33 Children’s Day Gift Ideas To Fill Your Goodie Bags

childrens day gift ideas

Teachers, are you cracking your heads on what to get for your lovable students this Children’s Day? Every year, kids look forward to this special occasion because they get to receive goodie bags filled with fun gifts and surprises! To avoid disappointing the little ones, we’ve prepared a list of Children’s Day gift ideas for your students. From stationery bulk buys to easy DIY gifts, these knick-knacks will make for great goodie bag stuffers. Psst, parents can also refer to our gift ideas for kids if you’re looking to celebrate this special occasion with your little monkeys!

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Children’s Day gift ideas in Singapore: Bulk buys below $5

1. Stationery Gift Set ($1.28/each)

children’s day gift ideas stationery gift set

Thinking of goodie bag ideas for your students? You won’t go wrong with the Kids stationery gift set (available on RED HILL STATIONERY)! The pencils and rulers are decorated with adorable cartoons such as the Minions and Disney Tsum Tsum that the kids will love, and there’s even a matching wallet — all in for less than $2 wholesale! Definitely a great Children’s Day gift idea in Singapore that’s perfect for your students.

2. Digital LCD Drawing Tablet ($3.89/each)

children's day gift ideas digital lcd drawing tablet
(Credit: bigtree.sg)

One of the best Children’s Day gift ideas to buy in bulk for your artistic students is this Digital LCD drawing tablet (available on bigtree.sg). Sure, traditional paper drawings are fun but with a tablet like this, your students can sketch for hours on end without ever running out of drawing supplies! Moreover, this drawing tablet is ultra-thin and lightweight. They will have no problem slotting it into their school bag! When the kids are ready to create a new masterpiece, simply press the refresh button and the drawing tablet will become a blank page again!

3. Rainbow Scratch Paper Notebook ($0.40/each)

children's day gift idea singapore Rainbow Scratch Paper Notebook

How about a little splash of colour this Children’s Day? With the Rainbow Scratch Paper Notebook (available on RED HILL STATIONERY), the kids can draw characters that will appear in a wave of colours! All they have to do is use the accompanying wooden pick to scratch off the black layer in any way they want to. They can create cutesy designs like animals, funny faces and more! As one of the most budget-friendly Children’s Day gifts in Singapore, we recommend doing a bulk purchase for these to provide your students with endless hours of fun!

4. Kids’ Cartoon Utensils Set ($3/each)

kids cartoon utensils set goodie bag children's day gift idea
(Credit: kidealssg)

Who said you can’t get practical Children’s Day gifts under $5? The Kids’ Cartoon Utensils Set (available on kidealssg) is probably one of the most practical Children’s Day gift ideas for your students. It costs only $3 for a set of cute forks and spoons! The set comes in handy during recess time, especially for kids who bring their own lunch boxes. With cute designs featuring popular cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty and Spongebob, this will surely be a hit among the kids. Since they already come in pretty gift boxes, they make for great last-minute Children’s Day gifts in Singapore that you can buy in bulk and distribute.

5. Kids’ Goodie Bag Toys ($0.30 – $1.50/each)

kids goodie bag toys puzzles games
(Credit: HelloKiddy)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl. As teachers and parents, many of us want to gift our kids useful items that can help them in their learning. These Kids’ Goodie Bag Toys (available on HelloKiddy) are simple toys that will help stimulate thinking, with items such as Rubik’s cubes and tangram puzzles! All of these Children’s Day gifts in Singapore cost less than $2, so you can go ahead and purchase in bulk without feeling the pinch.

6. Children’s Day Canvas Pouch ($2.72/each)

children's day canvas pouch white black
(Credit: kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg)

Need something to hold all the mini goodies you’ve bought for each student? Why not pack them all into a Children’s Day Canvas Pouch (available on kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg)? This spacious canvas pouch has more than enough room to hold your gifts such as stationery and snacks. In addition, the students can repurpose it into a pencil case or mask holder after Children’s Day.

