15 Modern Cheongsams For A Huat CNY #OOTD

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If you think wearing cheongsams and qipaos in Singapore is outdated and too oriental to be fashionable, think again! Cheongsams and qipaos have evolved beyond the typical blinding red fabrics embellished with gold flower embroidery. These traditional costumes now incorporate some modern fashion elements for a stylish and feminine silhouette. Read on to find where you can buy the best modern cheongsam dresses and tops in Singapore for a huat-tastic Chinese New Year! 

Cheongsam vs qipao: What’s the difference?

Cheongsam vs qipao_ What’s the difference
(Credit: MGP Label Official Store)

Got a qipao instead of a cheongsam? Fret not! These two Chinese New Year dresses are actually referring to the exact same thing. The reason why there are different terms is due to their place of origin. 

The word ‘cheongsam’ came from the pronunciation of the Cantonese word for ‘long dress’. While the cheongsam originated in southern China, the qipao came from the north. The two are essentially the same thing, just with different linguistic origins, being translated to English from different dialects. 

Types of modern cheongsam tops and dresses in Singapore

  • Sheath

best modern cheongsams singapore sheath
(Credit: ZANZEA Official Store)

The sheath cheongsam is one of the more traditional looks in mind when you think of cheongsams. Just like sheath dresses, sheath cheongsams are usually fitted and have a straight cut. Although there isn’t a waist seam, the sheath design is cinched at the area so you can still flaunt your waistline. 

  • Mermaid

best modern cheongsams singapore mermaid

One of the best cheongsams in Singapore is one with a mermaid cut. These mermaid cheongsams are usually longer and cling to the body, flaring out at the hem with a beautiful wave. Depending on the thickness of the material, thinner ones like silk will create a softer and more flowy ruffle. The mermaid-cut cheongsam gives off a more glamorous, dramatic look, and is a great Chinese New Year dress. You can also wear this modern cheongsam design to events like weddings and dinners. They’re definitely a staple to add to your wardrobe

  • A-Line

best modern cheongsams singapore A-Line
(Credit: Eyouth)

A-line cutting on a cheongsam? Yes, please! These A-line cheongsams in Singapore have put a modern twist on the traditional dress. Unlike mermaid cheongsams which flare out near the bottom, these modern cheongsams gradually widen downwards, thus looking like the letter ‘A’! Modern cheongsams like these are great for every body type and are very comfortable. It’s no wonder why everyone is asking where they can buy these cheongsams in Singapore! Haven’t gotten any A-line cheongsams? Well, it’s time to add one to your collection! 

Types of fabrics used for modern cheongsam dresses and tops in Singapore

Types of fabrics used for modern cheongsam dresses and tops in Singapore
(Credit: TATA shop 192)

Apart from cutting, modern cheongsam dresses and tops are also made with different materials. Each material gives off a unique vibe that’s flattering in its own way. So read on to find out more about the materials used in modern cheongsam dresses and tops:

  • Silk

Silk cheongsams are the way to go if you’re looking for that smooth and luxurious feel. This delicate material is perfect for the making of sheath and mermaid modern cheongsams in Singapore. Silk can be dyed easily and has led to the creation of many colourful modern cheongsams in Singapore! However, do note that silk is a high maintenance fabric. Hence, you’re better off sending your silk cheongsam to the dry cleaner for cleaning. 

  • Brocade

Another traditional fabric used in cheongsams is brocade — a material known to signify nobility and wealth. Brocade is made out of a strong woven fabric and usually patterned with elaborate designs of auspicious symbols like phoenixes and dragons. The fabric is stiff and doesn’t stretch much, making it perfect for sheath cheongsams! Brocade cheongsams are adorned with pankou knots, also known as frog buttons, that are decorative accessories on these classic Chinese New Year dresses.

  • Velvet

Velvet cheongsams are the definition of luxury. Smooth and soft to the touch, the material also has a subtle shimmering gleam. These velvet dresses can be rather warm to wear in Singapore’s humid weather, but they’re perfect for indoor air-conditioned events! 

