Bottoms Up! 22 Best Water Dispensers For Clean, Healthy Water

wells white water dispenser on a kitche countertop next to windows

While Singapore is blessed with potable tap water, most households still rely on boiling them to get rid of potential bacteria and chemical nasties. Even though trusty ol’ kettles may suffice, nothing quite beats the convenience that a water dispenser can give. Need a glass of ice cold water to beat the heat or feel peckish for a bowl of instant noodles? You won’t need to wait for it to boil and cool down with a water dispenser at your service. If you’re looking for one for your countertop, read on for our roundup of the best water dispensers in Singapore!

The difference between water dispenser, water filter and water purifier

white water dispenser and on-tap water filter

The terms water dispenser, water filter, and water purifier are often used interchangeably, which is why it’s common to get confused between the three. While the three aren’t the same, they are not mutually exclusive. For instance, water dispensers often come with in-built water filters or purifiers to dispense clean, healthy water. To understand them better, check out the table below!

Type Purpose How it works
Water dispenser Convenient access to clean, healthy water at multiple temperatures  Uses instant boil technology or/and filtration systems to dispense clean water at different temperatures 
Water filter Comes in the form of pitchers and on-tap installments to filter tap water Uses physical barriers like fine mesh to filter out physical impurities
Water purifier For eliminating chemicals and viruses that may be present in tap water Uses multiple layers of filters and chemicals to kill viruses or UV to treat pathogens

How do I choose a water dispenser?

white water dispenser on wooden table
(Credit: Futur Living Official Store)

While water dispensers may seem straightforward, there are a host of factors to consider when choosing one. From space-saving designs, water filtration capabilities to maintenance requirements, here’s what you need to look out for during your search.

  • Space

Before buying a water dispenser, be sure to check how much countertop space you have to spare and look out for the dispenser’s dimensions. If you have limited space, we highly recommend checking out the best tankless water dispensers in Singapore that feature slim, compact designs. Tankless water dispensers use a piped-in water source, which not only saves space but also saves you the manual work of refilling water to a tank. 

  • Water filtration capabilities

One of the main advantages of having a water dispenser is having clean water that’s free of harmful chemicals and bacteria readily available. That’s why if you’re investing in one, you should definitely read up about its water filtration capabilities. On top of eliminating bacteria, the best dispensers in Singapore can also effectively filter out heavy metals like lead and chemicals like chlorine. (You’d have to boil water for more than 15 minutes to effectively remove chlorine!)

  • Maintenance requirements

The best water dispensers in Singapore don’t come cheap, which is why most of us would want to avoid having to shell out further for frequent maintenance. That said, it is important to keep your tanks clean and free of limescale buildup. To curb this issue, get a trusty one with self-cleaning features like UV-C LED which helps to eliminate bacteria and germs or steriliser modules to minimise the need for maintenance. It is also helpful to have a dispenser that indicates the filter lifespan to ensure that your water is effectively cleaned all year round!

Best tankless water dispensers in Singapore (2022)

Tankless water dispensers are, you guessed it – water dispensers without tanks. It uses piped-in water from a water source to dispense clean water. Apart from saving a ton of space, tankless water dispensers are also less likely to be contaminated as they are equipped with robust water filtration systems and self-cleaning functions. That said, tankless water dispensers need to be connected to a water source which means they can only be placed in the kitchen and not your study room or bedroom. They also tend to be on the pricier side compared to tank water dispensers, so be prepared to set aside a budget for it. 

1. Sterra S Tankless Water Purifier

sterra s dark grey tankless water dispenser on glass table
(Credit: Sterra SG)

Sterra is one of the top brands when it comes to 2022’s best water dispensers in Singapore, offering quality options that have been endorsed by many. If you’re looking one that is space-saving, the Sterra S Tankless Water Purifier (available on Sterra SG) rocks a slim, minimalist design that fits neatly on your countertop. 

In terms of filtration capability, it boasts a 4-stage filtration system that helps to remove any bacteria, chlorine, particles and odours. This ensures that the water you drink is clean and healthy all the time. Another feature we love is the electric steriliser module which allows the Sterra water dispenser to self-clean. This reduces the hassle of scheduling it for maintenance, and saves you some cost in the long run too. 

