Under $100: Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the time has come to brainstorm for gift ideas. But that doesn’t mean you have to splurge! Here’s a list of affordable but thoughtful gifts for your other half. We’ve included ideas for every personality type; for the gamer and music-lover to the alcohol aficionado, scroll on for our recommendations on gifts for men in Singapore for less than $100.

For the gym-goer

1. Blender bottle

blender bottle gift for him singapore
(Credit: GymGourmet)

Does he swear by workout supplements? One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him has to be a blender bottle (available on GymGourmet). This handy blender bottle with a whisking ball feature makes it easy for him to make his smoothies and protein shakes so he can save time on elaborate meal preps and get his post-workout fix quickly!

2. Dumbbell set

kettler dumbbell gift for him singapore
(Credit: Kettler Official Store)

Life can get hectic sometimes, we get that. Bring the gym to him with a Kettler 10KG Cast Iron Dumbbell Set (available on Kettler Official Store)! With these sturdy weights, he can pump iron in his home gym without worrying about closing hours or packing for a gym visit. 

3. Fitness tracker

mi smart band 5 gift for him singapore
(Credit: Xiaomi Official Store Global) 

Is he planning to start a new fitness plan in 2021? Make sure he’s armed with a good fitness band like the Mi Smart Band 5 (available on Xiaomi Official Store Global) to record his progress! Building on the Mi Band 4, it’s able to measure steps, tracks your sleeping cycle and heart rate 24/7. The new model comes improved with the ability to track your activity levels in 11 sports modes — whether you’re cycling, using a rowing machine or even when you’re in a yoga class. Xiaomi fitness devices truly make for one of the best gifts for men in Singapore.

4. Running shoes

(Credit: New Balance SG Official Store)

Any self-professed runner can attest to how much difference a solid pair of running shoes makes! Consider the New Balance Fresh Foam 880v 10 Men Running Shoes (available on New Balance SG Official Store) as a potential Valentine’s Day gift for him. The breathable mesh and lightweight built will help him cover the distance and up his running game this year.

For the music lover

5. Active noise cancelling headphones


anc headphones gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Avantree Official Singapore Store)

A noise cancelling headphone is the perfect gift for men in Singapore. Afterall, who wouldn’t appreciate a little peace and quiet in our bustling city? The Avantree’s ANC 032 (available on Avantree Official Singapore Store) can help keep unwanted noises out when your partner’s jamming to his favourite tunes with. By playing a static noise to cancel out surrounding distractions, noise cancelling headphones can help him zero in without getting distracted.

6. Wireless speaker

jbl speaker gift for him singapore
(Credit: JBL Official Store)

Have a couples playlist you guys always listen to? Instead of relying on his phone’s loudspeaker, let JBL’s CLIP 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (available on JBL Official Store) be one of your Valentine’s Day gifts for him! Despite its deceptively tiny size, this portable speaker delivers a sound so loud and clear, it’ll definitely turn some heads for whoever’s listening.

7. Condenser microphone

mini microphone gift for him singapore
(Credit: Endless Passion [Cropped])

As one of the more niche gifts for men in Singapore on this list, the Razer Seiren Mini (available on Endless Passion) earns our recommendation because it makes the home recording studio dream a reality. If he’s musically inclined or simply an intense karaoke singer, he’ll enjoy belting out his favourite tunes with the stellar sound quality of this microphone!

8. Disco Lights

(Credit: xwx1a_sxsq)

Clubs and karaoke bars might still be closed but that shouldn’t stop the two of you from having fun. Mimic the same environment in the comfort of yours/or his home with these Disco Lights and he’ll be in the mood to finally teach you how to shuffle. 

For the fashion-forward

9. Minimalist wrist watch

men's watch gifts for him singapore
(Credit: plainsupplies)

If minimalist timepieces are his thing, why not add this PLAIN SUPPLIES’ Mickey Watch Silver Wrist Watch (available on plainsupplies) to his watch collection? This unisex watch also features the iconic Mickey silhouette — perfect for fans. He’ll be charmed by the simple design of this watch that makes it the perfect less is more kind of gift for men in Singapore.

