15 Best Mookata Places In Singapore For A Taste Of Thailand

best mookata in singapore

Can’t decide between Korean BBQ and hotpot? Well, you don’t have to because mookata lets you have the best of both worlds! Originating from The Land Of Smiles, ‘mookata’ loosely translates to ‘skillet pork’. With the deluge of late night and 24 hour mookata places available, night owls can satiate their midnight hunger pangs with a delicious meal. Looking for a mookata place near you? We’ve sussed out the best mookata places in Singapore across each part of the island!

Where did mookata originate from?

mookata spread with scallops, prawns, meats on the grill
(Credit: 2211 Mookata / Facebook)

Mookata hails from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. It combines barbeque and steamboat with a special dome-shaped mookata pot that features a grill and a ring for soup. This cooking method spread across Southeast Asia, and quickly rose in popularity when it hit our shores.

How do you enjoy mookata?

person placing pork slices on mookata grill
(Credit: 1345 Mookata / Facebook)

Before you start grilling your meats and seafood, leave some pork fat on the grill and let it melt. Apart from providing you with an oily surface so the meat doesn’t stick to the pot, the pork fat elevates the taste of your meat! It is recommended to let the oil drip into the soup for a yummier broth.

Best mookata in the north of Singapore 

1. Thai Hao Chi Mookata (Upper Thomson)

thai hao chi best mookata in singapore
(Credit: Thai Hao Chi Mookata / Facebook)

Thai Hao Chi Mookata is one of the best mookata places in Singapore that takes you down a traditional path with charcoal-fuelled mookata for a delicious smoky taste! It boasts a great selection of meat and seafood ranging from premium wagyu beef to mussels and sliced abalone. With such a delicious spread, you can consider Thai Hao Chi Mookata for your next CNY family reunion dinner! On Fridays, Thai Hao Chi Mookata opens past midnight so you can hit this place up for your late night cravings!

Address: 908 Upper Thomson Road, S(787111)
Opening Hours:
Sat – Thu: 5pm – 11pm
Fri: 5pm – 12.30am

2. Bangkok Street Mookata (Ang Mo Kio)

bangkok street mookata best in singapore
(Credit: Bangkok Street Mookata / Facebook)

With many outlets across Singapore, Bangkok Street Mookata features an affordable meat selection. Coupled with spacious seats, it makes a great spot for large group dinner gatherings! Bangkok Street Mookata’s a la carte meat plates start from as low as $1.90. They also offer platters available for two starting from just $22. Overall, this is one of the best mookata places in Singapore for those on a budget!

Address: 421 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-1149, S(560421)
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm – 11pm
Check out their other locations here

Best mookata in the east of Singapore 

3. Ladyboy Steamboat & Mookata Cheese (Geylang)

ladyboy cheese mookata best in east singapore
(Credit: Ladyboy Steamboat & Mookata Cheese / Facebook)

If you’re a fellow cheese-lover, Ladyboy Steamboat & Mookata Cheese is the best place in Singapore to be. Located in Geylang, it’s usually filled to the brim with customers waiting patiently for their tantalizing cheese mookata! The cheese comes in six delectable flavours including tom yum and truffle. Buffet prices start from $29.90 for adults, which includes free flow drinks and ice cream. 

Address: Lorong 40, 644 Geylang Road, S(389574)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 5pm – 1am
Sat – Sun: 4pm – 1am

4. Siam Square Mookata (Downtown East)

siam square mookata best in singapore
(Credit: Siam Square Mookata)

Siam Square Mookata is one of the first mookata chains to open in Singapore. With many outlets across the island, it serves fresh ingredients, replenished daily. They also have a secret chilli sauce recipe chilli available in three spice levels, making it perfect for those with low spice tolerance or for those looking for an extra kick!

