Best Wishes: 21 Personalised Farewell Gifts For Colleagues

best farewell gifts for colleague singapore

Seasons come and go. As such, it’s inevitable that different colleagues and bosses will move on to other endeavours. To show your appreciation for the time spent working together, it’s a good idea to give them something special before they go. After all, a nice gesture can go a long, long way! Check out our roundup of the best personalised farewell gifts for colleagues in Singapore, sorted according to different personalities!

What is the best gift to give a colleague for their farewell?

best farewell gifts colleagues
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While there’s no hard and fast rule over what the best farewell gifts for colleagues are, some popular ideas include gift cards, chocolates and flowers. But since farewell gifts are also well wishes for one’s next life chapter, we encourage you to go one step further by getting something that suits your colleagues’ personality. For instance, fashionable colleagues will love a new tote bag. Meanwhile, your foodie boss will appreciate a new glass for his next drinking session. Better still, get something customised or personalised to show them how much you care! 

Best farewell gifts for the practical colleague

1. Notebook

personalised notebook

When looking for the best farewell gifts for colleagues in Singapore, you can never go wrong with a Personalised Notebook (available on THEIMPRINT.SG). After all, your colleague will definitely need to take notes during the onboarding sessions at their new job. With 96 lined pages, this notebook serves as a good farewell gift idea that can last a few good months! It is available for customisation in your colleague’s name, with six different colours and embossed designs you can choose from. If you ask us, we prefer the rose gold outline at the bottom right for a sleek yet simplistic design! 

2. Organiser Pouch

organiser pouch

Another practical personalised gift idea to consider is this Organiser Pouch (available on THEIMPRINT.SG). You can customise it with a name (or initials) in gold or silver fonts for up to ten characters. What’s more, it comes in eye-catching shades of black, burgundy, navy or nude. And with two small pockets within a larger pocket, this organiser pouch is able to nicely compartmentalise daily essential knick knacks such as makeup products, tissue paper and power banks. Made of high-quality satin fabric, you can be rest assured that it is scratch and abrasion resistant too. No wonder it is one of the best farewell gifts for your boss or colleagues!

3. Lanyard

personalised lanyard farewell gifts

Starting a new job is always a daunting thing. So it would be nice to ease some of your colleague’s nerves by helping them settle the practical things. For instance, you can get them a Personalised Lanyard (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) to easily keep their identification card and office access pass. Lanyards are an office essential so it definitely makes a meaningful leaving gift for your colleague. Alternatively, you can consider the Personalised Lanyard with Zip (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) for a more secure option. With a dozen kinds of customisation designs to choose from, it is truly one of the best farewell gift ideas for your colleagues!

4. Cardholder

customised cardholder singapore

Similar to lanyards, cardholders are some of the best farewell gifts for practical colleagues in Singapore too! Specifically, we are head over heels with this Personalised Cardholder (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) that can fit up to six standard sized cards. This is great for your colleague to use at their next job should they need to network with other professionals. Design-wise, these cardholders are great farewell gift ideas due to their minimalist silver or gold embossed words. We’re sure your colleague will appreciate how lightweight these cardholders are too!

Best farewell gifts for the fashionable colleague

5. Shoulder Bag

best shoulder bag farewell gift colleague

The best Korean bags can move over when you give this pretty Personalised Shoulder Bag (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) as a leaving gift for your fashionable colleague! With the feature to imprint a name at the bottom right of the flap, this personalised gift idea also wows with its dainty yet chic design. It’s perfect for evening wear at a romantic restaurant and can easily be styled with various outfits. Moreover, as one of the best farewell gifts for colleagues, it can be carried in various ways too. Whether cross-body or over the shoulder, this women’s bag definitely has an edge! 

6. Tote Bag

personalised tote bag

Another frontrunner on this list of best farewell gift ideas for fashionable colleagues in Singapore has got to be this Personalised Tote Bag (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) which boasts a volume of ~14L. With such a large capacity, your colleague can use this tote bag for almost any occasion – whether it is to their new office, a casual shopping trip or even to hit the gym. Light and easy to carry around, this versatile piece also doubles as a fashion statement. Your colleague will always be the highlight because everyone will be marvelling over the lovely embossed name on the bag! Browse through these best laptop tote bags for other great suggestions. 