7. Animal Mosquito Repellent Bands ($0.75 – $0.95/each)

animal mosquito repellent bands childrens day gift ideas for kids students
(Credit: jaddee home &kids)

Here’s a Children’s Day gift idea that even your students’ parents will appreciate — Animal Mosquito Repellent Bands (available on jaddee home &kids)! Many kids are prone to mosquito bites which can make them itchy and uncomfortable. These mosquito repellent bands are infused with natural essential oils that contain no harmful insecticidal ingredients, guaranteed to be safe for the little ones. These bands also come in pretty colours, making them the perfect Children’s Day gifts in Singapore that you can buy in bulk!

8. Mini Whack-A-Mole Toy Keychain ($2.13/each)

Mini Whack-A-Mole Toy Keychain
(Credit: INTROEARS toy store SG)

While it can be easy to come up with $2 Children’s Day gift ideas for your lower primary students, you can’t say the same about the upper primary kids. Kids of this age range are no longer into simple stationery or toys and would prefer something more interactive. The Mini Whack-A-Mole Toy Keychain (available on INTROEARS toy store SG) is a gift that older kids can appreciate thanks to its fun game modes. Similar to the traditional Whack-A-Mole game, this mini version boasts seven speeds to challenge the little ones. They will need to stay alert to whack every mole that lights up!

9. Mini Crocs Keychain ($3.24/each)

children's day gift idea singapore Mini Crocs Keychain
(Credit: Harbour Life official Store)

Trust us, your students will be squealing in joy when they find a Mini Crocs Keychain (available on Harbour Life official Store) in their goodie bag! As one of the trendiest footwear choices these days, it’s no doubt that this Crocs keychain is one of the best Children’s Day gift ideas for your students. We especially love the adorable character charms. They resemble the Crocs jibbitz charms, making these keychains look exceptionally similar to the real shoes!

10. Kids’ Cartoon Cardholder Lanyards ($1/each)

kids' cartoon cardholder lanyards stitch hello kitty
(Credit: HelloKiddy)

The Kids’ Cartoon Cardholder Lanyard (available on HelloKiddy) is a great gift idea for Children’s Day, especially for students who take public transport home. The cardholder can house their EZ-Link cards for convenient tapping when boarding and alighting the bus. In addition, the lanyard strap allows the kids to wear the cardholder around their necks so they won’t lose it so easily. Wholesale prices are available when you purchase this item in bulk (at least 10 quantities).

11. LED Reversible Octopus ($1.83 – $11.77/each)

led reversible octopus gifts for kids childrens day student
(Credit: JAYGO.sg)

Here’s another TikTok sensation that will make for an excellent Children’s Day gift idea for students — LED Reversible Octopus (available on JAYGO.sg). As its name suggests, this plushie can be reversed to reveal a different side. But the best part about the reversible octopus is its cute expressions. Usually, one side of the octopus will show a happy face while the other will show an angry expression. For kids who have trouble expressing themselves, this plushie makes for a great medium for them to show their emotions. Plus, with the built-in LED light, it doubles as a cute night light for kids who’re afraid of sleeping in the dark!

12. Children’s Kaleidoscope ($1.57/each)

children's kaleidoscope toys for kids
(Credit: guangying.sg)

Present to your students the beauty of the ‘galaxy’ through the Children’s Kaleidoscope (available on guangying.sg)! This is a simple Children’s Day gift idea in Singapore that’s filled with sequins and glitter which produce unique patterns with every rotation of the knob. The little ones will definitely be mesmerised by the amazing world of patterns!

13. Children’s Shoulder Bag ($4.21/each)

children's shoulder bag children's day gift ideas for kids students
(Credit: ZC Mom SG)

Instead of a goodie bag, why not create a fun pack for your students this Children’s Day? Get them a Children’s Shoulder Bag (available on ZC Mom SG) and stuff it with snacks and toys to delight the little ones. This cute kids’ bag comes in six colours, including pink, blue and red and will suit both girls and boys. Get the bags at a wholesale price of $4.50 when you purchase in bulk (three or more quantities).

