15 Best Canned Abalones To Shell Out This CNY 2023

best canned abalones

In Chinese culture, it is believed that eating abalones will bring good fortune for the year. Hence, abalones are a must-have at steamboats, more so during Chinese New Year reunion dinners. So, beat the supermarket crowd and get your hands on the best canned abalones in Singapore this CNY 2023!

Are canned abalones good for you?

best abalones in singapore
(Credit: Choo Yut Shing / Flickr)

While some might argue that fresh abalones (which can be either wild caught or farmed) have a more authentic taste, canned abalones bring their own set of strengths too! Here are some of them: 

  • Canned abalones are ready to eat once opened because they contain salt or are already braised in a sauce. This means that you don’t have to wash them and can save time on preparation.
  • Canned abalones are generally more affordable than wild-caught abalones (which are considered rare and hard to get). Illegal poaching and sustainability concerns have also caused the prices of wild caught abalones to soar. 
  • Canned abalones have a longer shelf life lasting up to a year. Meanwhile, fresh abalones are highly perishable and should be consumed on the same day it is bought.

In general, abalone is highly nutritious thanks to its rich source of protein. It also has a combination of essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron. This can help improve your immunity system and bone strength. Moreover, abalones have low fat and almost no cholesterol is present — great for those keeping track of their calorie count!

How to choose the best canned abalone in Singapore?

best abalones in singapore
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With so many types and brands of canned abalones in Singapore, it can be a challenge to select the perfect one for your CNY reunion dinner. Hence, we’ve come up with some things for you to consider to ensure you’re buying the best canned abalones in Singapore for your needs!

  • Is further cooking required?

If you’re intending to stir fry the abalone or eat it in soups like steamboats at reunion dinner, then getting canned abalone with brine (salt and water) is a good choice as it is light in flavour and won’t overpower the main broth. But if you want to eat your abalone straight away, then you should consider a canned abalone with sauce as it is seasoned and just needs a bit of heating up before serving.    

  • How many people are eating? 

The number of people attending your reunion dinner would also affect the abalone grade you should get. In canned abalones, the quantity generally ranges anywhere from 1 whole piece to 14 pieces or more in a can. Depending on the brand, you can end up with varying sizes in a can.

  • Drained weight or net weight? 

When it comes to choosing the best canned abalones in Singapore, you should always look for the drained weight instead of net weight. The drained weight determines how much actual abalone is in the can. For instance, cans with a net weight of 425g may actually have a varied drained weight between 50g to 220g.

  • Which country has the best canned abalones?

Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are highly regarded as some countries that produce the best quality abalones. However, it is good to note that the abalone species produced in each country are different in terms of taste and appearance. 

Country of origin Taste of abalones Appearance of abalones
Japan Light flavour, smooth texture Golden yellow
Australia Sweet flavour, chewy texture Light brown 
New Zealand Rich flavour, firm texture Coloured shells
South Africa Strong sea flavour, succulent texture Dark brown 
  • What is the abalone size?

It is also important to check the abalone size. This is measured in terms of the number of heads — where a one-head abalone is approximately equivalent to 600g. To put it simply, the fewer the number of heads, the larger the piece of abalone. For example, a two-head abalone (300g) is larger than a four-head abalone (150g). Canned abalones are generally about one-half-head (450g), but this varies across brands. Do make sure to double check the labels as larger abalones are usually more pricey.

Best canned abalone brands in Singapore for CNY 2023

1. New Moon

New Moon Australia Abalone
(Credit: New Moon Official Store)

Having been around since 1959, New Moon is one of the best canned abalone brands in Singapore that emphasises on quality. New Moon abalones originate from a wide range of countries, so you’ll be spoilt for choice! For starters, you can try the sweet and chewy New Moon Australia Abalone (available on New Moon Official Store) which is harvested from the rocky reef habitats of Tasmanian waters. 

Meanwhile, the New Moon New Zealand Abalone (available on New Moon Official Store) is more flavourful as it originates from a more pristine habitat. If you have a more exotic palate, then the New Moon South Africa Abalone (available on New Moon Official Store) would be a better fit given its stronger sea flavour.

2. Flying Wheel 

Flying Wheel Abalone In Brine
(Credit: New Moon Official Store)

Although new to the market, Flying Wheel is already one of the best abalone brands in Singapore. Case in point: the Flying Wheel Abalone In Brine (available on New Moon Official Store) which is immediately canned after harvesting for optimal freshness. Each can of Flying Wheel abalone contains 10 pieces of full-grown Japanese abalones which symbolise ten-fold fortune to usher in the new year.

For a more savoury option, you can try the Flying Wheel Braised Abalone (available on New Moon Official Store) which has been double-boiled in a braised broth. If not, the Flying Wheel Abalone in Chicken Collagen Broth (available on Shopee Supermarket) is also a fan favourite for its fragrant aroma and exquisite taste that will elevate your taste buds. 

