Baby Shampoos to Sunscreens: 9 Best Baby Skincare Products For Little Tots

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The ‘best baby skincare products’…now is there even such a thing? We think yes! With hordes of baby skincare products out on the market, we can imagine parents must feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. From baby wash and shampoos to diaper rash creams and even baby sunscreens — yes your babies need sunblock too, we’ve included only the absolute best — because that’s what your child deserves!

Best Baby Skincare Products: Wash & Shampoo

1. Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo

best baby skincare products aveeno
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We all agree that a baby soap and a separate baby shampoo is just too much drama especially right after giving birth. Trust us, a two-in-one soap is all you really need! Tear, soap and paraben-free, Aveeno’s Baby Wash and Shampoo (available on krystaline) is one of the best baby skincare products that cleanses both the baby’s body and hair. It’s gentle enough for newborns and infants, leaving a mild, clean fragrance — thanks to the natural oat extract.

Does your baby have eczema-prone skin? Then get the Aveeno Baby Dermexa Moisturizing Wash (available on Johnson & Johnson) to soothe their irritated skin.

2. Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel For Hair and Body

best baby skincare products mustela cleansing gel
(Credit: T.R.U.E Beauty and Cosmetics)

Mustela is a 60-year old French brand and with a long history as skincare experts for both mothers and babies. We have a lot of faith in good ol’ French dermo brands, think La Roche Posay and Vichy, so we had good reason to believe Mustela won’t disappoint.

Its baby skincare products for newborn babies till they turn two, have proven to live up to the hype. Mustela’s two-in-one cleansing gel is hypoallergenic and does not contain any paraben, phthalate or phenoxyethanol. Your kids will surely love this gentle soap line!

Mustela has also got onto the bandwagon of micellar water – creating one just for babies and older children! Do away with baby wipes and use Mustela’s No Rinse Cleansing Water (available on Nanamall) instead! It’s perfect for a quick clean around the face and diaper area whenever needed.

3. Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo

best baby skincare product cetaphil baby wash and shampoo
(Credit: T.R.U.E Beauty and Cosmetics)

Cetaphil is a brand synonymous with providing the best care for sensitive skin. A baby’s skin is all sorts of sensitive in their early days, months and years. So you can’t really go wrong with this dermatologist-tested line.

The two-in-one Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo is also one of the best baby skincare products to control your child’s cradle cap if he or she has any. Made with organic Calendula extract derived from the Marigold flower, it helps soothe the dry skin around the cradle cap and expertly tackles other skin sensitivities.

Best Baby Skincare Products: Sunscreens

4. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

best baby skincare products blue lizard australian sunscreen baby
(Credit: sgbuy2)

Don’t be put off by the lizard on the bottle! This not only one of the best baby skincare products on our list, but one of the smartest as well! Why? This BPA-free bottle actually changes colour in the presence of UV light as a reminder for you to re-apply sunscreen for your little bub. If the bottle becomes deeper pink, it just means there are more UV rays present, so lather up!

It has also banned the usual chemical nasties and is paraben and fragrance-free. They also have an adult-range, so might as well grab one for yourself!

5. BabyGanics SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion

best baby skin care products babygenics sunscreen
(Credit: motherswork)

Are you sending your little one for baby swimming lessons? Then, BabyGanics’ SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion is one of the best baby skin care products to invest in! It glides on smooth, is allergy-free and most importantly, is water resistant! It also helps that the sunscreen is formulated with BabyGanics own NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend — a decadent concoction of tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin and raspberry seed oils that’ll protect your baby’s work-in-progress skin from the harmful sun rays.

BabyGanics’ Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser (available on motherswork) is another popular product in its line. This is a must-bring for outdoor adventure dates with your little ones!

Best Baby Skincare Products: Baby Lotions and Oils

6. Alobaby Lotion

best baby skin care products alobaby lotion
(Credit: Alobaby)

Made in Japan, Alobaby is an organic baby skincare brand (it even has a certificate to prove its organic authenticity). Their products boast a 99% naturally derived ingredients list. Products in this line are also additive, colouring and perfume-free.

The Alobaby Milky Lotion is one of the best baby skincare products in the line. It promises to be the ultimate pampering treat for your little one and especially perfect for babies with sensitive skin. Infused with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter, rub a handful of this milky goodness all over your little one after bathtime. We promise they’ll fall asleep a lot quicker!

7. Pigeon Newborn Pure Calming Oil

best baby skin care products pigeon newborn pure calming oil
(Credit: Baby Kingdom Official Store)

Did you know that baby massages help to reduce your newborn’s fussiness and wailing? A therapeutic massage is really all they need to be relaxed and coaxed into a deep lull! Body massages for infants have also been proven to alleviate constipation and even colic — go figure!

Pigeon’s Newborn Pure Calming Oil provides a protective layer around your newborn’s delicate skin, locking in moisture while providing a calming sensory experience. Pigeon is also one of the first premium skincare brands to have launched a line solely for newborns so you can be assured that your babies are getting some of the most dedicated and best baby skincare products out there. Start a bedtime routine with the Pure Calming Oil and we have a hunch, you’ll enjoy connecting with your newborn through this unexpected yet simple routine!

Best Baby Skincare Products: Baby Ointments and Creams

8. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

best baby skincare products aquaphor baby healing ointment
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Aquaphor Healing Ointment is pretty much the small-human equivalent to all-in-one miracle repair creams like Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. Is your little one suffering from diaper rash, chapped skin or even minor scrapes? Rub a bit of this miracle cream on and see it disappear in six hours — that’s what it claims to do!

This ointment comes paediatrician recommended and includes panthenol and glycerin — key ingredients in protecting a baby’s delicate skin. Being a multi-purpose product, we think is one of the best baby skincare products for times when you’re travelling with kids and can’t afford to pack a product for every single ailment!

9.California Baby Calendula Cream

best baby skin care product california baby calendula cream
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Moisturising is just as important for newborns! With thinner skin, they may lose water faster, causing their skin to dry out in the process. If using a moisturiser is not part of your baby’s after bath care routine, California Baby Calendula creams are one of the best baby skincare products to start with. Best thing is, you can even use this moisturiser tub for your puberty-ridden teens or even for yourselves — talk about family skincare goals!

The Calendula plant is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and is also especially beneficial for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone baby skin. If you already have this product, we hear the California Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash (available on motherswork) is another one to give a try!

Aside from baby skin care products, don’t forget to get baby bath accessories like baby bathing cups or even bathing tubs and seats for a comfortable and cry-free bathing time! New to parenting and would love to hear how other parents seem to be doing it all? We feel you. Check out our article on best support groups for first-time parents in Singapore. If you’re looking to revamp or design a nursery, these beautiful baby room designs will surely be inspirational!

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