Children’s Day Gifts: 10 Fun & Creative Ideas To Surprise Your Kids With

Childrens Day Gift Ideas
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It’s getting challenging to find a unique gift for Children’s Day. With smartphones and video games setting the bar so high, it’s becoming almost impossible to not disappoint your child! Fortunately, we’re here to help you unearth some pretty interesting play materials and gifts that may pique your child’s interest! If you’re running out of Children’s Day gift ideas, these recommendations might help:

1. Kinetic Sand

Childrens Day Kinetic Sand

Kids love getting their hands dirty during play. That’s why you HAVE to get them Kinetic Sand! It’s a special type of sand that has a similar texture to wet sand from the beach. It even comes in various colours too! But the best part would be the lack of stains that Kinetic Sand produces. It won’t stick onto any surface and can easily be tidied up after play. This is also an ideal Children’s Day gift if you’re looking for sensory materials for your child to play with!

2. Kids Digital Camera

Childrens Day Kids Digital Camera

Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t just another toy camera. It has a functioning digital camera that can take some pretty decent photographs – pretty amazing for a Children’s Day gift! Some of these kids digital cameras even look like actual cameras! Quite a way to get your child familiar with the real thing. If you think photography is in your child’s genes, then get them a cool kids digital camera this Children’s Day!

Childrens Day Child Digital Camera

3. Digital Drawing Tablet

Childrens Day Digital Drawing Tablet

If you have a kid who loves to draw, get them a Digital Drawing Tablet this Children’s Day! Sure, traditional paper drawings are fun but with a tablet like this your child can sketch for hours and even while on the way to school! You don’t even need to worry about getting them a new stack of drawing paper or markers. Just press the refresh button and they’ll have a blank page again! It’s also an ideal Children’s Day gift if you’re trying to get your family into the eco-friendly lifestyle.

Childrens Day Digital Writing Tablet

4. Scratch Paper Notebook

Childrens Day Scratch Paper Notebook
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How about a little colour magic this Children’s Day? With a Scratch Paper Notebook, your child can draw characters that will appear in a wave of colours! All they have to do is use the wooden pick provided to scratch off the black layer in any way they want to. They can come up with cutesy designs like animals, funny faces and more! It’s also a pretty affordable Children’s Day gift too. We recommend getting a bunch of these to provide your child with endless hours of magical colours with each scratch of the paper!

5. Steal Coin Saving Box

Childrens Day Cat Coin Box

Now this is an adorable Children’s Day gift! Adults might even enjoy this one too! It’s a unique coin box that helps you save your money by ‘stealing’ it from you. There’s a cute character in each box that will snatch your money after you leave it on a button on top of the box. It might be a good way to motivate your child to start a habit of saving their pocket money this Children’s Day!

Childrens Day Doraemon Coin Box

6. Glitter Slime

Childrens Day Glitter Slime

We confess, we’re in love with this gift too. Glitter Slime is such an addictive play material not only for its looks but for its texture as well. There’s just something about the slime-y texture and the way it sinks around the edges of your palm that makes it such a joy to play with! It’s also a Children’s Day gift that may come with some healthy benefits. Some say that playing with the slime produces a therapeutic effect that can help reduce stress. If your child needs to chill out from schoolwork, this might be the remedy to get them this Children’s Day!

Childrens Day Glitter Slime Colors

7. Pinkfong Merchandise

Childrens Day Pinkfong Baby Shark Plushie

Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo! Ok, we get it. But for kids, this is THE song of the year. If your kid is a fan of the cute family of sharks, then maybe they’ll enjoy some of Pinkfong’s merchandise as a Children’s Day gift!

Childrens Day Pinkfong Baby Shark Keychain

From shark plushies, to sticker books, to backpacks and more! There’s a whole range of Pinkfong merchandise that your kid can celebrate their fandom with this Children’s Day!

Childrens Day Pinkfong Baby Shark Song Book
Childrens Day Baby Shark Bagpack
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8. Kick Scooter

Childrens Day Kick Scooter

Shopping for a new E-Scooter? Why not get a kick scooter as a Children’s Day gift as well! Trust us, these Kick Scooters are a lot safer than the ones adults speed around with AND they’re prettier too. Besides being available in  various colours, some of these kick scooters even come with glowing wheels! All your child has to do is move on the scooter and they will have a little disco party on their wheels! Let your child go mobile with a kick scooter this Children’s Day!

9. 3D Printing Pen

Childrens Day 3D Printing Pen

Now this is a Children’s Day gift that you can enjoy with your child! Other than an art tool, the 3D Printing Pen can help teach your child a little more about depth and shapes. With this in hand, your child can craft unique objects like a mini eiffel tower or even a bicycle! The best part is that they get to keep and display a tangible product they can feel proud of after the hours they spent making it. Nurture your child’s creativity with a 3D Printing Pen today!

Childrens Day 3D Printing Pen Colours

10. Tsum Tsum

Childrens Day Tsum Tsum Pouches
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Everybody loves Tsum Tsums! From children to adults, the cuteness of these Disney cartoon characters are just too much for anyone to resist! But don’t limit your love for these characters to the plushies, there are a wide variety of Tsum Tsum merchandise to consider for a Children’s Day gift as well!

Childrens Day Tsum Tsum Slipper Plushie
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Check out the bags, clothing, water bottles and more! We believe that this will be an easy win with your kids this Children’s Day.

Childrens Day Tsum Tsum Waterbottle
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Need more ideas to pamper your child?

We hope these gift ideas will give you a good start in your search for the perfect Children’s Day gift! But if you’re looking for other ways to pamper your child, why not sign them up for some unique enrichment classes? It’s a good way for your child to discover and develop their talents at a young age! Of if your child is more of a bookworm, then you can consider getting them some unique kids books that will provide them with a fun time of reading!

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