7. Pouch 

large pouch

The best farewell gift ideas for colleagues in Singapore don’t have to be big or extravagant. Case in point: this Personalised Small Pouch (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) that can easily be kept in one’s pocket. In fact, it’s so compact that it’s just the right size to fit a mobile phone! While the customised name design on the centre front steals the show, we also love how this pouch has a four-tier card pocket on the inside. If you prefer a larger design, you can always get the Personalised Large Pouch (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) which can fit up to a 9.7inch iPad or an Amazon Kindle

8. Coin Pouch

personalised coin pouch for colleague

Coin pouches may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to making a fashion statement, but trust us, it’s the little things that count. With this Personalised Coin Pouch (available on THEIMPRINT.SG), your colleague can stay fashionable even while paying for lunch! Whether black, burgundy, navy or blue, these stunning hues are bound to add a touch of style to their overall aesthetic for sure. As one of the best farewell gifts for colleagues, it is made of Saffiano leather which repels water and stains. This makes it a lot easier to clean too! 

Best farewell gifts for the tech-savvy colleague

9. Laptop Sleeve

laptop sleeve customised gift for colleague

Given that most of us would probably need to bring a laptop to work, a Personalised Laptop Sleeve (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) is some of the best farewell gift ideas for your bosses or colleagues. With a length of 39cm, this laptop sleeve is able to fit laptops up to 16inches, including the Macbook Pro! As for the design, you can choose between six embossed options with the words in silver, gold and rose gold. And while you can only customise up to 10 characters, you can add in emojis for a fun touch! 

10. Airpods Pro Case

airpods pro cover personalised gifts

As one of the best wireless earbuds, the Airpods Pro is a gadget that every tech-savvy colleague has. But something will always feel missing without an Airpods Pro case to keep them safe! In particular, we recommend this Personalised Airpods Pro Case (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) as a leaving gift for your colleague since you can imprint their name or initials on it. Made with hard polycarbonate, it is designed to protect your Airpods Pro from accidental drops. Better still, it has a dual-layer design that ensures a 360° protection from knocks and scratches. We can totally see why this is one of the best farewell gifts for colleagues in Singapore!

11. iPhone Case

iphone case

In a similar vein, it’s important for iPhones to have a case too! We highly recommend this Personalised iPhone Case (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) as a leaving gift for your colleague. Sleek yet simple design aside, it has protection for the bezels and camera to minimise unsightly scratches. In fact, it also comes with threaded sides for a better grip! As one of the best farewell gift ideas for your bosses and colleagues, this iPhone case is compatible with all Apple phones from the iPhone 11 model and beyond. This includes the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 13 Pro too! 

12. Samsung Phone Case

best colleague farewell gift: samsung phone cover

But of course, not everyone is on #TeamApple. If your colleagues use Samsung phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 or Samsung Galaxy S22, then a Personalised Samsung Phone Case (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) would obviously be more apt. This personalised gift idea allows you to choose from four colours and two fonts, so you’ll surely find one that fits your colleague’s preferred aesthetics. Better still, as one of the best farewell gifts for colleagues, this Samsung phone case is shockproof. This means that it is designed to protect the phone from bumps and bruises that come with everyday use. 

Best farewell gifts for the foodie colleague

13. Mug

best farewell gift for colleague: mug

No foodie can ever say no to coffee, which is why this Personalised Mug (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) is one of the best farewell gifts for your foodie boss and colleague! They can use it at their new office, and don’t have to worry about sharing with others the common mugs. As for personalisation, you get to customise a name and alphabet on either side of the mug (or both). Did we mention that there is a heat sensitive mug model too? Yes, this means that the mug changes colour when it comes into contact with heat. The coating will then lose its colour (temporarily), revealing a printing on the white background – how fascinating! 

14. Glassware

personalised glassware for colleagues
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

Another great leaving gift for your foodie colleague are these Personalised Glassware (available on Misty Daydream). Whether a wine glass, beer glass or champagne glass, you can customise your colleague’s name on it depending on their favourite alcoholic beverage! With over a dozen different fonts and seven text colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice for sure. As one of the best farewell gift ideas for colleagues in Singapore, rest assured that these drinking glasses are of top quality. Meanwhile, check out some of the best alcohol delivery deals for a boozy farewell celebration for your colleague. Cheers to new beginnings! 