  • Cotton

Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more casual? Modern cheongsams in Singapore have also started using cotton since they’re so durable. Cotton cheongsams are very breathable and soft, making them a great outfit for Singapore’s warm weather and perfect for visiting your relatives without breaking out into a sweat. This fabric is usually used for A-line and sheath cheongsams that can be worn every day and for casual events. 

  • Lace

You might see lace used as an overlay on modern cheongsams in Singapore! This delicate fabric makes lace cheongsams elegant yet feminine at the same time. 

  • Tulle

Another commonly used material for modern cheongsams in Singapore is tulle. The sheer and lightweight fabric is strong and holds embroidered designs well. Worried about the scratchiness of such fabric? Most tulle cheongsams come with inner lining for ultimate comfort. This material looks extremely good on cheongsams with an A-line cutting, so be sure to add one to your CNY collection this 2023! 

  • Polyester mix

Also referred to as polyester blends, the polyestet mix generally includes artificially-made polyester and natural fabric. For instance, it could be polyester mixed with cotton or silk. This combination has grown increasingly popular in the fashion industry as it creates clothes with different textures. Moreover, clothes made with polyester mix material are machine-washable. They’re also less likely to have wrinkles and are usually priced more affordably.

Best modern mermaid cheongsam dresses in Singapore

1. VERONA Mermaid Cheongsam Dress

VERONA Mermaid Cheongsam Dress
(Credit: LOVENGOLD) 

You can’t go wrong with the LVG VERONA Cheongsam (available on LOVENGOLD). This is one of the best modern cheongsams in Singapore that comes in a trendy bluish-grey colour. This LOVENGOLD cheongsam dress retains the traditional oriental pankou knots and the black piping design draws attention to these details with beautiful contrast. Being sleeveless, this is the best modern cheongsam dress in Singapore that accentuates your shoulders. And thanks to the mermaid flare at the bottom, your tiny waist is going to appear so much smaller! 

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: XS – M

2. Fairy Lace Cheongsam Dress

Fairy Lace Cheongsam Dress
(Credit: Shop Sapphire) 

Get an extra boost of huat with the Fairy Lace Cheongsam Dress (available on Shop Sapphire). Adorned with lace details, this minimalistic modern cheongsam dress is given a fairy-like vibe. We especially love how the sleeves are created with lace instead – adding that airy feel that’s atypical to enchanting, fantasy feels. Moreover, the boxy structured sleeves create an illusion of slimmer arms and wider shoulders, and really accentuates your waistline! 

Material: Lace
Available sizes: S – 5XL

3. Fei Ruffled Lace Cheongsam

Fei Ruffled Lace Cheongsam
(Credit: MGP Label Official Store) 

Who says you only have to wear red during Chinese New Year? Be special this new year with the Fei Ruffled Lace Cheongsam (available on MGP Label Official Store)! This is the best modern cheongsam in Singapore that incorporates a delicate floral design, giving it a vintage, yet contemporary vibe. While the mermaid ruffle at the bottom accentuates your svelte figure, the best part about this cheongsam dress is the lace details at the neckline. Leaving a keyhole in the middle, the lace neckline makes this a halter-like dress that’s not just chic but stunning. The lace details  kind of make it look like you’re wearing a choker accessory as well! 

Material: Lace
Available sizes: XS – XL

4. Prim Ruffle Cheongsam Dress

Prim Ruffle Cheongsam Dress
(Credit: MGP Label Official Store)

Not too big a fan of the regular mermaid dresses? Go for one of the best modern cheongsam dresses in Singapore from MGP Label! The Prim Ruffle Cheongsam Dress (available on MGP Label Official Store) has an elegant ruffle detail that resembles those of wrap dresses. You’ll have a flowy dress that’s cinched at the waist before it flares out slightly at the bottom. Fret not. There isn’t a need to secure the ruffles together, making this a perfect cheongsam dress to conceal your tummy filled with CNY snacks!