2. CUCKOO Prince Top Lite Water Purifier Dispenser

rose gold cuckoo prince lite water dispenser best water dispensers singapore
(Credit: CUCKOO SINGAPORE Official Store)

If you’re used to telling Siri to do everything for you, you’d love the CUCKOO Prince top Lite Water Purifier (available on CUCKOO SINGAPORE Official Store) which can be operated using voice command. It supports not just one but three languages including English, Mandarin, and Malay, which makes it a breeze to operate. While most water dispensers are limited to set volumes of water, the CUCKOO water dispenser allows you to dispense any amount with just the click of a button.

We absolutely adore its rose gold exterior that adds a touch of luxe to your kitchen countertop. It is also super slim and compact, which frees up space for other appliances on your wish list like the best waffle makers and the best air fryers in Singapore!

3. Aqua Kent AK Pearl Tankless Water Dispenser

Aqua Kent AK Pearl Tankless Water Dispenser
(Credit: Aqua Kent Singapore Official)

While water dispensers are lauded for their convenience, installation and maintenance can be a chore. But that need not be the case if you get the Aqua Kent AK Pearl Tankless Water Dispenser (available on Aqua Kent Singapore Official) which comes with free delivery, installation services, and three free filter replacement services! With these, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the constant stream of H2O it brings.

As one of the best tankless water dispensers in Singapore, the Aqua Kent AK Pearl is also the most affordable option that comes with nano membrane filtration to effectively remove bacteria. Its 4-stage filtration system also includes a post activated carbon filter, which removes chlorine and odour. What’s more, it comes with a free HEPA air purifier which makes this the ultimate value-for-money purchase!

4. Ruhens Tankless Water Dispenser

ruhens pink tankless water purifier best water dispenser singapore
(Credit: Ruhens SG 루헨스)

If you’re concerned that a bulky water dispenser might ruin your pretty kitchen aesthetics, worry no more. The Ruhens V Series Tankless Water Purifier Dispenser (available on Ruhens SG 루헨스) will fit right in with its sleek design and fresh colours like bubblegum pink, white, silver, and black. It also comes with eco-mode which helps to reduce power consumption by 30% so it won’t be racking up your bills!

To take things up a notch, the Ruhens water dispenser makes maintenance easy with a UV automated sterilisation feature for self-cleaning. The filter change indicator also eliminates the guesswork by notifying you whenever the water filter needs to be replaced. Its faucets are also removable and adjustable, so you can dismantle them easily for washing. 

5. Wells Tankless Water Purifier

white wells water purifier best water dispenser singapore
(Credit: Wells)

Seasoned mums will know that the optimal water temperature for making baby milk formula is 40 degree celsius. However, with the number of things you’d have to keep track of with a newborn, the extra step of cooling water down to the right temperature can be a burdensome chore. Make your life easier with the Wells True Tankless Water Purifier (available on Wells), one of the best water dispensers in Singapore in 2022 that dispenses water in five different temperatures, including an option for baby milk powder.

You can be assured that the water it provides is clean and healthy with its nine step filtration system. This includes a multi-carbon filter and nano clean filter that eliminates seven types of heavy metals, chlorine, and 35 different types of microorganisms. This nifty gadget not only adds convenience to your daily lives, but also keeps your health in check!

6. STAR Water Purifier

STAR Water Purifier best water dispenser singapore
(Credit: Futur Living Official Store)

We can’t write a list about the best water dispensers in Singapore without mentioning the STAR Water Purifier (available on Futur Living Official Store), which boasts a robust 8-stage water filtration process. On top of removing dirt, heavy metals, chemicals, odour, and bacteria, it has a cellulose stage that produces fibre in water that helps with digestion. After that, the water goes through a mineral stage that adds sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium to ensure that your body is not just hydrated, but replenished with essential minerals. Furthermore, the STAR Water Purifier comes with a self-cleaning system with UV light that cleans the nozzle every 15 minutes so you won’t have to wipe it down yourself!

