Clean & Fresh: 11 Best Baby Wipes For Mums On-The-Go

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Ask any seasoned mum and they’re likely to agree that it’s essential to stock up on baby wipes when preparing for a newborn. Poopy diaper changes, cleaning pacifiers, wiping their mouths and hands – the list goes on when it comes to how you can use baby wipes. However, it’s important to choose the right ones as you don’t want to expose your baby to any toxic ingredients. Read on as we go over how to choose baby wipes, and our roundup of the best baby wipes in Singapore!

How to choose baby wipes?

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Before diving into the best baby wipes in Singapore, here are some important tips on how to choose them.

  • Ingredients

The first and most important thing to look at when buying baby wipes is the ingredients list. Absolute no-nos include chemicals like parabens, phthalates, benzyl alcohol, foaming agents, and preservatives. Instead, opt for those that use natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and calendula. These soothing ingredients help to moisturise your baby’s skin, and prevent them from getting diaper rash.

  • Thickness

Another factor to consider when choosing the best baby wipe in Singapore is its thickness. Thick wipes make it easier to clean up messes, and they won’t shred easily which spares your hands from baby poo. 

  • Texture

Textured baby wipes help to pick up stains more easily and effectively. If that’s what you want to achieve, look out for embossed baby wipes. However, make sure that the wipes are soft enough for your baby’s tushies!

Best baby wipes in Singapore for sensitive skin

1. Oldam Baby Wet Wipes

Oldam Baby Wet Wipes
(Credit: The Dinky Shop)

Scoring an excellent grade on the German Derma Test for skin irritation and approved by the FDA for safe ingredients, the Oldam Baby Wet Wipes (available on The Dinky Shop) is akin to the model student in the world of baby wipes. It is one of the safest baby wipes in Singapore that contains 99.9% purified water that’s obtained from a meticulous 6-step purification process. The Oldam baby wipes also contain plant extracts from Jeju Island, which keeps your baby’s skin soothed and moisturised! In addition, its embossed texture makes it easy to wipe things clean. If you’re looking for the best baby wipes in Singapore for sensitive skin, this won’t disappoint!

2. Zappy Baby Pure Wipes

Zappy Baby Pure Wipes best baby wipes singapore
(Credit: Freshening Professional Official Store)

Zappy is known for their antibacterial wet wipes, but for your newborn, we recommend the Zappy Baby Pure Unscented Wipes (available on Freshening Professional Official Store) as it is the safest. As one of the best baby wipes in Singapore for sensitive skin, the Zappy Baby Pure Wipes is formulated with all natural ingredients and enriched with aloe vera and chamomile to nourish your baby’s skin upon wiping. Its material is soft yet strong, and is gentle enough to be used on delicate skin. We also love its packaging, which is a pop-up dispenser that keeps the moisture locked in.

3. Huggies Pure Clean Baby Wipes

Huggies Pure Clean Baby Wipes
(Credit: Huggies Official Store)

If you’re looking for baby wipes mainly for cleaning after poopy diaper changes, you can’t go wrong with the ones from Huggies, one of the biggest diaper brands. The Huggies Pure Clean Baby Wipes (available on Huggies Official Store) is one of the safest baby wipes in Singapore as it is made of 100% pure water that is obtained through a robust 8-stage water purification process. The Huggies baby wipes is also clinically tested and made of skin-loving natural fibres that trap mess easily without irritating your baby’s skin.

4. BzuBzu Baby Wet Wipes

BzuBzu Baby Wet Wipesbest baby wipes singapore
(Credit: BZU BZU Official Store)

As the winner of the Super Mom Awards for the best skincare for babies category, the BzuBzu Baby Wet Wipes (available on BZU BZU Official Store) is one of the safest and best baby wipes in Singapore. It is dermatologist-tested to be safe for delicate and sensitive skin, and contains aloe vera and chrysanthemum extract. These ingredients add vitamin B and E to your skin, helping to form a protective barrier. The BzuBzu Baby Wet Wipes are also safe to use on your face and mouth, so you can use it to clean your baby up after a meal too!