Address: E!Hub@Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-126, S(519599)
Opening Hours: Daily, 3pm – 3am
Check out their other locations here

5. Aroy Mak Mookata (MacPherson)

aroy mak mookata best in singapore north
(Credit: Aroy Mak Mookata / Facebook)

Hunting for an affordable late night mookata buffet? Aroy Mak Mookata is one of the best places in Singapore that you should hit up! It features a Chiang Rai style buffet starting from an affordable price point of $17.80, accompanied with authentic homemade Thai chilli sauces. Eat to your stomach’s content without making a dent in your wallet! 

Address: 476-478 MacPherson Road, S(368191)
Opening Hours: Daily, 4pm – 11pm

6. 555 Villa Thai (Changi)

555 mookata best in singapore east area
(Credit: 555 Villa Thai / Facebook)

Located near the Changi Airport runway, the view from 555 Villa Thai is one of the best mookata places in Singapore for your late night suppers! With views of planes taking off and landing, your experience is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind as you chow down on their deliciously marinated meats. 

We recommend getting the UFO Pot Set, their signature mookata meal. You’ll get to enjoy a deluge of fresh seafood and sumptuous meats. While this might be a tad out of the way for those who don’t drive, we think that the ambience makes it worth the trip! 

Address: 30 Cosford Road, S(499550)
Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 5pm – 1am
Fri – Sat: 5pm – 2am

7. Chok Dee Mookata (Tampines)

chok dee best mookata in singapore
(Credit: Chok Dee Mookata / Facebook)

Nestled in an unassuming coffee shop, Chok Dee Mookata features platters starting from $28 and a la carte plates starting from $1.80. Regulars go back to them for their tender, succulent meats. They also add a local spin on the meats with dishes such as salted egg chicken and mala pork. If you’re a fan of fusion food, you have to check out Chok Dee Mookata for one of the best mookata in Singapore!

Address: 445 Tampines Street 42, S(520445)
Opening Hours:
Mon: 3pm – 11.30pm
Wed – Sun: 3pm – 11.30pm

Best mookata in the west of Singapore 

8. 2211 Mookata (Jurong West)

2211 best mookata jurong west singapore
(Credit: 2211 Mookata / Facebook)

Just a stone’s throw away from NTU, 2211 Mookata is a regular hangout spot for university students looking for an affordable late-night mookata. It’s situated out in the open air, which allows for excellent ventilation. Their marinated pork goes at just $1-2 per plate, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth at 2211 Mookata, one of the best affordable mookata places in Singapore! 

Address: 907 Jurong West Street 91, S(640907)
Opening Hours: Daily, 5pm – 3am

9. Chice – The Original Chickata (Jurong East)

best halal mookata in Singapore west area
(Credit: Chickata Makan Place / Facebook [cropped])
Chice – The Original Chickata is a halal-certified mookata restaurant that opens till 1am on Fridays and Saturdays! They serve up mouth-watering marinated chicken, beef, lamb, and fresh seafood for BBQ that Muslim friends can enjoy! Their homemade chilli sauce has also been highly raved – a must-try when you visit!

Address: 2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange, #01-47
Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri: 5pm – 11pm
Sat – Sun: 1pm – 11pm

10. 1345 Mookata (Bukit Batok)

best mookata in west singapore bukit batok
(Credit: 1345 Mookata / Facebook)

If you’re a fan of deliciously marinated meats, 1345 Mookata is one of the best mookata places in Singapore for that! We can vouch for their marinade and green chilli sauce and we urge you to give it a go too. Hidden within the industrial estate of Bukit Batok, expect to have little to no crowds accompanied with an airy atmosphere, setting the perfect mood-kata!

Address: 25 Bukit Batok Crescent, The Elitist, #01-01, S(658066)
Opening Hours:
Tues – Sun: 4pm – 11pm

Best mookata in central Singapore 

11. Kin Tub Thai Steamboat (Boat Quay)

kin thub thai bbq steamboat mookata by the singapore river
(Credit: Kin Tub Thai Mookata BBQ Steamboat / Facebook)

Enjoy sizzling hot meat and delicious soup while enjoying the beautiful view of the Singapore river at Kin Tub Thai Mookata BBQ Steamboat! It is one of the best mookata restaurants in Singapore that not only offers amazing food, but also a lovely ambience! 

