Mom And Dad’s BFF: 15 Best Diaper Bags For All Travels

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To the mommies and daddies out there: if you ever find yourselves struggling to carry your baby essentials on the go, it’s a sign to get a diaper bag. It’s a must-have for parents to store everything from diapers and extra changes of clothes, to formula milk – essentially anything that might prepare you for your child’s needs while you’re out. So read on to find out about the best diaper bags to get in Singapore!

What to look out for when getting a diaper bag

best diaper bags singapore packing
(Credit: Sarah Chai / Pexels)

Storage is the biggest factor to look out for when getting a diaper bag. It’s imperative that you don’t just have enough space, but also sufficient compartments to store all your essentials in an organised manner. Next, durability and waterproof material is also something parents should look out for. Spills and messes are expected with their little ones, so it would make sense to have something strong and easy to wipe down.

Some of the best diaper bags in Singapore come with a foldable changing mat, as well as good insulation to keep refreshments and snacks cool. Finally, for those who want to repurpose their diaper bags for other daily uses, you might opt for ones that are more stylish or aesthetic in appearance.

Different types of diaper bags

Type of diaper bags Pros Cons Best for
Tote and messenger bags
  • Fashionable 
  • Unisex
  • Convenient
  • Easy to store
  • Straps might cause discomfort 
  • Short outings
  • Playdates
  • Hands-free
  • Many compartments
  • Unisex
  • Time-consuming to access contents
  • Less stylish, more casual
  • Day trips
  • Overseas travel
  • Amusement park outings
  • Camping
Stroller diaper bags
  • Compatible for strollers
  • Quick access
  • Versatile use
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Hard to match every stroller
  • Shopping
  • Running errands
  • Going to the park

Best diaper tote and messenger bags in Singapore

1. JuJuBe Super Be Diaper Bag

best diaper bags singapore jujube super be diaper bag
(Credit: Bumwear Official Store)

The JuJuBe Super Be Diaper Bag (available on Bumwear Official Store) is easily one of the best and roomiest diaper tote bags in Singapore – just look at it, it’s longer than your forearm! It’s got a generous amount of compartments, including large and small mesh pockets, and zip pockets to keep your belongings tucked away securely. Moreover, this JuJuBe Super Be Diaper Bag has a silver ion-treated interior, which means that it’s able to resist bacteria, mould, and mildew. It also makes for a good travel diaper bag as it’s highly stain resistant and spills just wipe right off.

This diaper tote bag is comfortable and easy to carry around, and can even be converted to a laptop bag for mummies and daddies. With fun designs ranging from Hello Kitty to Harry Potter-themed ones, parents can easily add a pop of colour to their daily fits. For more minimalistic designs, one can also consider solid-colour options from the JuJuBe Be Light line (available on Bumwear Official Store).

Dimensions: 457mm x 380mm x 140mm

2. Capella Mummy Tote Bag

best diaper bags singapore capella mummy tote bag
(Credit: Lucky Baby Official Store)

If you’re not afraid of splurging a little to suss out the best option out of all the diaper tote bags in Singapore, check out the Capella Mummy Tote Bag (available on Lucky Baby Official Store). Capella is one of South Korea’s leading stroller brands, and is known for its comfortable, yet quality accessories. In fact, the wide shoulder straps are designed to maximise comfort for the parents who use them. 

The Mummy Tote Bag only comes in two colours, black and grey, which can easily be paired with any style. Coupled with the extra wide opening of the bag for easy access to its contents, the multitude of handy pockets make it easy for parents to organise their baby essentials. This bag definitely covers the basics of what people look for in a good diaper bag!

Dimensions: 420mm x 280mm x 140mm

3. FLOCK THREE Wet Dry Bag

best diaper bags singapore flock three wet dry bag
(Credit: PUNKSTAR SHOP Official Store)

The FLOCK THREE Wet Dry Bag (available on PUNKSTAR SHOP Official Store) is one of the best diaper tote bags to get in Singapore if you’re looking for a budget option. Despite being one of the most affordable options on this list, it certainly doesn’t compromise on functionality. The FLOCK THREE Wet Dry Bag is made of water-resistant TPU, which makes it the perfect companion for beach outings because it can store swimming costumes and even soiled baby items. 

It comes in many adorable animal and tropical-themed patterns, and is also lightweight and easy to carry around. There’s also no need to worry about the capacity of this diaper tote bag as it can carry up to seven diapers!

Dimensions: 380mm x 300mm 

4. OiOi Carry All Nappy Bag in Tan

best diaper bags singapore oioi carry all nappy bag
(Credit: Bubsmamy)

Want to go fancy? Diaper tote bags now come in faux leather styles too! The OiOi Carry All Nappy Bag in Tan (available on Bubsmamy) is a stylish approach to the traditional diaper bag. Now, diaper bags can be both a helpful accessory for parents, as well as one that can elevate their appearances. In fact, the tan faux leather and metal zipper really help the user make a statement. 