7. RASLOK HCM-T1 Water Purifier

raslok water dispenser
(Credit: RASLOK Official Shop)

If you’re worried about water dispensers jacking up your electricity bills, get the RASLOK Water Purifier with UV Sterilisation (available on RASLOK Official Shop) which comes with an energy saving system powered by a smart sensor. This sensor turns the power off when it senses that there is no light around it, which saves energy in the long run. The Raslok Water Dispenser also boasts a 5-stage water filtration system, which includes a UF membrane which filters out bacteria and viruses, as well as filters for sediment, active carbon. It also features a filter life indicator, which tells you when to change the filter at a glance. 

8. Apure Titan Water Purifier Dispenser

 Apure Titan Water Purifier Dispenser in white
(Credit: apuresg)

All about clean, minimalist aesthetics? Then the all-white Apure Titan Water Purifier Dispenser (available on apuresg) will be right up your alley. It is one of the best tankless alkaline water dispensers in Singapore that is equipped with UV pure technology and a 6-stage filtration process to give you the cleanest water.

Apart from three temperature modes, you can also choose between three volumes of water to dispense. This includes 220ml that’s just nice for a mug of water, and also 1000ml to refill your water bottle. Furthermore, it sports an LED display that shows the time, doubling up as a clock in your kitchen! 

9. Happie’s Joy Water Purifier

happie's joy water purifier
(Credit: Happie Official Store)

There’s no need to fret over the lack of space when you’ve got one of the best tankless water dispensers in Singapore this 2022! Measuring below 17cm, the Happie’s Joy Water Purifier (available on Happie Official Store) is as wide as the length of two credit cards! You’ll definitely have more than sufficient counter space for this Happie water dispenser. 

This Happie water dispenser also features a stealth electrolysis technology that efficiently cleans all water channels and even the filters within. It also purifies the water by removing all sorts of bacteria, chlorine, metal, rust and more! But the best thing about the electrolysis process in this Happie water dispenser is how it allows the water dispenser to be self-preserving. The sterilisation helps prolong the lifespan of the water filters. So what used to last for six months can potentially last longer!

Best tabletop water dispensers in Singapore (2022)

Tabletop water dispensers refer to traditional water dispensers that dispense water from a water tank. They are relatively affordable and often come with essential features like water purifying capabilities and multiple temperature options. Since they have a tank to store water, they can be placed away from a water source for more convenient access. However, tabletop water dispensers are bulkier and require more effort to maintain.   

10. Sterra X Tabletop Water Purifier

sterra x water dispenser on wooden kitchen countertop
(Credit: Sterra SG)

For night owls who need to grab a drink at midnight but don’t want to wake the entire family up, the Sterra X Tank Tabletop Water Purifier (available on Sterra SG) is the best dispenser in Singapore for you as it operates quietly. Furthermore, it keeps things simple with just two separate taps for hot water at 95 degrees celsius and cold water at four degrees celsius. 

Even though it is not tankless, there’s no need to top up water as the Sterra X connects directly to your water supply and automatically replenishes the tank whenever needed. It’s ideal for those with large families, as you won’t have to top up water a dozen times just to stay hydrated.

11. Tecno Instant Water Dispenser

black tecno water dispenser dispensing water into a glass
(Credit: Tecno Official Store)

Tea connoisseurs will appreciate how the Tecno Instant Hot Water Dispenser (available on Tecno Official Store) has an extensive selection of seven different temperature options. This is ideal for steeping different types of tea leaves as they each have their own optimal temperature to get the best brew. For instance, black tea and herbal tea should be brewed with boiling water at 100 degree celsius, while white tea and green tea are best brewed with water at 80 to 85 degree celsius.

Apart from temperature selection, the Tecno water dispenser is equipped with the STRIX water filter which features fine mesh to filter out particles and activated carbon to remove chlorine, pesticides, and herbicides. In addition, it only takes five seconds to prepare water of any temperature – even boiling water – which is great for busy folks!

12. Aerogaz Premium Digital Water Dispenser

black aerogaz instant boil water dispenser
(Credit: aerogaz Official Store)

The best water dispensers in Singapore don’t always cost a fortune. Case in point: the Aerogaz Premium Digital Water Dispenser (available on aerogaz Official Store) that comes in at just below $90 – a huge fraction of its competitors, but not a fraction in terms of quality and convenience. 

