Love Is In The Air With These Top 7 Love Letters

best love letters singapore

Aside from getting angpaos from your relatives, everyone looks forward to getting their hands on some tantalising love letters during your Chinese New Year visits. Love letters, otherwise known simply as egg rolls, are baked by heating an egg batter mix over high heat. They are then rolled into funnels, where some of them are infused with unique flavours such as strawberry and chocolate. Stay on to find out some of the best love letters and flavoured egg rolls you can get in Singapore — just in time for the upcoming CNY 2023!

Why are they called love letters?

best love letters singapore
(Credit: Ahsanjaya / Pexels)

Love letters, just as their name suggests, were used by young maidens to profess their adoration for gents in the olden days. As these love letters were easily consumed, this innovative process helped to erase evidence of the couple’s romantic traces. Moreover, the consumption of the rolls also meant that their message had been taken to heart, both literally and figuratively. How sweet!

Best love letters in Singapore: Traditional CNY Egg Roll

1. Fragrant Charcoal Love Letter Egg Roll

best love letters singapore charcoal baked fragrant
(Credit: partybloom_sg)

The Fragrant Charcoal Love Letter Egg Roll (available on partybloom_sg) is still made the traditional way — where egg batter is spread evenly on an iron mould and heated over charcoal braziers. Once cooked, the egg roll is rolled into little scrolls before being stored within the nostalgic 7-inch gold tins. Be sure to take a whiff of the coconut fragrance before taking a bite; you won’t be able to resist the urge of chowing down on these best CNY love letters in Singapore.

2. Traditional Handmade Love Letters

best love letters singapore traditional handmade
(Credit: BellyGood 666)

One concern about snacking during the festive season is the calories, but that shouldn’t be an issue with these yummy love letters! If you’re a health-conscious soul, the best CNY love letters in Singapore to get are probably these Traditional Handmade Love Letters (available on BellyGood 666)! Freshly made without preservatives, these delectable treats retain their superb texture and aroma despite containing lesser sugar and oil. You can now enjoy your CNY snacks free of guilt, swee!

3. Traditional Slim Charcoal Baked Love Letters

best love letters singapore traditional slim charcoal baked
(Credit: CURATED by Mia)

There are egg rolls aplenty, but these are the best CNY love letters in Singapore if you desire the crunchy crepe-like texture! The Traditional Slim Charcoal Baked Love Letters (available on CURATED by Mia) is a thinner variant of the original ones, which sees the batter folded multiple times delicately while it is freshly baked. Hear the crunches as you munch on these homemade treats. Interested in more? Try their Yuanyang Charcoal Egg Roll and Yuanyang Pandan Egg Roll; their visuals and taste leave a lasting impression!

Best love letters in Singapore: Flavoured Egg Roll

4. Sunnyhills FORBIDDEN D24 Durian Love Letters

best love letters singapore durian sunnyhills forbidden
(Credit: SunnyHills Official Store)

Get the best of both worlds when creamy durian — Singapore’s national fruit — is slathered in a crispy egg roll! Sunnyhills FORBIDDEN D24 Durian Love Letters (available on SunnyHills Official Store) is the brainchild of Taiwanese pastry brand SunnyHills, who created its FORBIDDEN line of durian egg rolls to provide a twist on the classic snack. This is done by infusing a rich D24 durian filling within a folded Langues de Chat cookie, thereby providing an explosion of flavours when chewed upon.

5. Julie’s Chocolate Love Letters

best love letters singapore chocolate julies
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

You’ve most probably heard of Julie’s, a household name known to many for its array of biscuits and pastries. Within its love letters range, Julie’s Chocolate Love Letters (available on Shopee Supermarket) emerges as one of the best egg rolls in Singapore to snack on all year round! These chocolate-lined love letters are packed individually, helping to seal the freshness within every individual pack. Get some to gift your family and friends this CNY.

6. Lim Zhen Xiang Pork Floss Love Letters

best love letters singapore pork floss lim zhen xiang
(Credit: Smile Siam)

You don’t have to travel all the way to Thailand just to get your hands on these Lim Zhen Xiang Pork Floss Love Letters (available on Smile Siam)! These mouth-watering treats are made by mixing in fluffy pork floss with crunchy egg rolls, providing a tangy and sweet taste with every bite. You will certainly finish the best pork floss egg rolls in Singapore within a blink of an eye!

7. Strawberry Cream Mini Love Letters

best love letters singapore strawberry cream

The sweet fruity taste makes these Strawberry Cream Mini Love Letters (available on the best bite-sized egg roll in Singapore for your kids to enjoy! The egg roll is first prepared by baking a harmonious mix of strawberry and egg batter. A second rich coating of strawberry cream is then applied, giving it a luscious and velvety filling. To enjoy it to the fullest, have it as a movie snack while watching your favourite shows. One is never enough!

Indulge in these best love letters in Singapore this CNY 2023

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