Toss For A Huat-ful Year With These 9 Best Yusheng

lo hei best yusheng singapore 2022 delivery takeaway

Chinese New Year is a time for celebrating and ushering in good fortune. And with it comes many traditions such as spring cleaning, buying new clothes, and most importantly, feasting! Plenty of work goes into CNY meal preparations, so to make things a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best ready-to-eat yusheng platters in Singapore for CNY 2024. Have it to-go or spring for some delivery! Read on for our suggestions on where to go and save yourself those extra steps of slicing and prepping ingredients for lo hei!

Overview of the best yusheng in Singapore (2024)

Delivery/Takeaway Brand Delivery/Takeaway details Price
Delivery New Moon Delivers in 2 – 3 days $49.90, free delivery
Ming Kitchen Self pick-up only $33.80
Sing Long Delivers in 2 – 3 days $12.45, $1.49 delivery, free for orders above $45
Hitoyoshi Mart Delivery from 7 – 18 Feb $47.60, $8 delivery fee, free for orders above $80
Yummy Food Delivery from 1 Jan $88, $30 delivery fee
Takeaway JADE Takeaway/delivery from 29 Jan $118.50
PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Takeaway from 12 Jan $117.30
InterContinental Singapore Takeaway from 15 Jan to 29 Feb $98 – $138
Crystal Jade Takeaway from 5 Dec to 25 Feb $58.64 – $150.42

Best yusheng in Singapore for delivery (2024)

1. New Moon ($49.90) 

best yusheng singapore 2024 new moon
(Credit: New Moon Official Store)

Going traditional when it comes to yusheng in Singapore is the best way to start CNY 2024! The New Moon Premium Abalone Yu Sheng (available on New Moon Official Store) is perfect for a party of eight to 10. What’s more, this affordable yusheng also comes with succulent New Moon abalones for an enhanced chewy texture! No one has to scramble just to get their hands on some abalone anymore!  

2024 yusheng delivery details:
Delivers in 3 – 7 days
Free delivery

2. Ming Kitchen ($33.80)

best yusheng singapore 2024 ming kitchen seafood
(Credit: Ming Kitchen Seafood)

Want yusheng from one of the best seafood zi char in Singapore this 2024? Your loved ones will be wowed when they find out where this yummy Prosperity Yu Sheng (available on Ming Kitchen Seafood) comes from. With more than 30 outlets islandwide, Ming Kitchen has perfected its seafood dishes to present scrumptious delights for both the young and old – their Prosperity Yu Sheng is no different! Trust us when we say that this is one of the best yusheng in Singapore this 2024

2024 yusheng delivery details:
Available for self-collection only

3. Sing Long ($12.45)

best yusheng singapore 2024 sing long
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Thinking of getting the best yusheng in Singapore as you visit your loved ones this CNY 2024? It doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket! Priced below $10, Sing Long Yee Sang (available on Shopee Supermarket) is one of the most wallet-friendly options that features an apricot sauce instead of the usual plum sauce. Huat better time to give this yusheng a go than this CNY 2024?

2024 yusheng delivery details:
Delivers in 2 – 3 days
$1.49 delivery, free for orders above $45

4. Hitoyoshi Mart ($47.60)

best yusheng singapore 2024 hitoyoshi mart
(Credit: Hitoyoshi Mart)

Toss in a year of abundance and prosperity with this Salmon Yu Sheng (available on Hitoyoshi Mart). This delectable set contains Norwegian salmon sashimi and tobiko that brings the taste of Japan right to your doorstep. Your relatives will surely go “Huat, huat, huat!” as they feast on this best-tasting yusheng in Singapore this 2024!

2024 yusheng delivery details:
Delivers from 7 Feb – 18 Feb
$8 delivery, free for orders above $90
*Minimum advanced order of 3 days required

5. Yummy Food ($88.00)

best yusheng singapore yummy food
(Credit: Yummy Food / Facebook)

Worried about the freshness of the ingredients when you order yusheng for delivery this CNY 2024? Your worries are unfounded here at Yummy Food. They have garnered a strong following for their convenient yet fresh delights that satisfies the taste buds every time. The Yummy Food Prosperity Abalone Yusheng is great for those who aren’t fans of sashimi. Ingot-shaped abalones that are juicy, tender and bursting with umami are used instead of raw fish! Other ingredients include jellyfish, sweet potato, raisins and fish skin – a crunchier alternative to pok chui crackers! This is definitely the best yusheng in Singapore this 2024, both for the young and the young at heart.

2024 yusheng delivery details:
Delivery available from 1 Jan
Self-pickup available
$30 delivery fee
*Minimum advanced order of 3 days required

Best yusheng in Singapore 2024 for takeaway 

6. JADE ($118.50)

best yusheng singapore 2024 JADE
(Credit: JADE)

This is probably one of the best well-designed yusheng in Singapore you will ever see this 2024! To commemorate the year of the Dragon, JADE is introducing the Jade Gold Rush Dragon Yu Sheng. In addition to the usual ingredients, you can expect to savour some premium ingredients such as champagne jelly and smoked salmon as well. Thereafter, top the yusheng off by dousing some shallot oil and kumquat dressing. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best premium yusheng in Singapore available for takeaway this CNY 2024!

