27 Easy Arts & Crafts For Kids During The June School Holidays

easy arts and crafts for kids

Need more ideas on how to get your little one off their iPad Mini this June school holidays with some fun activities? Why not come up with some fun arts and crafts projects for your kids to do at home! Arts and crafts are a great way for your kids to hone their creative talents and keep their minds active. Check out our recommendations on some fun and easy arts and crafts activities for your kids to do this June school holidays!

Why are arts and crafts activities beneficial for kids?

easy arts and crafts for kids why
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  • Motor skills

Arts and crafts activities for your kids will definitely involve their hands. Whether it’s painting with brushes or moulding plasticine, your little ones will need their hands and fingers to create a beautiful masterpiece. These movements will improve your children’s motor skills, allowing them to better control their muscles and hand-eye coordination too!

  • Confidence and self-esteem

Giving your children the freedom to express themselves artistically will create a sense of achievement. This will boost their confidence and self-esteem as they’ve been in control over the whole art process. With each decision they’ve made in their masterpiece, it’s led to a beautiful result that they’ll not only be proud of but also helps give them confidence. They’ll be assured of their decisions and it’ll improve how they tackle future problems. 

  • Concentration

Having to stay in one place to finish an artwork requires a lot of concentration. If your kid has been struggling with that, then some easy arts and crafts projects for your child’s June holidays are in order!  Your child will learn that having patience and a good amount of focus will result in a rewarding sense of accomplishment upon finishing their craft.

  • Creativity

Your kids will develop their creative streak as they explore different ways to express themselves in easy arts and crafts activities. Along with choosing how to create their artwork, your children will also have to think of ways to overcome problems during the process. Your kids will become more resourceful as their creative juices flow to complete their masterpieces.

  • Memory

The little ones will have to remember the different designs needed to help them complete their easy arts and crafts activities during the June holidays. From shapes to patterns, your kids will build their visual vocabulary and increase their knowledge bank. They’ll then be able to accomplish future tasks faster and maybe even create a more innovative piece as solutions become more natural to their thought process.

Easy arts and crafts for kids to hone motor skills

1. DIY Dreamcatcher

Make a dreamcatcher with your child and decorate his or her room! The dreamcatcher is regarded as an object that captures bad dreams and allows good dreams to ‘flow’ down the feathers to the sleeping person. This easy arts and crafts project for kids is a great addition to the list of June holiday activities you’ve got planned. Your kids will have to skillfully thread yarn around a piece of cardboard while creating different eye-catching patterns. This will help develop their hand-eye coordination as they explore how they can make a creative dreamcatcher of their own! 

2. Pottery

Ceramic pottery is a great sensory activity that can help hone your child’s motor skills. Knowing how much clay to prepare and learning how to manipulate its shape and form are things that newbies to ceramic pottery find challenging. When your child overcomes these challenges, they’ll definitely feel a sense of pride after picking up this new skill. This easy arts and crafts activity for kids is where they’ll also be able to express their creativity as they mould the ceramic to their heart’s content!

3. Slime making

Fun jelly slimes are always a joy to play with, but they’re also great at engaging your kid’s sense of coordination! They’ll get to use their hands and fingers to understand how different ingredients lead to different textures of slime. Your kids can also develop their mental skills as making slime is a task that requires precision. You’ll need precise amounts of each ingredient in order to create a squishy slime that won’t stick to your fingers. Squishing these soft slimes can actually help you destress too – just like those stress balls! Get your kids on board with this easy arts and crafts activity this June holidays for a fun sensory experience! 

4. Dropper painting

An easy arts and crafts activity for kids to do at home is dropper painting. This requires a dropper tool where they’ll have to pick up some paint in order to add colours to a blank canvas. This is the perfect June holiday activity for your kids to get creative as they learn how to control the way paint moves across the canvas. Whether it’s vertically downwards onto the canvas, or diagonally across, your children will get to hone their motor skills with this easy arts and crafts activity for kids! 

5. Scratch art

Painting? Scratch that! Go for scratch art where your kids can get to improve their hand-eye coordination with this easy arts and crafts activity to do at home. All you’ll need is to apply a mixture of black paint and dish soap over your child’s completed drawing. When it dries, your little one will have the freedom to choose the tools to scratch off different parts of the canvas and reveal what’s underneath. They’ll have to learn how much force and precision is needed to carefully scratch off that top layer of black paint.

6. Paint by numbers

paint by numbers
(Credit: Mini Gifts)

When it comes to easy arts and crafts for kids, there’s nothing more OG than a Animal Paint By Numbers Kit (available on Mini Gifts). Encourage your little ones to dip their brushes into oil paints and create a magnificent painting that’s perfect for display at home. As they choose from different paints to complete the picture, it teaches young ones to recognise the colour scheme of animals. Alternatively, give them the freedom to express themselves creatively with the different colours, so they can explore patterns, gradients and more!