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: XS – XL

Best modern A-line cheongsam dresses in Singapore

5. Marbella Colourblock A-Line Cheongsam Dress

Marbella Colourblock A-Line Cheongsam Dress
(Credit: MGP Label Official Store) 

Need one of the best modern cheongsam dresses in Singapore to make a good impression? You can’t go wrong with this demure Marbella Colourblock Cheongsam Dress (available on MGP Label Official Store)! With three different colour combinations and an A-line cut, this is definitely one modern cheongsam in Singapore you need to have! Furthermore, it complements all body shapes thanks to its flattering cut. Complete the look with a pair of nude heels to complement the outfit’s bold shades. Check out the MGP Label Official Store where you can explore and buy other modern cheongsams too!

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: XS – XL

6. Casual Summer Black Cheongsam

Casual Summer Black Cheongsam
(Credit: Fashion women) 

If your family is cool about wearing black for the festive season, then hesitate no more and get your hands on this Casual Summer Black Cheongsam (available on Fashion women). This is one of the best modern cheongsam dresses in Singapore that’s filled with champagne-coloured flowers. They take the focus away from the fact that you’re wearing black – so you need not worry about what your pantang relatives will say. This qipao is narrow and hugging at the top, clinging to your waist before flaring downwards like an ‘A’. If you were to ask me, this is definitely an A+ cheongsam! 

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: M – 4XL

7. Kira Oriental Lace Cheongsam

Kira Oriental Lace Cheongsam
(Credit: MGP Label Official Store)

Bright and bold hues are always in fashion during Chinese New Year. Pull off that look with one of the best modern cheongsams in Singapore that’s pretty in pink! The Kira Oriental Lace Cheongsam (available on MGP Label Official Store) is a strikingly beautiful A-line dress that features a colourblock style. The hot pink lace is elaborately designed with florals that are accentuated by the navy blue underlay. While the A-line cut is structured, the waist area is cinched to highlight your waist, making this a flattering look for all your CNY visitations this year!

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: XXS – XL

8. Midi A-Line Vintage Cheongsam

Midi A-Line Vintage Cheongsam
(Credit: Fashion clothing)

Tired of wearing red all the time? This Green Vintage Cheongsam (available on Fashion clothing) is the one for you! This is the best modern cheongsam dress in Singapore that’s adorned with vintage Chinese patterns. These details exude exquisiteness in every inch of its fabric! This modern cheongsam may seem a little over-the-top for everyday wear but fits in perfectly during Chinese New Year season when everyone buys extravagant outfits to dress up! 

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: M – 4XL

Best modern sheath cheongsams in Singapore

9. Lace Slit Cheongsam

Lace Slit Cheongsam
(Credit: richard.sg) 

Add a hint of classy sexiness this CNY 2023 with the Lace Slit Cheongsam (available on richard.sg). Together with the velvet material, you’re bound to be the true paragon of sophistication. Finish off your look with some dangling earrings for an extra touch of extravagance and strut along the streets of Singapore with this best modern cheongsam. There’s no such thing as looking too glam during this festive season!

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: S – 2XL

10. Dragon Print Cheongsam

Dragon Print Cheongsam
(Credit: Fashion clothing)

Who said we could never be royals? Turn up in one of the best modern cheongsam dresses in Singapore that’ll invite all the luck and strength! The Dragon Print Cheongsam (available on Fashion clothing) is all covered in mythical dragons that are a symbol of power, luck and strength in Chinese culture. We’re sure that this will take away from the fact that you’re turning up in a black dress. Nevertheless, the dragons are in a contrasting green colour that also resembles jade – a symbol of good luck. So rest assured that all the relatives are going to clamour over your beautiful new cheongsam! 

