Lounge Around In These 11 Beanormous Bags

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It’s bean a long day, my friend. So sit back and relax in some of the best bean bags in Singapore this 2022! Wouldn’t you love to return home and just plop into some soft, pillowy cushions that can withstand your entire body weight? Whether it’s bean bag chairs or bean bag sofas, they all provide comfort and varying degrees of support. So read on to find out more about the best bean bags in Singapore!

What are the different types of bean bags?

  • Round bean bag

Round bean bag
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These circular bean bags are one of the most common. Round bean bags are shaped like a ball and they have a more hollow center that’s meant for you to sit in. As you sink into your seat, the elevated sides of the round bean bag can offer pretty good lumbar and arm support.

  • Square bean bag

Square bean bag
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Despite its name, the reason why they’re called square bean bags is because they look just like a real armchair. These are the best bean bags in Singapore for those who prefer something sturdier and structured. Square bean bags are usually fitted with proper backrests and armrests that will give you more than enough support.

  • Gaming bean bag

Gaming bean bag
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Lay back, relax and just melt into some of the best gaming bean bag. Shaped like a teardrop, you can easily identify these gaming bean bags by their wider base that tapers out at the top. These gaming bean bags are plush and comfy and offer a lot of support! They mimic your body shape and posture, making sure that no one part of your body is left unsupported.

  • Bean bag sofa

Bean bag sofa
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Sharing is caring and nothing speaks love louder than some bean bag sofas! Since they’re essentially longer versions of regular ones, bean bag sofas can fit more than just one person. Just take a seat with your friend and have some heart-to-heart conversations, or schedule afternoon naps on the plush bean bag sofa! 

What to consider when buying the best bean bags in Singapore?

choosing bean bags
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  • Purpose

Why do you need a bean bag? Is it mainly for support or just a chair? You should also think about whether it’s a seat for lounging in. If you’re constantly hosting people at your place, then some bean bag sofas are in order!

  • Shape

Bean bags of different shapes can generally be used for anything. However, if you need a bean bag specifically for long hours of gaming, it’s best to go for the best gaming bean bag chairs in Singapore. A rule of thumb is to figure out how much support you need from the bean bag before you choose its shape. 

  • Type of filling

Some bean bags come pre-filled. But most of them can be unzipped and manually filled up to create varying plushness and support. Here are some types of fillings you can consider:

Type of filling Pros Cons
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) beans
  • Lightweight and retains its form
  • Resistant to moisture and heat
  • Not biodegradable
Expanded polypropylene (EPP) beans
  • Strong and durable, withstands crushing better as compared to EPS beans
  • Retains its form better than EPS beans
  • Can be more expensive than EPS beans
  • Heavier and firmer, may not be very comfortable
Memory foam
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Moulds to shape of the body to provide best support
  • May be more expensive than EPS beans
  • May stop returning to original shape after some use
Natural beans e.g. buckwheat hulls
  • Eco-conscious and biodegradable
  • Usually cheaper than all other fillings
  • Can be quite firm, making it less comfortable

Best round bean bags in Singapore (2022

1. Kashmir Bean Bag

Kashmir Best bean bag singapore
(Credit: HOUZE Official Store)

Bouge up your home with one of the best wool bean bag chairs in Singapore. Made with a cashmere blend, the Kashmir Bean Bag (available on HOUZE Official Store) feels absolutely soft and luxurious. The cashmere wool is exceptionally silky and smooth. You’re not going to feel any bit of scratchiness when you lay back in this bean bag! This material is also one of the most durable, so you’re definitely getting a bang for your buck with this HOUZE bean bag!

2. Mahjong Bean Bag

Mahjong Bean Bag
(Credit: Laurel Euphemia’s shop)

Usher some luck into your home with one of the best bean bag chairs in Singapore. The Mahjong Bean Bag (available on Laurel Euphemia’s shop) is a large bean bag cushion that’s the epitome of squishy. You can definitely melt into this bean bag but just remember to collect your winnings after that game of mahjong. And if you need more luck on your side, hint your friends to get you these mahjong gifts and get ready for more huat coming your way!

3. Laxla Bean Bag

Laxla Best bean bag singapore
(Credit: HOUZE Official Store)

Another one of the best bean bag chairs in Singapore comes from HOUZE. Their Laxla Bean Bag (available on HOUZE Official Store) is simply “plush” personified. This HOUZE bean bag is filled with both EPS and EPP beans to get the most optimum balance between comfort and firmness. You can’t go wrong with this luxurious marshmallow-like bean bag! Moreover, this bean bag is made with a water and stain-resistant coating. So fear not whenever you have friends over for drinks!

Best square bean bags in Singapore (2022)

4. Hobbes Bean Bag

Hobbes Best bean bag singapore
(Credit: Zest Livings Online Official Store

Can’t stray far from your traditional armchair? We’ve got you covered with one of the best square bean bags! The Hobbes Bean Bag (available on Zest Livings Online Official Store) is both cushioy and structured at the same time. You still get to enjoy the structure and support of a regular armchair, but with enhanced comfort. Thanks to the premium EPS filling beans used, this Zest bean bag is going to mould to your body’s shape and give the best support.