3. Kinohimitsu 

Kinohimitsu Abalone in Braised Sauce
(Credit: Kinohimitsu Official Store)

Kinohimitsu may be known for its offerings of the best collagen drinks, but did you know that they sell some of the best abalones in Singapore for CNY too? We love the Kinohimitsu Abalone in Braised Sauce (available on Kinohimitsu Official Store) that comes from a special recipe developed from stewing old hens for 72 hours. 

For a more premium option, consider the Kinohimitsu Braised Abalone in Scallop Sauce (available on Kinohimitsu Official Store) that comes in a bundle of two. These Kinohimitsu abalones in scallop sauce promise to be rich in flavour and are unbelievably tender. What’s more, you get two bottles of Chicken Essence for free when you purchase this – what a steal! 

4. Yuxiangyan

YuXiangYan Bao Jin Tian South Japan Sea Brine Premium Abalone best in singapore
(Credit: Yuxiangyan Official Store)

Another frontrunner on our list of best canned abalone brands in Singapore has got to be Yuxiangyan. While they may be more known for producing the best bird’s nests, their abalone offerings aren’t too shabby. Take for example their Bao Jin Tian Premium Abalone (available on Yuxiangyan Official Store) which is freshly selected from the South Japan Sea. 

Other delicious Yuxiangyan abalones include the Australia Premium Wild Braised Abalone (available on Yuxiangyan Official Store) which has been cleaned and packed in the shortest possible time to preserve its aroma and freshness. Taste-wise, you can expect a tender chew with a mild sweetness that will leave you craving more!

5. Good Lady 

. Good Lady’s Yoshihama Abalones
(Credit: Good Lady)

Pamper your taste buds with the many Yoshihama abalone offerings from Good Lady! As one of the best canned abalone brands in Singapore, you can expect only the highest quality abalones which taste as though you had it directly in Japan. Good Lady’s Yoshihama Abalones (available on Good Lady) come in four flavours, each containing a generous serving of six abalones per can. 

Apart from the standard brine and braised abalones, there’s also a scallop broth abalone that achieves a natural sweetness and seafood aroma. If you’re more adventurous, then try their black truffle abalone which packs a punch with its unique oaky and nutty smell. 

6. Fortune 

Fortune Triple Blessings Abalones - best in singapore
(Credit: Hosen Group Official Store)

It is a centuries-old belief that eating abalones will bring good fortune for the rest of the year. So if you’re hoping for a boost of huat, the Fortune Triple Blessings Abalones (available on Hosen Group Official Store) are a must-buy! This bundle includes braised abalones that are renowned for their succulent flesh and firm texture. There are also bite-sized ones in this Fortune abalone package — perfect for that annual lo hei! 

Additionally, spice lovers will be pleased to know that Fortune offers Mala Baby Abalone Noodles (available on Shopee Supermarket) that have been drenched in an incredibly flavourful mala sauce infused with spices. We can totally see how this is one of the best abalones in Singapore this CNY!

7. Calmex

Calmex Mexico Wild Abalone
(Credit: Good Lady)

Although pricey, you will find your splurge on Calmex abalones to be worth every penny with their unparalleled quality. In particular, the Calmex Mexico Wild Abalones (available on Good Lady) wows with a texture that is firmer and bouncier than other abalones. At the same time, they promise to be tender and juicy, which will leave you reaching for another can faster than you can say ‘Huat’

The Calmex Premium Mexico Wild Abalones (available on Good Lady) are another worthy option thanks to its distinctive strong flavour and tasty texture. Its huge size also makes it one of the best abalones in Singapore that you’ll want to give your parents or in-laws this CNY!

8. Emperor

Emperor Truffle Abalones - best in singapore
(Credit: Seafood Village)

Many have regarded abalone as the ‘King of Seafood’ for its uniquely delicious taste. As such, it is fitting for Emperor to be one of the best canned abalone brands in Singapore. We recommend the Emperor Truffle Abalones (available on Seafood Village) as they are perfectly braised with a delicious oyster sauce that can be eaten with stir-fried vegetables.

You can also try out the Emperor Abalone Braised Hong Shao (available on myCK_online) for its highly nutritious content. These Emperor abalones are rich in protein, iron and vitamin A which gives more support to your immune system. 

9. Pan Royal 

Pan Royal Abalone in Brine
(Credit: Pan Royal Premium)

As a leading online seafood shop, we can expect Pan Royal to offer some of the best canned abalones in Singapore during CNY. Popular offerings include the Pan Royal Abalone in Brine (available on Pan Royal Premium) which comes with next day delivery. This is as long as you order by 4pm the day before, so you don’t have to fret on the prep. 

