27 Thoughtful Teachers’ Day Gift Ideas Beyond Red Pens

teachers day gift ideas singapore 2022

September will be here in no time and so will Teachers’ Day. Do you have a child who’s schooling or are you yourself attending a course taught by an instructor? Be sure to show appreciation to your teachers with a thoughtful Teachers’ Day present that goes beyond red pens. If you’re thinking of what to buy for Teacher’s Day, read on for our picks on the best gift ideas in Singapore, all capped below $50. Psst, we’ve included some customised Teachers’ Day gift ideas in Singapore too!

When is Teachers’ Day 2023? 

teachers day gift ideas singapore
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Teachers’ Day is an annual school holiday where students show their appreciation to their teachers. Other than school teachers, this sometimes also extends to tuition teachers, sports coaches and religious teachers. In Singapore, Teachers’ Day is traditionally celebrated on 1 September. However, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has shifted Teachers’ Day to the first Friday of September since 2013 to ensure a long weekend. And with the recent announcement of the Presidential Election 2023, this year’s Teacher’s Day is now on 11 September 2023. So don’t forget to research Teacher’s Day gift ideas in Singapore well in advance!

Teacher’s day gift ideas in Singapore for your English teachers

1. Engraved Pen

teachers day gift: engraved pen
(Credit: 11 Craft Co)

While it is a common option, you can never go wrong with getting a Personalised Engraved Pen (available on 11 Craft Co) as a Teachers’ Day present. Engraved using laser technology, personalised pens are truly a great customised Teachers’ Day 2023 gift idea for English teachers in Singapore, thanks to its high quality premium feel. To top it off, you can add a gift box or leather pen pouch. With a new luxe pen to mark your comprehension sets and essays, this’ll make this the perfect Teacher’s Day gift idea for your English teacher!

2. Reusable Cup

Sttoke Insulated Cup teachers day gift
(Credit: The Planet Traveller Official Store)

If your teacher never fails to walk into the classroom with a cup of coffee in hand, we recommend the Sttoke Insulated Cup (available on The Planet Traveller Official Store) as a Teachers’ Day 2023 gift idea for English teachers in Singapore. This Sttoke cup is double-walled to keep drinks hot for up to three hours, and cold for up to six hours. It is also the world’s first shatterproof ceramic cup, so they’d never have to worry about being a klutz. What’s more, this reusable cup from Sttoke come with lids that minimise leaks. This Teachers’ Day present is available in a variety of colours such as steel blue and unicorn purple, making it a great late-night companion for the English teachers that mark your essays!

3. Notebook

Linen Hard Cover Notebook
(Credit: jiangtu_stationery.sg)

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple notebook as a Teachers’ Day present. Doubling up as a bullet journal, this Linen Hard Cover Notebook (available on jiangtu_stationery.sg) is a great gift for which your English teachers can take notes, write poems, or organise their schedules with. Go all out with this Teacher’s Day gift idea that’s perfect for male and female teachers in Singapore! You can also package it with supplies like washi tape, calligraphy tools and stickers.

Teacher’s day gift ideas in Singapore for your Maths teachers

4. Mug

Customised Teachers Day Mug
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

We can’t talk about what to buy for Teacher’s Day without mentioning mugs! They’re a popular Teachers’ Day present, as it can be used in the staff pantry daily. This gift will be especially suitable for Maths teachers that mark hundreds of scripts, and hence need their daily dose of coffee or tea to function!

However, we encourage you to go a step further and go for a customised Teachers’ Day 2023 gift idea in Singapore instead. Case in point: this Customised Mug (available on Misty Daydream) that is made of enamel or ceramic. Available in over 40 designs, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your teacher’s preferred aesthetic and make them feel extra loved!

5. Chair Back Support 

Ablue Curble Chair Cover
(Credit: Hyun’s Choice.kr)

Is your Maths teacher the no-frills type? Then they will definitely appreciate a practical Teachers’ Day gift idea in Singapore like this ABLUE Curble Chair Cover (available on Hyun’s Choice.kr). This chair support boasts an air mesh cushioning to support the crevices of the back. The mesh grill also acts as a vent and allows air to circulate and keep the user cool. Get this chair as a gift for you Maths teacher – we’re sure that their sore backs will be grateful for this thoughtful Teachers’ Day present as they correct your calculations and solve your problems! Here are other comfy office chair supports you can consider too.