They also have a good selection of beverages including Thai milk tea and an assortment of refreshing fruit juices with basil seeds. We also love their variety of platters ranging from seafood to meat sets, allowing you to pick according to your preferences. If you’re a fellow seafood lover, check out our list of best seafood buffets in Singapore for free flow seafood that you can eat to your heart’s content.

Address: 51 Boat Quay, S(049840)
Opening Hours: Daily, 5pm – 2am

13. Y CUBE Mookata Buffet (Golden Mile Complex)

y cube buffet best mookata in singapore central
(Credit: Y CUBE Mookata Buffet / Facebook)

Closing at 6am, Y Cube Mookata Buffet is one of the best mookata places in Singapore that makes for the perfect late night supper haunt. Located in Golden Mile Complex, the “Little Thailand” of Singapore, you can be assured that you’ll get an authentic taste of Thailand here.

At just $29.90, you get an all-you-can-eat buffet with free flow seafood, Thai milk tea and ice cream. Be prepared to have your tummy filled as you dig into their seafood spread which includes prawn, crab, crayfish, oyster, salmon and more! This is also one of the best Golden Mile Thai food outlets to satisfy your mookata cravings at.

Address: Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road, #02-45, S(199588)
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm – 6am

14. Cheese Story Mookata Buffet (Golden Mile Complex)

best mookata in singapore
(Credit: Cheese Story Mookata Buffet / Facebook)

Hands up if you’re a seafood lover! Cheese Story Mookata Buffet is one of the best mookata places in Singapore, offering a wide variety of seafood! This includes free flow oysters, scallops, prawns and crayfish! That’s not all, though. They also have cheese and satay sauce to dip into for that extra burst of flavour. Enjoy this delicious buffet at just $29.90/pax for adults and $15.90/pax for children!

Address: Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road, #02-01, S(199588)
Opening Hours:
Sun – Wed: 12pm – 2am
Thu – Sat: 12pm – 3am

Check out other locations here.

15. 888 Mookata (Bishan)

888 best mookata in singapore north area
(Credit: 888 Mookata / Facebook)

888 Mookata is a chain started by Mediacorp celebrities Chew Chor Meng and Zhou Chong Qing. While their star power definitely gives this late night mookata place some recognition, we think that it has its own merits too! Located in various food courts across Singapore, 888 Mookata boasts premium meats like scallops and prawns at great prices, with a platter for two going at just $26!

Address: S11 Food Court, 504 Bishan Street 11, S(570504)
Opening Hours: Daily, 2pm – 10.45pm

Check out their other locations here

15. Tom Yam Kung Fu

tom yam kung fu mookata best singapore
(Credit: Tom Yam Kung Fu / Facebook)

If you’re looking for an authentic Thai mookata experience, Tom Yam Kung Fu is one of the best places in Singapore to go as they use traditional charcoal. Some of the highlights on their menu include the Homemade Fish Paste that is served on a bamboo holder. Their Chicken Thigh is also made special with a unique quail egg sesame oil concoction that brings out the tenderness and flavour of the meat.

Apart from highly-reviewed dishes, Tom Yam Kung Fu is also well-loved for their ambience and unique retro vibes. Get ready to bob along to catchy Thai tunes as you dig in!

Address: 16 Circular Road, S(049372)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11.45pm – 2.30pm, 6-10.30pm
Sat: 6-10.30pm

Eat to your heart’s content at the best mookata places in Singapore

Looking for your next supper hangout spot? We hope this list of the best mookata in Singapore has given you an idea of where to go with your supper kakis! Craving other cuisines? Check out this list of authentic Taiwanese food restaurants in Singapore! Looking for a restaurant for your reunion dinners during CNY? We’ve got you covered with the best Chinese restaurants that are open during CNY!

This article was updated on 28 December 2021. Additional research done by Liang Shi Nan. 

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