14. Cartoon 12 Color Crayon ($2.37/each)

Cartoon 12 Color Crayon
(Credit: RUIXIANG Official Distributor.MALL)

Most kids love colouring as it lets them express their creativity. However, it’s not always easy for them to bring around a full set of crayons or colour pencils. This is why they will love this  Cartoon 12 Color Crayon (available on RUIXIANG Official Distributor.MALL)! With interchangeable crayons packed together in a sleek tube, they will be able to colour on the go! And if that isn’t enough, you can choose from different variations of characters on these crayons. There’s Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Disney Princesses and more! Your students will definitely appreciate this Children’s Day gift idea!

15. Magical Water Floating Pen ($4.75/each)

children's day gift ideas magical water floating pen
(Credit: lovedream)

These Magical Water Floating Pens (available on lovedream) are perfect Children’s Day gift ideas for your students in Singapore! Instead of colouring on regular paper surfaces, these Magical Water Floating Pens can be used to draw on any smooth surface. The kids can simply draw on the back of a spoon and slowly dip that into a bowl of water. The drawing will start to lift from the spoon and float towards the surface. They can easily customise their belongings with these drawings by slowly dipping them into that same bowl of water. The drawing will then adhere to the item and voila

16. Mask Strap ($1.80 – $3.60/each)

Mask Strap children's day gift ideas
(Credit: mixshopsg)

Are most of your students still wearing masks? This Mask Strap (available on mixshopsg) will definitely be the perfect Children’s Day gift idea for your students in Singapore. As they sip on water or head for recess, the strap allows them to keep their masks close to them. They won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the masks on the floor or losing them. Moreover, the cute cartoon characters make this Children’s Day gift idea one that your students will absolutely love! 

17. Pop Fidget Mosquito Repellent Bracelet ($2.15/each)

Pop Fidget Mosquito Repellent Bracelet children's day gift ideas
(Credit: JAYGO.sg)

A fidget toy that’s also a mosquito repellent? Yes, please! This Pop Fidget Mosquito Repellent Bracelet (available on JAYGO.sg) isn’t just a toy that the kids will love. Its practicality serves as a bonus for teachers and parents who are worried about those pesky little mosquitoes biting the little ones. With this Children’s Day gift idea in Singapore for the students, you can finally bid goodbye to those itchy bumps while keeping those bugs away!

18. DIY Sand Art ($0.69/each)

DIY Sand Art children's day gift ideas
(Credit: JumboPlayGround)

Inject a little nostalgia with this Children’s Day gift idea in Singapore! Remember those days you’d pester your parents into bringing you to that little art corner of a mall to do sand art? These DIY Sand Art (available on JumboPlayGround) makes the best Children’s Day gift idea for students to unleash their artistic creativity! Other than filling each section with just one colour, encourage your students to experiment with the different colours and create gradients! At just $0.69 each, this is one Children’s Day gift idea that won’t break the bank.

Children’s Day gift ideas in Singapore: Bulk buys below $10

19. Bubble Gun ($9.50/each)

bubble gun
(Credit: Trader Marco’s)

Playing with bubbles is a well-loved activity regardless of age. This means you won’t go wrong when you gift your students some Bubble Guns (available on Trader Marco’s)! The best thing about this Children’s Day gift idea is how this operates with batteries to create tons of bubbles. There’s no need to huff and puff, or struggle with getting enough bubble solution to make sure bubbles can be created. This bubble gun is also fitted with lights so it can be used in the dark for a unique playtime experience!

Personalised gifts in Singapore for Children’s Day below $10

20. Linen Drawstring Pouch ($0.32 – $1.03/each)

Linen Drawstring Pouch children's day gift ideas
(Credit: jusdoneau.sg)

Not sure what each of your students would like? Go for these Customisable Linen Drawstring Pouches (available on jusdoneau.sg) and grab some of the items on this list to create a gift buffet! With this Children’s Day gift idea in Singapore, you can personalise the drawstring pouches for each of your students. Simply lay out the myriad of gift options available and let them choose their favourites! Your students will absolutely adore you for this creative Children’s Day gift!

