5 Comfortable White School Shoes For The New School Term

where to buy white school shoes singapore
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We’re not exaggerating when we say your child needs to be ready from head to toe when entering primary school. From school uniforms to backpacks and up till the shoes they wear, it can be an uphill task for parents to get everything in order for their little ones. If you’re wondering where to buy school shoes for your Primary 1 kid, then look no further. Help your child put their best feet forward with the right pair of white school shoes with this guide.

What to look out for when buying school shoes for kids?

what to look out for shoes where to buy school shoes
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  • Lightweight: This may seem obvious but heavy shoes and those especially on little people may cause more harm than good. Ensure that your little ones are not weighted down by heavy shoes that may hinder their movement.
  • Firm heel counter: A robust heel will protect your child’s Achilles tendon and support their heel on both sides. If not supported, your child’s feet may pronate (roll inwards) or supinate (roll outwards) which could lead to pain and discomfort.
  • Adjustable: Whether velcro straps, laces or even buckles — all three allow for some degree of adjustment in a school shoe. You can guide them on how to make the shoes tighter or looser so they find the perfect fit.
  • Fit: Children face tremendous growth spurts and it goes without saying that their feet size can also change very quickly. So how do you determine the right size? Try using a kid’s foot ruler — a convenient way to measure your child’s feet. Both feet may have different sizes, so go with the longer measurement. Add about a centimeter more to the measurement to account for some wriggle room before arriving at your final number!

Wondering where to buy school shoes that can meet all the above factors? BATA is our top retail spot for school shoes. Parents can place their trust in this long standing shoe brand that has been operating on our shores since 1931. Check out some of the best white shoes to get in Singapore from BATA.

Where to buy school shoes with velcro strap

1. BATA B.FIRST Girls School Shoes 

where to buy school shoes girls bata
(Credit: Bata Singapore)

As much as you might want to get your kids into grown up school shoes, there is just something about the dainty school shoes that will melt your hearts, case in point: this pair of BATA B.FIRST Girls School Shoes (available on Bata Singapore). This classic pair of school shoes are easy to wear and will look pretty on your princess’ little feet. These white school shoes in Singapore are even available in UK size 1, so they are suitable for your Primary 1 kids. Plus, they are also available in black and suitable to wear in schools which allow for black shoes.

2. BATA B.FIRST Unisex School Shoes 381X571

bata first unisex shoes where to buy school shoes
(Credit: Bata Singapore)

If your little one is not so active nor is keen on the dainty designs, fret not because BATA has a host of other designs that’ll appeal to them — like this BATA B.FIRST Unisex School Shoes 381X571 (available on Bata Singapore). This unisex design will give your child the perfect blend of comfort and support. Its firm heel counter will grip the ankle and will allow your child to run and play freely during recess while the wide toe box will also allow some wriggle room so toes don’t bunch up. You’ll also appreciate the easy-to-use, one-strap velcro that’ll enable your Primary 1 kid to independently wear his or her shoes during the morning school run. 

Where to buy school shoes with laces 

Are your seven-year-olds insisting on wearing shoes with laces? If your little ones have yet to master lace-tying, then fret not, you can still buy lace white school shoes for them in Singapore — just as long as you buy an accessory that helps with the lace tying!

Yes, we’re talking about using a shoelace toggle (available on yolandagoods.sg). These nifty toggles can help secure the laces on your child’s shoes once and for all. Get the ones in white and simply string the laces through the toggle to secure them.

3. BATA B.FIRST Kids Unisex School Shoes 381X005

where to buy school shoes bata bfirst unisex laces
(Credit: Bata Singapore)

Let your child rock the chunky shoe trend with this BATA B.FIRST Kids Unisex School Shoes 381X005 (available on Bata Singapore). The supported upper arch design, together with cushioning and waterproof material will be a reliable companion in your child’s everyday school adventures. It’s available in UK size 1 all the way up to UK size 13 and may just be your child’s school shoe of choice all through primary school.

4. BATA NORTH STAR Kids Unisex School Shoes 589X092

bata north star where to buy school shoes laces
(Credit: Bata Singapore)

Notice more and more school students wearing shoes like these? BATA is one of the trusted places when thinking of where to buy school shoes, as the brand has innovated with the times and is carrying designs that are loved by the youngsters of today! If you’re wondering where to buy similar school shoes for your little ones, then this BATA NORTH STAR Kids Unisex School Shoes 589X092 (available on Bata Singapore) will be right up your alley. These low cut shoes can be paired with ankle socks and come with a canvas outer layer that’ll be comfortable to wear in our warm weather. The rubber sole also provides a good grip for indoor surfaces, for example in indoor sports halls. However, note that canvas shoes are not recommended for running as it may not give the feet the stability it needs.

5. BATA NORTH STAR Kids Unisex School Shoes 581X046

bata white school shoes singapore north star
(Credit: Bata Singapore)

We couldn’t leave this chic pair of BATA NORTH STAR kids Unisex School Shoes 581X046  (available on Bata Singapore) out from this list of white school shoes in Singapore. Similar to the shoes above, this pair of school shoes are also made from canvas. However, the difference is that the back of the shoe is higher and gives added support to your child’s foot. If you’re looking for where to buy sneaker type school shoes then this design is perfect for small feet — from UK size 1 till UK size 5!

White school shoes, check! What’s next?

We hope this round-up of the best BATA shoes has given you a clearer idea of where to buy school shoes in Singapore. Next, get your kids ready for the new school term with cute stationery for kids and creative lunch box ideas. Don’t stop there! Help your kids concentrate at home with a dedicated study table for kids and take steps to design a conducive study room design for them to focus and complete their work in.

singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
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singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
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