15 Best Zi Char Delivery Places For A Shiok CNY Reunion Dinner

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Whether it’s for lunch, dinner or even supper, you can never go wrong with zi char in Singapore. The smoky wok hei flavour, affordable pricing and generous portions make zi char the top choice when it comes to a hearty Chinese New Year reunion dinner with your loved ones. While enjoying this local delight in a bustling kopitiam adds to the charm of zi char, digging in at home can be just as enjoyable! Turn on the aircon, lay the signature pink plastic tablecloth and prepare your dining table for some of the best zi char delivery places in Singapore!

Best traditional zi char delivery services in Singapore

1. Buey Tahan See Food

buey tahan see food best zi char delivery
(Credit: Bueytahanseefood Official Store)

You can’t control your zi char cravings when you see the wide offerings at Buey Tahan See Food. Aside from its punny name that resonates with many Singaporeans, Buey Tahan also appeals to us with its budget-friendly price tags. For less than $100, their signature Crab Feast (available on Bueytahanseefood Official Store) comes with two large crabs of your choice (chilli, black pepper, salted egg and beehoon soup). They will even throw in a free 500g har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) into the mix so the entire meal can feed up to four pax — such great value! Aside from crabs, other best-selling zi char dishes at Buey Tahan include their Curry Fish Head And Sambal Kangkong as well as the Golden Chicken Cube (both available on Bueytahanseefood Official Store) which packs an addictive salted egg yolk flavour. 

Buey Tahan See Food offers one of the best zi char delivery services, ensuring your orders arrive hot and delicious. However, do note that their same-day delivery requires a minimum of two hours advance notice. Be sure to give them a call ahead of time to schedule your delivery!

Delivery fee: $3.99 with free delivery for orders above $45
*Minimum advance order of 2 hours required

2. Keng Eng Kee Seafood

keng eng kee seafood best zi char delivery
(Credit: KEK Seafood)

If you haven’t heard of Keng Eng Kee Seafood, you’ve been missing out big time. This is yet another best zi char delivery store in Singapore, landing a mention on the 2016 MICHELIN Guide Singapore and was even featured in Street Food Asia on Netflix! 

Ask any Keng Eng Kee Seafood fan what’s the best zi char dish to try here, and they would unanimously tell you the Coffee Pork Ribs are to-die-for. The pork ribs are coated in sticky sweet and bitter coffee sauce that strikes a nice contrast against the crispy texture. Another famous zi char dish that you must try is their Signature Chilli Crab. Think smoky wok hei, creamy eggy sauce that is sweet, sour and mildly spicy — all of which make this chilli crab dish one of the best in Singapore! You can even add wine to your order to complete your Chinese New Year reunion dinner! Can’t help but to drool? Have your Keng Eng Kee Seafood feast delivered to your doorstep with same-day delivery services! 

Chinese New Year reunion dinner promo: Feast on Keng Eng Kee Seafood’s Reunion Set that can feed up to eight people! At $168, you’ll get to indulge in seven dishes including their famous Coffee Pork Ribs, Butter Cereal Squid, Ginger & Onion Sliced Fish, and Prawn Paste Chicken.

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $5 with $50 minimum order

3. Kai Xin Crabs

kai xin crabs best zi char delivery
(Credit: Kai Xin Crabs)

Your Chinese New Year reunion dinner can’t be complete without one of the best chilli crab dishes in Singapore! Kai Xin Crabs is involved in the entire farm to table process. Their crab graders make sure that only the healthiest and meatiest Sri Lankan crabs are selected. These live crabs are then flown in daily to ensure you enjoy only the freshest and tastiest! 

With their in-house special chilli sauce, this award-winning chilli crab dish is a must-have in your dinner. You can choose from seven different sizes but we heard that going big is the most value for money! We recommend going for Kai Xin Crabs’ set meals that can feed up to 10 people. From the decadent Guinness Spare Ribs to flavourful Assam Fish Head, these set meals will wow your tastebuds! If you’re adding a last-minute order, they can deliver your dishes in an hour at additional $20. But why wait? Lock in your Chinese New Year feast with the best zi char delivery from Kai Xin Crabs now!  

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $10 with free delivery for orders above $100

4. Mellben Signature

mellben signature best zi char delivery
(Credit: Mellben Signature / Facebook)

Staying home is easy when you can get yummy food from Mellben Signature delivered to your doorstep. This best zi char delivery store in Singapore is known for their Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup where a whole crab is stewed in a pot of thick and creamy seafood soup. We suggest topping up to add more soup because you won’t get enough of the sweet and peppery umami broth! 

