Under $100 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For All Kinds Of Singaporean Guys

gifts for men in singapore featured collage
(Credit: Sports-Zone, Body & Fit)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! If you’re short on ideas for what to get that special man in your life – be it your dad, brother or boyfriend, we’ve got you covered! From wireless speakers to running shoes, scroll down for our recommendations on gifts for men in Singapore for less than $100.

Our Recommendations

For the gym-goer

1. Blender bottle

blender bottle gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Body & Fit)

Does he swear by workout supplements? One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him would be a Optimum Nutrition blender bottle (available on Body & Fit). This handy bottle with a whisking ball feature makes it easy for him to make his smoothies and protein shakes, so he can save time on elaborate meal preps and hit that treadmill much faster! 

2. Dumbbell set

cast iron dumbbell set gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: VITO Art of Fitness Official)

Life can get hectic sometimes, we get that. Bring the gym to him with a cast iron dumbbell set (available on VITO Art of Fitness Official)! With these sturdy dumbbells, he can pump iron in his home gym without worrying about closing hours or packing for a gym visit. 

3. Fitness tracker

mi smart band 4 gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Xiaomi Official Store Global)

Is he planning to start a new fitness plan in 2020? Make sure he’s armed with a fitness tracker like the Mi Smart Band 4 (available on Xiaomi Official Store Global) to record his progress! From measuring his steps to tracking his sleeping cycle, XiaoMi has included everything you’ll need to archive your daily fitness condition.

For the music lover

4. Active noise cancelling headphones


anc headphones gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Avantree Official Singapore Store)

Sometimes, a little peace and quiet can go a long way towards making him happy. Help him keep unwanted noises out when he’s jamming to his favourite tunes with Avantree’s ANC 032 (available on Avantree Official Singapore Store). By playing a static noise to cancel out surrounding distractions, noise cancelling headphones can help him zero in without getting distracted.

5. Wireless speaker

wireless speaker gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Logitech Official Store)

Does he love sharing his favourite tunes with you? Instead of relying on his phone’s loudspeaker, let Logitech’s X50 wireless speaker (available on Logitech Official Store) be one of your Valentine’s Day gifts for him! Despite its deceptively tiny size, the X50 delivers a sound so loud and clear, it’ll definitely turn some heads for whoever’s listening.

6. Condenser microphone

condenser microphone gifts for men
(Credit: City Music)

As one of the more niche gifts for men in Singapore on this list, the Samson Meteor condenser microphone (available on City Music) earns our recommendation because it makes the home recording studio dream a reality. If he’s musically inclined and is big on recording covers and original compositions, he’ll enjoy the microphone’s portability and stellar sound quality!

For the male fashionista

7. Wrist watch

plainsupplies watch gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: plainsupplies)

If minimalist timepieces are his thing, why not add this PLAIN SUPPLIES’ Blackout 36 wrist watch (available on plainsupplies) to his watch collection? Popular for their simple designs and casual aesthetics, this makes for the perfect less is more kind of gift for men in Singapore.

8. Backpack

herschel classic gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Herschel Singapore Official)

The Herschel Classic (available on Herschel Singapore Official) backpack strikes a good balance between fashion and function and makes daily commuting a breeze! Featuring spacious interiors and neat fabric stitching, the bag is also available in a myriad of colours. It makes for an ideal gift for men in Singapore who appreciate owning such a versatile backpack that doubles as a weekend bag.

9. Sneakers

clarks cloudsteppers gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Clarks Singapore Official Store)

The best casual shoes for men not only top off any guy’s outfit but can give it that necessary edge! If you need recommendations on footwear gifts for men in Singapore, why not consider Clarks Cloudsteppers (available on Clarks Singapore Official Store)? Sporting built-in foam elements and lightweight microfibres, walking will be a cinch — regardless of the terrain or distance! For styling tips, pair it with our catalogue of men’s T-shirts and jeans.