It is a no-frills option that is equipped with instant boil technology. Simply add water into the tank and it’ll be boiled instantly within five to 10 seconds! You won’t have to wait for it to cool either, as the aerogaz water dispenser is able to dispense water out immediately in seven different temperatures. This includes boiling hot water for your instant noodles, 85 degrees celsius that’s ideal for brewing oolong tea, and room temperature for clocking in hydration. It also sports a big LED display that indicates the volume of water left so you won’t have to open up to check!

13. Toyomi Filtered Water Dispenser

toyomi white water dispenser with black lcd screen best water dispenser singapore
(Credit: Toyomi Singapore Official Store)

According to WebMD, there’s a slew of health benefits you can reap from drinking mineral water such as improved heart health and better digestion. That’s why the Toyomi Instant Boil Filtered Water Dispenser (available on Toyomi Singapore Official Store) stands out as one of the best water dispensers in Singapore. On top of its robust six stage water filter, the Toyomi water dispenser also re-mineralises water by adding elements like iron, zinc, and magnesium, which are important minerals that our body needs. 

The best part? This bad boy comes with an affordable price tag of only $179. For those who aren’t ready to splurge, this is a great starter option to go for. It also sports essential features like a child safety lock to keep those with the young ‘uns at ease, as well as a low water volume alarm to remind you to refill it. 

14. Philips Filtered Water Dispenser

philips filtered water dispenser white
(Credit: Philips Water Official Store)

Philips is a renowned household brand that offers value-for-money appliances, and their range of water dispensers are no different. The Philips Filtered Water Dispenser (available on Philips Certified Store) proves to be a worthy contender for the best affordable water dispensers in Singapore with its host of capabilities. Apart from instant heating, it is also equipped with the AquaShield all-in-one RO filtration which removes 110 types of harmful substances like lead, chlorine and pesticides that may exist in tap water.

The Philips water dispenser also uses UV-LED as a second line of defence, further eliminating bacteria both in the water and the water tank. It allows you to choose from four temperature options from ambient to 95°C for your instant drinks like Nestea and cup noodles.  

15. CUCKOO Fusion Top Water Purifier

monochrome CUCKOO Fusion Top Water Purifier best dispenser singapore
(Credit: CUCKOO SINGAPORE Official Store)

It’s not hard to see why the CUCKOO Fusion Top Water Purifier (available on CUCKOO SINGAPORE Official Store) is one of the best water dispensers in Singapore with its stylish design and solid features. Its white black finish adds a modern touch to your kitchen, and its antibacterial stainless steel water tank is definitely a standout compared to regular countertop options.

In terms of filtration capabilities, the CUCKOO Fusion Top Water Purifier doesn’t disappoint with its 6-stage filtration system with four filters. This includes a nano positive filter that removes harmful substances like heavy metals while preserving natural minerals. 

16. Cornell Water Purifier Instant Dispenser

Cornell Water Purifier Instant Dispenser
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official Store)

In Singapore, clean water flows freely from our taps and shortage is an issue most of us don’t think about. However, water is still a scarce resource that we should conserve. Apart from taking shorter showers and washing clothes on full load, you can also reduce water wastage with the Cornell Water Purifier Instant Dispenser (available on Cornell Singapore Official Store). It is one of the best water dispensers in Singapore that allows you to reuse waste water with its reverse osmosis filter that purifies them.

If you’re unsure if the water is clean enough to drink, simply check the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) indicator on the Cornell water dispenser. As long as it is within 1 to 15, you can consume it with a peace of mind.

17. VIOMI Water Dispenser

white VIOMI Water Dispenser
(Credit: Dasher)

On days when you’re too caught up with work at your desk, the distance from your bedroom to the kitchen can seem like a mile away. If you’ve not been drinking enough water because of that, cue the VIOMI Water Dispenser (available on Dasher) that you can place in your bedroom to keep water supply at arm’s reach. Equipped with a 2L water tank, it’s sufficient for an entire day’s water intake so you won’t have to skedaddle to the kitchen for a refill. This also helps you keep track of whether you’ve drank sufficient H2O easily.

