7 Baby Gyms In Singapore That Your Little Ones Will Love

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Every child on a journey of self-discovery deserves a place where they can explore their full potential — while having heaps of fun while doing it! A baby gym is a great place to start, where toddlers and kids can try out new activities, become stronger and make new friends. Baby gyms in Singapore offer a range of activities such as gymnastics and interactive play spaces with slides and swings so your child can have fun tumbling about (under close supervision, of course). Crawling through tunnels and bouncing on trampolines will surely excite your little one and kick start their emotional and cognitive development. Check out these 7 baby gyms in Singapore that we’re sure your little ones will love! 

Best baby gyms in Singapore for interactive play

1. Power Kids Gym 

baby gyms in singapore power kids gym
(Credit: Power Kids Gym/Facebook)

One of the pioneers in the children’s gym industry, Power Kids Gym is a popular baby gym in Singapore offering a variety of programs for children from 4 months old. Designed by experts, these activities aim to enhance physical strength, balance and motor skills. Each physical activity is also unique and customized to suit the needs of each child! 

Check out the Sliders and Crawlers classes for young toddlers. Designed for babies 4-10 months old, the Sliders class develops basic physical abilities through activities like climbing, tumbling and stretching with tunnels and slides. Colorful, sensory toys are used to aid sensory development while keeping your young ones fascinated! The Crawlers class has babies from 11-17 months old undergoing more advanced training to strengthen muscles and grip while building social skills. These parent-accompanied playgroups are also a great way to bond with your little one and create lasting memories together! 

Address: UE Square, 81 Clemenceau Avenue, #02-12 S(239917)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Thur, Sat: 9am – 6pm
Closed on Fridays and Sundays
Price: Contact Power Kids Gym for detailed class prices

2. The Little Gym 

baby gym singapore the little gym
(Credit: The Little Gym/Facebook)

If your child needs a safe space to express themselves while developing themselves physically, The Little Gym is the place for you. At this baby gym in Singapore, children can participate in martial arts, dance and gymnastics led by trained instructors. Hopefully, they’ll grow more confident, make new friends and be more independent! 

Suitable for infants and toddlers, the Bugs class for babies from 4-10 months old and Birds class for toddlers from 10-19 months old focuses on 3D learning to improve physical strength, spatial and perceptual awareness, and promote early socialization. These classes will definitely keep children challenged, with weekly milestones to achieve at each stage of growth. Parents are more than welcome to tag along and celebrate these amazing discoveries with your precious ones! 

West outlet: FORUM The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road #B1-24, S(238884)
East outlet: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #03-163/164, S(039594)
Opening Hours: Contact Little Gym for opening hours
Price: Contact Little Gym for detailed class prices. 

3. Bubbles Gymnastics

baby gyms in singapore bubbles gymnastics
(Credit: Bubbles Gymnastics/Facebook)

Looking for a baby gym and gymnastics class in Singapore for your bright-eyed, active toddler? Look no further — Bubbles Gymnastics caters to active climbers above a year old, with custom activities to impart gymnastics techniques. Besides physical skills, Bubbles Gymnastics also aims to shape every child’s individual development in a fun and safe environment. 

For toddlers from 1 to 3 years old, the Gym Tots Program is a great introductory programme for young children and parents. The class begins with “free exploration” time assisted by trained coaches, followed by a circle time routine with warm-ups, songs and dance, and a final circuit to train basic gymnastics skills. Parents are also encouraged to stretch during warm-ups and participate wherever possible! Apart from gymnastics training, coaches will hand out hand apparatus to help your young ones learn key hand-eye coordination skills. Experience bubbles of fun with tons of exciting gymnastics classes and activities for toddlers in Singapore! 

Address: 200 Turf Club Rd, #02-04, S(287994)
Opening Hours:
Mon, Fri: 10am – 7pm
Tues: 10am – 7:30pm
Wed: 2:30pm – 7pm
Thurs: 9:30am – 7pm
Sat: 9am – 4pm
Sun: 3pm – 6:30pm
Price: Contact Bubbles Gymnastics for detailed class prices

4. Tumble Joy Gymnastics  

baby gyms in singapore tumble joy gymnastics
(Credit: @tumblejoygymnastics/Instagram)

Babies will definitely stumble and fall as they learn how to walk and run — which is why balance, coordination and determination are important skills they should master. At Tumble Joy Gym, structured gymnastics classes for toddlers are offered in a safe and nurturing environment. With trampolines, a sponge pit, rock wall and other gymnastics equipment, Tumble Joy Gym is definitely one of the most well-equipped baby gyms in Singapore! 

