Children’s Day Gift Ideas: 15 Fun Items To Surprise Your Kids With

children's day gift ideas pinkfong baby shark marvel avengers
(Credit:, Kuro Mart)

It can be challenging to think of a unique Children’s Day gift idea for your little ones especially with smartphones and video games setting the bar so high. But fret not! We’ve unearthed some pretty interesting play materials and gifts that may pique your child’s interest! If you’re running out of Children’s Day gift ideas, these recommendations just might save the day!

1. Indoor Kinetic Sand

children's day gift ideas indoor kinetic sand

Kids love getting their hands dirty during play. That’s why you HAVE to get them the Indoor Kinetic Sand (available on! This special sand has a similar texture to wet sand from the beach and comes in various colours. But the best part is that kinetic sand produces no stains, it won’t stick onto any surface and can be easily tidied up after play — a parent’s dream come true! This is also one of the most ideal Children’s Day gift ideas if you’re looking for sensory materials for your child to play with!

2. Mini Dual Lens Kids’ Digital Camera

childrens day gift ideas mini dual lens kids' digital camera
(Credit: okbay NO.1)

Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t just another toy camera. It’s an actual functioning digital camera that can take some decent photographs — one of the best Children’s Day gift ideas for your little shutterbug! This Mini Dual Lens Kids’ Digital Camera (available on okbay NO.1) is equipped with an 8MP camera and can film at up to a whopping 1080P video resolution! Encourage your child to use the camera on your next family trip and get some really interesting photo memories!  

3. Digital LCD Drawing Tablet

children's day gift ideas digital lcd drawing tablet art

One of the best Children’s Day gift ideas for your artistic little one is this Digital LCD Drawing Tablet (available on Sure, traditional paper drawings are fun but with a tablet like this, your child can sketch for hours on end without ever running out of drawing supplies! Moreover, this drawing tablet is ultra-thin and lightweight. Your child will have no problem fitting it into their school bag! When your child is ready to create a new masterpiece, simply press the refresh button and the drawing tablet will become a blank page again! Talk about going zero waste

4. Rainbow Scratch Paper Notebook

children's day gift ideas rainbow scratch paper notebook art

How about a little splash of colour this Children’s Day? With the Rainbow Scratch Paper Notebook (available on, your child can draw characters that will appear in a wave of colours! All they have to do is use the accompanying wooden pick to scratch off the black layer in any way they want to. They can create cutesy designs like animals, funny faces and more! As one of the most budget-friendly Children’s Day gift ideas in this list, we recommend getting a bunch of these to provide your child with endless hours of fun! 

5. Animal Automated Steal Coin Money Box

children's day gift ideas animal automated steal coin money box kids

Looking for a practical Children’s Day gift idea? Seize the chance to educate your child on the virtue of saving with this adorable Animal Automated Steal Coin Money Box (available on Simply place your coin on the ‘plate’ and a cute character will reach out from inside the box to ‘steal’ it from you! Whether you choose to buy the cat or the panda version, your little one will definitely fall in love with this great gift!

6. DIY Slime Making Kit

children's day gift ideas diy slime making kit

We confess, we’re in love with this gift too! Slime has been all the rage among the kids and it’s easy to see why. This interesting play material isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but also has an addictive texture to it. Furthermore, this is one of the best Children’s Day gift ideas that can help your child destress. Slime is thought to produce a therapeutic effect that calms nerves and  provide a relaxing sensory experience. There’s no better way to enjoy slime than getting your children their own DIY Slim Making Kit (available on! Each set comes with a bag of confetti to make their slime even more sparkly!

7. Pinkfong Baby Shark Singing Plush

children's day gift ideas pinkfong baby shark singing plush

Baby shark doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! The Baby Shark theme song produced by Pinkfong is THE song of the year for kids all around the world. If your child is a fan of the cute family of sharks, then you’ve got to get them a Pinkfong Baby Shark Singing Plush (available on this Children’s Day! Give the plush a gentle squeeze in the belly and your child will be tuned in for hours of singing and dancing! For other baby shark plush varieties, check out the Pinkfong Daddy Shark Singing Plush and Pinkfong Mummy Shark Singing Plush (both available on 

8. Kids’ Foldable Kick Scooter

children's day gift ideas kids kick scooter foldable

Shopping for a new electric scooter for yourself? Why not get a Kids’ Foldable Kick Scooter (available on as a Children’s Day gift as well! With a complementary set of protective gear, you can be assured that your child will be safe while whizzing around on the scooter. Besides being available in various colours, the foldable kick scooter features adjustable height to accommodate your child’s growth spurts. What’s more, the kick scooter can be folded for easy storage and transportation. Be sure to bring it along the next time you take your kid out to an outdoor playground in Singapore

