Find The Perfect Ladies Wallet From These 13 Stylish Brands

best ladies wallets singapore

We can’t live without wallets. Yes, digital wallets like the Apple Wallet have replaced the traditional wallets or purses to help us make payments that are much faster and hassle free. However, let’s not forget that wallets also double up as accessories. In fact, we have a variety of colourways, textures, and styles to choose from. Between branded and affordable wallets for ladies, here’s a list of the best ladies wallets to get in Singapore this 2023!

What should you look out for in your next wallet?

best ladies wallet
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When it comes to wallets, it has to first fulfil its basic function: storing cards and money. Depending on your preference, there are wallets today that come with multiple compartments, while others like cardholder wallets only allow you to stick to the bare minimum cards. Also, does it come with a detachable or adjustable strap? That will mean that you can carry your wallet two ways – like a clutch, or as a crossbody bag.

After that, you can consider the look and feel of your wallet. Everyone has their own aesthetic, but there are varying styles out there, ranging from demure to eccentric! And if you feel like splurging on something that’s more of a statement or status piece, you can check out the wallets from brands like Prada, Miu Miu, and Gucci – they’re some of the hottest high-end luxury brands for wallets.

Best branded wallet brands for ladies in Singapore (2023)

1. Burberry

best ladies wallets singapore burberry
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Other than trench coats, British luxury fashion brand Burberry is also renowned for its bags and scarves. In fact, Burberry is known for creating high-quality leather goods, such as purses and wallets. That’s why, Burberry is one of the best fashion houses to purchase a branded wallet for ladies in Singapore, especially for those who’re looking for something timeless and unmistakably British.  

Our recommendations for the best Burberry ladies wallets in Singapore

You might be familiar with Burberry check prints, which have become synonymous with the brand, and can be found anywhere from their coats to their handbags. Since the 1960s, it has been a house code that most associate the brand with. So if you’re looking to own your very own Burberry check print wallet, the Check Wallet with Chain Strap (available on YC Boutique) is a good place to start! The long wallet comes with a chain strap, giving you the choice of styling it like a clutch, or slinging it across your shoulder. If you fancy something more unique, you can opt for the Burberry Floral Check Print Zip Around Wallet (available on YC Boutique), which combines the Burberry check with beautiful cherry blossoms. 

Burberry also has more trendy and chic pieces, like the Quilted Leather Lola Folding Wallet (available on Luxebags Official Store). Switching out the iconic equestrian knight logo for the updated ‘TB’ logo stamp, this bifold wallet is sleek and simple. Not only does it fit right in with the puffer bag trend, but its compact size also makes it convenient to carry around. However, if you’ve gone cashless and really only want to carry your essential cards, consider cardholder wallets like the Burberry Leather Card Case Dark Teal (available on lussocitta official store)!

2. Prada

best ladies wallets singapore prada
(Credit: Luxebags Official Store, lussocitta official store)

The Italian fashion house, Prada is known for their high-quality leather goods, particularly their in-house produced Saffiano leather. Over the years, Prada has perfected their unique pressed leather technique that features cross-hatch detailing for added durability, which is how Saffiano leather came about. So ladies, if you’re looking for a durable branded wallet to invest in for ladies in Singapore, Prada’s offerings will definitely be able to stand the test of time!

Our recommendations for the best Prada ladies wallets in Singapore

One of the best branded ladies wallets to get in Singapore is the Prada Small Saffiano Leather Wallet (available on Luxebags Official Store)! In fact, this model is one of Prada’s most popular wallets. On top of its stylish, navy blue silhouette, the wallet’s material ensures that the corners don’t bend or scratch easily. With its ability to withstand wear and tear, this is definitely a value-for-money investment. Besides the Prada Small Saffiano Leather Wallet, the Prada Glace City Calf Small Bifold Wallet Cobalto/Astrale 1MV204 (available on lussocitta official store) is a much more compact alternative that is perfect for those who typically go cashless when they’re out! With how thin the wallet is, you won’t even realise it’s stored away in your pocket or purse.

For those who don’t have much of a need for a full-sized wallet, you might want to consider the Prada Vitello Move Leather Slim Card Holder (available on Luxebags Official Store). It is thin, lightweight, and the ideal companion for those who’ve switched from cash to cards. They’re also much more cost-efficient as a luxury or designer wallet investment!