2024 yusheng takeaway details:
Takeaway or delivery available from 29 Jan
*Minimum advanced order of 4 days required

7. PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay ($117.30)

best yusheng singapore 2023 parkroyal collection marina bay

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay has done it again with its show-stopping Fortune Abalone Yu Sheng! The chef has brought this classic dish to another level with copious amounts of abalones on a bed of colourful vegetables. For veggie lovers, select the Fortune Vegetarian Abalone Yu Sheng (both available on PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay) instead! This version uses vegetarian abalone rather than regular abalone, so everyone can share the joy of tossing the yusheng away.

2024 yusheng takeaway details:
Available for takeaway only from 12 Jan
*Minimum advanced order of 3 days required

8. InterContinental Singapore ($98 – $138)

best yusheng singapore 2024 intercontinental
(Credit: InterContinental Singapore)

You can’t get any more extravagant with Auspicious Yu Sheng! Filled with decadent Hokkaido scallops, fresh salmon sashimi, crispy fish skin and citrusy pomegranate sauce, this is the best yusheng you can get in Singapore for CNY 2024. They also offer the Happiness Yu Sheng that switches out the Hokkaido scallops for Golden Coin bak kwa and fragrant pork floss. Simply delish!

2024 yusheng takeaway details:
Takeaway and dine-in available from 15 Jan to 29 Feb
*Minimum advanced order of 3 days required

9. Crystal Jade ($58.64 – $150.42)

best yusheng singapore 2024 crystal jade
(Credit: Bugis Junction x Bugis+ / Facebook)

Aside from their mouth-watering pen cai, Crystal Jade is also known for its huat-ful yusheng. There’s no better way to start the new year than with Crystal Jade’s Golden Harvest Sea Cucumber Yu Sheng. The sea cucumber joins forces with jellyfish head and japanese cucumber to form this fantastic never-before-seen yusheng concoction. Paired with yuzu sauce, this tangy yusheng will definitely tickle your tastebuds. If abalone yusheng is your cup of tea, the premium Reunion Yusheng with Abalone is guaranteed to blow your mind. 10 abalones are added to the yusheng, giving each person a chance to savour the chewy and buttery taste. Served alongside ice plants and cherry tomatoes, the yusheng is a great play of textures and flavours to behold.

2024 yusheng takeaway details:
Takeaway available from 5 Dec to 25 Feb
Dine-in is also available from 19 Jan

Why do we eat yusheng?

salmon sashimi lo hei best yusheng singapore
(Credit: Choo Yut Shing / Flickr)

Traditionally served on the seventh day (初七人日) of Chinese New Year, yusheng is a customary Lunar New Year dish that signifies reunion, prosperity and good fortune for the new year. These days, families enjoy yusheng throughout the CNY celebrations – because one can never have too many blessings! 

From preparing raw fish and sweet dressings to tossing and eating yusheng, the whole lo hei process is a fun family activity filled with joy! Usually, one designated family member is in charge of saying auspicious greetings (more on that in the next paragraph!) that accompany each addition of ingredients, like fish or even the sprinkling of crispy golden pillows. Everyone then digs their chopsticks in and tosses the yusheng p in the air while gleefully shouting good wishes for luck and health! It is believed that the higher the ingredients are tossed, the more blessings everyone will receive in the new year. yusheng is commonly served on a big plate because of this as well – to catch all the food being tossed in the air!

What do you say at lo hei?

lo hei yusheng tossing
(Credit: Jan / Flickr)

Wondering huat to say during lo hei in Singapore this 2024? Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to follow so you can lead the lo hei at the reunion party!

Steps Ingredients to add What to say Meaning
1 Fish (or abalone slices) 年年有余 (nián nián yǒu yú) Abundant prosperity
2 Lime or pomelo 大吉大利(dà jí dà lì) Good luck
3 Cinnamon powder and pepper 招财进宝 (zhāo cái jìn bǎo) Wealth and prosperity
4 Oil 事事顺利(shì shì shùn lì) Smooth sailing
5 Plum sauce 甜甜蜜蜜(tián tián mì mì) Blissfully sweet
6 Crushed peanuts 金银满屋 (jīn yín mǎn wū) Great wealth
7 Sesame seeds 生意兴隆 (shēng yì xīng lóng) Flourishing business
8 Crackers 遍地黄金 (biàn dì huáng jīn) Great wealth

Usher in CNY 2024 with the best yusheng in Singapore

Get your chopsticks ready and toss the best yusheng in Singapore for a smooth sailing and prosperous year this CNY 2024! Aside from yusheng, your reunion dinner will not be complete without some luxurious dishes like abalones. Check out the best abalones in Singapore and learn how to whip up yummy festive dishes with our abalone recipes! Thinking of starting the year with a festive & luxurious gathering? Ordering the best pen cai in Singapore can be your best choice for a fuss-free celebration. How about organising a hot pot party instead? Our guide to the best steamboat pots and steamboat guide will ensure you have a blast. And remember to do your Chinese New Year shopping during our Shopee CNY Sale for attractive promotions!

This article was updated on 9 Jan 2024. Additional research done by Ong Tze Kym.