forward for balance when shouldering the weight. But that’s not all. This pressure-free chirobag is also designed with support pads that help to guard the spine, pelvis and hips to reduce unnecessary strain. If you’re looking for a hunchback solution for your little ones, Dr Kong’s got you covered!

Best character school bags in Singapore for Primary 1 

Functionality aside, school bags are essentially all about their aesthetics. If your kids aren’t into plain-looking ergonomic bags or trolley bags, these character school bags will be right up their alley. Character school bags boast cute and attractive designs featuring cartoon characters, Disney characters and more! Your kids will be proud to carry their favourite characters on their backs when school reopens. Find out where to buy the best character school bags for Primary 1 schoolers and up below.

5. Disney Princess School Bag

disney princess school bag belle cinderella ariel backpacks for girls
(Credit: BG Streets Official Store)

Step into a magical world of happily ever afters with one of the best school bags for Primary 1 schoolers. The Disney Princess School Bag (available on BG Streets Official Store) is glittery pink and has several of your kid’s favourite characters plastered all over! We have no doubt your little one will be squealing with joy at the sight of Rapunzel, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and Ariel all lined up on this glittery Disney backpack. With a useful front compartment and water bottle pockets at the side, this is one of the best school bags for young Disney fans!

6. Disney Finding Dory Unisex Backpack 

disney finding dory unisex backpack blue nemo
(Credit: SimplyLife Official Store)

If your kids have an interest in marine life, it’s likely that they adore the popular Disney animation film, Finding Dory (sequel to Finding Nemo). Inspire your kids to be as courageous and optimistic as Nemo and Dory this new school year with the Disney Finding Dory Unisex Backpack (available on SimplyLife Official Store). The large 16-inch backpack is able to fit both A4 sized documents and large files. It also comes with a water bottle holder and two spacious front pockets that will come in handy for storing lunch boxes and stationery.

7.  Smiggle Unicorn School Bag

smiggle unicorn school bag for primary 1
(Credit: ladylike.co.sg)

Smiggle products are probably high up on your kids’ wishlist no matter the occasion. Surprise them with a delightful Smiggle Unicorn School Bag (available on ladylike.co.sg) for the new school term! Peppered with Smiggle’s iconic rainbow unicorns, your child will be the envy of others with this eye-catching backpack. If unicorns are not your kids’ cup of tea, there are also other designs like Simpsons and Spiderman to choose from. In addition, the Smiggle bag comes in three different sizes to cater to your kids’ heights.

Pro Tip: We suggest getting size L if your kid needs to carry A4 size materials in the backpack. 

8. Disney Frozen 2 Backpack

disney frozen 2 backpack elsa where to buy school bag
(Credit: Babybrands Asia)

“Let it go, let it go!” — if your little princess is still singing this song in the shower, you know what’s the best school bag to get her. Replicating the simple Anello backpack design, the Disney Frozen 2 Backpack (available on Babybrands Asia) has a large open top zipper that allows for easy access. We adore the cute little details on this school bag, such as the 3D snowflake and minimalistic Elsa motif at the front pocket. If your child is required to bring a laptop to school, this backpack comes with a compartment that can fit a 15-inch laptop!

9. 3D Spiderman Backpack

3d spiderman backpack for boys hardcase
(Credit: Children’s world&Kids Toys)

It’s hard to deny the popularity of Spiderman among the younger generation. This is why we know the 3D Spiderman Backpack (available on Children’s world&Kids Toys) will be the best choice for your little superhero. As one of the best school bags for Primary 1 and up, it comes with a 3D Spiderman hard front case that gives the bag its structure and style. This Spiderman backpack also features wide shoulder straps that are cushioned, thus shielding your kid’s shoulders from bearing too much weight.

10. Paw Patrol School Bag

paw patrol school bag skye chase marshall puppies animal backpack for kids
(Credit: Lil Bubba SG)

When Chase, Marshall, Skye and Rubble got your back (literally), there’s nothing to fear on the first day of school! Paw Patrol is one of the most popular cartoons among children. Hence, it comes as no surprise that many kids are eyeing a Paw Patrol School Bag (available on Lil Bubba SG) for 2022. With over 20 designs to choose from for both girls and boys, one of these Paw Patrol backpacks will surely be the best-looking school bag for your Primary 1!