6. Coffee Concentrate

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
(Credit: Wake The Crew Official Store)

Help your Maths teacher get through the marathon of classes and worksheets throughout the day with a little pick-me-up coffee! Of all the coffee-related Teachers’ Day 2023 gift ideas for Maths teachers in Singapore, we think Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate (available on Wake The Crew Official Store) deserves special mention. Made from the best coffee beans and filtered water, this coffee concentrate wows with its refreshing chocolatey taste. We especially love the Brazil Santos that has a nutty aftertaste and the Ethiopia Sidamo’s strong flavour. Either way, this is a Teachers’ Day present that’s hard to hate!

7. Teacher Stamps

Teacher Stamps gift ideas
(Credit: Axogram)

Thinking of what gift to buy for your Maths teacher this Teacher’s Day 2023? When it comes to customised Teachers’ Day gift ideas in Singapore, teacher stamps are a safe bet. After all, every teacher needs some Customised Teacher Stamps (available on Axogram) when marking worksheets to give encouragement to students. Available in six ink colours and over a dozen designs, you’ll be spoilt for choice when customising this Teachers’ Day present. Did we mention that you can purchase refills too? What a steal! 

Teacher’s day gift ideas in Singapore for your Science teachers

8. Cardholder Lanyard

Personalised Saffiano Leather ID Cardholder and Lanyard

If you’re wondering about what kinds of gifts to buy for Science teachers on Teacher’s Day 2023, go for some lanyards that are a must-have for every teacher in school. As such, this Personalised Cardholder Lanyard (available THEIMPRINT.SG) is a practical customised Teachers’ Day 2023 gift idea in Singapore. Not only does it serve as a form of identification, it also makes it easy to store staff passes and extra cash at hand. Design-wise, this cardholder has minimalist silver or gold embossed words which are sure to tickle your fancy. We’re sure your teacher will appreciate how lightweight these cardholders are too! You can also level up this gift with a HdoorLink Universal Phone Lanyard (available on HdoorLink Official Store), which can make carrying their staff cards around a lot easier! It can both be paired with cardholders, as well as with phone cases.

9. Plant Pot

Transparent Flower Plant Pot
(Credit: Gardens Paradise Patio)

Has your Science teacher ever talked about how they are proud parents of the best indoor plants at home? If so, then you don’t have to think hard about what to buy for Teacher’s Day this 2023! This Transparent Flower Plant Pot (available on Gardens Paradise Patio) would make for some of the best Teachers’ Day gift ideas in Singapore. With this plant pot, your teacher will enjoy an efficient way of taking care of their plants. That’s because this pot uses sub-irrigation to transport water to the plant’s roots. The water reservoir at the bottom of the planter allows the plant to absorb water at its own pace, so there will not be any worries about over-watering again!

10. Beaker Mug

teachers day gift beaker mug
(Credit: Hario Asia Official Store)

Who says that the best Teachers’ Day gift ideas in Singapore have to be office supplies? Be witty when getting a gift for your Science teacher, such as presenting them with a Beaker mug to get a laugh out of them! In fact, the Hario Science Beaker Mug (available on Hario Asia Official Store) looks just like the beakers you see in science labs, giving your teachers a piece of school to bring back home. 

Teacher’s day gift ideas in Singapore for your Music teachers

11. Bluetooth Earphones

bluetooth earphones
(Credit: Disney Aduio.sg)

Here’s another great Teachers’ Day gift idea for Music teachers who reside in Singapore – get the Disney F3 Bluetooth Earphones (available on Disney Aduio.sg). If your teacher is someone who enjoys listening to music regularly and on-the-go, this is probably the perfect Teachers’ Day present for them! Not only do they make listening to music and watching TikToks more convenient, they’re also aesthetically designed – just look at the adorable Disney characters that adorn them!

12. Tote Bag

teachers day gift Personalised Tote Bag
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

See your Music teacher lugging an old tote bag filled music scores for your next lesson? Try brightening things up with a Teachers’ Day present that is a little more personal! We suggest getting this Personalised Tote Bag (available on Misty Daydream) as a gift for your Music teacher – it’s available in over a dozen designs with various typography and icons. As one of the best customised Teachers’ Day gift ideas for Music teachers in Singapore, you can include your own thank you appreciation note too. Check out the best laptop tote bags for other fancy alternatives!

