15 Contemporary Cheongsams In Singapore For Chinese New Year


If you think wearing cheongsams in Singapore is outdated and too oriental to be fashionable, think again! In Singapore, cheongsams have evolved beyond the typical blinding red fabrics embellished with gold flower embroidery. Instead, these traditional costumes now incorporate some popular modern fashion elements to provide a stylish and feminine silhouette. Read on to discover the perfect cheongsams in Singapore for a huat-tastic Chinese New Year!

1. Ombre fit-and-flare cheongsam

(Credit: mgplabel)

From makeup to hair colours, ombre has been all the rage! There’s no exception when it comes to ombre outfits, such as this peachy ombre fit-and-flare cheongsam in Singapore (available on MGP Label)! Thanks to its sweet hues, this cheongsam gives off a youthful and cheery vibe — perfect for spring! What’s more, its fit-and-flare design flatters all body shapes! Available in four sizes, this is a unique piece not to be missed! Browse through MGP Label’s extensive collections for even more modern cheongsam inspired outfits for Chinese New Year.

2. Playful checkered cap sleeves cheongsam

red checkered cap sleeves cheongsam singapore chinese new year
(Credit: W&G Fashion Beauty Shop)

Forget your weaknesses and play up your strengths with this frisky checkered cap sleeves cheongsam in Singapore (available on W&G Fashion Beauty Shop) this Chinese New Year! Featuring ruffled details at the ends, this dress effectively creates a slimmer silhouette by drawing attention away from the thighs. Feeling insecure about your bold shoulders? Don’t worry, the cap sleeves on this beautiful piece will help to conceal the widest part of your arms! Additionally, the playful checkered print acts as a distraction from unsightly bulges, allowing you to feast away without worries! With all these flattering details combined, this is the perfect cheongsam you need in your wardrobe!

3. Backless alluring long cheongsam

backless long cheongsam singapore deep red chinese new year
(Credit: suyiwen.sg)

On the first look, this piece may appear to be a typical traditional cheongsam but don’t be fooled by the red silky fabric! The surprise awaits behind — featuring an alluring halter neckline and a sexy backless design, this long cheongsam in Singapore is bound to get you all the attention during Chinese New Year! A great tip when wearing this backless alluring long cheongsam (available on suyiwen.sg) is to pair it with an adhesive stick on bra to prevent bra straps from peeking out of the dress!

4. Picturesque summer cheongsam

(Credit: leew0.sg)

Set a good impression if you’re visiting your future in-laws for the first time with this demure and picturesque summer cheongsam! With a slightly sheer and flowy fabric, this cheongsam in Singapore doesn’t reveal too much skin yet boosts your elegance with its neutral hues and delicate watercolour design! Furthermore, it compliments all body shapes thanks to its subtle A-line cutting. Complete the look with a pair of nude heels to stay aligned with the outfit’s overall calming tones!

5. Figure-hugging cheongsam in Yellow

(Credit: jimyu.sg)

Ditch the traditional reds and say yes to this bright yellow cheongsam! Yellow-coloured outfits are still going strong in 2020, so let nothing stop you from donning this refreshing golden hue for Chinese New Year! Featuring a mandarin collar and the beautiful nature themed prints, this cheongsam in Singapore strikes the perfect balance between vintage and sophistication. Not used to wearing such bright colours? Tone it down with a pair of black heels and you’re all set for Chinese New Year visiting!

6. Sexy high slit mini cheongsam

sexy high slit mini cheongsam singapore floral chinese new year
(Credit: lv4n.sip.sg)

Make heads turn when you strut in with this sexy high slit mini cheongsam in Singapore! Boasting an ultra-high slit and a deep keyhole neckline , this cheongsam in Singapore is not for the faint-hearted! What’s more, this is the perfect outfit for late night parties after your Chinese New Year visiting! Don’t forget to put on a pair of safety shorts in case the dress rides up while you’re having fun!  

7. Luxurious red mermaid cheongsam

luxurious red mermaid cheongsam singapore chinese new year
(Credit: honor2008.sg)

You may not be a Crazy Rich Asian, but you can dress like one this Chinese New Year! This luxurious red mermaid cheongsam in Singapore (available on honor2008.sg) is beyond stunning with its intricate gold embroidery which contrast beautifully against the deep red fabric. The gold embellishment extends beyond the waist, before giving way to a flowy mermaid skirt that’s perfect for creating a slender and feminine silhouette. To match your striking dress, put on a bright red lipstick to ensure your face doesn’t appear pale against the vibrant colours!