9. 3D Printing Pen

children's day gift ideas 3d printing pen art creativity

Now, this is a Children’s Day gift that you can enjoy with your child! Besides being an art tool, the 3D Printing Pen (available on teaches your child a little more about depth and shapes. With this in hand, your little one can craft unique objects like a mini Eiffel Tower or even a bicycle! The best part is that they can feel proud of displaying a tangible product after the hours spent making it. Nurture your child’s creativity with a 3D Printing Pen today!

10. 60 Pieces Tsum Tsum Jigsaw Puzzle

children's day gift ideas tsum tsum 60 piece jigsaw puzzle
(Credit: eztoys.shoppee)

Who doesn’t love Tsum Tsums! From children to adults, the cuteness of these Disney cartoon characters is just too much for anyone to resist! But don’t limit your love for these characters just to plush toys, there’s a wide variety of Tsum Tsum merchandise to consider for a Children’s Day gift as well. One of the best Tsum Tsum Children’s Day gift ideas is this 60 pieces Tsum Tsum Jigsaw Puzzle (available on eztoys.shoppee). Your child will have endless fun piecing together their favourite Tsum Tsum characters! Furthermore, solving a jigsaw puzzle can help develop your child’s critical thinking, problem-solving skills and patience. 

11. Marvel Avengers Digital Watch

children's day gift ideas marvel avengers digital watch kids
(Credit: Kuro Mart)

The Marvel Universe has been a great hit with adults and kids alike, which is why it comes as no surprise for your children to want to collect the best Avengers’ merchandise! Let your kids sport their favourite superhero designed watches with this range of Marvel Avengers Digital Watch (available on Kuro Mart). It also features an easy-to-read digital watch face so the little ones can learn how to keep track of time. Choose from superheroes such as Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk and more!

12. Ecoey DIY Mini Indoor Garden 

children's day gift ideas ecoey diy mini indoor garden pot flower
(Credit: Cyber-Store)

A gardening kit can be one of the best Children’s Day gift ideas to distract them from mobile and gadgets and pique an interest in nature. Don’t have a garden at home? Fret not! Your child can experience the fun of gardening indoors with the Ecoey DIY Mini Indoor Garden (available on Cyber-Store)! Choose from different plant types such as sunflowers, chilli, carrots and tomatoes. Each set includes soil, seeds plus a handy instruction manual. Gardening can help your child develop responsibility, patience and self-confidence — all while having fun!

13. Kids’ Fruit Ukulele

children's day gift ideas kids fruit ukulele instrument music

Who says your child needs to learn the piano or violin to develop musicality? Before investing in expensive music lessons, why not get your child started with a Kids’ Fruit Ukulele (available on! The four-string ukulele is easier to learn than most other string instruments and your child will be strumming foot-tapping tunes in no time! Choose from vibrant designs such as watermelon, peach, kiwi and lemon to kickstart your kid’s musical journey!

14. Yimi Children’s Karaoke Machine

children's day gift ideas yimi karaoke machine kid

Do you have a little performer at home who enjoys singing and dancing? Then, the Yimi Children’s Karaoke Machine (available on is probably one of the best Children’s Day gift ideas for your kid! This karaoke machine has been pre-installed with children’s songs, Chinese and English language exercises as well as engaging storytelling activities. That’s not all, you can connect your phone to the machine via Bluetooth and play your child’s favourite songs. It even comes with two karaoke microphones so you and your kid can enjoy a crazy family karaoke night together! 

15. Mini Hand Operated Drone

children's day gift ideas kids drone manual hand operated

Is a drone high up on your child’s wishlist? While an actual drone, like the Hubsan H117S Zino RC Drone (available on Tansi Quality Life Shop) is an early investment, you can still make your child’s dream come true with the Mini Hand Operated Drone (available on! This budget-friendly and easy to operate drone is perfect for kids. Simply toss the drone gently in the air and it’ll take off automatically, using its infrared sensing control to navigate around. 


We hope these Children’s Day gift ideas will give you a good start in your search for the perfect present! But if you’re looking for other ways to pamper your child, why not sign them up for some unique enrichment classes? It’ll be a good way for your child to discover and develop their interests! Or if your child is more of a bookworm, then consider stocking their shelves with some of the best children’s books!

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