44 Best Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Use

best housewarming gifts in singapore

Invited to a friend’s housewarming party? Chances are, you’ll struggle over what to give them as a practical housewarming gift, because let’s admit it – there’s just so many household products they might need. Luckily for you, we’re here to help make things easier by sorting out housewarming gift ideas according to your budget. Read on for our recommendations on the best housewarming gifts in Singapore that your hosts will definitely appreciate! 

What is a housewarming party?

What is a housewarming party?
(Credit: Sidekix Media / Unsplash)

A housewarming party is an informal party that is held by a family within a year of moving into a new residence. This includes newly-wedded couples who have just gotten their first flat or families who are moving to a new abode. It is an occasion for hosts to present their new home to their loved ones and friends. In return, the hosts usually receive practical housewarming gifts to furnish the new home.  

Best housewarming gifts in Singapore below $30

1. Plant Pot

Transparent Self Watering Plant Pot
(Credit: Gardens Paradise Patio)

If your friends are proud parents of the best indoor plants which they keep in their living room, then they would love this Transparent Self Watering Plant Pot (available on Gardens Paradise Patio). As one of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore for friends, this transparent plant pot uses sub-irrigation to transport water to the plant’s roots. The water reservoir at the bottom of the planter allows the plant to absorb water at its own pace, so there will not be any worries about over-watering again!

2. Bedsheet

hosuewarming gift Epitex New Silkysoft Bedsheet
(Credit: Epitex Official Store)

Some of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore can also extend to bedsheets and linens! Help your friends enjoy better sleep with this comfy Epitex New Silkysoft Bedsheet (available on Epitex Official Store). It is woven with blended cotton, repels dust and airborne allergens and is super soft to touch. You’ll also want to pick a light bedsheet colours like white or baby blue which creates a more calming environment. This is one of the best bedsheets in Singapore that can definitely help improve sleep quality. Be sure to check what your friend’s bed size is before making the purchase!

3. Blanket

housewarming gifts - blanket
(Credit: mooZzz Official Store)

Looking for an affordable yet practical housewarming gift? Consider bedding essentials like this mooZzz Blaki Microfibre Summer Blanket (available on mooZzz Official Store) that works well in our sunny weather. As one of the best blankets in Singapore, it is made of microfibers that are soft to the touch. They are so finely woven, which makes it good at repelling stains too. In addition, this blanket is exceptionally strong and durable, meaning it can last a few good years. That’s definitely a green flag when it comes to shopping for the best housewarming gifts in Singapore! 

4. Pillow

pillow as best housewarming gift
(Credit: Jean Perry Official Store.SG)

Adding on to this list of best housewarming gifts in Singapore for couples is this CotonSoft UltraLux Pillow (available on Jean Perry Official Store.SG) that newlyweds will love for their new home. Made of a bacterial resistant fabric, you can rest assured that this pillow is totally hygienic and non-allergic. What’s more, the fabric also ensures protection against dust mites and other allergen particles. Here are other best pillows for neck pain that you can consider. 

5. Shark Slippers 

3D Shark Slippers christmas gift
(Credit: sghotmall.sg)

Still need more practical housewarming gift ideas? How about these cute 3D Shark Slippers (available on sghotmall.sg) that are affordably priced below $10? Available in seven different colours and a variety of sizes, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing this best housewarming gift in Singapore. As for its features, these bedroom slippers are non-slip and wear-resistant, which makes it safe for use in the bathroom too. And if your friends have kids, we’re sure they’ll have fun role-playing as sharks with these shark slippers too! 

6. Table Lamp

Quby Night Lamp housewarming gift
(Credit: Glow and Glitter)

If your friend is a Quby lover, then this Quby Night Lamp (available on Glow and Glitter) is the best housewarming gift idea in Singapore to get them! Other than its super cute aesthetics, this table lamp is functionable too. All your friend has to do is press the lamp lightly for the light to come on. Furthermore, it has an air vibration feature where the light brightness can be controlled. Psst, we think that it’s so cute how the lamp jiggles a little when touched!