13. Manuscript

music manuscript
(Credit: Livecity Home&Living)

If you’re looking for a practical yet thoughtful Teachers’ Day present for your Music teacher, get a 50-Page Music Sheet Manuscript (available on Livecity Home&Living)! This is one of the best Teachers’ Day gift ideas in Singapore for music teachers – whether they’re teaching Music Theory or composition, it’ll definitely come in handy during their lessons. They’ll appreciate how you’ve prepared an extra manuscript for when they finish using their present one!

Teacher’s day gift ideas in Singapore for your Art teachers

14. Embroidery

DIY Embroidery Ribbon Set For Beginners
(Credit: free shipping_GoodStuff)

Making a gift is always more fun and meaningful for yourself and the recipient, especially for Art Teachers that’re all about being creative and hands-on. Stitch a simple design from this DIY Embroidery Ribbon Set For Beginners (available on free shipping_GoodStuff) and impress your teacher! From flowers to grasses and leaves, the many designs from this DIY embroidery set are so pretty we can’t stop marvelling at them! In fact, we think they can be perfectly framed in your teacher’s study. This is a Teachers’ Day 2023 gift idea in Singapore that will surely be a treat for your Art teacher!

15. Carry Box

MUJI PP Carry Box Wide
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

This Teachers’ Day gift idea in Singapore is perfect for your Art teachers who love keeping their art tools and supplies organised. This MUJI PP Carry Box Wide (available on MUJI Official Store) can also hold stationery like whiteboard markers neatly while your teacher shuffles between classrooms. The minimalistic appearance of this stationery organiser aalso makes it a practical Teachers’ Day present as it can easily compliment your teacher’s fashion style.

16. Apron

Customised Teacher Day Apron
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

Hands up if you love your home eArt teacher! Instead of paint brushes and pencils (which we’re sure they already have a lot of), why not consider giving them an apron? We especially love this Customised Apron (available on Misty Daydream) where you can personalise the caption of the apron. Yes, that means you can let everyone know that your teacher is the ‘#1 Art Teacher’. With over 20 designs and colours to choose from, we can totally see how this is one of the best customised Teachers’ Day 2023 gift ideas in Singapore!

17. Leather Pouch

teachers day gift leather pouch
(Credit: Green Power)

Thinking of what else to buy that’s going to be the best Teacher’s Day gift for your Art teacher? A simple Leather Men’s Clutch Bag (available on Green Power) is great for carrying everyday teaching necessities like pens and pointers. While the checkered design on the front steals the show, the highlight of this pouch has got to be its organisational features and capacity! On top of the main bag that can fit an iPad, mobile phone, and powerbank inside. And if you’re wondering what else this Teacher’s day present has to offer, it also has two extra compartments that can comfortably fit up to six cards and some extra cash.

Teacher’s day gift ideas in Singapore for your PE teachers

18. Portable Voice Amplifier

Basspal K400 Portable Voice Amplifier
(Credit: Basspal Official Store)

Noticed that your PE teacher has been losing their voice after shouting so much to keep the class in control? Help them out by getting the Basspal K400 Portable Voice Amplifier (available on Basspal Official Store) as a Teachers’ Day gift for your PE teachers! Functioning as a speaker, this voice amplifier ensures that even students at the back of the class can hear the teacher clearly too. Additionally, this wired microphone is a safe Teachers’ Day gift idea in Singapore thanks to its battery life of up to 72 hours. Your teacher is sure to use it everyday in class from now on!

19. Foam Roller

teachers day gift foam roller
(Credit: Trainbo Official Store)

Wrecking your brain for the best Teachers’ Day gift idea in Singapore for your PE teacher? We suggest getting them the Trainbo Yoga Foam Roller (available on Trainbo Official Store) since it aids in recovery after a day of activity. These self-massage sports equipment can help to reduce muscle stiffness and even chronic back pain. More importantly, this foam roller comes with an increased range of motion. This allows your teacher to stretch out and lengthen their muscles to get the most out of their full-body workout.

20. Water Bottle

Customised Water Bottle teachers day
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

If you’re still clueless about what to buy for Teacher’s Day this 2023, then let me suggest this foolproof gift for PE teachers – a water bottle! In fact, this Customised Water Bottle (available on Misty Daydream) should be right up your alley. Available in pastel shades of antique mauve and cornflower blue, this water bottle is a beautiful and useful gift. With a double-walled stainless steel interior that keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, you can count on this customised Teachers’ Day gift idea in Singapore to be BPA-free and leak proof as well. Scour through our list of best water bottles in Singapore for similar gift ideas for your PE teachers.