The OiOi Carry All Nappy Bag can either be worn over the shoulder like a tote bag, or as a crossbody bag with the help of detachable straps. It can even be clipped onto your stroller if needed. Additionally, the OiOi bag has a large padded diaper changing mat that’s easy to wipe down, as well as an insulated bottle holder to keep drinks cool – all for the price of one!

Dimensions: 450mm x 280mm x 200mm

5. Doomoo Basics Nursery Bag 

best diaper bags singapore doomoo basics nursery
(Credit: Hatchery Cribs Official Store)

Introducing the Doomoo Basics Nursery Bag (available on Hatchery Cribs Official Store), the ultimate 2-in-1 diaper bag that takes convenience to a whole new level. This bag not only keeps all your baby essentials organised, but it can also transform into a carry cot and change station when needed. The change station provides a large surface area of 800mm by 350mm, making it easy to change your little one’s diapers whenever and wherever, while on the go. 

Plus, it comes with added bonuses like a pacifier case and baby stroller attachment straps, making it an even more helpful choice for parents. Whether you prefer slinging it over your shoulder or attaching it to a stroller, this messenger bag is designed to be functional and stylish for both moms and dads. So say goodbye to unnecessary weight and hello to stress-free travels with the Doomoo Basics Nursery Bag.

Dimensions: 350mm x 400mm x 50mm

Best diaper backpacks in Singapore

6. Bc Babycare Diaper Bag Backpack

best diaper bags singapore bc babycare diaper bag
(Credit: Bc Babycare Store)

With gorgeous designs that make the Bc Babycare Diaper Bag Backpack (available on Bc Babycare Store) look like literal artworks, there’s no doubt that they’re one of the best diaper bags in Singapore you’ll ever see. From watercolour paintings to bags that look like they’ve been air-brushed to perfection, Bc Babycare’s Diaper Bag Backpack is bound to keep you transfixed.

As one of the best diaper backpacks out there, its able to skilfully combine style and functionality. It has a whopping total of 15 functional pockets, ensuring that parents can stay organised on the go. It even features a dry-wet separation bag and a side tissue pocket for quick access to emergency supplies. 

Dimensions: 240mm x 370mm x 80mm, 260mm x 430mm x 80mm

7. Bebamour Baby Diaper Backpack

best diaper bags singapore bebamour baby diaper bag
(Credit: Bebamour Store)

Combining the French words for “baby” and “love”, Bebamour is a brand you can trust for products that are catered towards the comfort and needs of your child. Coupled with the numerous compartments, the cuboid structure of the Bebamour Baby Diaper Backpack (available on Bebamour Store) also makes the packing of your baby’s essentials a breeze – parents can store toys, milk bottles, books, and even Tupperware without worrying about them shifting around in the bag. 

The Bebamour diaper backpack is also waterproof and sturdy, guaranteeing durability for your everyday adventures

Dimensions: 320mm x 380mm x 150mm

8. Leocato Large Capacity Baby Diaper Bag

best diaper bags singapore leocato large capacity diaper bag
(Credit: Leocato)

Here’s another stylish diaper bag to get your hands on. The Leocato Large Capacity Baby Diaper Bag (avaialble on Leocato) is one of the best diaper bag backpacks you can get in Singapore, a must-have for fashion-forward parents on family outings. Available in different colours, this Leocato diaper bag is crafted with high-quality PU leather that elevates the overall appearance. 

Apart from top-notch aesthetics, this bag is also incredibly versatile, offering multiple carrying options as a messenger bag, backpack, or stroller attachment for hands-free convenience. 

Dimensions: 400mm x 300mm x 150mm

9. JUNSHINE Mummy Bag

junshine mummy bag
(Credit: Junshine Official Store)

For fans of pastels, the JUNSHINE Mummy Bag (available on Junshine Official Store) is going to catch your eye. It’s one of the best diaper bag backpacks and comes in the shades of pink, blue, grey, and purple. However, you can also opt for the classic black option, which is a good fit for almost any family outing or outfit. 

The JUNSHINE Mummy Bag is also a compact and simple bag designed for those who prefer less compartments. With just five inner pockets, this diaper bag backpack is just right for all of bub’s basic necessities. The lightweight diaper backpack also makes it an ideal travel companion where it can be used for outdoor activities like short nature treks. With the added convenience of a side tissue dispenser, you can also easily tackle unexpected messes while on the move. 

Dimensions: 340mm x 400mm x 190mm

10. Skip Hop Forma Backpack

skip hop forma backpack
(Credit: Skip Hop Official Store)

With the Skip Hop Forma Backpack (available on Skip Hop Official Store), parents can now also get in with the puffer trend. More than that, it has an extra-wide opening and has the capacity to fit a laptop, perfectly designed with the parent in mind. The diaper backpack straps are also padded to help reduce burden on one’s shoulders.