10. Fashion wrist watch

dita submarine watch gifts for him singapore
(Credit: dita.official.sg)

For a more fashion-forward gift for men in Singapore choose this DITA 2021 New Fashion Mens Watch (available on dita.official.sg). Apart from boasting the superior quartz watch movement, it also features a stainless steel strap. This versatile men’s watch can be styled both with a formal outfit while easily elevating the look of a casual date outfit too.

11. Backpack

herchel bag gifts for him singapore
(Credit: Herschel Singapore Official)

The Herschel Classic X-Large Black Crosshatch (available on Herschel Singapore Official) backpack strikes a good balance between fashion and function! He’ll appreciate the spacious interiors that can fit a 15” laptop sleeve,  while the bag’s neat fabric stitching will look good with just about any outfit. We think it makes for an ideal gift for men in Singapore who are looking for a quality and versatile backpack that can be used for work, school or even for that weekend staycation!

12. Sneakers

fila sneakers gifts for men singapore
(Credit: FILA Official Store)

The best casual shoes for men not only top off any guy’s outfit but can give it that necessary edge! If you need recommendations on gifts for men in Singapore, why not consider FILA Classic Men’s Canvas Sneakers (available on  FILA Official Store)? Sporting a breathable and comfortable canvas outer body, walking long distance will be a cinch. For styling tips, pair it with our catalogue of men’s T-shirts and jeans.

For the corporate hustler 

13. Shoe cleaning kit

leather shoe cleaning kit gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: justgogo.sg)

Any long-time office worker will understand the horrors of coffee spillage and what it can do to leather shoes! Help him bid goodbye to unsightly stains and scuff marks with this leather shoe cleaning kit (available on justgogo.sg). He’ll thank you for this practical Valentine’s Day gift for him! 

14. Formal shirt

levi's shirt gifts for him singapore
(Credit: Levi’s Official Store)

Spice up his wardrobe with better fitted men’s shirts. This Levi’s Sunset One Pocket Shirt  (available on Levi’s Official Store) is a must-buy gift for men in Singapore. Fashioned from 100% cotton material, he’ll appreciate owning a shirt that’s both comfortable and stylish and one that’ll take him one step closer to his dream of curating a minimalist wardrobe for men.

15. Formal shoes

(Credit: everbest_sg)

Help your man complete the business attire look with a pair of Everbest Men Slip On Dress Shoes (available on Everbest_Sg)! These formal shoes make the perfect gift for men in Singapore who are going for the sharp-dressed aesthetic. Best of all, they are slip-on so no need to fuss over shoe laces — simply slip them on and be on your way!

16. Leather Belt

(Credit: lyprerazy.sg)

A leather belt is a must-have for every man working his way up the corporate ladder. On top of that, it’s reversible so he can change it up between black or brown, depending on the color of his suit. 

For the well-groomed man

17. Facial cleanser

murad cleanser gifts for him singapore
(Credit: Strawberrynet SG Official Store)

Skincare items have to be one of the gifts for men in Singapore that they need more than they necessarily would want! Don’t pay heed to his whining about not needing skincare items and start him on the popular MURAD – Renewing Cleansing Cream (available on Swishpop Premium). This cleanser includes both apricot and starflower oil to improve hydration and condition his skin, leaving it supple smooth. This may not be the most exciting Valentine’s Day gift for him but one that he’ll definitely grow accustomed to using!

18. Fragrance

burberry touch perfume gifts for him singapore
(Credit: S-Mart by Shopee Official Store)

You’ll never go wrong with a bottle of fragrance as a gift for men in Singapore. The Burberry Touch EDT 30ml Perfume (available on Fragrance Hub) sports a clean and crisp violet leaves scent perfect for spritzing on in our tropical weather. Your man will also find the 30ml bottle convenient to carry around if he prefers to freshen on-the-go!

19. Electric Shaver

(Credit: szyifeng.sg)

Keep him looking polished with this All in 1 Electric Shaver. It comes with 3 different blades for his hair, beard, and even nose and ears. Working from home might be here to stay but that doesn’t mean the scruffiness needs to!

For the alcohol aficionado

20. Electric Wine Opener

(Credit: gxmgadgets)

Trust us on this, he’ll love you for this one. This Electric Wine Bottle Opener takes 6 seconds to open a wine bottle and can open 70 bottles after being charged for 5 minutes. It even comes with a decanter – perfect for a romantic night in with your bae and a glass or two of wine. Less time spent fussing over opening a bottle of wine, and more time spent together. 

