Look Flawless With These 21 Best Collagen Drinks

best collagen drinks singapore 2023

Want to maintain bright, youthful skin that’s baby smooth? Go for some of the best collagen drinks in Singapore to reverse your skin’s age! These collagen drinks won’t just make you look younger, they also have tons of health benefits like relieving joint pains and preventing bone loss too. Read on to find out more about the best collagen drinks in Singapore for your skin!

What are the benefits of collagen drinks? 

What are the benefits of collagen drinks
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Collagen is actually the most copious protein in the human body. It is also an important component of connective tissues that make up parts like tendons, skin and muscles. So, what exactly are in collagen drinks and can they really help to reverse ageing? Here are some of the numerous benefits you can get from the best collagen drinks in Singapore:

  • Improve skin health

Collagen makes up a large part of your skin. It helps strengthen your skin by improving its elasticity and hydrating it. As you get older, your body naturally produces less collagen. Hence, you may notice dehydration and fine lines on your skin. Collagen drinks are important as they have been shown to slow the skin’s ageing process. Moreover, collagen drinks can encourage your body to ramp up its collagen production. This will in turn promote the production of other important proteins to boost skin health. 

  • Relieve joint pain

The cartilage between your joints is a rubber-like tissue that protects these gears. Collagen comes into play by maintaining the cartilage. Think of it as a form of lubrication so your gears can continue working smoothly. As collagen production slows with age, this causes you to be more prone to degenerative joint disorders. With the best collagen drinks in Singapore, you’ll be able to supplement your body with this important protein that’ll help reduce joint pains! 

  • Boost muscle mass

Since collagen is considered a protein, it’s therefore no surprise that this supplement can boost muscle mass. As one of the components of your body’s muscular system, collagen drinks can help promote the formation of muscles and other proteins like creatine. Some of the best collagen drinks in Singapore have also shown to encourage muscle growth after an intense workout.

  • Promote heart health

Collagen provides structure to blood vessels. It’s important that these little channels are strong enough so blood can be circulated all around your body. With the heart manning your body’s circulatory system, having collagen to boost the strength of these arteries will make it easier for blood to flow around. Otherwise, the arteries could become less flexible and elastic, causing an obstruction as it becomes too hard for blood to flow. As such, the best collagen drinks in Singapore may help promote heart health.

Best collagen drinks in Singapore for skin health (2023)

1. Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300mg 16’s

Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300mg 16’s
(Credit: Kinohimitsu Official Store)

Highly rated by many bloggers, the Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond (available on Kinohimitsu Official Store) is no stranger to many of us. Dubbed as one of the “best collagen drinks in Singapore”, this Kinohimitsu drink not only keeps your skin looking youthful but also hydrates your skin. If you’re aged 30 and above, constantly exposed to UV rays, frequently travel, always stay up late, and are a coffee drinker, this Kinohimitsu collagen drink is for you! This is the best collagen drink that’s specially formulated to help restore your skin’s youthful appearance, and build resilience and radiance to mature skin. 

Collagen peptides: 5,300mg

2. Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite

Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite
(Credit: Kinohimitsu Official Store)

Did you know that the Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite (available on Kinohimitsu Official Store) is the first and only collagen drink that works to relax and bounce back stressful skin with just over eight hours of quality sleep? It is formulated to help our skin remove toxins that cause cell-ageing, and also works to ensure an effective repairing and renewal process takes place. As one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for skin restoration, this supplement also helps relax your mind for a good night’s rest. Drink a bottle of this and wake up to radiant, younger-looking skin the next morning!

Collagen peptides: 5,300mg

3. Kinohimitsu Stem Gold 30s 

Kinohimitsu Stem Gold 30s
(Credit: Kinohimitsu Official Store)

Do you know what are some signs of skin ageing? They include dark spots, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and more. If you find yourself with any of these problems, you might want to try the newest Kinohimitsu Stem Gold 30s (available on Kinohimitsu Official Store)! Made with no added sugar or preservatives, this best collagen drink in Singapore provides a whopping eight ageless benefits. Besides helping to rejuvenate old skin, it also retains moisture, improves skin elasticity, evens out skin tone, minimises pores, reinforces hairs and nails, promotes bones, muscles and ligament health, and lifts butts, buttocks and thighs!