3. Miu Miu

miu miu wallets
(Credit: Luxebags Official Store)

The sister label to Prada, Miu Miu was named after Miuccia Prada, the creative director of Prada. It was founded by Miuccia Prada in 1993 as a more playful and affordable alternative to the more bold and classic Prada. Miu Miu’s aesthetic and style exudes femininity, elegance, and free-spirit, making it perfect for young women who want to find a statement piece to go with their everyday garb.

Our recommendations for the best Miu Miu ladies wallets in Singapore

Starting off strong, we have the Miu Miu Large Matelassé Nappa Leather Wallet in Black (available on Luxebags Official Store), a zip around wallet that sports a matelassé motif that has become a central part of the brand’s identity. In recent campaigns and collections, Miu Miu has continually revisited this whimsical element. This creative direction has been met with great success as many have gone on to be trendsetting pieces, including this Matelassé Nappa Leather Wallet. This stylish handbag is definitely worth the hype, and is one of the best branded ladies wallets to get in Singapore, in 2023!

Beyond that, you can also explore Miu Miu wallets with different textures, such as the Miu Miu Crocodile Print Leather Bi-Fold Wallet in NERO Black (available on Luxebags Official Store) and the Miu Miu Small Bilfold Button Wallet in Madras Leather (available on Luxebags Official Store). The latter is a baby pink bifold wallet, embellished with a sweet bow and pearl – great for diehard fans of the balletcore aesthetic. What are you waiting for, upgrade your balletcore fits with an elegant accessory from Miu Miu! 

4. Gucci

gucci wallets
(Credit: lussocitta official store)

Metal horsebit, interlocking G’s, GG emblem – these are just some of the many symbols that have become inextricably tied to Gucci’s brand. As one of the most renowned luxury brands in the world, it is also undeniable that Gucci boasts excellent craftsmanship! Coupled with the fact that every single Gucci wallet and bag is entirely handmade, it’s no wonder why many think of these accessories as pieces of art!

Our recommendations for the best Gucci ladies wallets in Singapore

If you’re looking for something classic, opt for the Gucci Icon GG Interlocking Wallet Black (available on lussocitta official store) or Gucci Interlock GG Bifold Leather Wallet Beige (available on lussocitta official store). While the former is the perfect choice for a spacious clutch, the bifold rendition of it is lightweight and easy to carry around. Both are embellished with the iconic interlocked-GG hardware, and come in monochromatic shades of beige and black. These are some of the best ladies wallets to style with your office fit, or a classy dinner gown.

The Gucci Horsebit 1955 Card Case Wallet Blue Tan (available on lussocitta official store) on the other hand, exudes a more masculine and assertive look. Coupled with the white mirrored GG motif on the wallet, the metallic hardware helps to create a rebellious, free-spirited aesthetic around it. In a similar vein, the Gucci Women’s Signature GG Small Bifold Wallet Blue (available on lussocitta official store) has a more androgynous style, with eight card compartments and a zip around coin pouch – stylish and practical!

5. Yves Saint Laurent

best ladies wallets singapore ysl
(Credit: lussocitta official store, Luxebags Official Store)

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) or as it is now rebranded, Saint Laurent is a luxury fashion brand which experiences high demands for its products. Especially given the small supply of each product or bag model, YSL’s wallets and handbags easily become one of the most expensive and sought after bags in the world. However, beyond the exclusivity of these products, many people still covet them because of their edgy look! YSL’s wallets and bags are also known for their use of lambskin to create a soft, buttery texture for their leather.

Our recommendations for the best YSL ladies wallets in Singapore

The Cassandre Matelassé Small Envelope Wallet in Grain de Poudre Embossed Leather Black (available on lussocitta official store) is a classic – a black quilted wallet that can easily be styled with any outfit. It’s also just the right size. The Cassandre Matelassé Zip Around Wallet in Grain de Poudre Embossed Leather Dark Beige (available on Luxebags Official Store) is also a roomier option if you require more space to store away your cards and cash. With the zip-around feature, you never have to worry about loose items falling out of it!

