13 Lip-Smacking Bak Kwa To Snack On This CNY 2022

slices of bak kwa squares on a plate
(Credit: Kim Joo Guan Official Store)

There are a few staples when it comes to Chinese New Year, and one that we can’t go without is bak kwa. This sweet, decadent pork jerky is nothing short of gratifying – even better, when they come with charred edges. You’ll keep reaching for it even if it means you’ll have to work extra hard to burn off ‘em calories. This CNY 2022, get your hands on the best bak kwa with our list of the best places to get them in Singapore! Psst, these famous bak kwa can be ordered online so you can skip the snaking queues!

How long can you keep bak kwa for?

sliced bak kwa on wooden plate on a blue table
(Credit: Fragrance Singapore Official Store [cropped])
If you’re wondering why the price of bak kwa spikes up as we approach Chinese New Year, it is because bak kwa is perishable. That’s why you can’t start stocking up as early as December to avoid the price hike. It is usually recommended to consume bak kwa within three to seven days upon opening, depending on the brand’s guidelines. To prolong its shelf life, store opened bak kwa in an air-tight container in the fridge where it can last up to 30 days.

Best places to buy bak kwa in Singapore this 2022

1. Bee Cheng Hiang

bee cheng hiang bak kwa box and vacuum packed bak kwa
(Credit: Bee Cheng Hiang Official Store)

Bee Cheng Hiang is no stranger to Singaporeans. This homegrown brand never fails to deliver sumptuous bak kwa that you can’t stop reaching for! Each slice is carefully marinated with their generations-old recipe. Using only top quality pork, you’ll never encounter a slice that’s dry or hard to chew. That’s why this famous brand is one of the best places to buy bak kwa in Singapore this CNY 2022! 

In addition, Bee Cheng Hiang bak kwa is made with natural ingredients and free of preservatives. Therefore, it is recommended to consume Bee Cheng Hiang Sliced Pork Bak Kwa (available on Bee Cheng Hiang Official Store) within seven days of purchase. To elevate the taste, reheat the bak kwa in an oven for one to two minutes at 140°C-180°C! Spice lovers rejoice! 

2. Fyre

fyre singapore bak kwa with box
(Credit: Fyre Singapore)

From the best yam mooncakes in Singapore for mid-autumn to the best bak kwa for Chinese New Year, Fyre is one of the best places to get your festive treats. This famous local brand is known for their handcrafted snacks and pastries that are finely packaged for an added touch of luxe. Apart from The Original Bak Kwa for those who like it as it is, they’ve also got mala addicts covered with their Ma La Xiang Guo Bak Kwa (both available on Fyre Singapore). For an extra oomph, go for the Fyre Singapore Applewood 1945 Bak Kwa (available on Fyre Singapore) that’s more smoky, fragrant, and sweet. This delightful flavour will surely be a hit amongst your guests!

3. Fragrance

fragrance bak kwa best bak kwa in singapore 2022
(Credit: Fragrance Singapore Official Store)

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Fragrance is another famous bak kwa brand in Singapore that needs no introduction. They offer some of the best bak kwa in Singapore that you can consider buying for Chinese New Year this 2022! Apart from quality, Fragrance bak kwa is also rich in variety. The Fragrance Sliced Tender Bak Kwa (500g) (available on Shopee Supermarket) is freshly grilled and vacuumed packed, giving it a longer shelf life. You can check the expiry date printed on the box! For those who love a spicy kick, get the Fragrance Chilli Bak Kwa (available on Fragrance Singapore Official Store) instead!

4. Kim Tee

kim tee bak kwa on a grill with charcoal
(Credit: Kim Tee Bakkwa Official Store)

Dating back to the 1970s, Kim Tee is one of the OGs when it comes to the best bak kwa in Singapore. This famous brand has over 50 years of experience in making bak kwa, and have garnered a trove of rave reviews by both loyal consumers and media outlets. Instead of switching to electric stoves for efficiency, Kim Tee uses traditional charcoal ovens and stoves to grill bak kwa. That’s why you’ll be able to savour smoky, sweet flavours in every bite. 