While the Viomi water dispenser does not come with filtration capabilities, it offers five temperature modes including room temperature, 50 degree celsius, 80 degree celsius for instant drinks, 90 degree celsius for tea, and 100 degree celsius for a piping hot bowl of cup noodles. All these at $69.90? What a steal!

18. BRUNO Hot Water Dispenser

bruno hot water dispenser in lavender
(Credit: BRUNO Official Store)

Love BRUNO kitchen appliances? The BRUNO Hot Water Dispenser is now available in the dreamiest shade of lavender! Spruce up your countertop with this pretty and functional water dispenser that saves you the chore of boiling water with its fast heating function – within three seconds, you’ll have piping hot water ready to prepare your morning cuppa. Apart from instant hot water, you can also choose from five temperature settings. Whether it’s the best temperature for baby formula or room temperature for casual drinking, the BRUNO hot water dispenser has them ready in a jiffy!

Best alkaline water dispensers in Singapore (2022)

Alkaline water refers to water with a higher pH level (above 7). It is believed to be healthier as it can act as an antioxidant to neutralise harmful free radicals. Alkaline water dispensers allow an electric current to pass through the water to increase its pH level, thereby dispensing alkaline water. We recommend getting an alkaline water dispenser that has both pure and alkaline water options for a more balanced intake.

19. AmGlow Touchscreen Hot & Cold Tabletop Dispenser

amglow water dispenser in black
(Credit: AmGlow Official Store)

If you’re looking to reap the health benefits that alkaline water claims to offer such as lowering blood pressure and improving bone health, get the AmGlowTouchscreen Tabletop Water Dispenser (available on AmGlow Official Store). It is equipped with an alkaline water filter and ultrafiltration capabilities to provide healthy drinking water that’s rid of germs, chlorine, and bacteria. 

Size wise, the AmGlow water dispenser is smaller than most of its counterparts, which makes it a viable option for those with limited kitchen space. It also comes with two extra sets of replacement filters so your purchase will last you at least two years.

20. Novita Countertop Water Purifier

novita countertop water purifier silver best water dispenser singapore
(Credit: novita Official Store)

While tankless and alkaline water dispensers can easily set you back by a thousand, the novita Countertop Water Purifier (available on novita Official Store) is one of the best affordable dispensers in Singapore that those on a budget can consider. It also helps you stretch your savings further as it does not require electricity to operate. Simply turn the control knob to dispense water with ease! 

Furthermore, it sports a smart filter replacement timer which helps you track the filter lifespan and prompts you when it is due for replacement. For alkaline water, simply opt for the Hydroplus Alkaline Antioxidant Water filter at no extra cost. Overall, the novita water dispenser is one of the best tankless water dispensers in Singapore that doesn’t compromise on features.

21. LivingCare Water Dispenser

livingcare jewel series water dispenser in mint green
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

To achieve that picture-perfect kitchen, the Livingcare Water Dispenser (available on Gain City Official Store) is one that you’d want to show off to your guests. Available in pastel colours like mint green and baby pink, it’d fit seamlessly with your scandinavian reno and SMEG kitchen appliances. For those with a more industrial or monochrome aesthetic, go for the black or white options instead.

That’s not all – the Livingcare water dispenser isn’t just beauty without brains, as proven by its self-cleaning function, tankless feature, and motorless alkaline dispenser. Furthermore, it has an energy-saving mode that ensures zero power consumption when the appliance is idle. It is also one of the best tankless and alkaline water dispensers in Singapore that offers seven hot and cold temperatures as well as unlimited quantity selection to meet your household needs.


aox compac o2+ water dispenser
(Credit: AOX Singapore Official Store)

There’s no hiding the fact that the AOX Compac O2 (available on AOX Singapore Official Store) is an expensive appliance, but its technology, state-of-the-art design, and features surely makes the price a justifiable one. 