Collagen peptides: 5,300mg

4. BRAND’S InnerShine RubyCollagen Drink 

Brand's innershine rubycollagen drink

Famed for their chicken essences, you’ll be surprised that BRAND’S also has their very own in-house collagen drink – the InnerShine RubyCollagen Drink (available on BRAND’S OFFICIAL STORE). Interestingly, its ruby signature formula is created with a unique and precious blend of ingredients derived from natural sources. We’re talking about the marine fish collagen that’s contains a chock full of benefits for your skin. The BRAND’s RubyCollagen also contains micro-collagen and is formulated with one of the most powerful natural antioxidants – astaxanthin – which is scientifically proven to be 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 800 times more powerful than CoQ10 and 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E

Collagen peptides: 3,000mg

5. AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink

best collagen drinks singapore avalon
(Credit: Avalon Official Store)

The AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink (available on Avalon Official Store) is another one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for your skin. It tackles six different skin problems to help you achieve flawless complexions. Aside from reducing skin pigmentation, this Avalon collagen drink also benefits you by helping to reduce acne problems, tighten your pores, brighten your complexion, lift your skin for firmer-looking skin, and reduce the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. It’s no wonder that one bottle of this Avalon collagen drink is said to be sold every three seconds! The AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink is also halal-certified – perfect for sharing with your Muslim friends!

Collagen peptides: 5,000mg

6. Nano Jewel Collagen 

best collagen drinks singapore nano jewel
(Credit: Nano Japan Official Store)

Since most of us are cooped up indoors, it’s not uncommon that we’d be exposed to strong air-conditioning. With the combination of harsh UV rays when we are out and about, many of us end up with patchy and dull skin complexion. 

If this sounds like the case for you, we’ve got something good to recommend! Made in Japan, the Nano Jewel Collagen (available on Nano Japan Official Store) is the best collagen drink that’s made for people like us. This Nano collagen drink hydrates your skin while protecting it from the harsh sun rays thanks to the anti-UV collagen. Additionally, the CoQ10, lychee seed extract and sakura extract can neutralise any sun damage that’s been dealt to your skin! 

Collagen peptides: 8,000mg

7. ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Drink

ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Drink
(Credit: Astalift Group Official Store [cropped])

The ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Drink (available on Astalift Group Official Store) has an innovative and unique formula. It uses low-temperature extraction technology to derive a rare “first extraction” of the collagen that is said to be purer. With one of the purest forms of collagen in this drink, your body will definitely reap the most benefits. It’s no wonder why the ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Drink is one of the best in Singapore! This ASTALIFT collagen drink also has three types of pure collagen that’s perfect for increasing your skin’s moisture levels, enhancing its elasticity and restoring firmness. It’ll transform your skin, giving you amazing complexion and a lustrous radiance. 

Collagen peptides: 10,000mg

8. YuXiangYan Korean Collagen Drink

best collagen drinks singapore yuxiangyan
(Credit: Yuxiangyan Official Store)

Are you a night owl that lacks sleep? This can actually lead to an increase in cortisol levels that triggers an inflammatory response. As a result important proteins essential to maintain your skin’s radiant and smooth complexion are broken down.  To prevent this, you need ample of sleep and  the popular Yu Xiang Yan Korean Collagen Drink (available on Yuxiangyan Official Store)! This is the best collagen drink in Singapore for those who have skin issues due to inadequate sleep. The berry extracts and Alaska Pollack collagen improves skin elasticity and firmness, while encouraging your body’s natural collagen production. The Yu Xiang Yan collagen drink also promotes clear skin with its all-natural ingredients by increasing skin hydration levels. You’ll have flawless-looking skin in no time with this Yu Xiang Yan collagen drink!

Collagen peptides: 5,300mg

9. Shiseido The Collagen Drink

Shiseido The Collagen Drink
(Credit: GODWELL COSMETICS [cropped])

This Shiseido The Collagen Drink (available on GODWELL COSMETICS) is the best in Singapore thanks to its fast-absorbing formula. Made with low-molecular weight collagen, this Shiseido collagen drink ensures that your skin can easily absorb important nutrients quickly and efficiently. You’ll notice results immediately, with radiant skin that’s firmer and more elastic! Moreover, the fast-absorbing formula means that you’ll also get to experience the other benefits of this collagen drink. The superfruit-derived ingredients help your skin build resistance against harmful elements in your environment. These ingredients also promote skin metabolism so you’ll constantly have a beautiful complexion that’s free of blemish! 

Collagen peptides: 1,000mg

10. Willow Green Liquid Collagen Protein

Willow Green best collagen drink singapore
(Credit: Willow Green)

Willow Green Liquid Collagen Protein (available on Willow Green) is a collagen protein game changer made from 100% natural fish scales. There are numerous benefits to long-term collagen consumption from fish scales. It promotes tissue regeneration and the maintenance of skin, bones, and joints, and also strengthens your immune system. Because the Willow Green liquid collagen protein is sugar-free and odourless, it’s easy to incorporate into your favorite dishes like soup bases and steamed fish. You can also simply enjoy it with two spoons of honey! This collagen drink is not only suitable for daily consumption but also makes a thoughtful and authentically Singaporean gift; it’s no surprise that Willow Green is known for providing one of Singapore’s best collagen drinks!