5. MaxCoil Corrie Bean Bag

MaxCoil Corrie Best bean bag singapore
(Credit: MaxCoil Official Store)

Look no further than MaxCoil for one of the best square bean bag chairs in Singapore! The MaxCoil Corrie Bean Bag (available on MaxCoil Official Store) is perfect for those days where you just want to be a couch potato. There are side pockets to store remote controls, so you’ll never have to get up to search for them. But did we mention how comfortable this MaxCoil bean bag is? It’s filled entirely with premium, high-density EPS beans. There aren’t any hollow spaces, so you best believe that you won’t be able to find anything comfier than this MaxCoil bean bag!

Best gaming bean bags in Singapore (2022)

6. Hitlife Bean Bag

Hitlife best gaming bean bag singapore
(Credit: HiT Lifestyle)

Game in style with one of the best gaming bean bag chairs in Singapore. The Hitlife Bean Bag (available on HiT Lifestyle) is a throne that’s fit for a king! Designed with both pro and newbie gamers in mind, the Hitlife Bean Bag is ergonomically shaped to provide comfort and support for hours on end. But what truly makes this one of the best gaming bean bag chairs is how it has side pockets and a velcro strap. You can easily access and store your game controllers in these side pockets. And those headphones? Secure them to the chair with the side velcro strap! With everything in one place, all you’ll have to do now is lay back and focus on your game quests. 

7. Milly Bean Bag

Milly Best bean bag singapore
(Credit: Zest Livings Online Official Store

There’s no need to worry about cleaning when you’ve got the Milly Bean Bag (available on Zest Livings Online Official Store). As one of the best bean bag chairs in Singapore, this Zest bean bag has a removable cover that is machine-washable. There’s also an inner lining where all the filling is, so you don’t have to think about how to keep all the beans in one place when you’re washing the cover. If you don’t have a dryer machine, just use another bean bag cover while the other is drying up! 

Best bean bag sofas in Singapore (2022)

8. YOULITE Bean Bag Sofa

YOULITE Bean Bag Sofa
(Credit: YOULITE Official Distributor)

Cuddle up with your loved ones in the YOULITE Bean Bag Sofa (available on YOULITE Official Distributor)! Though petite, this YOULITE bean bag sofa is perfect for couples who are furnishing their brand new BTO. Planning for a nursery? This YOULITE bean bag is perfect as a little sofa in the corner of the baby room. There’s nothing more wonderful than cradling your little bean while seated on this! 

9. Noah Bean Bag Sofa

Noah Bean Bag Sofa
(Credit: LaFloria Home Décor

Share the newfound comfort that comes with one of the best bean bag sofas in Singapore! The Noah Bean Bag (available on LaFloria Home Décor) is made with a material blend of suede, leathaire and cotton. The best part about this bean bag sofa is the leathaire material that adds a vibe of sophistication while maintaining some breathability – perfect for our hot Singapore weather. And as if that wasn’t enough, this LaFloria bean bag comes with an ottoman for you to rest your legs as you unwind for the day. Made with the same material, the ottoman and bean bag sofa come together to create a piece of soft and luxurious furniture that really screams atas.

Other best bean bags in Singapore (2022)

10. FWOOA Bean Bag With Armrest

FWOOA best bean bag singapore
(Credit: Mrphy Official Store)

Not all bean bags are created equally. And the FWOOA Bean Bag (available on Mrphy Official Store) proves just that. This FWOOA bean bag was designed with versatility in mind. Along with the stretchy fabric and armrests, this bean bag can be adjusted into different positions. Manoeuvre the bean bag and use it as an armchair, sofa and more! The best part about it is how the filling distributes your weight evenly regardless of the position. So you can even work on your laptop on this bean bag! It’s no wonder why this is one of the best bean bags that makes people go “FWOOA!”

11. Giant Five Stones Bean Bag Set

Giant Five Stones Bean Bag Set
(Credit: Mrphy Official Store)

Throwback to the good ol’ days with one of the cutest bean bag sets in Singapore. The Giant Five Stones Bean Bag Set (available on Mrphy Official Store) is a tribute to one of the traditional games our parents used to play when they were little. While you can definitely play the actual game of Five Stones with these bean bags, you should try cuddling them first. They make great cushions that are soft and plush, and they look amazing on your couch too. Invite your loved ones over and interest them with a mega game of Five Stones before you chill out with this adorable bean bag set!

Lay back and relax with the best bean bags in Singapore (2022)

From bean bag chairs to bean bag sofas, home will finally be zen enough to chill when you’ve got the best bean bags in Singapore! Need more snoozing materials? Go for some of the best sofa beds in Singapore and remember to change out your bedding essentials with these best mattresses and best blankets. Don’t forget to shop during our Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale to snag value deals and save more on your purchases!

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