13 Thoughtful Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas In Singapore That Go Beyond Red Pens

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(Credit: Netease Yanxuan Official Store , Barefeet Studio)

September is just around the corner and so is Teacher’s Day. Do you have a child who’s schooling or are you attending a course taught by an instructor? Be sure to take this time to appreciate the teachers with a thoughtful Teacher’s Day gift that goes beyond the usual red pens. Take a clue from their interests — is he or she a sports lover? A bookworm or a foodie? There must be something they’ve let slip in class that could give you a hint. And if that doesn’t help, we’ve done the work for you — here are some practical Teacher’s Day gift ideas in Singapore that will impress all teachers.

1. Stojo Cup

stojo teacher's day gift ideas singapore
(Credit: Stojo Official Store)

Think your teacher might be attempting to get on the bandwagon of green, sustainable living? A great Teacher’s Day gift idea in Singapore would be to get them started on reusable cups. Not sure which ones to go for? It’s tough to not fall in love with Stojo cups.

They are made from recyclable materials, have a thermal-resistant heat sleeve and best of all, are collapsible. That means your teacher can easily slip them into their bags (or even pockets!) and pull them out whenever they order coffee-to-go. Our favourite is this cobalt blue Stojo cup (available on Stojo Official Store) — the perfect neutral shade for both male and female teachers!

2. An inspiring book

milk and honey teacher's day gift ideas singapore
(Credit: UrbanfoxBooks)

Looking for a gift idea in Singapore for your literature teacher? There’s nothing better than a poetry book! Milk and honey (available on UrbanfoxBooks) will inspire and move your teacher, male or female. It’s about a young woman’s experience about love, heartbreak and abuse overarched by a feminist agenda. Your teacher will also appreciate its thin size that won’t seem too overwhelming next to the pile of assignments waiting to be marked. Be sure to take advantage of the ongoing book sale and snag some of your favourites at up to 80% off.

3. Scented Candles

candles teacher's day gift ideas singapore
(Credit: Netease Yanxuan Official Store)

Keep calm and present your teacher with a scented candle (available on Netease Yanxuan Official Store)! This is one of the best Teacher’s Day gift ideas in Singapore to restore relaxation and calm into their day. Choose from four scents; Mandarin Ambree, English Red Plum, Umimachi Greengage and Jazz Blueberry. We also appreciate how this soy candle is environmentally friendly and burns cleaner and slower without emitting any black smoke.

4. Office Plants

tillandsia plant teacher's day gift ideas singapore
(Credit: tshitoli.sg)

Indoor plants like succulents and air plants are the perfect Teacher’s Day gift ideas for the teacher with a green thumb. The Tillandsia seeds (available on tshitoli.sg) do not require much maintenance and in fact, thrive in indirect sunlight. They also only need to be soaked once a week for an hour. But more than that, your teacher will admire this hanging plant for adding a beautiful green dimension to the interior design of any place!

5. Foam Rollers

foam roller teacher's day gift idea
(Credit: UnivergeSports)

Racking your brain for a day gift idea in Singapore for your PE teacher? Buy them a foam roller. Foam rollers help to aid in recovery after a day of activity. These self-massage sports equipment can help to reduce muscle stiffness and even chronic back pain. With many types of foam rollers on the market, it can be confusing as to which to get. Go for the most generic one; grid and spike foam roller (available on UnivergeSports) that’ll release back knots while easing muscle soreness.

6. Return Batam Ticket

batam teacher's day gift ideas singapore
(Credit: thktourandtravel)

This Teacher’s Day gift idea in Singapore is going to be tough to beat. If you think your teacher could do with a short getaway, then book them a return ticket to Batam with flexible dates (available on thktourandtravel). It costs less than $40 and gives your teacher the chance to kickback anytime! The best part is, you don’t need your teacher’s passport details to book this trip. That means it can be a complete surprise!