Collagen peptides: 8,000mg

11. THE APRILAB 1+1 Time Blast

THE APRILAB 1+1 Time Blast best collagen drinks singapore
(Credit: THE APRILAB Store)

Turn to The Aprilab for one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore! Their 1+1 Time Blast (available on THE APRILAB Store) features two wonderful ingredients that are great at helping you maintain skin health. The milk ceramides help increase levels of hydration in your skin, while the marine collagen has been proven to show a 35% reduction in wrinkles. You can definitely trust this collagen drink from The Aprilab to take care of all your skin concerns. Get started on fighting premature aging with this collagen drink now!

Collagen peptides: 1,200mg

Best collagen drinks in Singapore for skin whitening (2023)

12. M2 22LAB Always 22 Super Collagen

M2 22LAB Always 22 Super Collagen best collagen drinks singapore
(Credit: iQueen Official Store


Tired of collagen drinks that aren’t “effective”? Trust M2 22LAB for one of the best-acting collagen drinks in Singapore! Their Always 22 Super Collagen (available on iQueen Official Store) contains smaller-sized collagen molecules that are just 1,000 daltons in weight. According to experts, collagen molecules of this size can be easily absorbed by your body without being broken down. This means that you’ll be able to experience the full effects and benefits of collagen with this M2 22LAB collagen drink! So look forward to the benefits you can get from the vitamin C and European grape extract here. You’ll definitely have brighter and fairer skin thanks to vitamin C. And the antioxidant properties in the grape extract is going to improve hydration levels and elasticity in your skin!

Collagen peptides: 6,000mg

13. New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink

new moon collagen drink
(Credit: New Moon Official Store)

Look no further than New Moon for one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for skin whitening. The Inner Radiance Collagen Drink (available on New Moon Official Store) contains one of the highest amounts of collagen – 13,000mg, to be specific! It’s no wonder this is one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore where results are guaranteed! You can also expect blemish-free skin that’s void of pigmentation thanks to the active whitening properties in this New Moon collagen drink. Your skin won’t just be flawless, but also healthy thanks to the active beauty ingredients delivered to your skin.

Collagen peptides: 13,000mg

14. TruLife Collagen Cell Renew

trulife collagen cell renew
(Credit: Trulife SG Official Store)

Packed with 15,000mg of pure Micro Marine Collagen Peptides, the TruLife Collagen Cell Renew (available on Trulife SG Official Store) is clinically proven to give results in just a week! This is one of the best-tasting collage drinks in Singapore for those experiencing skin issues like fine lines, dryness and pigmentation. The Trulife collagen drink is formulated with vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2 and B6, and with no added sugar or additives, it is a wholesome beauty treat for anyone. Did we mention that this supplement drink also contains the highest grade of collagen for skin whitening and brightening? Give this Trulife collagen drink a go and witness the results in just seven days! Need more convincing? We’re sure the fact that this is a limited edition series with the adorable Hello Kitty plastered over the packaging is more than enough to persuade you!

Collagen peptides: 15,000mg

15. AFC Tsubaki Ageless Collagen Drink

AFC Tsubaki Ageless Collagen Drink
(Credit: Lifestream Group Official Store)

With over 10,000mg of MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides, one week of adding the AFC Tsubaki Ageless Collagen Drink (available on Lifestream Group Official Store) into your daily routine can give your skin an immediate glow up! Clinically proven to improve skin conditions, the ultra-small collagen molecules present in the AFC Tsubaki collagen drink absorb 1.5 times better than other drinks. Your skin cells will be able to firm up faster to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and open pores. With a mixture of 500mg of Royal Jelly, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin Bs and Cs, Tsubaki Camellia Seed Extract, Lotus Germ Extract and Star Fruit Extract, one shot of this AFC Tsubaki collagen drink provides you with an instant nutrition boost for your overall health!

Collagen peptides: 10,000mg

16. FANCL Deep Charge Collagen Drink 

FANCL Deep Charge Collagen Drink
(Credit: Sasa Official Store)

Dig deep into the layers and give your skin a new lease of life with the FANCL Deep Charge Collagen Drink (available on Sasa Official Store). This is another one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for skin whitening and repair thanks to its formula. Enriched with rosebud extract, vitamin C and fast-absorbing collagen, this FANCL collagen drink will leave you with firmer skin that’s also brighter. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles as your skin’s elasticity improves with this beauty potion. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, you’ll never have to worry about looking for the perfect skin moisturiser again!