Teacher’s day gift ideas in Singapore for your form teachers

21. Handmade Soap

Handmade Organic Bar Soap
(Credit: Naturain Official Store)

If you’ve no idea what to buy for Teacher’s Day then go for some presents that promise some TLC! We suggest this Handmade Organic Bar Soap (available on Naturain Official Store) that’s perfect for a refreshing wash. This Teachers’ Day gift idea in Singapore provides aromatherapy benefits too. For instance, it is made with 100% organic oils which guarantees no reactions for those with sensitive skin. This bar soap, which comes in over five scents like cranberry orange and oatmeal lavender, also has added botanical extracts to modify astringency for different types of skin and pores.

22. Thermal Label Printer

NiiMbot D61/D11 Bluetooth Wireless Label Printer
(Credit: Gamita Pak IT Official Store)

Help your teacher zhng their stash of red pens with a portable thermal label printer that allows them to personalise their stationery. In particular, we think the NiiMbot D61/D11 Bluetooth Wireless Label Printer (available on Gamita Pak IT Official Store) makes for a great Teachers’ Day present. This is because it comes with a minimalist design in colours such as white, pink and green to choose from. Additionally, they also offer a range of label paper to print on including some with quirky cartoon prints. Check out this list of best thermal printers that are also fantastic Teachers’ Day 2023 gift ideas for your teacher in Singapore.

23. Lunch Box

Bear PowerPac Portable Electric Lunch Box
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

Get this cute Bear PowerPac Portable Electric Lunch Box (available on PowerPac Official Store) for the teacher who loves bringing their home cooked meals to school. All they have to do is place the meal ingredients into this electric lunch box and cook it just before lunch. Pass them these easy electric lunch box recipes to get them started and they’ll be cooking their favourite meals in no time. It’ll be tough to top this Teachers’ Day 2023 gift idea in Singapore — we can bet on that!

24. Bake your own goodies

spread of colourful nonya kueh such as kueh lapis and ondeh ondeh
(Credit: Lek Lim Nonya Cake Trading Pte Ltd)

The best Teacher’s Day gift ideas for your teachers in Singapore don’t have to be bought. Follow some of these easy durian cake recipes to impress your teacher with how you reuse the King of fruits. Alternatively, make some local delights by following these nonya kueh recipes. This includes learning how to make ondeh ondeh and kueh lapis. For a healthier option, consider these acai bowl recipes. It’ll be perfect for the teacher who appreciates healthier ingredients without compromising on the fruity goodness.

25. Silk Masks

Canopy Silk Masks teachers day gifts
(Credit: Canopy Home Official Store)

Given that masks are still mandatory indoors, these Canopy Silk Masks (available on Canopy Home Official Store) will make for a super practical Teachers’ Day present in the current climate! It is especially great for those with sensitive skin given its smooth fabric and fibres that do not irritate the skin. As a popular Teachers’ Day 2023 gift idea for males and females in Singapore, these masks can be hand-washed and used repeatedly too.

26. Natural Soy Candles

teachers day gift soy candle
(Credit: Pristine Official Store)

Keep calm and present your teacher with the Pristine Scented Candle – Hotel Scent (available on Pristine Official Store)! This is one of the best Teachers’ Day gift ideas in Singapore to restore relaxation and calm into their day. Choose from their City series which lets you “travel” around the world with scents from some of our favourite destinations, including Bali, Paris, Taipei and Honolulu. We appreciate how this soy candle is made from pure soy wax and essential oil extracts. This allows it to burn cleaner and slower without emitting any black smoke.

27. Luggage Tag

Personalised Luggage Tag

Given that Teachers’ day falls before the September holidays, your teacher might want to take the week off to travel. But they can’t do so without a good luggage tag. We highly recommend this Personalised Luggage Tag (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) that would make a great customised Teachers’ Day gift idea for teachers in Singapore. Your teacher just needs to fill in the necessary particulars, display them on the clear ID window pocket, and attach it to the best luggage in Singapore before checking in.

Bless your ‘cher with these best Teachers’ Day gifts in Singapore

We hope you’ve figured out what to buy for Teacher’s Day 2023 with this list of gift ideas in Singapore! Do also get inspiration from this list of Teachers’ Day card ideas to write them a handmade card. If you need more gift suggestions, consider these baby shower gift ideas especially if your teacher is expecting a newborn. Otherwise, these best housewarming gifts will be great if you know that your teacher will be moving into a new home soon.

This article was updated on 21 July 2023. Additional research done by Foo Pei Shi.