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: S – L

11. Plaid Sheath Cheongsam Dress 

Plaid Sheath Cheongsam Dress
(Credit: MA RIC RIC) 

Where can you buy some chic plaid cheongsams in Singapore? MA RIC RIC, of course! You won’t go wrong with this Plaid Cheongsam Dress ensemble (available on MA RIC RIC). This modern cheongsam in Singapore features a western plaid design while still retaining some oriental elements such as the mandarin collar and pankou knots. An added plus is how the plaid pattern acts as a distraction from your food belly allowing you to feast away without worries! Psst, you should buy this modern cheongsam if you’re not a fan of oriental embroideries like cranes or florals, there’s even one designed with Christmas trees! 

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: S – XL

12. Bold Prints Cheongsam

Bold Prints Cheongsam
(Credit: M2D Fashion Official SG)  

Adding a contemporary twist to traditional cheongsams, this Bold Prints Cheongsam (available on M2D Fashion Official SG) screams fashionista from every angle! Combining the mandarin collar and pankous with a modernised crane print, this cheongsam successfully blurs the line between old and new. The results? A refreshing and wearable cheongsam that’s modern, timeless and bound to make heads turn as you go visit your relatives in Singapore! Add a badass flair to your outfit with a pair of black women’s boots

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: S – XL

Best modern cheongsam tops in Singapore

13. Cropped Cheongsam Top With Keyhole

best modern cheongsams singapore short sleeved top with keyhole
(Credit: M2D Fashion Official SG)

M2D Fashion Official SG features an exclusive selection of clothes where you can buy the best modern cheongsam top in Singapore! Make heads turn when you walk in with this Cropped Cheongsam Top (available on M2D Fashion Official SG)! Featuring a deep keyhole neckline and a body-hugging fit, this modern cheongsam top in Singapore is not for the faint-hearted! Not sure what to wear with this cheongsam top? You can throw on some denim jeans or a patterned skirt to round off the whole outfit for a stylish #OOTD

Material: Polyester mix
Available sizes: Free size

14. Milly Halter Cheongsam Tweed Top

best modern cheongsams singapore tweed top
(Credit: Dear Lyla Official Store)

Who said you can’t have one of the best modern cheongsam tops in Singapore? The Milly Halter Cheongsam Top (available on Dear Lyla Official Store) is a mark above the rest due to its tweed material. Its textured feel adds a different vibe to usual cheongsam tops, giving it a modern look that’s well-loved by many. But what really makes this cheongsam top one of the best in Singapore is also how its colour makes it so easy to pair with other clothes. Throw on some black pants and an oversized blazer for an office look. Or simply wear this modern cheongsam top with a pastel pink skort for a more demure look!

Material: Tweed
Available sizes: S – L

15. Long Sleeved White Keyhole Cheongsam Top

best modern cheongsams singapore white keyhole top
(Credit: Heroine wardrobe) 

Even if your wardrobe is bursting, you’ve got to make way for this alluring White Keyhole Cheongsam Top (available on Heroine wardrobe)! The wide keyhole design is the highlight in this piece — perfect for sexy fashionistas who don’t mind showing a little skin this CNY 2023! Together with flattering pankou knots and mandarin collar, we’ve got no doubts that this is where you can buy one of the best modern cheongsam tops in Singapore. Wanna step up your CNY OOTD game? Pick up a denim skirt or leather pants for the perfect pairing with this White Keyhole Cheongsam Top! 

Material: Cotton
Available sizes: S – L

Huat this CNY 2023 with the best modern cheongsams in Singapore

After buying these best modern cheongsam dresses and tops in Singapore, all that’s left for you to do this Chinese New Year is to sit back and receive the overflowing compliments with grace! You can thank us later. After sorting out your outfits, it’s time to prepare for the exciting Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Whip out your steamboat pot and get ready to organise your hotpot gathering! Don’t forget to impress everyone with your abalone recipes too! Dining out instead? Check out some of the best spots to have your CNY dinner! Catch fantastic promotion deals and prices at our CNY sale when you shop for your CNY essentials!

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