7. Levitating World Globe

world globe teacher's day gift ideas singapore
(Credit: delaman.sg)

Alternatively, instead of gifting the usual office supplies, why not amp the style factor of their desk with a floating desk globe? This unique levitating globe (available on delaman.sg) has special magnetic features that allow it to float mid-air. It’s definitely one of the most creative Teacher’s Day gift ideas especially if it’s meant for a geography teacher. They’ll be able to trace the bodies of water and continents on this magical globe and be inspired to continue sharing their knowledge.

8. Bullet Journal

bullet journal teachers day gift idea singapore
(Credit: Estée Janssens / Unsplash [Cropped])

Reckon your teacher has an artistic side to them? Gift them a bullet journal and let them go crazy with icons, calligraphy and everyone’s favourite — washi tape! Go all out with this Teacher’s Day gift idea in Singapore. Start with buying a simple dotted bullet journal (available on THEBUJOCO by akamoments) and package it with supplies like washi tape, calligraphy tools and stickers. Check out our guide to bujo ideas and pick and choose the supplies you think your teacher will love.

9. Personalized Tote Bag

teacher's day gift ideas singapore personalised bag
(Credit: Photobook Singapore, Barefeet Studio)

See your teacher lugging an old tote bag filled with worksheets to mark? If she has to carry tote bags make sure it’s one that bears her name in resplendent colours and design! This personalised tote bag (available on Photobook Singapore) can be designed any which way you want. Got an endearing picture of him or her? Just send it across to the folks at Photobook Singapore and let them work their magic! Don’t forget to pair this Teacher’s Day gift idea in Singapore with a personalised pouch (available on Barefeet Studio) too!

10. Bath Bombs

bath bombs teacher's day gift ideas singapore
(Credit: KPOPSTAR)

Drop the bath bomb (available on KPOPSTAR) on your teacher! When slipped into bathwater, these colourful balls will effervesce and release the essential oils, scent and bubbles (sometimes even petals!) that are filled in it. This Teacher’s Day gift idea in Singapore is not only a cute body wash but provides aromatherapy benefits for your teacher too!

11. Back support for chair

back support for office chair teachers day gift
(Credit: shinestar.sg)

Do you have a no-frills type of teacher? Then he or she will definitely appreciate this practical Teacher’s Day gift idea in Singapore. The Xiaomi Leravan Universal Relax Chair Back Support (available on shinestar.sg) can be moulded to support the crevices of the back. It can even be manipulated into lumbar support for the lower back and aid in maintaining good posture. Browse this guide to other types of back support for office chairs!

12. Food Vouchers

ramen teacher's day gift ideas singapore
(Credit: ChopeDeals)

What’s a great Teacher’s Day gift idea in Singapore for a foodie? There are other ways to your teacher’s heart apart from scoring good grades on tests and if your teacher ever revealed their favourite dining hunts during class, then be sure to leverage on that! Is your teacher a ramen lover? Then they would not be able to say no to dining at Ramen Keisuke (available on ChopeDeals) for lesser. Pictured here is the Spicy Miso Lobster Broth Ramen — perfect if they enjoy a spicy kick!

13. Video Games

overcooked 2 teacher's day gift ideas singapore
(Credit: Qisahn)

Is your teacher a fan of Nintendo? Then you won’t go wrong with Teacher’s Day gift ideas in Singapore revolving around popular Nintendo games like Overcooked 2 (available on Qisahn) or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. You could also gift them educational game titles that touch on history, programming and even aerospace engineering and prove that they’re as enjoyable for adults as for kids.

Teacher’s Day gift ideas in Singapore can be handmade too…

Armed with these Teacher’s Day gift ideas in Singapore, we hope you’ll be more creative and thoughtful this year. Want to get your kids to make a handmade Teacher’s Day card to go along with the present? Tweak these Father’s Day card ideas and create something personalised for them! Are you doing last-minute shopping? Our Teacher’s Day Gifts page will sort you out!


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