7. Scented Candle

hooga scented candle
(Credit: Hooga Official Store)

The bedroom is a place of rest, so we think it’s fitting to get this Hooga Scented Candle (available on Hooga Official Store) as a practical bedroom housewarming gift idea! Available in over a dozen scents, your friends will surely be blown away by the tranquil fragrances of this candle. In particular, we recommend the Berry Currant, Spring Sakura Tea and Jasmine Bright Daisy scents for a cosy bedtime vibe. This is definitely one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for couples to snuggle nicely in bed!

8. Reed Diffuser 

hooga quote reed diffuser
(Credit: Hooga Official Store)

Help a friend spruce up their new home with a fresh scent from the Hooga Quote Reed Diffuser (available on Hooga Official Store) series. With six different smells to choose from, this reed diffuser will be a simple yet effective mood booster to help your friend unwind at the end of a long day. This is definitely one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for those who enjoy having fresh scents that linger in their sleeping spaces! Did we mention that this is priced below $20? What a steal!

9. Cocktail Set 

cocktail shaker set best housewarming gift singapore
(Credit: ToTT Official Store)

Ever heard your friend sharing their dreams of being a bartender? Help them achieve that dream by buying them this 4Pcs Cocktail Set (available on ToTT Official Store)! Containing a cocktail muddler, citrus reamer, jigger and shaker, this cocktail making set is another best housewarming gift idea in Singapore for couples who dabble with cocktail recipes at home. With scale printings to help measure out the liquor and spirits, your friend will make no mistake when they recreate their own Singapore Sling. Cheers!

10. Multifunctional Side Dish Plate

Multifunctional Side Dish Plate
(Credit: luckyjw.sg)

When preparing for a hotpot gathering at home, it’s always good to be more organised. By that, we mean having neat compartmentalisation of all the different steamboat ingredients such as mushrooms, corn and abalones. That’s why we think this Multifunctional Side Dish Plate (available on luckyjw.sg) makes for one of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore for friends! Simply arrange the food neatly in the respective drawers and there wouldn’t be a messy table. With six different designs consisting of three to five layers and up to 12 grids, you can choose one that best fits your hosts’ family.

11. Salt & Pepper Grinder

Anaeat Salt & Pepper Grinder
(Credit: Anaeat Official Store)

The best salt and pepper grinders are the ones that can add some extra spice to your meals quickly! Case in point: the Anaeat Salt & Pepper Grinder (available on Anaeat Official Store) that is one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for couples who often host meals. Simple but useful, it can grind two kinds of spices at both ends concurrently. The tightness can also be adjusted according to the size of the spice. With a transparent casing, you won’t mistake salt for pepper again!

12. Cutting Board

modori cutting board in grey, beige, pink
(Credit: Dekorea)

If your friend is an avid cook, they’d be thrilled to receive the Modori Cutting Board (available on Dekorea) as a practical housewarming gift. Made of toxin-free TPU material, this cutting board is free from hazardous substances. This material is also scratch-resistant — so it does not leave knife marks easily, which prevents bacterial growth. To disinfect it, all they have to do is pour boiling water over it and hang them neatly to drain the water. And as one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore, its surface is made with adequate friction to prevent slippery ingredients from sliding around.

13. Coffee Machine

PowerPac Coffee Machine
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

Coffee machines also make for some of the best practical housewarming gifts in Singapore for friends. This is especially so for homeowners who need a caffeine fix to get their day started! The affordable PowerPac Coffee Machine (available on PowerPac Official Store) is a good option to consider thanks to its one touch power switch. It also has a convenient anti-drip valve and a thermostatic panel that can keep drinks warm up to 75°C. And as one of the best coffee machines, it boasts a large 1.25L volume capacity that’s good for sharing for up to 12 pax!

14. Card Games

The Singaporean Dream (The New Normal)
(Credit: The Singaporean Dream – Official)

Part of the housewarming fun is playing some card games with your friends at their new home. Try out the pandemic edition of The Singaporean Dream (The New Normal) (available on The Singaporean Dream – Official) and sabo your way through! It has a similar gameplay to the original version but with added dream and action cards to reflect the most iconic moments over the last two years. This includes the ‘Safe Distancing Officer’ personality card and a ‘Find a vaccine’ dream card. As one of the best adult card games and best housewarming gifts in Singapore, you’re guaranteed a fun time! 