5. Einmilk Premium Organic Wet Wipes

Einmilk Premium Organic Wet Wipes
(Credit: Einmilk Singapore Official)

According to HealthLine, the ideal pH level for our skin is around 5. When choosing anything that you apply to your skin, anything with a pH too far from that number is considered harsh. For something gentle, the Einmilk Premium Organic Wet Wipes (available on Einmilk Singapore Official) is one of the best baby wipes in Singapore with a pH level of 5.5. Each sheet is also extra large and thick, making cleaning a breeze. The Einmilk Wet Wipes also contain water through a 7-fold water purification system to ensure that it is the safest for babies. 

6. Infanity Thick Baby Wipes

best baby wipes singapore infanity
(Credit: Infanity Singapore)

Another frontrunner for the best baby wipes in Singapore for sensitive skin is the Infanity Thick Baby Wipes (available on Infanity Singapore). The Infanity baby wipes are dermatologically and microbiologically tested, and are pH balanced as well. It is also honeycomb embossed for easy cleaning, and the sheets are larger than average. This means that you only need one sheet for the entire clean-up process.

7. Jeju Wet Wipes

jeju wet wipes
(Credit: Jeju Wet Wipes Official)

If you’re on the hunt for a good bargain, the Jeju Wet Wipes (available on Jeju Wet Wipes Official) is one of the most value-for-money deals that’s not to be missed. Despite its affordable prices, the Jeju Wet Wipes doesn’t compromise on quality and safety. It scored zero on all levels for EWG levels, an internationally-recognised testing for toxic ingredients for skin. The Jeju wet wipes are also extra-thick, which makes cleaning easier! They’re also plain instead of embossed, which is usually gentler for baby skin.

8. NUK Fragrance-free Baby Wipes

NUK Fragrance-free Baby Wipes best singapore
(Credit: NUK Singapore Official Store)

With 60 years of experience in the baby care market, NUK is a reputable brand that you can trust when it comes to the best baby wipes in Singapore. NUK Baby Wet Wipes (available on NUK Singapore Official Store) boast extra large, thick wipes that clean off surfaces and skin effectively, minimising wastage. NUK baby wipes contain purified water, and is free of alcohol so it is gentle on the skin. You can also get the NUK Oral Wipes (available on NUK Singapore Official Store) that are made with exceptionally soft material for your baby’s mouth, which comes in handy when you need to clean off mucus or release phlegm. 

Best antibacterial wet wipes in Singapore for surfaces, toys, and gear

9. Pigeon Antibacterial Wipes

pigeon antibacterial wipes
(Credit: Motherswork Official Store)

Babies, especially newborns, are particularly vulnerable. Therefore, apart from cleaning them, it is important to keep everything around them free of bacteria and germs as well. We recommend using the best antibacterial wet wipes for babies like the Pigeon Antibacterial Wipes (available on Motherswork Official Store). It is a 100% food grade wet tissue that kills 99.9% bacteria, and is designed to be used for anything your baby touches like toys, pacifiers, and your hands.

10. Pureen Antibacterial Hygiene Wipes

Pureen Antibacterial Hygiene Wipes best baby wipes singapore
(Credit: Pureen Singapore Official Store)

We can’t write a list of the best antibacterial wet wipes in Singapore without mentioning the Pureen Antibacterial Hygiene Wipes (available on Pureen Singapore Official Store), which is highly effective in eliminating germs. It is recommended to be used on your hands before and after preparing food, after handling waste or animals, after using the toilet, and more. The Pureen wet wipes are especially handy for outdoor activities like picnics! 

11. Cloversoft Plant-based Antibacterial Wipes

Cloversoft Plant-based Antibacterial Wipes
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

The Cloveresoft Antibacterial Organic Wipes (available on Shopee Supermarket) is safe to be used on skin, yet effective for cleaning baby high chairs, table tops, teethers, and baby toys. It has been lab tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria such as E.Coli and Staph, keeping you and your baby safe and healthy. Yet, Cloversoft wet wipes are also one of the best baby wipes for sensitive skin as it contains natural, plant-based ingredients like aloe vera for a moisturising effect.

Stay at tip top hygiene with the best baby wipes in Singapore

From embossed baby wipes to antibacterial wet wipes, stock up on the best baby wipes in Singapore to stay clean and fresh always. Snag them during our 12.12 Birthday Sale to catch the best deals! For more recommendations on baby essentials, check out our roundup of the best bottle warmers and the best baby cots for comfy nights!

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