The Parent and Baby Program ($429/pax, with $55 one-time registration fee) for 11 lessons is a perfect platform for babies to explore movement and balance with parents’ support. Besides motor skills, your little ones can develop confidence and social skills as they make their first friends! 

Address: Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, #B1-11/12, S(528523)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Thur: 1pm – 7:30pm
Fri: 5 – 7pm
Sat: 9:30am – 7pm
Sun: 9:30am – 6pm
Price: $429/pax (11 lessons) for Parent and Baby Program, $55 one-time registration fee 

5. BearyFun Gym 

baby gyms in singapore beary fun gym
(Credit: BearyFun Gym)

Specializing in preschool gymnastics movement, BearyFun Gym offers gymnastics classes for toddlers in Singapore that combine a skills-based approach with a play-based one. Classes have structured instructions and practice opportunities for dynamic exploration through play. This is also one of the most accessible baby gyms in Singapore with outlets located islandwide!

The Bubbly class suited for 4-year old toddlers includes fun and energetic activities like fitness circuits to help young ones learn movement and build courage. Fret not about your little one’s safety as each class is supervised closely with safety measures in place. What’s more, BearyFun Gym also has a trial class ($50/pax) so your little one can explore the best classes for him or her before deciding on a program!

Address: Various branches islandwide
Opening Hours: Varies across different outlets
Price: Trial class at $50/pax. Contact BearyFun Gym for detailed pricing for individual classes 

6. My Gym

baby gyms in singapore my gym singapore
(Credit: My Gym Singapore/Facebook)

My Gym is widely hailed as a baby gym in Singapore that provides one of the best early childhood education curriculums. In particular, their gym programme focuses on helping children reach developmental milestones while enhancing overall social, cognitive and physical skills. This is the perfect place to give your little one a head start in their development! 

For 3 – 7 month old toddlers, check out the Little Bundles Program at My Gym which blends fun and learning through specially designed enrichment activities to enhance physical and cognitive development. Being a parent-assisted class, you can look forward to seeing your child take notice of their surroundings, make adorable vocal sounds or even sit up on their own! The Tiny Tykes class takes it up a notch, with new stimulating activities for babies aged 7 – 11 months old where they will learn to sit up with their arms, clap and walk about. Get ready to hear your little one to utter their first adorable “mama” or “papa” for the first time!  

Address: 6 branches islandwide
Opening Hours: Varies across different outlets
Price: Trial classes at $55/pax. Contact My Gym for detailed pricing for individual classes 

7. Bazgym Gymnastics 

baby gyms in singapore bazgym gymnastics
(Credit: Bazgym Gymnastics School/Facebook)

An award-winning school specializing in gymnastics and pre-school programmes, Bazgym Gymnastics offers customized gymnastic classes for toddlers in Singapore with dynamic action-packed gym classes. 

Have a look at the Mini Bear Programme for older toddlers aged 3-4 years old (from $562/pax) for 11 lessons — as a parent-participation class, you’ll be able to spend time with your kid while they proceed with lessons at their own pace. This class is designed to broaden childrens’ spatial awareness and develop basic movement skills through a fun approach. With a myriad of activities involving trampolines, balance beams to hoops, this is an exciting class that will thrill your little one! Do note that SAFRA members also enjoy an additional 5% off class fees and registration. For those who are looking to try things out before signing up for an official programme, trial lessons are priced affordably ($45/pax)! 

Punggol outlet: SAFRA Punggol Club, 9 Sentul Crescent #04-01, S(828654)
Jurong outlet: SAFRA Jurong Club, 333 Boon Lay Way #3C-01, S(649848)
Opening Hours: Contact Bazgym Gymnastics for detailed operating hours
Price: Trial classes at $45/pax, Mini Bear Programme from $562/pax with $50 one-time registration fee (non-SAFRA members) 

Facilitate physical and cognitive development for your toddlers with these baby gyms in Singapore 

With such a wide range of baby gyms in Singapore to choose from, you can keep your little ones busy with learning motor skills, enhancing physical development, and making their first new friends. Looking for other ways to enhance your child’s cognitive development from young? Check out these indoor playgrounds in Singapore to bring your kids for an adrenaline rush, while allowing them to gain spatial awareness through organic play! In addition, you can try out these sensory activities for toddlers to hone your child’s senses and motor skills. For first-time parents, do check out these useful parenting tips for toddlers if you’re feeling lost!