21. Bottle pourer

bottle pourer gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: mrphy)

It’s common for spills to be part of any wine drinking session. But don’t make it a habit! Reduce any unnecessary spillage with this wine pourer and stopper set (available on little.apple.sg)! The wine stopper even doubles as an aerator, making it one of the perfect gifts for men in Singapore who are passionate about getting the most out of their wine.

22. Shaker cup

shaker cup gifts for men in singapore

Encourage him to pursue his bartending dreams with this calibrated shaker cup (available on BANFANG HOME)! With six cocktail recipes marked by the side of this cocktail shaker cup, concocting mojitos or his favourite whiskey cocktail has never been more convenient or simple!

23. Beer and wine

beer gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Carlsberg Beer Official Store)

There’s no better Valentine’s Day gift for him than a couple of his favourite alcoholic drinks to complement a romantic candlelit dinner! From Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Wheat Beer (available on Carlsberg Beer Official Store) to Folonari Jewel Moscato (available on Letat Wine and Sake), take your pick from the varied selection of alcoholic beverages.

24. Whiskey Decanter

(Credit: xianggelila.sg)

Perfect for any man looking to build his at-home minibar. This Vintage Decanter is a classy accessory on any table. The shape of this decanter is specially designed to develop any whiskey or scotch bottle to its full potential. Cheers to that. 

For the practical type

25. Smart speaker

google home mini gifts for him singapore
(Credit: wmartsg)

Smart speakers like Google Home Mini (available on Dasher) are perfect gifts for men in Singapore who’re looking to build a smart home. From automating daily routines to scheduling room cleaning sessions, help him unlock some of the coolest things to do around the house with a smart device.

26. Multi-purpose tool

multi tool gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: inhotstyle)

From ripping open packages to tightening loose screws, Wallet Ninja’s multi-purpose pocket survival tool (available on inhotstyle) is the most functional gift for men in Singapore! With a plethora of features for everyday problems, he’ll never need to worry about being inconvenienced with this by his side.

27. Wireless charger

wireless charger gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Baseus Official Store)

Does he often forget to plug the wire into his phone’s charging port? The Baseus wireless charger (available on Metaversesg) will be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him! This wireless charger even includes a digital display so he can gauge the phone’s battery charge with just a glance.

28. Car phone holder

car phone holder gifts for men singapore
(Credit: Baseus Official Store)

He won’t have any excuse not to charge his phone anymore with a car phone holder! The Baseus Wireless Charger Car Holder Phone Stand (available on Baseus Official Store) is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man if he drives a car. It doubles as both a phone holder and a charger and can be easily mounted into the car air vent. It’s sleek glass panel and alloy clamping arms also allows it to blend seamlessly with the car’s interiors.

For the gamer

29. Gaming mouse

gaming mouse gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Logitech Certified Store)

While it can’t suddenly make him a millionaire professional gamer, the best gaming mouse models can give him that advantage while playing his favourite games. With eight programmable buttons and a streamlined design, the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury (available on Logitech Certified Store) will suit nicely for any genre of games he plays.

30. Gaming keyboard

armaggeddon keyboard gifts for him singapore
(Credit: Armaggeddon Official Store)

You may not approve of your boyfriend spending hours hunched over his gaming rig but you can’t deny that a gaming accessory may just make the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him! Gaming keyboards like the Armaggeddon MKA-3C PsychFalcon Blue Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (available on Armaggeddon Official Store) boasts multicoloured backlights and features ergonomic Kelvartech keycaps to deliver a more comfortable gaming experience.

31. Co-op games

just dance gifts for him singapore
(Credit: RPG – Right Place for Gadgets)

Rather than getting new gaming accessories, consider co-op games as potential Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Co-op games will allow you both to spend time together without having to crack your heads for the next date idea. Just Dance 2020 (available on Generationgamessg) is a fun rhythm-based co-op game where you guessed it, you’ll have to bust out dance moves following a choreography on-screen. Engage your boyfriend in some friendly competition and master some dance moves while you guys are at it!

For the die-hard foodie

32. Air fryer

air fryer gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: PowerPac)

With modern conveniences like air fryers, you won’t need to worry about him settling for instant noodles every day. It uses significantly less fat than conventional methods of frying — meaning you can use an air fryer to fry french fries and other food without feeling guilty! This PowerPac Air Fryer (available on Denki House) packs the basic features at a reasonable price. Check out this handy guide to easy air fryer recipes and steer your partner away from tabaoing everyday and towards cooking a quick and nutritious meal.