For the corporate hustler 

10. Shoe cleaning kit

leather shoe cleaning kit gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: justgogo.sg)

Any long-time office worker will understand the horrors of coffee spillage and what it can do to leather shoes! Help him bid goodbye to unsightly stains and scuff marks with this leather shoe cleaning kit (available on justgogo.sg). He thank you for this practical Valentine’s Day gift for him! 

11. Formal shirt

giordano long sleeve shirt gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Giordano Official Store)

Spice up his wardrobe with better fitted men’s shirts. This Giordano’s Oxford Long Sleeved Shirt (available on Giordano Official Store) is a must-buy gift for men in Singapore. Fashioned from a wrinkle-free cotton material, he’ll certainly appreciate the sentiment of owning a shirt that’s both comfortable and stylish.

12. Formal shoes

leather shoe gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Bata Singapore Official Store)

Help your man complete the business attire look with a pair of Bata men’s leather shoes (available on Bata Singapore Official Store)! These make the perfect gifts for men in Singapore who are going for the sharp-dressed aesthetic. They are fashioned from flexible cow leather, making them extra comfortable during those long work days.

For the jet setter

13. Luggage weighing scale

luggage weighing scale gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: TheMobileHub)

Has he bought too many overseas gifts and souvenirs again? Help him avoid excess baggage charges with this portable luggage weighing scale (available on TheMobileHub) that instantly and accurately displays luggage mass with a simple weigh-in! 

14. Travel adapter

travel adapter gifts for men
(Credit: PowerPac)

Multi travel adapters (available on PowerPac) are perfect for forgetful guys who leave them out while packing for an overseas trip. It’s also one of our recommended Valentine’s Day gifts for him because it subtly reminds them that they can’t pull the ‘no battery’ excuse when they forget to text you!

15. Travel pillow

travel pillow gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Lifetrons Official Store)

Sleeping is probably the best way to pass the time on a flight and there’s no better way to do so than with these memory foam travel pillows (available on Lifetrons Official Store). Help him have quality in-flight sleep with this practical and gift for men in Singapore!

For the alcohol aficionado

16. Bottle pourer

bottle pourer gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: mrphy)

It’s common for spills to be part of any wine drinking session. But don’t make it a habit! Reduce any unnecessary spillage with this wine pourer and stopper set (available on mrphy)! The wine stopper even doubles as an aerator, making it one of the perfect gifts for men in Singapore who are passionate about getting the most out of their wine.

17. Shaker cup

shaker cup gifts for men in singapore

Encourage him to pursue his bartending dreams with this calibrated shaker cup (available on BANFANG HOME)! With six cocktail recipes marked by the cup’s side, concocting mojitos beverages has never been more convenient or simple!

18. Beer and wine

beer gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Carlsberg Beer Official Store)

There’s no better Valentine’s Day gift for him than a couple of his favourite alcoholic drinks to complement a romantic candlelit dinner! From Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Wheat Beer (available on Carlsberg Beer Official Store) to Folonari Jewel Moscato (available on Letat Wine and Sake), take your pick from the varied selection of alcoholic beverages.

For the practical type

19. Smart speaker

smart speaker gifts for men
(Credit: Bizgramsg Official Store -“Your Trust It Partner”)

Smart speakers like Google Home Mini (available on Bizgramsg Official Store -“Your Trust It Partner”) are perfect gifts for men in Singapore who have yet to become smart home owners. From automating daily routines to scheduling room cleaning sessions, help him unlock the potential of a smart home today!

20. Multi-purpose tool

multi tool gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: inhotstyle)

From ripping open packages to tightening loose screws, Wallet Ninja’s multi-purpose pocket survival tool (available on inhotstyle) is the most functional gift for men in Singapore! With a plethora of features for everyday problems, he’ll never need to worry about being inconvenienced with this by his side.

21. Wireless charger

wireless charger gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Baseus Official Store)

Does he often forget to plug the wire into his phone’s charging port? The Baseus wireless charger (available on Baseus Official Store) will be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him! This model even includes a digital display so he can gauge the phone’s battery charge with just a glance.