11. Pikachu Backpack

pikachu backpack
(Credit: H_Space.sg)

Would the list of best school bags for Primary 1 schoolers in Singapore be complete without having Pikachu around? This Pikachu Backpack (available on H_Space.sg) features that adorable pocket monster on your bag. You won’t ever find Pikachu in a Pokeball, so that’s where he’ll stay – on your shoulders! This backpack features durable zippers that won’t break off easily. It’s also extremely lightweight so your kids won’t have to take on extra weight with this backpack. But just trust Pikachu. With him by your kid’s side, you can trust that he’ll make sure this is the best-quality school bag for Primary 1 and up in Singapore!

12. Cinnamoroll Backpack

cinnamoroll backpack
(Credit: back2life.sg)

There’s no better way to kick off a new year than with one of the best school bags in Singapore for Primary 1! This Cinnamoroll Backpack (available on back2life.sg) isn’t just adorable, it’s also fluffy. It’s just as if Cinnamoroll is chilling on your back! Regardless of the maximum plushness, this Cinnamoroll backpack is rather lightweight. And that’s thanks to its relatively smaller size too. But it’s still large enough to fit jotter books and files. So this will be the best school bag if your kid is always leaving their books in school lockers! Otherwise, it’s also the perfect bag for when they’re going on field trips and excursions.

Best trolley school bags for Primary 1 in Singapore

If your kids have plenty of books to lug down the long hallways, a trolley school backpack may be a good option to consider. As its name suggests, trolley school backpack comes with wheels so your kids can drag it around like a luggage. This lightens the burden on their shoulders ad back. However, with the addition of wheels and a handlebar, the bag may become excessively heavy when carried on the back.

13. IMPACT Children School Bags with Wheels

impact children school bags with wheels trolley backpack primary 1
(Credit: Ergoworks)

Look no further than Ergoworks, one of the best school bag brands which carries the hybrid IMPACT Children School Bags with Wheels (available on Ergoworks). There are two ways to use this school bag. On long school days where your kids will need to carry many books and files, the trolley mechanism will come in handy as they won’t have to carry the weight on their shoulders. You can detach the school bag from the trolley mechanism for lighter school days to convert it into a regular backpack! This 2-in-1 school bag will definitely be the best companion for your Primary 1 kids.

14. Pink Gradient Waterproof Trolley School Bag

pink gradient waterproof trolley school bag girls where to buy
(Credit: bagghibag.sg)

Many kids struggle to drag their trolley backpacks when they come across rough terrains or staircases. To counter this, the Pink Gradient Waterproof Trolley School Bag (available on bagghibag.sg) features a triple-wheel setup on each side for easier manoeuvre. The bag also comes in a high feet version that increases the height of the trolley base to reduce friction between the backpack and the ground for better durability. If your kids attend night classes, we suggest getting the glow in the dark wheels so your little ones stand out when crossing the road.

15. Detachable Trolley Bag

Detachable Trolley Bag
(Credit: bagghibag.sg)

Trolley bags can be rather expensive. So it’s understandable why some wouldn’t want to go all in on one… Unless it’s one of the best school bags in Singapore for primary schoolers! The Detachable Trolley Bag (available on bagghibag.sg) is both a trolley bag and a backpack. The trolley mechanism can be easily removed so you can switch between a regular backpack and a trolley bag. And since the trolley mechanism can be removed easily, you won’t be able to feel it on your back, which is something you’d experience with other interchangeable trolley bags.

Aside from the removable trolley mechanism, there’s also a triple wheel setup that makes going up and down the stairs a breeze. The three wheels rotate around an axis that provides a little aid when your kid is climbing up the stairs.! It’s no wonder why this is one of the best school bags in Singapore for Primary 1 and up. 

Gear up for the new school year with these best school bags for Primary 1 and up

Shopping for a new school bag is always one of the best parts of school reopening. We hope our round-up of where to buy school bags in Singapore for Primary 1 and up has helped you and your kids prepare for the new school year! Be sure to join our Mum’s Club to enjoy exclusive vouchers and save more on your purchases. In the meantime, enjoy the holidays with your kids by bringing them out for some fun children’s activities in Singapore. Or stay at home so you can all do some easy arts and crafts or play with the best LEGO sets in Singapore!

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