9 Best Couple Games To Play Together For A Fun Date Night

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No idea what to do on your next date night in Singapore? Instead of looking for activities to go for, why not bring the fun back home? Pick up the following couples games for you and your significant other to enjoy and remain entertained for a romantic date night! Never say dating in Singapore is boring again!

Best Couple Games To Play Together

1. Overcooked

best couple games date night
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If you’ve never played a video game with your partner, Overcooked is a great place to start! This fun multiplayer game is bound to make your non-gamer partner a convert!

Similar to Diner Dash, Overcooked requires players to prepare and cook up dishes for hungry customers. However, not everything is as it seems! Overcooked forces couples (or friends) to cooperate and discuss strategies on their feet as the kitchen layout changes and stoves catch fire. This multiplayer game accommodates up to 4 players and come in both cooperative as well as versus game modes.

As one of the best couple games available, Overcooked puts your teamwork to the test and guarantees lots of laughter and endless fun. This fun game is commonly played on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS4. It’s also available on PC through Steam!

Pro Tip: If your partner is unable to stay over for the night, don’t let it ruin your fun! Download third party applications like Parsec, which allows all players to tune into one computer from different locations.

This enables a somewhat ‘online co-op’ experience for a local co-op game! If that sounds like too much of a hassle, then check out Overcooked 2 which will be launching this August. This is an online co-op game unlike the original Overcooked!

2. Exploding Kittens

best couple games date night
(Credit: Jorge Sanz / Flickr)

Launched through Kickstarter, Exploding Kittens is a card game that has received tremendous positive response from players around the world. This is one of the great couple games for those who are looking for something straightforward and fun. Players take turns to draw cards filled with adorable cat illustrations and a player loses when he/she draws an Exploding Kitten. This can be avoided through strategic usage of Defuse Cards or other action cards that help to resolve the situation.

Who will be the witty (and lucky) one among the both of you? Get ready for a night of squealing as you play your way into each other’s hearts!

3. Lie Detector

best couple games date night
(Credit: starshadow.sg)

Cue the infamous lie detector and you are guaranteed a night of endless, intense fun. This couple game is for those who don’t take things too seriously. Avoid asking questions you do not want to hear answers to and this can be a very fun game for both of you!

Communication is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship. The lie detector helps couples discover more about each other and their relationship. Focus on questions relating to the both of you, such as “What was your first impression of me?” and the lie detector will definitely be a fun game that’ll bring your relationship to the next level!

4. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

best couple games date night
(Credit: Keite Soares / Wikimedia Commons)

Another wonderful local co-op that puts your teamwork to the test! Are you able to cooperate and defuse the bomb in time?

Great as a couple game, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes ensures both players are equally involved in the gaming experience. One player gets hold of the bomb defusal manual while the other player gets trapped in a room with a time bomb.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, here’s the catch. The player with the bomb defusal manual is unable to see the bomb! This makes the game a great activity when dating in Singapore, because it helps to develop communication skills.

Moreover, both players get to discover each other’s coping mechanism amid a chaotic situation, allowing you to learn more about your partner’s character. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a great couple game available on Steam and can be played in VR mode for a more holistic experience.

5. Pie Face Showdown

best couple games date night
(Credit: serendipity.sg)

If you and your partner have a bit of a competitive streak, this couple game is just for you! Don’t be mistaken by the packaging, Pie Face Showdown doesn’t have to be for kids. Fastest hand wins in this game, where both players smash the buttons rapidly to direct the pie thrower away from their side. The slower contestant gets whipped cream thrown in their face! Load the pie thrower up with a large pile of whip cream to up the stakes and both of you will be screaming your way through the night!

Couples who are dating in Singapore can get creative (and dirty) by switching up the items placed on the pie thrower. Instead of whip cream, why not go for some leftover pasta sauce? Fair warning, cleaning up may be a bit of a hassle after all that fun!

6. Mario Party Game Series

best couple games date night
(Credit: shopitreelonline)

Bringing the joy of board games onto your screen, the Mario Party game series are the go-to games to keep both of you entertained throughout the night. Great as both a couple game or family game, the Mario Party game series allows players to set off on the quest of stars collection and mini games with the ultimate goal to defeat Bowser, Mario’s biggest archenemy.

The illustrations of our familiar characters and the wide variety of main boards are done in an adorable and tasteful manner, making the game suitable for all ages. We especially like Mario Party 10, where one player can play the role of Bowser and give other players a challenging yet entertaining time in the game.

The mini games are what make the Mario Party game series shine. With an extensive variety of mini games (Mario Party 10 has 75 mini games) that test your wits, strategies and reflexes, no gameplay is the same! You can even choose to skip the main boards and go straight into an endless string of mini games to battle it out with your loved one.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Super Mario Party which will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 2018!

7. Just Dance 2018

best couple games date night
(Credit: Ubisoft / Wikimedia Commons)

Kill two birds with one stone when you are dating in Singapore. With Just Dance 2018, you get to groove to the beat with your partner as you work those muscles and break a sweat!

Just Dance 2018 has a list of 40 popular tracks including sing-along music such as 24K Magic by Bruno Mars and Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. It can be played on various gaming platforms such as PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Players hone their dance skills as they follow the on-screen dancer’s choreography to a chosen song. Many of the tracks fulfil your dream of being a dancer in a K-pop group, while certain tracks feature a couple dance, spicing up your date night.

Pro Tip: Too many aspiring dancers in the room? Fret not, if you and your partner have extra company, download the Just Dance Controller App on your smartphone and you’re ready to dance the night away!

8. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

best couple games date night
(Credit: Whelsko / Flickr)

No list of fun couple games is complete without PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Nothing is more romantic than being able to protect your lover in this battle royale game where players fight to emerge victorious as the last man standing.

Requiring good strategies and an adventurous spirit, this game can be played solo or as a group (maximum 4 players). Players are parachuted down onto the map where they can rummage for weapons, armour and vehicles. What makes the game extra challenging is the shrinking safe zone, which forces players into a more confined area for combat. Players who are unable to reach the safe zone in time will die and be out of the game.

Enjoy an exciting night together as you guys battle your way to survival in PUBG, available on Steam and smartphones (PUBG Mobile). Gain an edge over your enemies in PUBG Mobile when you use PUBG mobile gaming accessories such as phone grips and sharpshooters.

9. Desire

best couple games date night
(Credit: 5688709 / Pixabay)

Heat things up on your next date night with Desire, a mobile game application that allows you to exchange dares with your partner. Choose dares from a long list of predetermined categories, including ‘Love sensations’ and ‘Roleplay and fantasy’. You can even create dares of your own for your partner! Players who accept and complete a dare are rewarded with points which help to unlock more challenging dares.

This couple game will power up the passion in your relationship and propel it to a whole new level! It’s also great for couples who find their relationship stagnating.

See, dating in Singapore doesn’t have to be costly and boring! Cosy up and sink into the couch as both of you delve into a realm of fun and laughter! Check out what other games you can play on a Nintendo Switch! If video games aren’t your cup of tea, why not try some intriguing board games with your other half instead?

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