Apart from taste, Kim Tee’s handmade bak kwa hits all the right spots when it comes to texture. While no meat tenderisers are used, they meticulously choose the right cut of meat and use the right cooking techniques to ensure its tenderness. Their Signature Bak Kwa (available on Kim Tee Bakkwa Official Store) is especially lean and meaty as excess fats are removed. They’re also sliced uniquely thin to keep each slice delightfully tender!

5. Gin Thye

gin thye sliced bak kwa best bak kwa singapore 2022
(Credit: Gin Thye)

Every Chinese New Year, Gin Thye never fails to delight us with some of the most divine treats. This 2022, they’re offering a variety of bak kwa such as their new Pineapple Bak Kwa (available on Gin Thye) made from top quality pork. Sweet but not saccharine, this delicious bak kwa flavour is loved by kids and adults alike. In addition, they’re made without preservatives or additives, which is why it is one of the best bak kwa in Singapore to get this 2022! You can also choose from minced and spicy options if you’re getting the original or spicy flavour.

6. New Peng Hiang

bak kwa slices on a white plate with a whole pineapple
(Credit: New Peng Hiang)

Since 1984, New Peng Hiang has been dishing out some of the best bak kwa in Singapore! With a wealth of experience in making this delicacy, this famous brand only doles out bak kwa of top quality. Their Tender Pork Bak Kwa (available on New Peng Hiang) is one of the most popular New Peng Hiang bak kwa that’s made fresh daily with tender pork, without additives and preservatives. Despite its affordable price point at only $20 for 500g, New Peng Hiang delivers divine taste that leaves you hankering for more. If you’re on the hunt for gifts for your family or relatives, get the Bak Kwa Gift Set (available on New Peng Hiang) that comes in a gorgeous gift box.

7. Wu Chin Leong

wu chin leong bak kwa best singapore 2022
(Credit: Wu Chin Leong Foodstuff)

Nestled within the heartlands of Clementi lies Wu Chin Leong, a store serving up decadent slices of bak kwa that doesn’t disappoint. Established since 1973, they are one of the oldest bak kwa brands in Singapore and have been refining their recipe for over 40 years. The tasty and aromatic Signature Sliced Tender Bak Kwa (available on Wu Chin Leong Foodstuff) is one of the best bak kwa in Singapore that you should get your hands on this 2022! Another hot pick from Wu Chin Leong is their Fresh Red Chilli Bak Kwa (available on Wu Chin Leong Foodstuff) that’s specially made for those who love it spicy.

8. New Moon

new moon bak kwa 500g
(Credit: New Moon Official Store)

New Moon may be known for their abalones, but they also offer some of the best bak kwa in Singapore that is worth a try this 2022. On top of being laboriously handmade from Australian fresh pork, New Moon Bak Kwa (available on New Moon Official Store) is marbled with a balanced blend between lean and fat meat. Expect to be greeted with a whiff of smoky aroma upon opening, as each slice is marinated with a special recipe and flame grilled over charcoal. That said, New Moon is one of the best places to get bak kwa in Singapore this 2022!

9. Mr Bae

mr bae honeybae and spicybae bak kwa best in Singapore 2022
(Credit: Mr Bae SG Premium Bak Kwa)

If you’re willing to shell out for novelty, Mr Bae is where you’ll get your money’s worth. Relatively new to the bak kwa scene, Mr Bae is born out of the passion of meat connoisseurs who pride themselves on creating premium artisan jerkies. We recommend the Spicybae Mala Bak Kwa (available on Mr Bae SG Premium Bak Kwa), one of the best bak kwa in Singapore to try this 2022! It is made with a blend of Chinese and Japanese mala ingredients that have been marinated with the pork for up to one month, guaranteeing a burst of flavour with each bite. Alternatively, if you prefer a sweet and savoury blend, go for the Honeybae Honey Bak Kwa instead (available on Mr Bae SG Premium Bak Kwa)!