Best housewarming gifts in Singapore below $50

15. Aroma Diffuser

Houze Aroma Diffuser
(Credit: HOUZE Official Store)

One of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore has got to be aroma diffusers which can instantly make the living room smell fresh. With a pleasant aroma, diffusers can positively impact your hosts’ physical and mental health too! Check out the Houze Aroma Diffuser (available on HOUZE Official Store) that comes in multiple mist nebulizer modes. This means that it also works as an air humidifier – talk about multifunctionality! To use, simply pour five to 10 drops of essential oil onto the diffuser, let the oil soak in and enjoy its satisfying scents.

16. Standing Fan

Mistral Mechanical Tower Fan
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

When it comes to the best housewarming gifts in Singapore, you can’t go wrong with a household product from Mistral, which has been around since 1968! In particular, we think that the Mistral Mechanical Tower Fan (available on Mayer Official Store) is worth a buy thanks to its affordable price point below $50. Features-wise, this Mistral standing fan allows you to toggle between three different modes using a remote. As one of the best standing fans in Singapore, you can also set a 15 hour timer so that it can power off automatically.

17. Alarm Clock

housewarming gift - alarm clock

We get it. Sleep is important and we wish we could sleep in every morning without getting interrupted too. Thankfully, with this MOES Smart Light Alarm Clock (available on MOES OFFICIAL STORE) your hosts will never have to wake up startled by a loud ringing again. That’s because this smart alarm clock works via light technology instead of sound. Making use of a hands-free voice control, all your host has to do is set a wake up timing and the light will then gradually become brighter with every passing minute. We can totally see why this is one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore!

18. Dinnerware

housewarming gifts dinnerware
(Credit: Banfang Home Official Store)

Constantly heading over to your friend’s new place for meals? Nothing says “I appreciate your cooking and hospitality” more than Marble Texture Plates (available on Banfang Home Official Store), which are some of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for friends. After all, these chic and elegant porcelain plates will look fantastic on any of the best dining tables. Meanwhile, you can also consider getting some Stainless Steel Cutlery (available on Lovera_Collections) that’s ion plated and extremely durable. This means they can be tossed into a dishwasher for a thorough wash.

19. Wine Rack

housewarming gift - wine rack
(Credit: LHSG.SG)

Armed with the best wines in Singapore, all that’s missing is a wine rack to store them! As one of the best practical housewarming gifts in Singapore, the LHSG Wine Rack Shelf (available on LHSG.SG) is made of nan bamboo that is beautiful and durable. Depending on the size you get, it is able to fit anywhere between four to 12 bottles of wine. Exquisitely crafted with a smooth surface, it’s definitely going to be a lovely addition to your friend’s dining room!

20. Soy Sauce

Yamaroku Barrel Aged Soy Sauce practical housewarming gift

We know what you’re thinking. Soy sauce as one of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore? Are we high on something? You bet we are! It’s the Yamaroku Barrel Aged Soy Sauce (available on MYU Japan Direct) we’re talking about! Double-brewed and left to ferment for four years in barrels that have been around for decades. This means that all the good bacteria and yeast have settled into the barrel, thus giving the soy sauce a uniquely rich fragrance and a mellow flavour. Your atas friends will definitely appreciate this practical housewarming gift that’ll make their connoisseur companions salty!

21. Kettle

Cornell 1.8L Kettle
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official Store)

If your friend likes brewing their own cup of tea, then this Cornell 1.8L Kettle (available on Cornell Singapore Official Store) would make the best housewarming gift idea in Singapore for them. The best feature of this kettle is how it comes with a seamless V-spout mouth design for more controlled pours. What’s more, this Cornell kettle has a 100% stainless steel interior which ensures that no plastic parts touch your hot water. It is also cool to touch and BPA free, qualities the best kettles in Singapore have as well! 

22. Rice Cooker

PowerPac Rice Cooker
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

Nothing screams practicality more than an essential small kitchen appliance like a good ol’ rice cooker. We recommend this PowerPac Rice Cooker (available on PowerPac Official Store) as one of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore for couples who love to cook. This is because it is made of stainless steel which means that it is more resistant to corrosion than other metals. And with a large 1.8L capacity like most of the best rice cookers in Singapore, there’s more than enough rice for up to eight people! Did we mention that it also comes with a food steamer? Colour us impressed!