Furthermore, the cushioned changing pad and stroller straps are a thoughtful addition. But what makes the Skip Hop Forma Backpack one of the best and most unique diaper bag backpacks in Singapore is its two packing cubes that serve as handy organisers to keep all your essentials neatly sorted. 

Dimensions: 140mm x 160mm x 80mm

Best stroller diaper bags in Singapore

11. GOOSEKET Stroller Diaper Bag

gooseket stroller diaper bag
(Credit: GOOSEKET Official Mall)

Choosing a good diaper stroller bag is always tricky because of differing sizes and shapes. But with the GOOSEKET Stroller Diaper Bag (available on GOOSEKET Official Mall), you mummies and daddies won’t have to worry anymore. The stroller diaper bag’s design includes two adjustable double-sided velcro straps that can be attached to the stroller, while the whole product itself can even be converted into a diaper tote bag. You can easily adjust the size depending on your needs for the day!

But don’t be fooled by its minimalistic exterior, as this bag boasts ample interior and side pockets for all your essentials. This GOOSEKET stroller diaper bag is also packed with useful features – the interior buckle ensures that the bag remains securely closed, while the dumpling-like design provides better balance when attached to the stroller. 

Dimensions: 560mm x 400mm

12. Snapkis 2-In-1 Stroller Organiser & Tote

snapkis 2-in-1 stroller organiser
(Credit: Snapkis)

What might look like a simple stroller organiser might surprise you. The Snapkis 2-In-1 Stroller Organiser & Tote (available on Snapkis) has a sizable foldable pocket that provides more than enough storage capacity for all your essentials. This Snapkis organiser can even be converted into a convenient tote or shoulder bag – this would definitely come in handy in the event a parent might need to fold up or put away their stroller for a moment.

The Snapkis Stroller Organizer is also one of the best and more unique selections out there – its stretchable cup holders are an innovative feature that most diaper bags lack. That’ll not only ensure that your bottles are within reach, but also very secure.

Dimensions: 350mm x 100mm x 200mm

13. Sunveno Baby Stroller Organizer

sunveno baby stroller organiser
(Credit: Sunveno Official Store)

The Sunveno Baby Stroller Organizer (on Sunveno Official Store) is one of the best diaper bags in Singapore because of how it’s designed to fit your stroller. With the adjustable straps and a triangular structure, this travel diaper bag snugly fits against the back of the stroller. The mesh pockets in the front and sides also allow you to easily see its contents. It’s also made out of sturdy polyester,  ensuring that the stroller diaper bag is durable and waterproof. 

Like some of the other best diaper bags on this list, the Sunveno Baby Stroller Organiser also has a front tissue pocket to make cleaning messes more convenient. Coupled with the numerous compartments, this organiser is your best bet for ultimate convenience.

Dimensions: 320mm x 390mm x 340mm

14. Insular Baby Stroller Organizer Bag 

insular baby stroller organiser
(Credit: Little Kooma Official Store)

For parents and guardians looking for something that’s compact and light for your stroller, the Insular Baby Stroller Organizer Bag (available on Little Kooma Official Store) is perfect for the job! It’s a great organiser to store your baby’s utensils, bibs, pacifiers, diapers, and other essentials. With side compartments that can accommodate up to two milk bottles, you can also conveniently carry everything you need. 

The denim design also adds a touch of simplicity and style to this functional stroller diaper bag. Additionally, the detachable strap allows you to convert it into a small handbag or tote, offering flexibility and convenience. 

Dimensions: 272mm x 167mm x 49mm

15. Nikidom Stroller Organiser Bag 

nikidom stroller organiser
(Credit: Baby Central Singapore Official Store)

Introducing the Nikidom Stroller Organiser Bag (available on Baby Central Singapore Official Store), a sleek and practical solution for keeping your belongings and baby essentials organised while on the go. This bag securely snaps onto your stroller’s handlebars with strong magnets, providing easy access to your items. The d-rings are also perfect for hanging keys or hand sanitisers, for quick and convenient use. 

Depending on your style preference or the appearance of your stroller, feel free to choose from the shades of black, heather grey, coral pink, ocean, or sand. And although the exterior may appear simple, the interior actually hides numerous pockets to keep everything in its place. It’s also compatible with most strollers, making the Nikidom Stroller Organiser Bag perfect for parents seeking both functionality and style.

Dimensions: 330mm x 200mm x 100mm

Make sure you’re all set for the next family day out with the best diaper bags in Singapore

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to your packing needs, or just a quick fix so that you can bring along only the bare essentials, we’ve got you covered! It’s always good to be prepared for the wants and needs of your little ones, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best diaper bags in Singapore for you. You can also pair it with the best baby strollers and the best baby wipes to make sure you’re ready for anything.