For the gamer

22. Gaming mouse

gaming mouse gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Logitech Certified Store)

While it can’t suddenly make him a millionaire professional gamer, the best gaming mouse models can give him that advantage while playing his favourite games. With eight programmable buttons and a streamlined design, the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury (available on Logitech Certified Store) will suit nicely for any genre of games he plays.

23. Gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard gifts for men
(Credit: Redragon Singapore)

While you might have to deal with the incessant ‘clanking’, gaming keyboards like the Redragon K552 mechanical keyboard (available on Redragon Singapore) will make inputting keystrokes infinitely more satisfying! Given the programmable RGB lights and additional multimedia keys, gifting accessories like these as Valentine’s Day gifts for him will make a world of difference when he’s gaming.

24. Co-op games

overcooked 2 gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: RPG – Right Place for Gadgets)

Rather than getting new gaming accessories, consider co-op games as potential Valentine’s Day gifts for him! It’ll also give him the priceless gift of your time! Titles like Overcooked 2 and Just Dance 2020 (both available on RPG – Right Place for Gadgets) turn gaming into a social activity, where you’ll both be confronted with fun challenges in unique environments.

For the die-hard foodie

25. Air fryer

air fryer gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: PowerPac)

With modern conveniences like the PowerPac air fryer (available on PowerPac), you won’t need to worry about him settling for instant noodles everyday. This is doubly so with our handy guide to easy air fryer recipes that ensures he gets a proper and nutritious diet.

26. Induction cooker

induction cooker gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Mayer_Marketing)

Keen on helping him save money from eating out during your dates? Why not invest in an Mistral induction cooker (available on Mayer_Marketing) so you can regularly cook hotpot meals at home! For steamboat newbies, check out this informative primer on how to organise a sumptuous steamboat gathering at home.

27. Snacks

myeureka popcorn gifts for men
(Credit: S-Mart by Shopee)

There are no gifts for men in Singapore more universal than sweet and savory snacks. Whether you’re watching a romcom movie night or going on an impromptu picnic, he’ll surely appreciate snacks like myEureka gourmet popcorn (available on S-Mart by Shopee) and IRVINS salted egg fish skin (available on IRVINS Salted Egg (Official))!

28. Vouchers for date night

restaurant voucher gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: ChopeDeals)

Eating out during date nights doesn’t have to be wallet-emptying, especially with some pre-planning. Chope’s Great For Dates voucher collection (available on ChopeDeals) is a great place to start as you explore from the vast selection of hassle-free vouchers. From juicy German burgers at Hans Im Glück to fresh sashimi at Sushi Jiro, picking from this collection is sure to save both of you a pretty penny!

For the active sports fan

29. Football merchandise

man utd gym bag gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Premier Football Official Store)

If he’s a huge football fan, he’ll likely love merchandise like an Arsenal baseball cap and Manchester United gym bag (both available on Premier Football Official Store). Just avoid making the classic mistake of getting merchandise for the rival team!

30. Sports wear

compression top gifts for men
(Credit: Sports-Zone)

Does he regularly play team sports and go for training sessions? Take an interest in his training regimes today by checking out apparel like Nike compression tops (available on Sports-Zone) and Rigorer basketball training shorts (available on RIGORER SINGAPORE). Such sportswear can help maximise blood flow and comfort, ensuring he’s always at the top of his game!

31. Running shoes

running shoes gifts for men in singapore
(Credit: Skechers Singapore Official)

Any self-professed runner can attest to how much difference a solid pair of running shoes! Consider the Skechers Go Run 400 Sneakers (available on Skechers Singapore Official) as a potential Valentine’s Day gift for him and grant him the traction and performance he deserves as he puts in the cardio training to up his game.


If he’s clueless when it comes to V-Day bouquets, slip him this informative guide to Valentine’s Day flowers in Singapore. Alternatively, here are some alternative Valentine’s Day date ideas if you’re feeling adventurous!

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This article was updated on 17-01-2020. Additional research done by Bryant Tay.

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