Not just a mere alkaline water dispenser, the AOX Compac O2 packs a punch with other useful features like the built-in active oxygen steriliser. Active oxygen contains negative ions that help to eliminate viruses, allergens, and bacteria. Simply insert the oxygen tube into a bowl of water and you can use it to sterilise baby milk bottles, kitchen utensils, and even your hands or the air. It can also detox meat and vegetables as well as produce clean water for dental care, treating cuts, and even washing your face! That’s why the AOX water dispenser is one of the best alkaline and tankless water purifiers in Singapore money can buy. 

Overview of the best water dispensers in Singapore (sorted by price)

Water dispenser Dimensions (mm) Tank size Features Price Best for
Viomi Water Dispenser 297 x 265 x 123 2L Instant boil and 5 temperature modes $69.90 Bedroom usage
Aerogaz Premium Digital Instant Water Dispenser 210 x 450 x 400 2.3L Instant boil technology and LED display $89 Bargain hunters
Toyomi Instant Boil Filtered Water Dispenser 355 x 252 x 410 4.5L Re-mineralising capabilities  $160 Healthy mineral water 
Tecno Instant Water Dispenser 190 x 260 x 335 4L 7 temperature selection and fine mesh filter $178 Tea lovers
BRUNO Hot Water Dispenser 115 x 301 x 290 2.5L Instant heating and 5 temperature modes $199 Pastel aesthetics
Cornell Water Purifier Instant Dispenser 200 X 450 X 387 6L Reverse osmosis filter and TDS indicator $549 Reducing water wastage
Novita Countertop Water Purifier Dispenser 115 x 436 x 341 Tankless Zero electricity consumption and alkaline water filter $599 Energy saving
Philips Filtered Water RO Dispenser 232 x 250 x 424 4L UV-LED and filter change reminders  $799 Value-seeking Singaporeans
Sterra X Tabletop Water Purifier 300 x 365 x 520 3.8L (cold), 1.5L (hot) Silent operation and automated tank refill  $979 – $1077 Large families
Raslok HCM T-1 Water Purifier Dispenser 390 x 180 x 410 Tankless Smart eco sensor and filter lifetime indicator $999 – $1019 Eco-conscious folks
Aqua Kent AK Pearl Tankless Water Dispenser 520 x 180 x 450 Tankless Self-cleaning system with UV sterilisation $1588 Easy maintenance 
CUCKOO Fusion Top Water Purifier 260 x 480 x 500 3.4L Antibacterial water tank and nano positive filter $1599 Clean, mineralised water
AmGlow Tabletop Dispenser 210 x 450 x 400 1.5L (cold), 1L (hot) Alkaline water filter $1648 Unlimited access to alkaline water
Sterra S Tankless Water Purifier 509 x 182 x 403 Tankless Electric sterliser module for self-cleaning $1665 Low maintenance
Happie’s Joy Water Purifier 168 x 517 x419 Tankless Stealth electrolysis technology to sterilise water and internal parts of machine $1,888 Unlimited access to clean, sterilised water
Wells True Tankless Water Purifier 190 x 495 x 430 Tankless Baby milk powder course and 7 stage filtration system $1980 Busy, working parents
CUCKOO Prince Top Lite Water Purifier 468 x 170 x 408 Tankless Voice command $2188 – $2288 Easy, hands-free navigation
Ruhens V Series Tankless Water Dispenser 514 x 160 x 432 Tankless UV automated sterilisation and filter change indicator $2430 – $2500 Aesthetic kitchens
Livingcare Water Dispenser 130 x 390 x 320 Tankless Self-cleaning function $2488 Smaller countertops
AOX Compac O2+ 244 x 240 x 390 Tankless Active oxygen steriliser and alkaline water dispenser $2799 Easy sterilisation 

Stay hydrated with the best water dispensers in Singapore

With trusty water dispensers that provide clean, filtered, or even alkaline water, you’d never have to skip that eight glasses of water because you’re too lazy to boil them. Get the best deals at our 9.9 Super Shopping Day, and enjoy 0% instalment plans and one year warranty with Shopee Home Appliances! For those who prefer to save on countertop space, check out the best water filters in Singapore for an alternative. Meanwhile, those who are always on-the-go can get one of the best water bottles in Singapore to stay refreshed throughout the day! 

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