23. Turbo Chopper

Housewarming gifts kessrich turbo chopper
(Credit: Kelly Homeware)

Do you have a friend that enjoys cooking? The Kessrich Turbo Chopper (available on Kelly Homeware) is the ideal housewarming gift for your friend to mince, chop, and whip food ingredients into small and fine pieces conveniently. The best part is the detachable knife on the electronic chopper. Cleaning is a whole lot easier, allowing your friend to maintain the chopper in perfect and odour-free condition. The chopper is also fitted with a removable anti-slip silicone that guarantees none of the diced food ingredients will leak out of the chopper. Your friend will definitely thank you for this amazing housewarming gift!

Best housewarming gifts in Singapore below $100

24. Smart Home Assistant

google Smart Home Assistant
(Credit: Google Authorised Retailer)

Help your friends build a smart home with the help of smart home assistants. These might just be the best housewarming gifts in Singapore they never knew they needed! Even if your friends lack technical know-how, smart home assistants are easy to use and will add life to any living room. We highly recommend the Google Nest Mini (available on Google Authorised Retailer), that is competent in receiving voice instructions. When hooked up with other smart home devices, the Google Nest can do everything from giving weather updates to playing your favourite playlist and toggling the house lights.

25. Android TV Box 

Xiaomi Mi Box S tv box
(Credit: Qi Electronics)

Gift your friends an endless stream of entertainment options with a TV box like this Xiaomi Mi Box S (available on Qi Electronics)! This small, nondescript looking gadget comes pre-installed with Google Android TV where you can access apps and video content from around the world. Yes, this includes popular platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus and Hulu! In other words, it essentially works as a smart TV where your hosts can surf the net all from the comfort of a big screen. This is truly one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for couples who enjoy home movie dates!

26. Coffee Cup & Saucer Set

Mirror Coffee Cup and Saucer Set
(Credit: NOTAG Official Store)

Whether it is for one’s daily coffee drinking or simply to hold some juice in the morning, mugs are a necessity in each household. Thinking of giving something practical like that? Why not take it up a notch and get a designer Mirror Coffee Cup and Saucer Set (available on NOTAG Official Store)? This Korean brand combines technology and art, and uses reflection to showcase hidden pictures that will appear and disappear upon turning the coffee cup. Bold in form and functionality, this luxurious LUYCHO cup and saucer set is truly one of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore!

27. Wine Glasses

wine glasses housewarming gift
(Credit: RIEDEL Singapore Official Store)

What’s a housewarming party without some alcoholic beverages? If your hosts are wine lovers, these Riedel Wine Glasses (available on RIEDEL Singapore Official Store) might just be what they need for their new home. As one of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore for friends, it is machine-made and safe to use in the dishwasher without any cracks while ensuring smooth edges. Additionally, the generous size of this wine glass helps the wine breathe and release its delightful aroma. Adulting feels and tastes great at times, doesn’t it?

28. Steamboat Pot

Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat BBQ Pan Grill Hot Pot Se
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official Store)

A steamboat pot will be right up your alley as the best housewarming gift in Singapore for couples who love to host steamboat parties. We suggest getting the Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat BBQ Pan Grill Hot Pot Set (available on Cornell Singapore Official Store) that comes with a grill function and a soup pot with individual temperature control settings. Even better, it has detachable parts that makes it easy for cleanups. Check out this guide to the best steamboat pots for other electric, gas and induction pot options.

29. Air Fryer

air fryer housewarming gift singapore
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

If your friends are into eating healthy and maintaining overall wellness, they’ll surely love the best practical housewarming gifts in Singapore that help with their diets. This includes the Mayer 3.5L Air Fryer MMAF88 (available on Mayer Official Store) that maximises convenience during mealtime and is a healthier alternative to deep fryers! Pegged as a must-own appliance for health nuts, air fryers are great for those who love indulging in dishes that taste like deep fried food without the unhealthy grease and inconvenience of cleaning up. Test the capabilities of this best air fryer with these air fryer recipes that guarantee tasty meals within 15 minutes!

30. Blender

Ninja Blender Professional Blender
(Credit: Ninja Kitchen Shark Clean Official)

Given the sweltering heat in Singapore, a smoothie might just be the drink your friend needs to beat the heat. To help them out, get this Ninja Blender Professional Blender (available on Ninja Kitchen Shark Clean Official) which is one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore. This blender has a patented extraction blade that helps to crush through ice, seeds and fruit skins for a smooth consistency and nutrient-rich juice. As one of the best blenders in Singapore, it also comes with a lid and provides the option of drinking straight from the cup! 