Not sure what else to order? Why not try the Mellben Prawn Bento Set that comes with creamy butter prawn, sweet and sour fish, stir fried seasonal vegetables and even appetisers! There’s also a squid and fish version to cater to different palates. 

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $10 with $50 minimum order

5. Lai Huat Signatures

lai huat signatures best zi char delivery
(Credit: Lai Huat Signatures [cropped])
Craving for some spicy hot sambal fish at your Chinese New Year reunion dinner? You have to get this dish from Lai Huat Signatures! Topped over a crispy deep-fried pomfret, this recipe has been perfected to create a sambal dish well-loved by generations of diners.

Lai Huat Signatures has Family Sets and Claypot Curry Fish Head Sets that can feed up to six people. Their popular Family Set C has five dishes where you’ll get to enjoy their signature Sambal Fish, and you can choose how you want to have your crayfish, chicken, pork and vegetable dishes. Curry some favour with your loved ones with their Claypot Curry Fish Head Set B. It also comes with Crab Meat with Fish Maw Pottage! 

Chinese New Year reunion dinner promo: This Chinese New Year, Lai Huat Signatures has come up with different set meals that can feed up to 10 people. Some of these set meals have pen cai that contains all of that seafood goodness like scallops, sea cucumbers and fish maw. It’s without a doubt that every set meal has Lai Huat Signatures’ sambal fish dish, but there are also other famous zi char dishes like ee fu noodles and poached prawns. We especially love how they have included yu sheng in the set meals – you won’t have to go looking for it to lo hei with your loved ones! If you do manage to find time in all these dinner prep, here are some of the best yusheng in Singapore you can try! 

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $15 with $50 minimum order

6. Wok Master

wok master best zi char delivery
(Credit: Wok Master [cropped])
Zi char doesn’t always have to be fried or spicy. It can be something healing such as this Premium Claypot Dish from Wok Master, one of the best zi char delivery stores in Singapore. Filled to the brim with fresh prawns, scallops, pacific clams, sea cucumber, fish slices, fish maw and broccoli braised in Wok Master’s secret stock recipe, this scrumptious seafood feast is one that can wash away your exhaustion after a hectic day. 

Other dishes worth your calories include the Braised Superior Chicken with a deep herbal flavour and the Crisped-Skin Duck! That’s not all! They also offer classic zi char dishes like sambal kangkong, salted egg sotong and hotplate tofu. But of course, we can’t forget their crab bundle that can feed up to four people. You can choose to have your crab with their signature chilli sauce or a creamy salted egg one. The bundle includes a refreshing crispy passion fruit prawn, tofu with crab meat, Yang Zhou fried rice and a mango pomelo sago dessert. Hang on, they serve dim sum sets too! The zi char options are endless at this place!

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $6 with $60 minimum order

7. New Ubin Seafood

new ubin seafood best zi char delivery
(Credit: New Ubin Seafood / Facebook [cropped])
From serving kampong-style seafood dishes on Pulau Ubin to outlets in CHIJMES, Tampines and the Ramada hotel, the famous New Ubin Seafood has taken zi char dishes to a whole new level. Elevating traditional zi char food, New Ubin Seafood serves up sumptuous dishes that are a fusion of Singaporean and American, French, Italian and Indian cuisines.

New Ubin Seafood now has amazing deals on their zi char dishes made with Impossible meat options for your vegan guests! We suggest trying the Claypot Three Cups Chicken dish which incorporates tequila instead of the usual Shaoxing wine. Get some of their USDA Black Angus ‘Choice’ Rib-Eye delivered too and you’ll have the best zi char feast perfect for your Chinese New Year reunion dinner!

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $10 with $50 minimum order, free delivery for orders above $200

8. Long Ji Zi Char

long ji zi char best delivery
(Credit: longjizichar / Instagram)

Long Ji Zi Char is one of those zi char places in Singapore where you’d return time after time and never need to worry about being disappointed with inconsistency. The food quality and service remains consistent, if not better — perhaps because the owner is also the chef himself! The Bee Hoon Crab is thoroughly infused with the wok aroma and depends solely on the crab’s fresh sweetness to bring out the flavour in the dish (no MSG added). 

Even though the minimum order is only $20, we suggest you make your order from this best zi char delivery place in Singapore worthwhile by adding other crowd favourites. This includes the Panfried Coffee Pork Ribs, Salad Prawn and Claypot Braised Beancurd. 