Easy arts and crafts for kids to boost confidence

7. Cardboard flower bouquet

Instil the importance of recycling to your kids using this easy arts and crafts activity during the June holidays! Create an arts and crafts project for kids out of used egg cartons. Simply cut out each cavity of the empty egg carton, shape the individual cavity into flowers then paint and layer them one on top of another to make a beautiful flower bouquet! Pop this flower bouquet into a vase and display it in your home. Your child will feel proud of this piece of home decor they’ve contributed to.

8. Cake decorating

Got a family dinner coming up? Get your children involved in a cake decorating art project! This easy arts and crafts activity for kids not only hones their motor skills but also boosts their confidence when they see and taste the end result. Whether they’re piping little patterns on the cake or layering it with different types of icing, this easy arts and crafts activity for kids is a great way to encourage them to freely express themselves. 

9. Spin painting

Creating spin art is a fun and easy arts and crafts activity for kids to do over the June holidays! All you’ll need is a spin art machine, a blank canvas and some dropper tools. Your kids will have to control the dropper tools in order to paint the canvas. They’ll also get to control how fast the canvas is spinning. Frame up your kid’s final product and they’ll definitely be proud of how they’ve learned how to control different tools to create this beautiful masterpiece!

10. DIY Cardboard Spinner

Had fun doing spin painting (#9) with your kids? Take it up a notch with this easy arts and crafts activity to do at home! Transform your spin painting by turning it into a spinner with just some string. This easy arts and crafts activity for kids is a great way to help improve their memory as they’ll remember the concept behind making this cardboard spinner. If they remember how spin painting works, they’ll realise that this cardboard spinner works similarly. 

11. Lava lamp

Instead of buying a lava lamp, why not make one from scratch? This easy arts and crafts activity for kids to do at home is a great way to teach them eco-friendly values over the June holidays. All you’ll need are a glass jar, water, cooking oil, food colouring and alka seltzer. Your kids will feel confident when they plop that final ingredient – alka seltzer – into the mixture as they see the entire thing bubble to become a lava lamp. They’ll get to experience how their actions lead to wonderful outcomes with this easy arts and crafts activity for kids! 

12. DIY snow globes

This easy arts and crafts for kids not only encourages your kids to be environmentally friendly but also whisks them to a snowy winter wonderland from the comfort of your home! Want to display your child’s favourite Lego figurines in a unique way? Use them in this snow globe! This activity is also a science project for kids. When going through the different steps of making the snow globe, ask your kids to predict what would happen. For example, before placing the toy into the jar, ask whether the toy would sink or float. If you’ve added glycerin to the snow globe, it’ll help the toys to float. This science-filled art project will add tons of new information to their knowledge bank and encourage them to be confident in asking questions so they’ll be able to learn better! 

13. DIY Bearbrick 

diy bearbrick
(Credit: lilyniuniu87)

Love collecting popular figurines like POP MART and Bearbrick? This easy arts and crafts activity for your kids will be right up your alley! The DIY Bearbrick Set (available on lilyniuniu87) is where you dip a plain figurine into a mix of different colours. The result is a beautiful tie-dye effect that can’t be replicated. And this means you’ll have a one-of-a-kind Bearbrick that no one else owns. The wondrous results from this easy arts and crafts activity will thus boost your children’s confidence as they see how every uniqueness is valued.

Easy arts and crafts for kids to improve concentration

14. DIY Batik 

Making batik is a fun and easy activity for your kids to do at home over the upcoming June holidays! They’ll have to learn how to concentrate on controlling the amount of glue used to create patterns and designs they want. You can also help your kids with the colouring by teaching them how they can dip different corners into different colours. They’ll learn how different colours get absorbed into the canvas and interact with each other to create a beautiful combination. Instead of using a plain cloth, get a white t-shirt so your kids can wear their artwork proudly! 

15. Calligraphy

If your kids love creating birthday cards then get them involved with this easy arts and crafts activity to do at home! Learning how to do calligraphy can teach them how to use different fonts to decorate and design cards. They’ll have to concentrate on learning how to create unique strokes with a calligraphy pen or brush as they use different types of calligraphy inks. From angling the pen to understanding letter spacing, your children can pick up basic calligraphy techniques that will stay with them for years to come. This easy arts and crafts activity for kids is also a great way to bring out their inner artist as you can encourage them to calligraph on a larger canvas and frame it up in your home! 

16.  Stained glass window art

Stained glass window art is an easy and beautiful art and craft project for kids of all ages. Take advantage of our tropical weather and catch the sun rays with DIY colourful stained glass window art. Mix glue and food colouring to create a special paint that will stay on your glass panes. Encourage your child to mix the colours and paint on the glass pane in any way they want to. They’ll have to concentrate while painting on the glass, but it’ll all be worth it as you’ll wind up having a gorgeous stained glass window art to hang in your home.

17. Rubber band powered car

Easy arts and crafts for kids can make for interesting science projects too! Why not make a rubber band-powered car and introduce your kid to concepts like aerodynamics through a fun DIY experiment! Guide your kids through the steps and watch them zero in on how to make the best car that’s just like their electric toy cars! Just be careful to oversee this project closely as it involves the use of a hot glue gun. Make two or more cars and race it out with each other for some healthy competition!