YSL also offers other silhouettes, such as the Tiny Cassandre Card Case In Grained Leather Dark Khaki (available on lussocitta official store), which has an inherent hardness that’s brought out by the grained texture. On the other hand, the YSL Bifold Wallet (available on Luxebags Official Store) is a simple sleeve wallet that has a smooth, matte finish to it. Both of these wallets have also been embellished with the classy YSL logo!

6. MCM

mcm ladies wallets
(Credit: Luxebags Official Store)

While this next brand might have a smaller brand presence than familiar ones like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, it definitely makes up for it in quality and style. You’ll find that some of the most common leather used in MCM’s wallets include Nappa leather, Spanish calf leather, and Italian leather. Not only do their leather accessories have an exquisite sheen to them, but they’re also extremely durable, making them one of the best places to get ladies wallets in Singapore in 2023. 

In recent years, they’ve also re-established themselves in the fashion world with the skillful use of their MCM logo. Coupled with MCM’s famous cognac visetos, the brand has become known for their tan-coloured, monogram-covered leather bags. But that’s not all there is to MCM’s wallets and bags, read on to find out more!

Our recommendations for the best MCM ladies wallets in Singapore

The MCM Medium Wristlet Zip Pouch in Visetos Original Cognac (available on Luxebags Official Store) is a stylish accessory that elevates any outfit, which also doubles as a spacious pouch that can carry all your essentials. From portable chargers, hand sanitisers, and makeup pouches, this is a functional fashion piece that’s going to be worth your investment!

With the MCM Lanyard Card Holder in Visetos Surf the Web Blue (available on Luxebags Official Store) and the MCM Portuna Zip Around Wallet in Visetos (available on Luxebags Official Store), we can see that MCM caters to various audiences and needs. While the MCM Lanyard Card Holder is a compact cardholder wallet for someone who packs light and prefers convenience, the MCM Portuna Wallet is an elegant wallet that can be styled for both casual and formal events.

7. Salvatore Ferragamo

best ladies wallets singapore salvatore ferragamo
(Credit: lussocitta official store)

Salvatore Ferragamo, or more commonly known as Ferragamo, is an Italian luxury brand that is known for their strong, bold, but youthful fashion pieces. Besides classic trench coats and tailored suits, Ferragamo is also known for structured, minimalist bags that sport the Gancio emblem in the form of hardware, to give them a touch of modernity. Especially with Ferragamo’s recent shift towards a more casual and relatable style, the brand has begun to experiment with new textures and elements, including the popular moon shape and chunky accent chains. Not only do they offer some of the best branded wallets for ladies in Singapore, Ferragamo is definitely an up and coming trendsetter to look out for!

Our recommendations for the best Salvatore Ferragamo ladies wallets in Singapore

Just like Salvatore Ferragamo’s creative vision, the brand’s wallets are bold and empowering. From vibrant colourways like the Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Card Case Wallet Bleached (available on lussocitta official store), to a more chic black with the Salvatore Ferragamo Calf Leather Small Wallet On Chain Black (available on lussocitta official store), there’s going to be something made just for you. 

In fact, one of our best finds include the Salvatore Ferragamo Soft Calf Leather Small Bifold Card Case Hot Pink (available on lussocitta official store), which looks like it came right out of the 2023 Barbie movie! And if you want to size down and carry light, the Salvatore Ferragamo Calf Leather Card Holder Nigella Blue (available on lussocitta official store) is a sky-blue cardholder wallet with a compact design, giving you a great blend of style and functionality.

Best affordable wallet brands for ladies in Singapore (2023)

8. Braun Büffel

braun buffel ladies wallets
(Credit: Braun Buffel Official Store)

When it comes to luxurious wallets, not many can compare with Braun Büffel. Not only is the German brand known for their exquisite workmanship, but you can also get them without breaking the bank! Their timeless wallet designs can also be recognised for their clean lines, block colours and minimal embellishments. It’s no wonder Braun Büffel is one of the best affordable wallet brands to get for ladies in Singapore!

Our recommendations for the best Braun Büffel ladies wallets in Singapore

If you’re looking for ladies wallets that give off a sense of understated elegance, you can’t go wrong with the Seine Sling Wallet (available on Braun Buffel Official Store) and the Seine 2 Fold Small Wallet (available on Braun Buffel Official Store)! These bifold wallets have a classic silhouette, and the former can even be slung over your shoulder to make it more convenient for use. They also come in subtle shades like Black and Moonlit Ocean, and more eye-catching ones like Fairway, which is close to a Kelly green, and a stark white Egret. 