21. Mug ($5.77/each)

Mug children's day gift ideas
(Credit: kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg)

Remind your students to stay hydrated with these Customisable Mugs (available on kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg)! Just add your student’s favourite characters and their name, and you’ll get the most perfect personalised Children’s Day gift! The little ones will be encouraged to keep drinking water with their new mug, especially when they’re sporting their favourite characters. We can’t think of any better Children’s Day gift ideas for your students, especially when these are only $4.72 each!

22. Personalised Pencil Case ($2.75/each)

children's day gift idea singapore Personalised Pencil Case
(Credit: kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg)

While generic Children’s Day gift ideas still make for great presents for your students, nothing beats a personalised gift on this special occasion. Personalised gifts are more memorable and are a great way to express your affection for your class. Think personalised gifts are not going to fit your Children’s Day gift budget? Think again! These Personalised Pencil Cases (available on kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg) cost less than $3 each. You can choose from four colours for the pencil case and even customise the names, making every single one unique!

23. Personalised Charm Keychain ($3 – $6/each)

children's day gift idea singapore Personalised Charm Keychain
(Credit: Charmony [cropped])

It’s all things beads and preparing some Personalised Charm Keychains (available on Charmony) can’t be more apt as one of the best Children’s Day gift ideas in Singapore this 2023. As cuteness and aesthetics are guaranteed, this beaded keychain is where you can choose from over 200 charms – there’s definitely one for everyone. And since beads are all the rage, this keychain is one Children’s Day gift idea that’s perfect for students of all ages in Singapore!

24. Personalised Coin Pouch ($7.90/each)

personalised coin pouch
(Credit: kimiko88228)

Kids love personalised Children’s Day gifts that scream “Me!”. This is why a Personalised Coin Pouch (available on kimiko88228) will be well-received among the kids. As a teacher, you’d know your students best, so go ahead and pick the customisable designs that suit them the best. From the beloved Mickey Mouse to Marvel’s Avengers, you’re bound to find one that represents your students.

25. Personalised Wooden Mobile Phone Stand ($3.60 – $4.95/each)

children's day gift idea singapore Personalised Wooden Mobile Phone Stand
(Credit: craftit.shop)

Most kids own a phone nowadays, so giving them a Personalised Wooden Mobile Phone Stand With Engraving (available on craftit.shop) would make a good Children’s Day gift idea in Singapore. Unlike most personalised children’s gifts which require you to pick within a given range of designs, this phone holder can be engraved with any design you want. Simply send over your desired image (such as the class or school logo) and text and wait for your final products to arrive!

26. Personalised Notebook ($5.90/each)

children's day gift idea singapore Personalised Notebook
(Credit: Celliegraphy SG)

Your students would most definitely have school-issued exercise books. But why not inject some fun and make things special with some Personalised Notebooks (available on Celliegraphy SG) for your students? This personalised Children’s Day gift idea is not just unique, but also makes lessons extra special for students in Singapore.  The beautiful marble colours with their own name plastered across the cover Not only will the kids have something to really call their own, but learning during your classes will be extra noteworthy – no pun intended!

27. Personalised Pen ($3.89/each)

children's day gift idea singapore Personalised Pen
(Credit: Harbour Life official Store)

For the upper primary students who are transiting from pencils to pens, pens make for a useful Children’s Day gift idea. And nothing beats a Personalised Engraved Pen (available on Harbour Life official Store) that’s sure to have a special place in your students’ hearts. As both Chinese and English names can be engraved, this personalised gift idea works even for Chinese teachers too!