33. Induction cooker

induction cooker gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Mayer_Marketing)

Keen on helping him save money from eating out during your dates? Why not invest in an Mistral induction cooker (available on SMart.electronics) so you can regularly cook hotpot meals at home! For steamboat newbies, check out this informative primer on how to organise a sumptuous steamboat gathering at home.

34. Cast Iron Pan

(Credit: freeapple33733373.sg)

You’re not a true home-cook until you own one of these Cast Iron Pan. Cast iron pans are notorious for retaining heat, making them perfect for your next steak or grill night. Remember to season your pan well though – a well-seasoned pan can be passed on for generations. 

35. Snacks

irvins salted egg gifts for him singapore
(Credit: IRVINS Official Store)

There are no gifts for men in Singapore more universal than sweet and savory snacks. Whether you’re watching  a romcom movie night or going on an impromptu picnic, he’ll surely appreciate something to munch into. Help him stock up on some snack varieties including the super popular IRVINS salted egg fish skin (available on  IRVINS Official Store)! Alternatively, check out the best buys from Don Don Donki — we’re eyeing the candies and cakes!

36. Vouchers for date night

restaurant voucher gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: ChopeDeals)

Eating out during date nights doesn’t have to be wallet-emptying, especially with some pre-planning. Chope’s Great For Dates voucher collection (available on ChopeDeals) is a great place to start as you explore from the vast selection of hassle-free vouchers. From juicy German burgers at Hans Im Glück to fresh sashimi at Sushi Jiro, picking from this collection is sure to save both of you a pretty penny!

For the active sports fan

37. Football merchandise

(Credit: POP Baby Official Store)

If he’s a huge football fan, he’ll likely love merchandise like a Manchester United Drawstring Bag (both available on Pop Baby Official Store) or a football jersey of his favourite team. This is one of the easiest gifts for men in Singapore who are football fanatics — just avoid making the mistake of getting merchandise for the rival team!

38. Sports wear

under armour compression tops gifts for him singapore
(Credit: Under Armour Official Store)

Does he regularly play team sports and go for training sessions? A Valentine’s Day gift for him can revolve around a good compression wear too like the Under Armour UA Men’s RUSH™ HeatGear® Compression Long Sleeve (available on Under Armour Official Store). It sportswear can help maximise blood flow and comfort, ensuring he’s always at the top of his game!

For the hobbyist

39. Camera dry box

camera dry box gifts for men singapore
(Credit: iCm Photography [Cropped])

Has your other half been dabbling with photography lately? A digital camera may be out of budget for this list but you can help him organise and keep his expensive cameras safe with a camera dry box. Although not the sexiest Valentine’s Day gifts for him, this Samurai F380 F580 Dry Box with Silica Gel Pack (available on iCm Photography) is designed to protect electronic valuables from humidity and keep them in top-notch condition — something he’ll definitely thank you for.

40. Film Camera

(Credit: cameractive.sg)

If your other half is interested in photography, why not try this Kodak M35 Point Film Camera for beginners. Film is all the rage nowadays with its retro effect. Just pop a film in, point and shoot and you can look back at all the memories you two have together. 

41. Jigsaw puzzle

space traveller gifts for him singapore

Getting the gifts for men in Singapore needn’t be complicated — just take a cue from his interests! This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle (available on D’LITEFUL BABE) is suitable for anyone looking to re-ignite their passion for fixing jigsaw puzzles. It comes in 11 variations — from The Starry Night to the iconic Tower Bridge and Space Traveler (pictured above). This Valentine’s day gift for him can also double up as an indoor activity for you and your partner to work on together.

Which of these gifts for men in Singapore are you going to pick?

We hope you’ve been inspired by this list of gift ideas. While here, check out our Valentine’s Day sale for more git ideas! If your partner is pretty clueless when it comes to V-day bouquets, slip him this informative guide to Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Singapore. V-day doesn’t have to always revolve around a dinner and drinks idea. Here are some alternative Valentine’s Day date ideas if you’re feeling adventurous this year!

This article was updated on 3 February 2022. Additional research done by Kelsea Koh.

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