Chinese New Year reunion dinner promo: Add a yu sheng platter when you order your favourite zi char dishes from Long Ji Zi Char. Lo hei with their $42.80 yu sheng and you’re bound to huat your way through the new year!

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $14 with $20 minimum order

9. White Restaurant

white beehoon restaurant best zi char delivery
(Credit: White Restaurant – The Original Sembawang White Beehoon / Facebook)

Want some decadent bee hoon for your Chinese New Year reunion dinner? You won’t go wrong with the famous White Restaurant’s white bee hoon and zi char dishes. The best-selling White Bee Hoon is drenched in flavourful egg gravy and topped with juicy prawns, squid and vegetables. The smooth texture will have you slurping the whole plate up in no time, so we suggest upsizing to a medium or large plate if you’re sharing it with your family. 

Other drool-worthy mentions include the Fragrant Claypot Sesame Kampung Chicken and Signature Meat and Seafood Roll. Both will make great side dishes to go with rice! Same-day delivery is available if you order at least one hour in advance. 

Chinese New Year reunion dinner promo: Your Chinese New Year feasting won’t go wrong with the 10 sets available on White Restaurant! Available from 6 January – 5 February 2023, each set comes with a white bee hoon dish and an exquisite Fortune Abalone Yusheng. Psst.. if you’re looking to enjoy additional discounts on your purchase, opt for self-pickup to get 10% off! 

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $5.90 with free delivery for orders above $50

10. Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant

ban leong wah hoe seafood best zi char delivery
(Credit: Ban Leong Wah Hoe Sea-food Restaurant / Facebook)

The good thing about food delivery is that you get to skip the snaking queue at Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant. Touted as the best har cheong gai in Singapore, the Prawn Paste Chicken Wings at Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant is not to be missed. These chicken wings are fried to perfection yet the sweet and plump meat within is still juicy and flavourful. 

The restaurant has many other seafood specialties such as the Hong Kong-Style Steamed Soon Hock, Sambal Cuttlefish and Fried Lala. Do expect a longer waiting time at this best zi char delivery store in Singapore as it is really popular. We suggest ordering ahead of time to avoid disappointment! 

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $8 with $50 minimum order, free delivery for orders above $250

Best vegetarian zi char delivery services in Singapore

11. Zi Zai Vegetarian

zi zai vegetarian best zi char delivery
(Credit: Zi Zai Vegetarian / Facebook)

Catering to vegetarian foodies who love zi char, Zi Zai Vegetarian has an extensive menu that covers anything from claypot tofu to roti prata. The Fragrant Yam Ring is a delight to savour with smooth yam paste wrapped in a light and crispy exterior. In it is a colourful medley of vegetables topped with cashew nuts and tossed in sweet and sour sauce. We also love the Butter Sauce ‘Prawn’ for its sticky chewy texture with a hint of spiciness. 

While zi char is all about the side dishes, we can’t help but to mention some of the best main dishes you’ve got to try. This includes the Seaweed Rice which looks almost like a bibimbap but with a local twist — curry gravy instead of gochujang! Their pratas are less greasy and more crispy, it’s no wonder they are so popular among loyal customers. Zi Zai Vegetarian has an ongoing promotion for customisable set meals that can cater from two pax to eight pax. So whether it’s an intimate date night or a get-together feast, Zi Zai Vegetarian is sure to satisfy!

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $14.20 with free delivery for orders above $70

12. Zhen Yi Vege Place

zhen yi vege place best zi char delivery
(Credit: Zhen Yi Vege Place [cropped])
Zhen Yi Vege Place is the one of best zi char delivery services to patronise for a full vegetarian feast. Famous for their plate of Cereal Veggie Prawn, this is a zi char staple that you must order and savour the generous amount of cereal bits. A stellar combination of sweet and savoury, the mock prawn has a nice bite similar to that of fish cake, firm yet chewy at the same time. 

For an escape from the typical vegetarian stall options, consider going for their Mixed Vege Curry Fish in Claypot! The taste of their curry will surely remind you of the ones that you pair with the best roti prata – spicy with a slight tangy sweet aftertaste. Not to mention, there is also a good variety of vegetables, including lady’s finger, eggplant and beancurd skin, which adds some texture to the smooth curry. Rest assured that you can look forward to a well-balanced, nutritious CNY reunion dinner with Zhen Yi Vege Place! 