DIY Children’s Day gift ideas in Singapore below $15

28. DIY Slime Kit ($10/each)

children's day gift idea singapore DIY Slime Kit
(Credit: Fonfleurs)

We confess, we’re in love with this Children’s Day gift idea too! Slime has been all the rage among the kids and it’s easy to see why. This play material isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but is also super addictive. Furthermore, this is one of the best Children’s Day gifts for students as it helps them destress. Slime is thought to produce a therapeutic effect that calms nerves and provides a relaxing sensory experience. There’s no better way to enjoy slime than getting your students their own DIY Slime Kit (available on jewelrybox.sg)! Just add some water and shake all the ingredients together! You can even add some extra bling with the sprinkles included in the kit!

29. DIY Mini Indoor Garden ($12.38/each)

DIY Mini Indoor Garden
(Credit: IMP House)

A gardening kit can be one of the best Children’s Day gift ideas to distract kids from mobile and gadgets and pique their interest in nature. Students can experience the fun of gardening indoors with the DIY Mini Indoor Garden (available on IMP House). Choose from different plant types such as sunflowers, chilli, carrots and tomatoes. Each set includes soil, seeds plus a handy instruction manual. Gardening can also help little ones develop responsibility, patience and self-confidence — all while having fun. Thereafter, take things a step further by setting up a herb garden in Singapore with the kids! Or simply use the gift to teach them all about germination, especially if you’re their Science teacher!

30. 3D Printing Pen ($12.09 – $12.42/each)

children's day gift idea singapore 3D Printing Pen
(Credit: LT Love life)

Besides being an art tool, the 3D Printing Pen (available on LT Love life) teaches the students more about depth and shapes. With this in hand, the little ones can craft unique objects like a mini Eiffel Tower or even a bicycle! The best part is that they can feel proud of displaying a tangible product after the hours spent making it. Although a little pricier than the other Children’s Day gift ideas in Singapore listed here, the 3D printing pen is undoubtedly one of the best educational gifts for the kids to stay engaged for longer!

31. Kids’ Painting By Numbers DIY Set ($1.49/each)

children's day gift ideas Kids’ Painting By Numbers DIY Set
(Credit: Mini Gifts)

You don’t have to be an art teacher to buy your students some Kids’ Painting By Numbers DIY Sets (available on Mini Gifts). This crafty gift works for kids as young as five years old. Each section of the painting is labelled with a number that corresponds to a paint colour (included in the kit). By following the numbers, the little ones will be able to complete the masterpiece on their own! This can be a great activity to help them build self confidence and expand their creativity.

32. DIY Puzzle Pencil Sharpener Nano Block ($1.80/each)

children's day gift ideas DIY Puzzle Pencil Sharpener Nano Block
(Credit: littlewonders)

Stationery and a DIY nano block figurine in one, the DIY Puzzle Pencil Sharpener Nano Block (available on littlewonders) is both useful and fun to build! The kit comes with simple instructions to guide the little ones, and the end result is super cute. From the majestic lion to the endearing giraffe, watch your students work their problem solving and fine motor skills as they piece the blocks together! Purchase 10 and more quantities for a cheaper wholesale price starting from $1.60.

33. DIY Punch Needle Kit ($2.70 – $9.99/each)

punch needle kit
(Credit: FanSen8.sg)

If you’re still on the hunt for DIY Children’s Day gift ideas in Singapore, then this DIY Punch Needle Kit (available on FanSen8.sg) should be right up your alley. After all, poke embroidery is a popular kids’ activity in recent months thanks to its unique way of stitching the yarn into the fabric while keeping the needle on the surface. Your kids will love how this punch needle kit comes in many colourful and lovely designs. This includes unicorns, rainbows, dinosaurs and more! 

Impress your kids with these amazing Children’s Day gift ideas

We hope these Children’s Day gift ideas will give you a good start in your search for the perfect present for your kids! For other recommendations, check out the best Rubik’s cubes and best LEGO sets which can unleash your child’s creativity. Parents can also follow this list of things to do with kids in Singapore for more ideas on how to celebrate the occasion. Not keen to head out? Perhaps spending some quality time together over these easy arts and crafts for kids will be a better idea!

This article was updated on 12 September 2023. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.