The Superstar-A Sling Wallet (available on Braun Buffel Official Store) is also another one of the brand’s innovative designs – a spacious vertical wallet with a zip pocket and detachable adjustable straps. You can carry not just your cash and cards, but also your phone. It’s one of the best two-in-one ladies wallets to get in Singapore in 2023! Finally, the Hinna 2 Fold Long Wallet (available on Braun Buffel Official Store) is a sleek long wallet that comes in fun shades like pale green, hot pink, and terracotta. Great for adding a pop of colour to any outfit!

9. Coach

coach ladies wallets
(Credit: lussocitta official store, Luxebags Official Store)

Coach is yet another affordable wallet brand for ladies looking for designer accessories. Thanks to thrifting and vintage fashion trends in the past few years, Coach has managed to rebuild their brand presence by reinventing old silhouettes and bag models; from slouchy shapes to structured ones as seen in the Tabby and Wyn collections. Not to mention that anything monogram seems to be a current crowd favourite, which has helped Coach to capture the hearts of fashion enthusiasts with its bold double ‘C’ print. 

Our recommendations for the best Coach ladies wallets in Singapore

Want to achieve that effortless, subtle old money aesthetic? Complete your look with the Coach Signature Jacquard Zip Around Wallet (available on lussocitta official store). It bears the iconic Coach monogram and the neutral colour palette that we’ve all come to associate with the brand. The Coach Snap Wallet In Signature Canvas With Nostalgic Ditsy Print Light Khaki (available on lussocitta official store) is a more lighthearted and playful rendition of this, with its beige body and sweet floral detailing. 

For those who want to go for a bolder, fiercer style, the Coach Long Zip Around Wallet In Signature Leather Cherry (available on Luxebags Official Store) will make sure that you’re dressed to impress. In contrast to its vibrant cherry, almost firetruck red hue, the Coach Small Trifold Wallet Black (available on lussocitta official store) is one of the best choices for ladies who want to get a minimalist wallet for everyday life in Singapore in 2023. There’s no way you can go wrong with it!

10. Kate Spade

kate spade ladies wallets
(Credit: Official Store, lussocitta official store, Luxebags Official Store)

Kate Spade is the go-to brand for ladies wallets that are feminine, youthful, and aesthetic. They’re known for their playful styles and vibrant hues, especially their passion for experimenting with frills and patterns. You can always recognise the brand’s wallets and bags from their soft curves, quirky floral designs, and of course, the signature Kate Spade logos. 

Kate Spade is also one of the more affordable wallet brands for ladies. Not only do they look exquisite, but you can also get goods made of quality leather at a reasonable price. It’s definitely one of the best brands to get ladies wallets in Singapore in 2023!

Our recommendations for the best Kate Spade ladies wallets in Singapore

Hop onto the puffer bag trend with the Kate Spade Carey Medium Compartment Bifold Wallet in Green Bean (available on Official Store). It pays homage to Kate Spade’s brand identity with its colour, Kate Spade Green, setting itself apart from most other wallets which are typically monochrome! But if you’re going for something more feminine and dainty, the Madison Saffiano Leather Small Bifold Wallet (available on lussocitta official store) and the Kate Spade Gemma Small Flap Wallet (available on Luxebags Official Store) might just be apt choices for you. Both of these wallets come in varying shades of blue and bear curved flaps that soften their looks. Especially the Kate Spade Gemma wallet that shakes things up with its scalloped flap. 

Finally, we have a wallet that just screams Kate Spade! The Morgan Rose Garden Small Slim Bifold Wallet (available on Official Store) is literally adorned with a “garden full of roses”, making it look whimsical and feminine!

11. Herschel

herschel ladies wallets
(Credit: Herschel Singapore Official Store)

For many Singaporeans, Herschel bags and wallets were the “it” things in school – and rightfully so. Not only were they stylish and gave off a more burly look, but they’re also extremely durable, making it one of the best options to brave the rough and tumble of school kids. But that’s not to say the Herschel is only reserved for younger crowds, as they also specialise in stylish wallets built for everyday life. Read on to find out more about the best Herschel ladies wallets to get in Singapore, this 2023!