10. Peng Guan

peng guan bak kwa best singapore
(Credit: CT Care Express Pte Ltd)

Everything is handmade here at Peng Guan, from the meticulous preparation of raw ingredients to their special marination which gives the bak kwa a sweet barbeque flavour. It’s no wonder Peng Guan Bak Kwa (available on CT Care Express Pte Ltd) is highly regarded as one of the best bak kwa in Singapore! If your tastebuds are up for a strong spice kick, keep a lookout for Peng Guan chilli bak kwa that will be sure to blow your socks away!

11. Hock Moon Hiong

Hock Moon Hiong bak kwa best singapore
(Credit: urbanbrothersauction)

If you frequent JB often before the pandemic, you will know about the craze over Hock Moon Hiong Bak Kwa (available on urbanbrothersauction). While it may not be as convenient to cross the borders to stock up on this juicy goodness this year, you can still enjoy the best offerings from Hock Moon Hiong, shipped directly from Malaysia. The honey marinated grilled pork slices are charcoal-grilled to perfection, filling every mouth with juicy tenderness that we can’t get enough of!

12. Kim Joo Guan

kim joo guan vacuum packed bak kwa best in singapore 2022
(Credit: Kim Joo Guan Official Store)

Fans of bak kwa would probably have heard of Kim Joo Guan – a famous bak kwa brand in Singapore that offers the best quality jerkies. If you haven’t tried them, it’s high time to do so this 2022! From raw ingredients to the preparation process, the folks at Kim Joo Guan pay attention to the details to ensure that every slice is up to standard. For instance, they only use 100% Australian grain-fed fresh pork that’s chilled instead of frozen to preserve the fine taste of its bak kwa. For starters, try their Traditional Vacuum Packed Bak Kwa (available on Kim Joo Guan Official Store) that’s char grilled to perfection. They’re individually packaged in snack-friendly sizes so you can enjoy them with convenience!

13. Xi Shi Bakkwa

xishi bak kwa
(Credit: Xishi Bakkwa)

If you’re looking for variety for your CNY snacking this 2022, XiShi Bakkwa is the best place in Singapore that offers a diverse selection of delicious bak kwa flavours! This famous traditional  shop has been making this delicacy since the 1970s, and has continued using a charcoal smoke house to grill their bak kwa till today. Apart from Mala Mince Pork Bak Kwa and Pineapple Bak Kwa, Xi Shi Sliced Meat Pork Bakkwa is also available in options like Vitality Pork Bak Kwa (all available on Shopee Supermarket) that’s made with healthy ingredients like ginseng and goji berries. Furthermore, beer lovers can rejoice in their unique black stout bakkwa, a limited edition flavour! 

Best bak kwa in Singapore 2022: Price comparison (from most affordable)

Brand Price (500g) Shelf life
New Peng Hiang From $20 Seven to ten days upon purchase (varies for different bak kwa varieties)
Wu Chin Long From $22 According to expiry date
Gin Thye From $24 Three days upon purchase
Xi Shi Bakkwa  From $25 One month upon purchase, three months in fridge, six months in freezer
Kim Tee Bakkwa From $26  Seven days upon purchase, up to two months in the fridge
Peng Guan From $26 Three days upon purchase, one month in freezer
New Moon From $28 According to expiry date
Hock Moon Hiong From $28 30 to 45 days upon purchase, up to three months in the fridge
Fragrance From $34 Five days upon opening, up to one month in the fridge
Kim Joo Guan From $37 According to expiry date
Bee Cheng Hiang From $38 (480g) Seven days upon purchase

Pig out this CNY 2022 with the best bak kwa in Singapore

Chinese New Year is not complete without some crazy snacking. Ease into the festive mood this 2022 with the best bak kwa in Singapore to munch on! Need more recommendations on what to get for your reunion dinners this year? Check out our rundown of the best abalones in Singapore and the best pen cai in Singapore. To get the best bang for your buck, get your CNY goodies and essentials at Shopee CNY Sale, where amazing discounts await!

This article was updated on 13 January 2022. Additional research done by Iris Tan. 

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great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7
great shopee sale gss 2022 6.6 7.7