18. DIY nail kit

 Engage your kids with an easy arts and crafts activity like doing nail art! This arts and crafts activity to do at home requires them to concentrate so nail polish will not get into the cuticles. Encourage your children to do some nail art, painting different patterns with smaller brushes that’ll challenge their motor skills while developing their creative streak. At the end, your kids will not only feel proud of the result but it’ll be a beautiful way to display their masterpiece over the June holidays!

Easy arts and crafts for kids to hone creativity

19. Hand print designs

Hand print designs are one of the easiest arts and crafts for kids to do at home, and this includes toddlers! Pull out a drawing paper, dip your entire hands in some paint and transform each handprint into animal designs! This is a great activity to do over the June holidays where you can encourage your child to think out of the box and show them there are endless possibilities with a simple hand print design!   

20. Pasta art


Have expired pasta? Get creative with some pasta art! This easy arts and crafts project is a great June holiday activity for your kids as they’ll learn how to use different shapes of pasta to create art. They’ll also see how there’s always a use for everything instead of throwing it out. All you’ll need is some glue and a myriad of other decorating tools so your kids can experiment with the pasta for this arts and crafts activity. We recommend getting tons of glitter and tinsel, and maybe decorate a wooden frame with pasta art so you can display your kid’s other masterpieces proudly in your home! 

21. Pop-Up birthday card

Teach your little one how to make a different type of birthday card with this easy arts and crafts activity for kids! Instead of the usual birthday cards, this pop-up version shows your children that there’s more than one way when it comes to art. This easy arts and crafts activity will encourage your kids to be creative when they realise how alternative methods can lead to great outcomes!

22. Learning how to draw


Pick up a marker and spend time honing your child’s creativity with this artsy June holiday activity! Ignite Art does excellent step-by-step drawing videos for kids! Instead of letting your child watch the videos themselves, why not join them in creating a masterpiece on sketchbooks? Besides creating quality bonding time, doing the same art piece together will be encouraging and special for them too! Doubt your drawing abilities? Don’t worry too much about the technical drawing skills and motivate your child to try his or her best instead!

23.  Matching macrame bracelets

Fulfil your childhood wish of making DIY jewellery and create matching Macrame bracelets with your children today! Macrame is the art of knotting string in pattern to make decorative objects where the square knot is the primary knot used. This craft activity is a great avenue for your kids to be creative with patterns to make a beautiful bracelet! The detailed technique will test your patience but once mastered, you can wear your accessory like a badge of honour! This arts and crafts activity for kids is perfect for older kids to teens and will be sure to keep them entertained and busy over the upcoming June holidays!

Easy arts and crafts for kids to improve memory

24. Origami penguin

Paper folding jump-starts your child’s creativity and is one of the easiest arts and crafts for kids. Start with Origami — the art of folding paper without making cuts or using glue — a safe craft activity that can be done anywhere at any time! Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to fold an origami penguin and we bet you’d be a pro after a few tries! Origami stimulates your kid’s minds and creativity as they make each fold, and this will also positively improve their memory capabilities! 

25. Paper flower garland

Organising a party for your kids as part of their June holiday activity schedules? Teach them how to make a paper flower garland and they’ll remember how to make it for years to come! This easy arts and crafts activity for kids to do at home is a great way to hone their memory capabilities. As they associate this activity with the occasion, they’ll be able to remember the different steps needed to make the flower garland. It’s also a great way to bond with your kids as they’re encouraged to explore creating different shapes with origami paper. As you display the paper flower garlands during the party, your kids will also feel a sense of achievement that will boost their confidence and self-esteem. 

26. DIY solar system

An easy arts and crafts activity for kids that also doubles as a science project? Yes, please! This DIY solar system is a great arts and crafts activity for kids to learn about the different planets. Your kids will get a headstart on learning about the solar system, which adds to their knowledge bank. Crafting the different planets and learning about each one will help your kids understand the solar system and it’ll give them a sense of achievement as they successfully remember this concept! 

27. Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a great outlet for your kids to express their creativity. With no boundaries and a plain canvas, your children will have fun with this easy arts and crafts activity to do at home over the June holidays. Encourage your children to scrapbook their favourite memories that they can constantly look back on. This will help evoke their past memories that will improve their long-term memory capabilities. Scrapbooking can also help improve your kid’s motor skills as they use different art tools and decorations like washi tapes to design and pen down their favourite moments. 

Embrace your children’s inner Picasso with these easy arts and crafts activities for kids

Get your kids on board with these easy arts and crafts activities to do at home over the upcoming June holidays! Whether you’re looking to help improve their confidence or concentration, we hope you’ve found the best activity that’ll add lots of fun to their June holidays! If you’re thinking of bringing them out, why not try out some of the best art jamming studios in Singapore! Aside from art jamming, fill their June holidays with activities like kids’ camps and programmes such as a culinary class or a science camp. Or check out this list of recommendations on a bunch of other fun things to do with your kids

This article was updated on 5 May 2022. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.

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