15. Cutting Board

personalised cutting board
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

Is your colleague a good cook? Then perhaps this Customised Cutting Board (available on Misty Daydream) will be right up your alley as a personalised farewell gift idea for them. With a handle of 11cm, this is one of the best farewell gifts for colleagues in Singapore that’s useful and aesthetic at the same time. Furthermore, it is available in over 30 designs and you can customise your colleague’s name (or even a phrase for some designs) onto it. As such, this cutting board also doubles up as a display board in your colleague’s kitchen – what a steal! 

16. Cheese Board

personalised cheese board farewell gift for colleagues singaopore
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

If your colleague is a sucker for cheese, then this Customised Cheese Board (available on Misty Daydream) is the perfect leaving gift for them. Available in more than 20 designs, you can choose either a rectangular or circular cheese board. Either way, they are designed for a shared eating experience of cheeses! Of course, you can throw in cold meats and fruits in the mix too. And can we just mention that each purchase comes with a knife set too? That makes buying this best farewell gift for colleagues all the more worth it! 

Best farewell gifts for the wanderlust colleague

17. Passport Holder

farewell gift - passport holder

A must-have travel essential that serves as one of the best farewell gifts for your boss or colleagues is a Personalised Passport Holder (available on THEIMPRINT.SG). Made of high-quality Saffiano reinforced vegan leather, this passport holder is guaranteed to last a few years and is less susceptible to water damage. Besides the swift identification of passport, this personalised gift idea will make checking-in a classier affair for your wanderlust colleague. Features-wise, it comes with several pockets to slip in air tickets and other important receipts. Psst, it even has a pen slot – great for filling in boarding details while enroute! 

18. Luggage Tag

lugagge tag - best farewell gift colleague

Sometimes, people leave their jobs to take time off to explore the world and travel after working for many years. If you know of a co-worker that’s doing that, then this Personalised Luggage Tag (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) would make a great leaving gift for your colleague. After all, luggage tags are necessary when travelling. All your colleague has to do is fill in the necessary particulars, display them on the clear ID window pocket, and attach it to the best luggage in Singapore before checking in. With six font designs and four colours to choose from, this definitely makes a luggage tag one of the best farewell gift ideas for colleagues in Singapore!

19. Keychain 

personalised keychain

Besides luggage tags, some prefer to hang a simple keychain with their name on their best carry-on luggage. That’s when a farewell gift idea like this Personalised Keychain (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) comes in handy. Other than for easy identification, it’s also an elegant accessory with shiny imprints that are either in silver or rose gold. The gold rims on the ring also add a classy touch to it! As one of the best farewell gifts for your boss and colleagues, it is made of vegan leather which is wear-and-tear resistant.

20. Water Bottle Tumbler

farewell gift for colleague - water bottle

We can’t write an article on the best farewell gifts for your bosses and colleagues in Singapore without including this Personalised Water Bottle Tumbler (available on THEIMPRINT.SG). Made of stainless steel, this water bottle has a double-walled and vacuum-insulated interior that keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. With a 500ml capacity and leak-proof cap, it is a personalised gift idea that your colleague will love! Moreover, the customisation sticker is printed using ultraviolet light instead of vinyl stickers, so it will not peel and tear away after multiple washes. Check out the best water bottles and best coffee tumblers for more suggestions! 

Bonus: Other best farewell gifts for colleagues

21. Door Mat

personalised door mat for colleague
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

While some might consider it inauspicious to give others a doormat, we think that it can actually be a great personalised farewell gift idea! This Personalised Door Mat (available on Misty Daydream) is made of 100% natural coir which is great for preventing dirt and mud from tracking inside the house. More importantly, as one of the best farewell gifts for colleagues in Singapore, you can choose from over 30 customised designs including some with words such as ‘Home Sweet Home’ and auspicious Chinese sayings. Note: we recommend giving this only if you’re close enough to the colleague so they know you don’t have any bad intentions in giving them a doormat!

Leave an impression with the best farewell gifts for colleagues 

We hope this list of best farewell gifts for colleagues in Singapore has eased your worries in choosing the perfect present for your favourite soon-to-be ex-coworker or ex-boss. If you have a bigger team of colleagues or employees, consider Shopee e-Vouchers as another gift idea – they’ll be able to redeem discounts of up to $50 at checkout! For other gift suggestions, consider these housewarming gifts and baby shower gift ideas which will come in handy especially if you have colleagues who just settled into a new home or are going to have a newborn. Alternatively, bless them with these quirky mahjong gifts to usher in good luck at their next job!