Housewarming Gifts In Singapore: 7 Practical Gifts Your Friends Will Love

featured housewarming gifts in singapore
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Invited to your first ever housewarming party? Instead of struggling with the dilemma of what to give, let us relieve you of that burden! While most housewarming gifts can seem like novelties, our recommendations feature ideas for practical housewarming gifts in Singapore that your friends will definitely find handy.

Practical housewarming gifts in Singapore

1. Microwave

microwave oven housewarming gifts in singapore
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It’s inevitable that there’ll be nights when your friends are feeling hungry and will rummage through the fridge for food. Help your friends bid goodbye to the hassle of heating food on the stove with this Aerogaz microwave (available on aerogaz)! With its huge capacity and easy-to-operate dials, they’ll have no problems reheating food for a late night snack. There’s even a 255mm wide turntable so they can conveniently heat up entire meals without fear of cramming the microwave!

2. Coffee Machine

coffee makers housewarming gifts in singapore
(Credit: PowerPac, Mayer_Marketing)

Coffee machines are another practical housewarming gift in Singapore that’s perfect for homeowners who need a caffeine fix to get their day started! From the affordable Powerpac coffee maker (available on PowerPac) to the KitchenAid cold brew maker (available on Mayer_Marketing), choose from a wide variety of coffee machines that’ll suit the pickiest of java lovers. Besides letting your friends indulge in their cuppa joe, you’ll also be doing their wallets a favour as they’ll come to rely less on expensive cafe coffee.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum housewarming gifts in singapore
(Credit: Dibea Singapore Pte. Ltd, Mi Global Store)

The cordless Dibea C01 Vacuum Cleaner (available on Dibea Singapore Pte. Ltd) with its 220-degree rotation is a convenient and efficient housekeeping appliance. Your friends can easily manoeuvre it under and around furniture and even convert it into a handheld vacuum to get into those crevices when needed!

Alternatively, help your friends automate the vacuuming process with the Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 (available on Mi Global Store)! With its smartphone application compatibility, you can fully take control of its daily cleaning route and make changes where necessary. Combine this with improved suction strength and your friends will thank you for this powerful and practical housewarming gift in Singapore.

4. Air Fryer

air fryer housewarming gift in singapore
(Credit: Mayer_Marketing)

If your intended recipients are into eating healthy and maintaining overall wellness, they’ll surely love practical housewarming gifts in Singapore that help with their diets. Mayer’s 3.5L air fryer (available on Mayer_Marketing) maximises convenience during meal time and is a healthier alternative to deep fryers! Pegged as a must-own appliance for health nuts, air fryers are great for those who love indulging in dishes that taste like deep fried food without the unhealthy grease and inconvenience of cleaning up.

Test the capabilities of the new air fryer with these quick air fryer recipes that guarantee tasty meals within 15 minutes.

5. Dinnerware

dinnerware housewarming gifts in singapore
(Credit: BANFANG HOME, Lovera_Collections)

Constantly heading over for meals to your friends’ place? Nothing says “I appreciate your cooking and hospitality” more than the practical housewarming gifts of marble textured plates (available on BANFANG HOME) and stainless steel cutlery (available on Lovera_Collections)! The chic and elegant porcelain plates will look fantastic on any dining table. As for the stainless steel cutlery, they’re ion plated and extremely durable, meaning they can be tossed into a dishwasher for a thorough wash.

6.  Mahjong Tiles / Poker Chips

poker chips mahjong tiles housewarming gifts
(Credit:, smithspoker)

Combining the elements of chance and memory, mahjong is an evergreen Chinese game that’s popular among both young and old. Thus, there’d be no better way to celebrate a housewarming party than with a mahjong session. This particular mahjong set (available on comes in a vintage leather case that’s perfect for playing on-the-go.

Confused by the complicated rules of mahjong but still want to participate in game nights with your friends? Try poker then! Renowned for being deceptively simple but hard to master, poker emphasises on bluffing and outwitting your opponents rather than relying on pure chance. Smith Poker’s chip set (available on smithspoker) comes in a snazzy aluminium case and eases beginners in by including handy dealer and blind buttons so you’ll never lose track of the game’s flow.

7. Smart Home Assistant

smart home assistant housewarming gifts in singapore
(Credit: Bizgram Official Store -“Your Trust It Partner”, VIPL Online)

For many, smart home assistants are the practical housewarming gifts in Singapore they never knew they needed! Even if your friends lack technical know-how, smart home assistants are easy to use and will add life to any living room. Regardless of whether you’re in team Alexa with the Amazon Echo Dot (available on Bizgram Official Store -“Your Trust It Partner”) or in team Google with Google Home (available on VIPL Online), both smart home assistants are competent in receiving voice instructions. When hooked up with other smart home devices, these assistants can do everything from giving weather updates to playing your favourite playlist and toggling the house lights.

Bonus practical housewarming gift idea!

vinda toilet paper housewarming gifts
(Credit: Vinda Official Store)

Looking to prank your friends? According to Korean housewarming traditions, cleaning supplies like this Vinda toilet paper (available on Vinda Official Store) are common housewarming gifts to receive. Just like how the paper easily unravels from the roll, toilet rolls are meant to represent well-wishes and smooth progress in the home owner’s life. Though not a popular housewarming gift in Singapore, your Korean friends will definitely appreciate the sentiment!

Psst, if you actually intend on doing this, we recommend pairing this with one of the above practical housewarming gift ideas so your friends aren’t offended.


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