Our recommendations for the best Herschel ladies wallets in Singapore

Herschel has some of the best ladies wallets for travel and everyday use in Singapore, as evidenced by the Herschel Quarry Wallet (available on Herschel Singapore Official Store) and the Herschel Tyler Wallet (available on Herschel Singapore Official Store). Multiple card slots, a centre divider, and a zip coin pouch – you’ve got enough compartments to organise all your wallet essentials. However, if this medium-sized pouch isn’t the right fit for you, you can upsize to a larger option with the Herschel Thomas Wallet (available on Herschel Singapore Official Store). Otherwise, you can always downsize to a much more compact Herschel Oscar Wallet (available on Herschel Singapore Official Store), which is convenient to carry around and can be styled as an accessory!

12. Carlo Rino

best ladies wallets singapore carlo rino
(Credit: Carlo Rino Official Store)

Homegrown brand Carlo Rino specialises in quality bags and wallets for women, and targets young ladies between the ages 18 to 25. You can definitely see this from the fun textures and feminine hues that the brand often experiments with. While starting out locally, Carlo Rino has since grown in popularity, expanding into international markets like China, Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and many more. Check out some of their best ladies wallets that you should get in Singapore this 2023!

Our recommendations for the best Carlo Rino ladies wallets in Singapore

The Carlo Rino 2 Fold Long Wallet 35347-504 (available on Carlo Rino Official Store) is a quirky take on the puffer trend, with flat squares that are reminiscent of mosaic tiles. On the other hand, the Carlo Rino 3 Fold Small Wallet (available on Carlo Rino Official Store) is a versatile trifold wallet that’s going to be able to fit all your cards, coins, and cash on the go! You can also choose from a variety of colours: Pale Green, Black, Dusty Blue, Lilac, and Pink. For models that are more minimalistic, the Carlo Rino 3 Fold Short Wallet (available on Carlo Rino Official Store) and Carlo Rino 2 Fold Long Wallet 35348-504 (available on Carlo Rino Official Store) are the best ladies wallets to get from Carlo Rino in Singapore! Both feature clean lines and minimal hardware, but still make for fun accessories with their vibrant colours!

13. Sembonia

best ladies wallets singapore sembonia

Similar to Carlo Rino, Sembonia might be a familiar brand for those that frequent department stores like BHG and OG. It’s a Malaysian brand that specialises in high quality leather shoes and accessories. In fact, their designs are often mature and chic, using interesting textures like crocodile embossed leather and intricate stitching. They’re some of the best and most affordable wallet brands to look out for if you’re thinking of getting a ladies wallet to go with your office attire, or just for a romantic dinner date in Singapore – Sembonia will surely not disappoint!

Our recommendations for the best Sembonia ladies wallets in Singapore

The Sembonia 2-Fold Long Wallet (available on SEMBONIA SINGAPORE OFFICIAL STORE) and Sembonia Short 3/4 Fold Wallet 63588-501 (available on SEMBONIA SINGAPORE OFFICIAL STORE) are both sleek, modern wallets that go well with almost any outfit. In fact, their minimalistic design and block colours give them a professional look. While the 2-Fold Long Wallet comes in the shades of Dark Blue and Maroon, the latter comes in more sombre shades like Black and a Lavender that resembles a dark purple.

On the other hands, you can spice things up with the Sembonia Short 3/4 Fold Wallet 63375-501 (available on SEMBONIA SINGAPORE OFFICIAL STORE) and the Sembonia 3-Fold 3/4 Wallet (available on SEMBONIA SINGAPORE OFFICIAL STORE), which incorporate embroidery and animal skin textures to elevate the look and feel of the wallets. In fact, the 3-Fold 3/4 Wallet boasts a glossy, majestic finish to the mock-crocodile leather, giving it an almost eccentric look!

Look your best with these best ladies wallets to get in Singapore (2023)

A wallet or purse is an essential part of every look. Whether you’re going for work or school, or to a family event, ladies wallets from luxurious brands like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent can really help elevate your whole outfit! However, if you don’t feel like splurging too much on an accessory, we’ve got you covered. Choose from affordable but equally stylish brands like Coach and Kate Spade. For more style tips and ideas, check out the best prom dresses and best barbiecore outfit ideas! Also, do check out the fantastic deals and promotions online during our 9.9 Super Shopping Day!