For larger family reunion dinners, the Pan Royal Braised Abalone (available on Pan Royal Premium) will be a good purchase. This is because it comes with a generous serving of at least 200 mini abalones per can. Even better, these Pan Royal abalones are priced affordably below $15 so you get to make the most of your buck! 

10. Prima Marine

Prima Marine Flavor Baby Abalones
(Credit: PrimaMarine 海凌)

Bored of the usual braised abalones and abalones in brine? Then you should try the Prima Marine Flavor Baby Abalones (available on PrimaMarine 海凌) which come in delectable flavours such as black truffle, braised scallop and chicken soup. We especially love the mala abalone as it is made with Sichuan pepper, chilli and soybean sauce. It’s all the ingredients needed for a spice kick this CNY! 

If you still prefer something more classic, go for the Prima Marine Brine Abalone (available on PrimaMarine 海凌) which comes in four different sizes that range from 10 to 28 abalone pieces per can. The wide variety makes this one of the best canned abalones in Singapore! 

11.  Skylight

SKYLIGHT Abalone Mini Buddha Jump Over The Wall
(Credit: SKYLIGHT)

As one of the most awarded brands in Singapore and internationally, you can count on Skylight to provide you with the best canned abalones. We highly recommend the Skylight Abalone Mini Buddha Jump Over The Wall (available on SKYLIGHT) which has a flavourful medley of superior ingredients. Moreover, it is super convenient and easy-to-cook. Just heat it up and serve!

With a light weight of 425g, the Skylight Golden Giant Topshell Abalone (available on SKYLIGHT) is another fan favourite for small families of four people or less. This can of Skylight abalones are best eaten when cut into small slices. We also suggest adding plum sauce and shredded onions into the mix. 

12. Seaco

Korean Ginseng Abalone
(Credit: Seaco)

If you’re looking to purchase from the best canned abalone brands in Singapore, we highly recommend Seaco. Their Korean Ginseng Abalone (available on Seaco) is a good gift idea to your loved ones this CNY as it is made with real ginseng stalks and succulent abalones. Every taste of its brine sauce will be Seoul-yummy! 

There are other Seaco abalones you can get your hands on too. For instance, their Braised Traditional Abalone (available on Seaco) impresses with its natural nutrients while the Australian Wild Blacklip Abalone (available on Seaco) is carefully handpicked from the coasts of the Southern Ocean. We can’t wait to try them all!

13. Gin Thye

Gin Thye Chicken Soup Abalone - best in singapore
(Credit: Gin Thye)

As a reputable household brand since the 1960s, most Singaporeans would have heard of Gin Thye. While they specialise in nostalgic traditional bakes, they do offer some of the best canned abalones in Singapore too. Take for instance the Gin Thye Chicken Soup Abalone (available on Gin Thye) which stands out among the sea of milder flavours in the market. 

Otherwise, you can always opt for more classic flavours like the Gin Thye Premium Brine Abalone and Gin Thye Premium Braised Abalone (both available on Gin Thye) that deliver in both quality and quantity. You can rest assured that these Gin Thye abalones are a healthy choice too as no artificial flavouring and colourings are added.

14. Pomfret King

Pomfret King Yoshihama Abalones
(Credit: iTonic Mart)

Originating from the seas of Japan, Pomfret King Yoshihama Abalones (available on iTonic Mart) are highly sought after for their taste and appearance. With each can containing up to 12 pieces of abalones, we suggest getting a few cans and tossing them into the best yusheng in Singapore for even more huat this CNY. 

As one of the best canned abalone brands in Singapore, Pomfret King also ensures they have gift bundles available. The Pomfret King Abalone Bundle (available on iTonic Mart) comes in four flavours including brine, scallop sauce and black truffle. You are guaranteed a delightful treat when you feast on these Pomfret King abalones during your reunion dinners. 

15. TankFully Fresh

Special Brine Abalones tankfully fresh
(Credit: TankFully Fresh Official Store)

As one of the best seafood delivery vendors, it should come as no surprise that TankFully Fresh offers some of the best abalones in Singapore too. We are in love with their Special Brine Abalones (available on TankFully Fresh Official Store) that have a light and somewhat buttery flavour to it. Whether steamed or stir-fried, you will enjoy it either way!

Their Special Braised Abalones (available on TankFully Fresh Official Store) are a force to be reckoned with too. Sourced directly from China, you are promised only the highest quality abalones. Better still, these TankFully Fresh abalones are priced below $20 so you won’t have to break the bank! 

Feast on the best abalones in Singapore this CNY 2023

Now that you know which are the best abalone brands in Singapore, remember to get them ahead of your reunion dinner during our Shopee CNY Sale so you don’t have to rush the prep at the last minute. Alternatively, you can follow these canned abalone recipes or pen cai recipes that will impress your family and friends. All that’s left is to equip yourself with the best steamboat pots and learn some tips on how to organise a hotpot gathering!

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