31. Handwash 

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash
(Credit: Cosmede Official Store)

Washing hands has become more important than ever, even at home! Keep your friend’s hand clean and smelling great with this Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash (available on Cosmede Official Store). More than its citrus-orange fragrance, the packaging of this Aesop handwash is so aesthetic that they’ll feel like they’re in a hotel room. This handwash is truly a simple yet one of the best practical housewarming gifts in Singapore for friends!

32. Mahjong Table 

housewarming gift mahjong table
(Credit: HOUZE Official Store)

This one’s for all the mahjong addicts! Help your friends host mahjong marathons in their new home with this Houze Mahjong Table (available on HOUZE Official Store) that can be folded when not in use for easy storage. This mahjong table also comes equipped with four drawers for convenient keeping of mahjong chips. We’re sure this is one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for couples who like to host mahjong sessions. After all, mahjong is a game well loved by the young and old alike! And while you’re at it, usher in even more good luck from the mahjong gods with these quirky mahjong gifts!

Best housewarming gifts in Singapore below $200

33. Home Karaoke System 

Divoom Portable Karaoke Speaker
(Credit: Divoom Singapore Official Store)

Who says you have to visit the best karaoke bars in Singapore for some singing fun? With this Divoom Portable Karaoke Speaker (available on Divoom Singapore Official Store), your friends can party anytime they want from the comfort of their own homes! While it has a cute fun-sized aesthetic, this tiny karaoke speaker boasts a powerful sound system that works with Bluetooth connectivity. With the ability to preload tunes onto a micro SD, this is definitely one of the best housewarming gifts for friends in Singapore. Check out the best home karaoke systems for more suggestions! 

34. Foot Tub 

Mingrentang Foot Tub - father's day gift ideas
(Credit: Mingrentang Official Store)

Maintaining the cleanliness of a new home can be tough, so we’re sure your friends will appreciate a nice foot massage. And we have the best housewarming gift idea in Singapore for that: this Mingrentang Foot Tub (available on Mingrentang Official Store). Available in four colours, it has an automatic roller that can be controlled with just the touch of a few buttons. The inner barrel depth of this foot tub is up to 30cm, which is approximately until the middle height of one’s leg. A soothing massage is guaranteed!

35. Bean Bag

Doodle Triangle Bean Bag
(Credit: Zest Livings Official Store)

While not a necessity, we think a beanbag is one of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore too. With a comfy exterior, it can serve as an extra space of rest in one’s bedroom. We suggest getting the Doodle Triangle Bean Bag (available on Zest Livings Official Store) that comes with an inner liner with a zipper to refill the styrofoam beans easily. More importantly, there are many ways to go about using his beanbag – sit down like you’re in a chair, lay down flat or straddle into a canoe shape!

36. Smokeless Grill

kith smokeless grill
(Credit: Casa Official Store)

Another alternative to the best practical housewarming gift ideas in Singapore for the dining room are smokeless grills! To avoid your friend’s new home to smell like chicken wings, the Kith Smokeless Barbecue Grill (available on Casa Official Store) makes use of a rapid-infrared heating technology that cooks food through heat radiation instead. Additionally, this Kith smokeless grill has control knobs that can adjust the heat up to 280°C and a timer of up to 120 minutes. This best BBQ grill also comes with a 360° auto-rotate grill pan so everyone can enjoy the food equally!

37. Microwave Oven

Panasonic Solo Microwave Oven
(Credit: Panasonic Singapore Official Store)

It’s inevitable that there’ll be nights when your friends are feeling hungry and will rummage through the refrigerator for food. Help your friends bid goodbye to the hassle of heating food on the stove by getting them the best microwave ovens like this Panasonic Solo Microwave Oven (available on Panasonic Singapore Official Store). Given its large 20L capacity, it’s definitely one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore that’s value-for-money! Furthermore, this microwave has nine automatic cooking menus and easy-to-operate dials, so your friend will have no problems whipping up or reheating food for a late night snack.