8. Baby blue ruffled cheongsam

baby blue checkered ruffled cheongsam singapore chinese new year
(Credit: starnetwork.sg)

Some cheongsams in Singapore may add years to your age due to their matured designs. This will not be a concern when you wear this baby blue ruffled cheongsam! Besides its sweet colour, the dress also boasts a flattering fit-and-flare cut to create more feminine curves. The highlight of this cheongsam lies in the ruffled hemline design — the ruffles create an added dimension to the overall appearance, enhancing the adorability and playfulness of the dress! Throw on a pair of white sneakers for a more casual getup, or flats for a dressier combination!

9. Nude floral see-through cheongsam

(Credit: whzxxc.sg)

Many of us end up buying clothes we won’t wear after Chinese New Year. Don’t make the same mistake with your cheongsams in Singapore! Pick one that’s appropriate for other occasions, such as this nude floral see-through cheongsam which can be styled formally with a blazer! For special events, flaunt your shoulders through the floral mesh design, and add some sparkle with a pair of diamond earrings! This is a versatile cheongsam that’ll come into good use for more than one occasion!

10. Intricate royal blue maxi cheongsam

royal blue gold embroidery maxi cheongsam singapore chinese new year
(Credit: lanspo.my)

Even if your wardrobe is bursting, you’ve got to make way for this royal blue maxi cheongsam (available on lanspo.my) that exudes exquisiteness with every inch of its fabric! This luxe cheongsam in Singapore may seem a little over-the-top for everyday wear, but fits in perfectly during Chinese New Year where everyone dresses up to the nines. We can’t get enough of the intricate gold embroidery that runs through the entire length of the cheongsam. In combination with the golden cap sleeves, the cheongsam instantly transforms into a refined masterpiece that’s perfect even for prom night!  

11. Korean style bold prints cheongsam

contemporary korean bold prints cheongsam singapore chinese new year
(Credit: men t shirt)

Taking on a contemporary twist with the traditional cheongsams in Singapore, this Korean style bold prints cheongsam (available on men t shirt) screams fashionista from every angle! Combining the mandarin collar and pankous (oriental knot buttons) with modern designs such as ruffled sleeves and a slanted hem, this cheongsam successfully blurs the line between old and new. The results? A refreshing and wearable cheongsam that’s modern and timeless. Keep accessories simple and allow the interesting prints to make the statement this Chinese New Year!

12. SOMETHING BORROWED Contrast Collared Fit and Flare Dress in Red

(Credit: sb_lubna_official.sg)

Add an European twist to your CNY outfit while keeping your Chinese hues intact with this Skater Dress from SOMETHING Borrowed! Impress your relatives and friends with this simple yet festive-colored dress. Pair this Skater Dress with one of the trendiest accessory choices now – Fashion Acrylic Earrings to oomph up the whole Girl-Next-Door look~ The best part about this dress? It’s affordable and fit for ANY occasion.

13. Classic Embroidered Maxi Dress in Beige

(Credit: hnzyzssjgc.sg)

Who says you can only wear Red during Chinese New Year? Stand out from the crowd with this Classic Embroidered Maxi Dress! This dress is adorned with vintage floral prints to give off an oriental yet modern appearance. Elevate your OOTD by pairing it with these Transparent Crystal High Heels in Apricot and Pearl Crossbody Bag, for a stylish spin to your entire look!

14. Fairy-like Cheongsam in Pink

(Credit: ll674780772.sg)

Live your fairy dreams with this Pink Fairy-like Cheongsam! The tulle at the end of the pink see-through dress flares up to create a Tinkerbell-like effect. Not forgetting the classic mandarin collar and intricate floral details for a Chinoiserie girly look. Dress this piece with a Rattan Straw Handbag to achieve the full insta-worthy #OOTD look and you’re on your way to impressing all your relatives during this festive season!

15. Sleeveless Long Velvet Cheongsam in Black

(Credit: ixnw.sip.sg)

Going for that Crazy Rich Asian look for CNY this year? With this Sleeveless Long Velvet Cheongsam, you’ll be the true paragon of elegance and classiness. The velvet texture is perfect for that wealthy and glamorous look! Finish off your look with this pair of Dangling Pear Earrings for an extra touch of extravagance, because there is no such thing as looking too glamorous for this festive season.

After stocking up on these stylish cheongsams in Singapore, all that’s left for you to do this Chinese New Year is to sit back and receive the overflowing compliments with grace! Psst, you can thank us later! After sorting out your outfits, it’s time to prepare for the exciting Chinese New Year reunion dinner! Spare your family the hassle of cooking and check out these Chinese New Year catering ideas for a sumptuous spread instead!

This article was updated on 13-01-2020. Additional research and updates done by Sophie.

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