Collagen peptides: 3,000mg

17. TruLife Pearl Activa Max Health Shots

TruLife Pearl Activa Max Health Shots
(Credit: Trulife SG Official Store)

You can rely on the Trulife Pearl Activa Max Health Shots (available on Trulife SG Official Store) for being one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for skin whitening. Featuring pearl extract, this Trulife collagen drink is formulated to brighten and whiten, giving your skin a natural pearlescent radiance. The pearl extract doesn’t just rejuvenate your skin’s complexion. It rejuvenates you from the inside out, giving you a sustainable boost of energy that’ll last your day!

Collagen peptides: 7,000mg

18. ITOH Hanako Sapphire White Collagen Drink

ITOH Hanako Sapphire White Collagen Drink
(Credit: Ascenshoppe Official Store)

Equip yourself with one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for skin whitening! The ITOH Hanako Sapphire White (available on Ascenshoppe Official Store) is packed with tons of natural ingredients that’ll even out your skin tone and reduce pigmentation. The ITOH Hanako collagen drink has a formula featuring extracts from white tomato, yeast and broccoli sprout. These extracts not only brightens your skin but also protects it from harmful sun rays. Coupled with pineapple processed powder and cape jasmine, this ITOH Hanako collagen drink is the best for your skin to achieve a youthful and radiant glow! 

Collagen peptides: 5,300mg

19. VitaRealm Anti-A.G.E Collagen Essence

best collagen drink singapore vitarealm anti-a.g.e collagen essence
(Credit: VitaRealm Official Store)

Get noticeably smoother and brighter skin with the VitaRealm Anti-A.G.E Collagen Essence (available on VitaRealm Official Store)! This VitaRealm collagen drink is the best for skin whitening as it contains a powerful formula that’s been shown to work in just about a month. The grapefruit and rose extracts in this VitaRealm collagen drink work miracles to reverse signs of skin ageing. From combating pigmentation and photoaging to promoting regeneration, VitaRealm has you covered with their collagen essence that will enhance your natural beauty. On top of that, the VitaRealm Anti-A.G.E Collagen Essence focuses on reducing sugar-induced skin damage, and this includes wrinkles and sagging. Who would’ve known that sugar could do that to our skin? So remember to take your daily dosage of this VitaRealm collagen drink to defeat the effects of ageing!

Collagen peptides: 5,000mg

21. Good Lady Colla-Gem Collagen

Good Lady Colla-Gem Collagen
(Credit: Good Lady Official Store)

Not all hope is lost when you’ve got the Good Lady Colla-Gem Collagen (available on Good Lady Official Store)! This Good Lady collagen drink is the best in Singapore for those who think they’ve tried everything to repair their skin. On top of containing 5,500mg of collagen peptides, the Good Lady Colla-Gem Collagen features Kiwizyme that promotes collagen absorption. This therefore ensures that your body is getting every drop of that collagen goodness. In fact, it’s been shown to raise collagen absorption rates by a whopping 15.8%! As one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for skin whitening and brightening, this Good Lady Colla-Gem has green acerola cherry that’s rich in antioxidants. This ingredient is actually rich in antioxidants and helps resist skin damage. But more importantly, green acerola cherry is known to have brightening properties. So you’ll get that glowy, youthful skin with this Good Lady collagen drink!

Collagen peptides: 5,500mg

21. Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink 6’s

best collagen drinks singapore kinohimitsu
(Credit: Kinohimitsu Official Store)

If your skin is looking dull, tired, dry, blemished, flaky and sallow, you might want to give the Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink (available on Kinohimitsu Official Store) a go! Formulated with a high concentration of collagen, this is the best collagen drink in Singapore that’ll give you results in just six days! Achieving smoother, firmer and younger-looking skin has never been easier. This Kinohimitsu collagen drink is famed as one of the most effective routes to achieving better skin not only on your face but the rest of your body as well. This includes  your neck, bust and bum. Furthermore, the malic acid and vitamin C makes this the best collagen drink in Singapore for skin repair and whitening!

Collagen peptides: 2,500mg

Should I drink collagen everyday?

Should I drink collagen everyday
(Credit: Giorgio Trovato / Unsplash)

According to WebMD, it’s best for adults to take between 2.5 to 15 grams of collagen each day. This recommended amount is sufficient for one to see visible health benefits from collagen drinks..

Pro Tip: Be sure to read the labels and find out how much collagen content your supplement drink contains before deciding on the optimal intake. 

Achieve flawless skin with the best collagen drinks in Singapore

Now that we’ve narrowed it down to some of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for you to try, you might want to consider some of these best electrolyte drinks that you can grab at irresistible prices during our 12.12 Birthday Sale! Don’t forget to also include some of the best healthy snacks and best bird’s nest which will help boost your overall health!

This article was updated on 8 September 2023. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.