Unplugged: 15 Best Wireless Earphones To Get In 2019

best wireless earphones earbuds sports
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Finding the best pair of wireless earphones can be a mind-boggling task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with tech jargon. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best wireless earphones across various scenarios to make your decision-making a little easier! Admittedly, this guide is meant for folks who’re new to the world of quality earphones, so we’re skipping out on all the nitty gritty tech stuff and jumping into the perks of each wireless earphone.

A little disclaimer: This list is merely a suggestion to what we feel are the best wireless earphones across each scenario. Admittedly, audio quality is subjective and we don’t expect you to agree with our list. But hey! If you’re looking for a quick tip, read on!

Best wireless earphones for the gym

best wireless earphones sennheiser momentum free
(Credit: Sennheiser Singapore Official Store)

When it comes to looking for a pair of wireless earphones for your workout, ergonomics is key. After all, with all the heavy lifting that you’ll be doing, the last thing you’d want is a bunch of tangled cables hindering your movements! That’s why the Sennheiser Momentum Free is our recommendation for the best wireless earphones at the gym.

best wireless earphones sennheiser momentum sports
(Credit: Sennheiser Singapore Official Store)

It is highly portable, lightweight, and easy to wear. But where it excels is in its Bluetooth connectivity which is supported by Qualcomm® aptX™. Wireless earphones are often criticised for their lacklustre audio which is a result of poor Bluetooth connectivity. But with the Qualcomm® aptX™, you can enjoy your workout with HD sound quality.

But if you’re on a budget…

best wireless earphones JBL E25BT in-ear headphone
(Credit: JBL Official)

Need more cash for your protein shakes? No worries! You’ll find a good alternative in the JBL E25BT. This pair offers a much simpler design without sacrificing much on audio quality. It’s no surprise considering that JBL has been known for making some of the best affordable wireless earphones. With an 8-hour play time, high compatibility across mobile devices and a complimentary pouch, you’re getting a lot of value for its price!

Best wireless earphones for outdoor running/exercise

best wireless earphones urbanears stadion sports
(Credit: modular)

Choosing the best wireless earphones for outdoor exercises can be a little more challenging as compared to choosing a pair for the gym. For starters, your earphone’s audio will be competing with the loud ambient noise. But the solution isn’t to find a pair that completely isolates noise. You still need a little bit of ambient noise to help you keep track of any warnings while you exercise — such as a car horn.

best wireless earphones stadion sports colours
(Credit: modular)

Hence, look to the Urbanears Stadion. It’s a great pair of earphones for outdoor workouts, especially running. Despite its peculiar design, it features several functions that are a boon to runners such as the reflective material on its coiled wires that enhances the wearer’s visibility to vehicles. Additionally, its unique earbuds feature EarClick technology that ensures a secure fit on the wearer’s ears. The Stadion is also easy to use with its simple 3-button control that allows the wearer to easily answer calls, adjust volumes and switch their music.

But if you’re on a budget…

best wireless earphones anker soundbuds slim
(Credit: Anker Official Store Singapore)

A more affordable solution lies in Anker SoundBuds Slim Bluetooth Headphone. For its price, you get high fidelity sound quality along with IPX5 Water Resistance and a 7-hour playtime! It’s known to be one of the best wireless earphones for runners, especially with its secure earbuds that rest comfortably along the outer section of your ears. The SoundBuds Slim is also ideal for travelling purposes as its robust design will keep it in working condition despite rough conditions you might encounter along your trip.

Best wireless earphones for the workplace

best wireless earphones shure se215bt1 special edition
(Credit: Shure Singapore Official Store)

People often prefer headphones over earphones when listening to music in an indoor setting. After all, the larger drivers of headphones allow for better sound reproduction — meaning better sound quality. But finding a pair of quality headphones can blow a huge hole in your wallet! Fortunately, there are earphones on the market that can provide audio quality close to that of headphones; one of which is the Shure SE215.

best wireless earphones shure se215 special edition
(Credit: Shure Singapore Official Store)

The SE215 is often considered a good option for people who want to take their listening experience to a more professional level. It’s probably one of the best wireless earphones for people who value audio clarity as it excels in accurate sound reproduction. The earphones come with a default foam tip in-ear buds that are great at isolating noise — especially chatty colleagues at the workplace.

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Wearing the over-the-ear cables might take a while to get used to but once you get the hang of it, you’d realise that it’s pretty comfortable! The best part is that they don’t come off very easily since the cable is well-secured at the back of your ears.

But if you’re on a budget…

best wireless earphones sudio tio sport black pink
(Credit: Sudio Official Store)

But if the price of the SE215 scares you, go for the Sudio Tio. Although it might not provide the same audio quality as the SE215, it makes up for it with a more elegant design that blends in well with your officewear. The earbuds are easy on the ear and they boast an incredible 9-hour playtime so you don’t have to constantly charge it. Its Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities also allow you to enjoy your music from up to 10 metres away from your computer or phone — a great alternative if you can’t blast the speakers while at work.

best wireless earphones sudio tio white green
(Credit: Sudio Official Store)

Best wireless earphones for gaming

best wireless earphones razer hammerhead bt
(Credit: Qisahn)

You don’t have to get a huge gaming headphone to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. You just need the Razer Hammerhead BT! As with all Razer products, this is a pair of wireless earphones that are tuned for gamers by gamers. It’s an improvement over the previous version and now features a bigger driver to allow for better sound quality. The Hammerhead BT also features an 8-hour playtime coupled with a tangle-free cable — offering fewer interruptions to your gaming experience, making it one of the best wireless earphones for gaming!

But if you’re on a budget…

best wireless earphones skullcandy jib wireless earbuds
(Credit: Skullcandy Official Store Singapore)

Saving up money for games instead? No problem! Skullcandy Jib can help you save up for that new game while providing decent audio to your ears. Admittedly, the technical specs aren’t as flashy as compared to the Hammerhead BT, but for the price, it offers a great amount of value. Plus, it comes in a wider variety of colours to choose from. We also like the material finish and overall design of the Skullcandy Jib. You might even think this earphone costs a little more than it does. This is definitely one of the best wireless earphones for value if you’re looking for a bigger bang for your buck.

Special Mention: Best all-rounder wireless earphones

best wireless earphones jabra elite active
(Credit: JABRA Official Store by Setelco)

If you’ve got the cash but can’t decide what would be the best wireless earphones for you, then consider the Jabra Elite Active 65T. It holds well on most of the key features of a quality wireless earphone. At a glance, the earphone breathes elegance with its matte material finish and modernist design elements.

best wireless earphones jabra elite active 65t sports headphones
(Credit: JABRA Official Store by Setelco)

But under the aesthetics is a mixture of the latest in audio technology that will easily impress avid earphone users. The Jabra Elite Active 65T features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 capability, assuring a solid level of connectivity with your mobile device. Additionally, it features voice command capabilities so that you can easily communicate with digital assistants like Alexa or Siri. It even boasts integrated motion sensors to help you keep track of your workout routines!

best wireless earphones jabra elite active 65t
(Credit: JABRA Official Store by Setelco)

Clearly, the Jabra Elite Active 65T is one of the best all-rounder wireless earphones available on the market. Our only issue with it is the 5-hour battery life which can easily be avoided with the charging case made for the earphone.

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