Place your order here

Delivery fee: Varies depending on distance

13. Ling Zhi Vegetarian 

lingzhi vegetarian best zi char delivery
(Credit: LingZhi Vegetarian Liat Towers / Facebook [cropped])
Part of the renowned TungLok Group, it comes as no surprise that LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurants offers one of the best zi char delivery services in Singapore. They pride themselves on its menu of innovative dishes made with fresh and organic ingredients. Thus, they’ve also set the benchmark for vegetarian cuisine to an almost unbeatable level! With that being said, you can expect to fall heads over heels for their vegetarian versions of Sichua la zi ji and even satay

Presented in a freshly-cut pineapple, the Vegetarian Satay can serve as the aesthetic centrepiece for your Chinese New Year reunion dinner. One whiff of this dish and you’ll get chargrilled aromas resembling actual satay enveloping the skewered monkey-head mushrooms. Take a generous dip of the thick, velvety gravy and you probably can’t tell a difference from its actual, meaty counterpart! 

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $5 with $50 minimum order, additional $3 surcharge eve of/and Public Holidays

14. Lotus Vegetarian

lotus vegetarian best zi char delivery
(Credit: Lotus Vegetarian / Facebook)

Lotus Vegetarian was started by Rebecca, previously an ordinary housewife who is very passionate about whipping up vegetarian dishes. With a tantalising collection of Chinese dishes featuring mainly Hakka delicacies that boast a contemporary twist, this famous Taiwan-hailed zi char restaurant has won hearts (and bellies) of many! A must-try is their Truffled Hakka Abacus Trio – a dish that sees yam, sweet potato, and Chinese yam abacus seeds tossed in truffle oil

If you just want to nibble on some quick bites, have a go at their new selection of vegetarian dim sum. This includes Veggie Siew Mai Dumplings and Veggie BBQ Soya-meat Buns, a meatless play on our favourite siew mai and char siew bao!

Place your order here

Chinese New Year reunion dinner promo: Dive in-“tu” a prosperous 2023 with Lotus Vegetarian’s Reunion 8-Course Buffet Set –  each dish is thoughtfully curated to represent a Chinese New Year blessing. Not to mention, you can also look forward to star players like Grilled Fish in Japanese Miso Broth and Jumbo Prawn in Signature Chilli Sauce, with complimentary fried mantou! Mmm, yum yum in your tum tum. 

Delivery fee: From $8 – $15 with $69 minimum order, free delivery for orders above $180

15. New Fut Kai

new fut kai best zi char delivery
(Credit: New Fut Kai Vegetarian / Facebook [cropped])
New Fut Kai celebrates the taste of Asia with its range of Charcoal Hotpots and Chef Made Signatures, perfect for those who love their dishes with a strong pang of wok hei. Touted as one of the best zi char delivery places in Singapore, they offer contemporary fusion dishes such as Pesto Wontons and Pumpkin Sauce Mushrooms that have been proven to suit every taste palette. Psst… good news for vegans: they also offer vegan-friendly dishes upon request.

However, nothing beats a good hotpot to add extra warmth to your CNY reunion. Their famous charcoal hotpots come with a choice of five soup bases: mushroom, fish head, soy miso, yuzu coconut, or tomato. You’ll be surprised by their numerous healthy hot pot ingredients and soup base. It’s packed with many healthy vitamins and beauty-enhancing minerals! 

Chinese New Year reunion dinner promo: A sure-way to huat the new year is to purchase New Fut Kai’s Triple Blessing CNY Set. On top of the usual Fortune yu sheng and Good Health pen cai, this set one-up the other CNY promos with an all-new Abalone Hotpot. Take a big mouthful of this hotpot dish to bring good fortune and abundance for the rest of the year! 

Place your order here

Delivery fee: $10 with $80 minimum order, free delivery for orders above $200

Indulge in the best zi char from delivery places in Singapore this CNY

We all get lazy sometimes and food delivery services such as the best zi char deliveries from famous restaurants can help make things easier for everyone. Alternatively, you can easily have your meals settled when you dine at the best Chinese restaurants that are open during CNY. Otherwise, if you’re someone who prefers to stay in and get hands-on with your food, here’s our guide on how to prepare a steamboat at home for your reunion dinner! Don’t forget to check out our Shopee CNY sale for awesome discounted prices on your CNY essentials!

This article was updated on 29 December 2022. Additional research done by Shermyn Tan.

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