38. Waffle Maker

hosuewarming gift waffle maker
(Credit: Rommelsbacher Official Store)

Breakfast at home for your friend will never be the same again when you get them the Rommelsbacher Waffle Maker (available on Rommelsbacher Official Store). As one of the best practical housewarming gift ideas in Singapore, this waffle maker comes fully equipped with non-stick coating baking plates and a brushed stainless steel housing. It also has other features on par with the best waffle makers in Singapore such as variable temperature settings for individual browning and well-arranged baking lights. We can almost smell the waffles already! 

Best housewarming gifts in Singapore above $200

39. Air Purifier

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier
(Credit: Sterra SG)

Other household cooling products to consider as practical housewarming gifts for your friends have got to be air purifiers. Specifically, we recommend the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier (available on Sterra SG) that is designed with the same HEPA filter that hospitals use to decontaminate their rooms. As one of the best air purifiers in Singapore, it can remove up to 99.97% of all airborne particles while delivering highly efficient fresh air. Did we mention that this Sterra air purifier operates as silently as a soft whisper? No wonder it is one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for couples with newborns!

40. Air Cooler

europace air cooler housewarming gift singapore
(Credit: Europace Official Store)

Battling with humid weather is a perennial problem for most Singaporeans. As such, the EuropAce Evaporative 4-in-1 Air Cooler (available on Europace Official Store) is easily one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore to beat the heat all-year-round. This air cooler boasts a thick honeycomb filter for more efficient cooling and a four-directional swing so cool air can be enjoyed by all. What’s more, its sleek black design will also blend well with most home decor – a plus for those big on aesthetics! For other alternatives, check out this list of best air coolers in Singapore.

41. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock S7 Robotic Vacuum ( housewarming
(Credit: Roborock Official Store)

Help make housekeeping a breeze by gifting your friends a robot vacuum cleaner! With its smartphone application compatibility, your hosts can sit back and relax while the Roborock S7 Robotic Vacuum (available on Roborock Official Store) does the dirty work (literally) through a daily cleaning route. And as one of the best robot vacuum cleaners, it is equipped with a new rubber brush that is made of silicon and has anti-hair tangling and a better cleaning effect for dry stains. Combined with an improved suction strength, your friends will thank you for this practical best housewarming gift in Singapore!

42. Sofa Bed

Viro Sofa Bed housewarming gift
(Credit: Megafurniture Official Store)

One of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for couples with kids has got to be this cosy Viro Sofa Bed (available on Megafurniture Official Store). This fun piece of furniture will instantly brighten up your kids’ room with its funky patterns that are available in five different designs. This sofa bed makes for a good relaxing couch for the kids’ bedroom thanks to its lower height and compact size. Moreover, they can fit perfectly even in the cosiest of corners, truly a mark of one of the best sofas in Singapore!

43. Dutch Oven

le creuset kitchenware french oval set
(Credit: Le Creuset Official Store)

You know what they say — “The kitchen is the heart of the home”. A high-quality kitchenware set is the way to a homeowner’s heart, especially if they are good cooks. And that’s why the Le Creuset Oval French Oven (available on Le Creuset Official Store) is one of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore for friends. As one of the best Dutch oven brands, you can count on Le Creuset’s products to be simple yet practical. This Dutch oven comes with a black phenolic knob that has good heat retention and is energy saving too.

44. Toaster

housewarming gift singapore - SMEG 2-Slice Toaster
(Credit: Smeg Flagship Store)

Another kitchen appliance that serves as one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore has got to be the SMEG 2-Slice Toaster (available on Smeg Flagship Store). This Smeg toaster has won us over with its retro design inspired by the 1950s. Beyond its looks, we are also amazed at its extra-wide slots that are great for toasting thick-cut bread and bagels. There are four functions you can do with this toaster, including defrosting and reheating, making it a must-have appliance for your friend’s home! You can consider the best toasters in Singapore for other handy alternatives. 

Buy the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for your friends 

With such a wide variety of items, we hope this list of practical housewarming gift ideas will bless your friends! Apart from a new home, some of your friends might even have a newborn along the way too. If so, check out these baby shower gift ideas to bless them with presents for the little one. Otherwise, if you know of a co-worker who is leaving the company soon, this list of best personalised farewell gifts for colleagues should come in handy!

This article was updated on 25 June 2022. Additional research done by Gabriel Choo.

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